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Fremantle stevedores DL World and Patrick’s are not very happy that Fremantle Ports has put out a general tender for the management of the container terminals on North Quay.

Yesterday Minister Rita Saffioti announced the Expressions of Interest for a seven-year lease and it appears the present operators were not aware of that.

DL World and Patrick’s have spent many millions of dollars on upgrading the facilities, getting bigger and better cranes, etc. over the past decades, so they were expecting the WA state government to liaise with them about new leases instead of a general tender.

The whole port thing is becoming a bit of a shambles, with millions of dollars wasted by the previous Liberal Government on legal advise and expert opinions for the intended sale/lease of Fremantle Port, and now the Westport task force will advise the government if a new outer harbour is viable and if it should be constructed at Kwinana or elsewhere.

It is also questionable if any new or present operator would substantially invest in the terminals when the lease is only for a 7+2 year period.

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Fremantle Ports is asking for tenders for new leases for the two container shipping terminals at North Quay.

Transport Minister Rita Saffioti announced today that the opportunity was being offered in an open market expression of interest process.

The intention is to grant new seven-year leases with options for extensions for two further periods of up to seven years, at the discretion of Fremantle Ports and dependant on the outcome of the Westport: Port and Environs Strategy.

A new management agreement for the operation of the North Quay Rail Terminal will also be put in place through a parallel Request for Proposals process.

A seven-year lease is relatively short, so that must mean the McGown government is serious about a new overflow port near Kwinana.

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I was given a copy of an eight-page flyer The Truth About The Flawed Outer Harbour Plan, written by the Maritime Union of Australia WA Branch secretary and National President Christy Cain.

It’s always good to try to see all sides of an argument, so let’s have a look at the facts the MUA published in the leaflet.

# The MUA claims that Fremantle Port is only running at 50% capacity and that there is no need for a premature costly duplication of the port at Kwinana.

# The MUA supports the long-term vision of an overflow port at Kwinana when it is needed, but say it is not needed yet, and that the volume at Fremantle Port has been falling for some time.

# The proposed cap on Fremantle Port is lower than the current volume and would be anticompetitive, the union claims. It would prevent the current terminal operators to grow.

# 90% of containers to and from the port are on the road between 6am-6pm Monday to Friday. The port operates 24/7 but nearly all containers are handled in just 35% of all the hours available.

# Better coordination of road transport, plus general decline in volume has seen a 11% reduction in truck visits to Fremantle Port over the last two years.

# Rail is underutilised as is handles only 14.5% of containers, while it is designed to carry 30% of container traffic.

# The MUA says that if the outer harbour was built now, 20-30 years before it is needed, it would add $ 10 billion to the construction cost, making it a $ 15-16 billion dollar dud, that would cause a dramatic increase to freight costs.

# Fremantle Port supports 2,000 direct employees and an estimated total workforce of 6,000 direct and indirect employees servicing the port.

# The outer harbour would be automated and would have less jobs than Fremantle Port.

# Government Treasury predicts another 25 years of growth potential for Fremantle Port. It stated that artificial capping would result in earlier capital investment in the Outer Harbour and related road and rail infrastructure-imposing an unnecessary financial burden on the WA Government, container trades and the community.

If you have any questions it is best to contact the MUA as I won’t have the answers.


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tug 2


Those mighty little tugboats dwarfed by the big container ships always impress me in Fremantle Port, so I had to take a photo of this one this morning pulling strongly.

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Media release from the office of W.A. Minister Rita Saffioti:

Options for High Street and Stirling Highway to be developed

  • Upgrade options for Stirling Highway and High Street to be discussed
  • Solution will tackle congestion and improve road safety
  • McGowan Government delivering on election commitment

The McGowan Government is developing a number of options towards addressing traffic concerns along Stirling Highway and High Street.

The State and Commonwealth governments recently reached an agreement on a substantial $2.3 billion road and rail infrastructure package for Western Australia.

As part of the agreement, an amount of $118 million was dedicated to an inherited proposal to upgrade a section of Stirling Highway and High Street, as outlined under the previous government.

The McGowan Government is now keen to work with the City of Fremantle to develop the best solution to address traffic issues in the area.

The investigation of new options is in line with the McGowan Government’s election commitment to deliver a comprehensive alternative to the Perth Freight Link.

Transport Minister Rita Saffioti will be meeting with stakeholders in coming weeks to discuss strategies.

Various options for upgrades are being developed and will be presented for discussion with the local council and community in coming months.

Comments attributed to Transport Minister Rita Saffioti:

“We understand the community interest in the future of these roads and will be developing options towards relieving congestion and improving safety.

“There will be a range of options considered that will relieve congestion and improve road safety.”

Minister’s office – 6552 5500



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I love industrial, mining and architectural photography, and am much better at taking photos of man-made things than of nature. It is probably because there is a sense of order that suits my liking of minimalism.

Sadly my times as a commercial photographer seem to have come to an end as I am out of the loop and very bad at promoting myself, so I am keeping my eye in by taking photos every day of things I discover while enjoying the great city of Fremantle and surrounds.

I took this photo at Rous Head at Fremantle Ports this morning.

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crane 1 crane 2


I love Freo’s working port, so had a look around Rous Head today and took these two interesting photos.

A report in today’s Fremantle Gazette about the increase of container freight to the port by rail was revealing as the company in charge of the rail terminal stated it handles on average 12-14 trains per week. That is not even 2 per day, so why is rail not used more often I wonder?

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The number of containers handled at the North Quay Rail Terminal at Fremantle Port has increased by an average of nine per cent per annum over the last five years. The NQRT has handled over 100,000 TEU, or twenty-foot equivalent units, which has reduced 400 truck trips on the roads per day.

The Intermodal Group which manages the NQRT claims that the intermodal area at Forrestfield could handle up to 20 per cent of freight by rail, which would be an increase of five per cent of its present capacity.

It shows that 80 per cent of container freight to and from Fremantle Port still comes by trucks and that is far too high.  State Government should invest in a new rail bridge or tunnel and a new rail corridor that does not run through the populated west end of Fremantle, and start priority planning for a new outer harbour at Kwinana.

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It is bold, brave, beautiful and very Freo and will no doubt have its knockers, but who cares.

Congratulations are due to artist Marcus Canning and the City of Fremantle for creating something so stunning that will be a real entry statement to our port city for many years to come, and maybe even after Fremantle Port is no longer a container port.

This is a very Freo work that connects us to the port and the colourful lifestyle and it will become a huge tourist attraction and a place for weddings and functions, and the location just below the developing Cantonment Hill is perfect.

And be assured this is not the entrance to the new Perth Freight Link tunnel. ; >)

Fremantle has long claimed to be the city of arts without having much daring to show for but that changed today. I love the work and will no doubt take many more photos of it in the future.

Fantastic to see so many people coming to watch the installation. Heaps of tiny kids as well.

Well done all involved. I am delighted!

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Assembly of the huge ‘Rainbow’ sculpture by artist Marcus Canning started this morning at Fremantle Beach Reserve on Canning Highway near East Street and should be completed by late afternoon today.

The sculpture is made up of nine colourful containers and will be nine metres high. It weights 66 tonne.

The $ 145,000 artwork was commissioned by the city of Fremantle and is the biggest and most expensive artwork in Fremantle. In a few weeks time lights will be installed and the artwork will light up with the port cranes in the background. That should be an impressive entry statement to our port city.

Marcus Canning is the director of the Perth Fringe Festival and also created the stunning Ascalon sculpture at St George’s Cathedral in our capital city.

I will post photos of the artwork later today as there was not much to see at 8.30 this morning.

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