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I do not understand why the Federal Government has different rules for cruise ships in New South Wales  than it has for cruise liners in Western Australia.

While we have been told that the MS Artania will remain in Fremantle Port for another fortnight to self quarantine, Border Force was literary out in real force off Sydney yesterday, and threats were made to the captains of the cruise ships that hefty fines and/or a five year jail sentence would apply if they did not leave Australian waters.

That of course comes after the absolutely unacceptable debacle of the Ruby Princess, where most states are still affected by the stupidity of allowing Covid-19 infected passengers to disembark in Sydney. Through them the virus has spread nation wide. Up to today 612 passengers and crew have been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

I am not arguing to let people rot and die, but I want to know why different rules apply in the Eastern States, and I want to know also if state and federal governments are going to invoice the cruise companies for cleaning up their mess.

I for one really like it that many of the Ruby Princess passengers are taking out a class action against the company, because what happened should never have happened, and someone in the NSW government should also get the boot. Incompetence can not be left unpunished.


And from me a big thumbs up to the WA McGowan government for doing a splendid job under extremely trying circumstances!

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Latest from the cruise ship debacle in Fremantle is that the MSC Magnifica, after restocking, will finally leave our shores, so although there are no reported cases of coronavirus on board that vessel, she will finally leave, as WA Premier Mark McGowan insisted on.

The MS Artania has now 47 infected people, so fewer than the 70 cases reported. They will be cared for at two western suburbs private hospitals.

The Western Australian passengers on the Vasco da Gama will be transferred to Rottnest Island on Monday for two weeks of isolation, while the interstate and overseas passengers will be driven to the Perth airport to fly straight back home.

While there is a lot of criticism of all our governments we need to acknowledge that the Covid-19 is an unprecedented crisis and policy is made on the run, as the issues change and problems increase.

There are no easy solutions, no quick fixes, and this is not a government problem but a problem that all of us as a community, and as the global village need to attack. Stay as home as much as you can. Do physically connect with people as little as possible, and ideally not at all. Go for a healthy walk to get some fresh air, but don’t use it to socialise.

Get a take away coffee, but don’t linger. Stay away from each other when going for an early morning swim, but don’t stay on to sun bake for hours.

Socialise on the phone or via the internet, us Skype and Facetime, etc, but don’t invite friends over for dinner or drinks!

Apply common sense and think of other people!


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WA Premier Mark McGown has just announced during a media conference that the state will NOT allow the MSC Magnifica cruise ship to dock in Fremantle Port, because of concerns about the coronavirus. The arrival of the ship in Fremantle was due today.

The cruiseliner with 1700 passengers on board has been in Australian waters for weeks, however 270 passengers have reported with upper respiratory issues, and the WA Premier considers that too much of a risk for the Fremantle and WA community.

The Premier said the State was in contact with Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton to try to find a solution.

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Cruise ships are still arriving in Fremantle Port but under strict conditions. The Pacific Princess arrived early this morning and will depart at 8pm, but WA Police will patrol the port to stop foreign passengers from leaving the ship for a walk around town.

Foreign passengers will only be allowed this disembark to enter a vehicle that will take them straight to the airport to fly back home, while Australian passengers will be allowed to leave the ship but have to self-isolate at home for a fortnight.

The  Amsterdam is also at berth at Victoria Quay, and the Seabourn Sojourn will also be departing at 6pm this evening, while the Vasco da Gama is due to arrive in Freo on Friday.

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The City of Fremantle is taking measures to reassure the community that there is little to no risk associated with cruise ship arrivals into Fremantle.

The City has sought advice from the relevant authorities responsible for cruise ship arrivals, including Fremantle Ports and Tourism Western Australia, amid growing community concern relating to cruise ships and COVID-19.

Fremantle Ports has advised that it is fully complying with Australian Government restrictions as part of the nation’s response to COVID-19, which are an elevation of already stringent ship-entry controls:

No cruise ships leaving a foreign port, with the exception those en-route and which have already declared their destination as Australia, may arrive in Australia.

All ships, including cruise ships, must provide a mandatory declaration about the health of all persons aboard, before arriving in Fremantle.

The pilot seeks a second report direct from the ship’s Master when boarding the ship off the Perth coast.

If there is any doubt about the health of those on board, the ship is put to anchor and not permitted to enter the harbour until further checks are made at sea.

There were three cruise ships docked in Fremantle as of this morning.

None of these ships came from international ports within the last 14 days and all have been cruising in Australian waters. Each of these ships has undergone the screening process.

Fremantle Ports and Tourism Western Australia have provided the following specific advice with respect to protocols for the ships that were or are still in port and also any future cruise ship visits scheduled for Fremantle.

This includes strict entry protocols before the ships arrive in port‘The World’ cruise ship arrived in Fremantle on Friday 13 March with an estimated 140 passengers on board. Its previous port of call was Adelaide. They are currently in the process of disembarking from the ship to return home. Fremantle Port is yet to confirm a date for the ship and crew to depart. This ship has undergone the standard screening process.

