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If the rumours in Freo backpacker circles are correct, the residents and businesses in the West End will get respite soon when the Fremantle Beach Backpackers, above Bar Orient in historic High Street, will be forced to close its doors by the end of this month.

For years there have been complaints about antisocial behaviour, noise, violence, and alleged drug dealing in and around the hostel, and that is not acceptable.

The building was bought by Twiggy Forrest’s Minderoo Group last year and it is not known yet what their plans are for the building.

It might well be that the Bar Orient owner, who is not connected with the hostel, will put all his eggs in one basket when he opens the new Freo Doctor cafe, bar, restaurant and function centre in the new City of Fremantle Civic Centre by the end of the year, so Bar Orient might also have a short lifespan from here on. If that was to be the case it would be fantastic if the building were to become a boutique hotel, as that would certainly help to activate the West End in the evenings.

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The former Commercial Hotel in Freo’s High Street, now known at the Sundance Backpackers, has lost its veranda posts. I don’t know if they will be replaced, but they should be reinstalled.

Down the road on the corner of Henry Street former Councillor Gorman has been sandblasting the facade of the long neglected building and I hear he will be putting the bullnose veranda back.

There is a lot happening in Fremantle.

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The controversial Fremantle Beach backpackers above the Orient hotel in the West End is no longer.

Twiggy Forrest bought the historic hotel, and the backpackers has now been renamed to Hostel Orient,  and I assume has got new management as well.

The former backpackers received a lot of complaints from local residents about anti social behaviour and alleged drug dealing, so hopefully that will now have improved.

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Fremantle Council will on Wednesday debate if they should start with time limited and/or paid parking along Marine Terrace in South Fremantle and at South Beach, due to the fact that the parking bays in the area during weekdays are occupied by the cars of commuters, who hop on the CAT bus to Fremantle Station, and by the vehicles of Notre Dame university students and backpackers.

This means that local residents, shoppers and those who want to go to the beach often can’t find short-term parking, so the officers are putting the following recommendation to the elected members:

OFFICER’S RECOMMENDATION Council: 1. Implements a two hour time restriction on the east side of Marine Terrace and the west side of Mews Road with the time restriction applying from Monday to Friday between 8am to 5pm and the parking being unrestricted after these hours and on weekends. 2. Implements a four hour time restriction in the portion of South Beach Car Park 58 north of South Beach Café which faces the beach. 3. Authorise the Chief Executive Officer enter into negotiations with the Department of Transport and Fremantle Sailing Club to implement a four hour time restriction in the Dog Beach Car Park and that these time restrictions apply from Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm with the parking being unrestricted after these hours and on weekends. 4. Authorise the Chief Executive Officer to extend the four hour time restriction to other portions of South Beach Car Park 58 and to South Beach Car Park 59 if the current time restrictions are not achieving the goal of ensuring that there is sufficient parking available to beach users. 5. Implements a $3.50 per day fee on the west side of Marine Terrace adjacent to the railway line and the east side of Mews Road south.


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academy brand


A brand new clothing shop will open in Fremantle soon. The Academy Brand will be offering clean and classic men’s and boys clothing from their Market Street shop on the corner of the High Street mall.

The Academy Brand was established in 2007 with a boutique at Bondi Beach and now has several shops in New South Wales and also one in Brisbane.

The brand is very popular here in Australia and New Zealand, so gents go and check it out.




While walking down High Street I noticed men putting up the sign at the Orient Hotel for the retrospective change of use to tavern at the Fremantle Beach Backpackers upstairs.

I don’t know if that will mean the end of the hostel or if the tavern will be an addition for the backpackers and in competition with the Orient.

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bp 2


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A heated exchange has been happening on social media about Fremantle West End residents having problems with the anti-social behaviour of backpackers from the Fremantle Beach Backpackers hostel in High Street.

Emotive accusations are flying high and residents have erected an arty gate, set back from the street, in Henry Street to try to keep drugged and drunken backpackers from invading their property.

Councillor Rachel Pemberton has accused the owners of having put the fence up without proper planning approval while they say the inner city Councillor is not supportive enough to help solve their problems. The ugly sliding fence the hostel erected to put rubbish bins behind reportedly also did not receive planning approval.

There is an irony in the fact that the owners are allegedly breaking the law to protect themselves from alleged law breakers but I do have sympathy for the fact that the safety of their small children and family is their priority and not planning laws.

The saga with the backpackers has been going on for far too long with some of them recently climbing onto the roof of the house of the young family one night, trying to get into their backyard, and the family’s children no longer feeling safe in their bedroom.

That is not on as the number one priority of society should be the protection of innocent children, so Fremantle Council, which approved the backpackers hostel, needs to take stronger action.

The community policing model introduced by the Commissioner years ago is not working as there are not enough cops on the beat and police presence in Fremantle is often next to nothing, especially during the evenings and nights.

It is not acceptable that visitors to Fremantle have disregard for the law and the residents of our city. We welcome them with a smile and hospitality and treat them with respect, and we have the right to demand the same attitude from them.

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Residents in Fremantle’s West End in High and Henry streets are very concerned about the Fremantle Beach Backpackers hostel above the Orient Hotel.

They claim excessive noise from parties, drug dealing and drug taking, drunks, urination and overflowing rubbish bins.

The residents have a meeting with Fremantle security officers and police this afternoon and will also attend the BID security event for the East End tomorrow evening.

They claim people and university students, especially women no longer feel safe in the area and that the problems are 24/7 but the police station in High Street only has one receptionist officer at night and move-on notices do very little to stop the problems.

Anti-social behaviour has been an ongoing problem in Fremantle for many years and WA Police simply does not do enough to control it, and the City’s security officers can’t be everywhere.

Fremantle is the second highest destination in Western Australia for international tourists and the historic West End is one of the main attractions, so the Fremantle Beach Backpackers management need to be told to stop the noisy parties, drunks and drug use and dealing. It’s not on, so close them down if they can’t comply!

We all want our visitors to Fremantle, including backpackers, to have a great time, but they need to show respect for the community they are temporarily guests in.

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Is this terribly ugly partition at the Fremantle Beach Packpackers in the heritage Orient Hotel in Henry Street really acceptable to the City of Fremantle heritage experts?

It looks bloody awful and should be removed!

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There is another backpackers hostel in Fremantle in the Orient Hotel on the corner of Henry and High streets. The Fremantle Beach Backpackers is only a five-minute-walk from gorgeous Bathers Beach, so a pretty good location.

This is the 7th backpackers in our city, if I haven’t overlooked one, so now it’s time to get a few more upmarket tourist accommodation venues as well. The 4 star Quest short-stay hotel in Pakenham Street is progressing well so will probably open later this year.

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Fremantle has a new back packers that opened last Friday. The FREMANTLE HOSTEL is at 15 Pakenham Street in the old Willshire & Feely building just opposite PS Art Studios and the great Studio 37 cafe.

The big spacious entry and meeting hall looks great, so no doubt the place will be booked out soon.

Contact them on 0r phone 9430 6001

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