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Fences in the Fremantle suburb of Hilton have been debated at Fremantle Council frequently lately because of unauthorised and inappropriate fences being built by home owners.

On Wednesday the Hilton fences policy will come before the Strategic Planning and Transport Committee with the officers proposing only minor changes. The policy would basically remain the same but with some flexibility to allow for variations.

1. Resolves to endorse the following modification to Clause 1.5 of the Hilton
Garden Suburbs Precinct Heritage Area Local Planning Policy 3.7 for the
purposes of community consultation:
1.5Street Walls and Fences
1.5.1 Street walls and fencing forward of the building line shall be a
maximum height of 1.2 metres and shall be visually permeable
above 300 millimetres.
1.5.2 For properties located on South Street, between Stock Road and
Lee Avenue, front fencing shall be visually permeable above 1.2
metres to a maximum height of 1.8 metres, with piers no higher
than 2.0 metres.
1.5.3 Solid masonry (brick) rear fencing shall be permitted for those
properties backing onto Stock Road to a maximum height of 2.0
Council may, at its discretion, vary the requirements of clause 1.5.1
where it is satisfied that the proposed street wall and/or fence:
a. Is consistent with character of the prevailing streetscape (including,
in relation to this clause only, the house directly across the street and
the three houses on either side of that opposing house, where these
are located within the Hilton Heritage Areas) AND maintains clear
surveillance between the street and the dwelling; or
b. is a maximum of 1.5m in height and a minimum of 80% visually
2. Request the preparation of community engagement material including clear
explanations and diagrams and undertake consultation on the proposed
changes to Clause 1.5 of the Hilton Garden Suburbs Precinct Heritage Area
Local Planning Policy 3.7 in accordance with Local Planning Policy 1.3 and
the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015.
3. Notes that the conduct of the review of the fencing provisions of the Hilton
Garden Suburbs Precinct Heritage Area Local Planning Policy 3.7 responds
to the review requested in the petition presented to Council on 12 December 2018.

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I noticed for the first time yesterday that City of Fremantle security officers are now also patrolling the streets on bicycles.

City security officers have been a welcome visual presence on foot and in Eyes on the Streets vehicles for years, but have now copied police and are also making our streets just that little bit safer on bikes. Good idea Freo City!


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I need to share an observation I made that will not please all those Fremantle blasters who believe nothing is right in our city and that Freo attracts undesirable people while in councils like the City of Perth it is all honky dory.

Going to a photo shoot I took the train to Perth and had coffee and read the paper at Forrest Place for an hour from 9.30 this morning. It basically was awful! There was a lot of shouting, people looking really angry, a man dressed only in jocks waving a bed sheet in the air while falling over his feet, a man on crutches wearing a full face mask, people pointing the bird at people relaxing on benches. I felt uncomfortable and kept looking over my shoulder because there was aggression in the air.

I just wanted to point out with this short message that the grass is not always greener on the other side and that other councils have similar problems as Fremantle has. These are not problems created by certain councils or certain elected members, but issues that our society has created because we are not dealing very well with them.

I was happy to hop back on the train after the shoot and even happier when I walked through Pioneer Park where City of Fremantle security officer Lisa had a smoko with a colleague. I told her I am lucky to live in a city where Lisa looks after me. ; > )

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There is always something happening in good old Freo so a bomb scare at Kings Square at lunch time today did not dampen the spirits, although the evacuation of the MANY 6160 retail incubator delayed the start of the painting of two large murals.

It was feared that someone had left, or lost, a stick of gelignite at our civic centre but it turned out to be something harmless.

My request to a police officer to put the alleged explosive closer to the City of Fremantle administration building, so we could finally get started with the Kings Square development, was not appreciated, but since I am faster than Speedy Gonzales my imminent arrest was avoided.

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There are good things happening at Fremantle Arthur Head and the Bathers Beach Art Precinct. Kidogo Arthouse now has got nice large limestone pavers around the building and it looks so much better than the dirt. I wished the City of Fremantle had paved the entire dust bowl area there to make it look tidy and cared for.

The limestone cliffs below the Round House are being made safe, because the calcification of the cap/limestone rocks meant they were unstable and endangered people walking below them.

Even better news is that the entire cliff face at the beach side of Arthur Head will be lit up at night and the colours can be changed depending on demand and events. This will be a good continuation of the High Street coloured lights as an evening attraction to pull people to the West End. It will also enhance security to have the area lit up at night.

Bathers Beach is slowly becoming the attraction it should be, and it would be good if the City promoted the beach at the end of the beautiful heritage High Street as something special. Stencils on the footpaths, a good sign at Little High Street at the railway crossing there, and marketing Bathers Beach as a destination for visitors in tourism brochures, website, Facebook, etc. Pretty simple stuff really.

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If you see this post and the post below it, you could think I have posted the same post twice, but that is not the case. I just want to make the point that this Sunday morning at 9.25 the gates at the Whalers Tunnel below the Fremantle Round House have yet again not be opened by the security company the City of Fremantle pays good money to supply the service. I reported exactly the same yesterday.

Gates are supposed to be unlocked at around 7 am, but that has not been done on numerous occasions during the last years. It’s about time the responsible officer at the City of Fremantle told the security company that they are displaying a serious lack of professionalism here and reduced payment.

It’s no good talking about wanting to activate an area when access to it is restricted.

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Whalers Tunne Sunday 9.25



Posted in fremantle by freoview on March 8, 2014

There is a huge cruise liner in Fremantle this Saturday and hundreds of passengers walking around town for some sight seeing, but the Whalers Tunnel at the Round House was still closed at 9.20 this morning.

The tunnel gates are supposed to be opened by City of Fremantle contractor Wilson Security at around 7 am, but especially on weekends they keep forgetting it and that is not acceptable. CoF need to do something about that.

While living at Arthur Head I often called the company on weekends to make them aware they had not done their job, and Round House tourguide Steve I saw this morning told me he sometimes has to call  the security company to ask them to unlock the gates.

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Whalers Tunnel


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A brain dead hoon moron has left his signature on the paving in front of Fremantlec‘s Round House. The fool did his first tyre burning wheelies on Friday night and came back for seconds last night, I assume to admire his handy work. You’re an idiot mate and lucky there is no CCTV in the area.

It’s time for the City to install one and not do a sour grapes and leave the West End of High Street without a camera because we did not like the one you were going to put in front of the Round House.

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Signature of a moron


Posted in fremantle by freoview on July 8, 2012

It was sad to see last eve that some of the usual flair has left Shani Graham and Tim Darby, the people well known for Ecoburbia, the Hulbert Street Sustainability Fiesta and the Painted Fish. They are quite shocked that thieves broke into their house twice in the last few weeks and now not only have they lost a lot of money, computers, etc. but also the safe that had all their computer back-up stuff in it.

What is even more sad though is that Shani no longer feels safe in her own home. The invasion of privacy is indeed something people underestimate when burglaries occur. It takes our feeling of safety and trust away.

This is a chance for Fremantle people to give something back to the two people who do so much for our community. If you have an old PC or laptop and software, drop it off in Hulbert Street and help Shani and Tim back on their feet. They deserve a bit of support from us!

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on June 15, 2012

A disturbed woman who claimed there was someone out in the ocean off Fremantle‘s Bathers Beach, and swam out, was rescued by three good samaritans this afternoon.

Fremantle Heritage Guide Stephen Gibbons and Fremantle Security Officer Lisa rescued the woman together with a man who was cycling past. Water Police and ambulance attended and the woman appeared to be physically well but in a frail mental state.

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Job well done!


Water police support arrives.

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