The ‘Queen Mary 2’ cruise ship has been sailing Australian waters for well over a month, circumnavigating Australia and visiting numerous local ports. Passengers are currently in the process of disembarking from the ship to return home. The ship is scheduled to depart at 1900 hrs on 16 March bound for Southampton. This ship has undergone the standard screening process.

The ‘Costa Deliziosa’ cruise ship arrived from Albany and left this afternoon. It was previously in Adelaide with Mauritius scheduled as the next port. It is part of a world cruise that originated in Italy on the 6 January prior to the COVID-19 outbreak in that country.  Approximately 100 people disembarked from the ship today to return home, and the remainder of the guests and crew were not permitted to disembark. This ship has undergone the standard screening process.

Passengers that are disembarking ships will be going to the airport to take a flight home, or in the case of WA passengers, returning home.

The Federal government has advised that all international cruise ships have been banned from sailing into Australian ports for 30 days, with this decision subject to review after that time.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said that the strict measures put in place by Fremantle Ports and the Federal Government will ensure that there is little to no risk associated with cruise ships visiting Fremantle.

“COVID-19 is understandably creating some uncertainty around cruise ships, however given the strong measures being taken by relevant authorities the community should rest assured there is no impact to Fremantle,” Mayor Pettitt said.

“Whilst the City of Fremantle is not responsible for cruise ship arrivals, we have every confidence in the way that Fremantle Ports and the State and Federal Governments are managing the arrivals and we are working closely with them to ensure we receive accurate and up to date information.”

The Cruise Line Industry of Australia (CLIA) has also put measures in place to ensure cruise ships remain low risk for COVID -19 and have provided the following information:

The majority of more than 270 cruise ships globally continue to sail unaffected by the virus, including within Australasia – but with strict precautions in place.

CLIA ocean cruise lines have introduced stringent measures including pre-screening processes to determine a person’s travel and contact history. They will deny boarding to anyone who may present an increased risk.

Ships have medical facilities and medical professionals available around the clock to provide care in the event of illness and to prevent disease transmission.

Cruise lines are in close consultation with health authorities globally, including the World Health Organization, regional Departments of Health, and state health authorities.

No cruise ships have travelled directly from China to this region recently. Many of the vessels operating in this region have been in Australasian waters or on World Cruises for some time.

No passengers or crew are permitted to board if they have come from or visited South Korea, Iran, China (including Hong Kong and Macau) and any municipality in Italy subject to lockdown measures by the Italian Govt, in the 14 days before embarkation.

Cruise lines have extensive experience providing for a clean and sanitized environment, with daily procedures as well as enhanced efforts under Outbreak Prevention and Response Plans.

Reporting procedures are in place to ensure regional authorities are aware of any relevant illness prior to a ship’s arrival.



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There are three cruise liners an berth at Victoria Quay  with the Costa Deliziosa arriving early this morning, when presumably the Federal Government ban on cruise ships was already in place.

The Queen Mary II was scheduled to depart at 6pm on Saturday, then at 6pm yesterday and is now due to leave at 7pm tonight, after the Cunard Line cancelled the cruise to South Africa.

The World is also still in Freo, and the Seven Seas Mariner is due to arrive later today, but it looks like she’ll have to stay in Gage Roads and can’t enter the port.

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When the Queen Mary II leaves Fremantle Port late this afternoon it won’t have many passengers on board, because the Cunard Line cancelled the cruise to South Africa, and according to the Sunday Times today, 700 passengers were refused to board the cruise liner yesterday.

New Zealand won’t allow any cruise ships in their ports till at least June this year, so what will happen here in Freo and Australia?

Maybe it is time to rename Victoria Quay into Quay Sera, as a version of the Doris Day song Que Sera. Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be. The future’s not ours to see.

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UPDATE: Cruise ships banned from entering Australian ports!


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Fremantle welcomes The World, and the Queen Mary II.

The massive cruise liners are at berth at Victoria Quay in Fremantle Port so go and have a look.

The QM II is departing at 6pm today. UPDATE! The Queen Mary II will now depart tomorrow, Sunday at 6pm!

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Photo supplied by Fremantle Ports


Two cruise ships are at berth in Fremantle Port today at Victoria Quay, so a good opportunity to shoot some photos for the PAINT THE PORT prize that will be held on Saturday March 14.

The ARCADIA will leave for Colombo tomorrow at 5.30pm, while the SUN PRINCESS is leaving today at 4pm.

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Another cruiseliner will call Fremantle Port home for five months this year. Princess Cruises has decided to change the Sapphire Princess tours away from Shanghai and Singapore because of the coronavirus, and will instead call Fremantle home between May and October, which will be a great boost to the Freo and WA economy.

The ship can accommodate 2670 passengers, so it will be fantastic to welcome her in Freo soon.

The Queen Mary II is departing Fremantle at 7pm this evening after two days in Freo, so go and wave goodbye, or take photos for the Pain the Port competition!

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