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port 2

port 1


It looks like the big G. up in the heavens is getting old and confused because summer has finally arrived, now that we’ve moved into autumn. What a stinker it was yesterday- the hottest day since February last year.

It is not going to be much better today because high humidity will offsett the slightly lower temperature.

Good to get outside around sunset and feel the first quite cool seabreeze at 7pm. That’s when I took these photos of Fremantle Port.

Roel Loopers


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the sound of winter


Winter and autumn are times of reflection for me, where I cuddle up in my warm cave with a good book, more than I do during the hectic summer months of festivals and events.

But I still go out for daily walks of discovery and look at the often only small changes in and around Fremantle.

On my way to WINTERWORLD on the Esplanade yesterday I spotted this lovely little image on the High Street footpath. The sound of winter is not just one of storms and rain but also often one of exquisite silence, if one notices lovely details in our daily life.

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tree reflection


A couple of winter reflections I shot in Fremantle today. The top one is at the Sail&Anchor and the second one just a few metres from there in a rain water puddle.

The sunny weather is not going to last very long according to BOM, so I made the best out of today’s lovely day.

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A few autumn photos I shot in Fremantle this morning.

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The changeĀ of seasons has come over Fremantle quite sudden and is possibly theĀ reason I am feeling a bit lethargic and am yearning for hibernation with some good books, a few bottles of red, a wee drop of port and a big pot of Dutch pea&ham soup.

It was pretty quiet at the Round House yesterday and High Street mostly looked deserted in the constant drizzle that improved to showers now and then. Four lonely yachts were practising against a big grey sky and hard to see through the mist of rain, while looking at an arriving container ship through a wet windscreen always creates its own artwork.

I hope the weather will clear for tomorrow evening’s free concert by the FREMANTLE CHAMBER ORCHESTRA at the Freo Arts Centre. It starts at 7 pm, so come along, bring a rug and blanket and maybe thermal underwear.

Roel Loopers

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