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While many hundreds of people will be protesting this morning at Bibra Lake against the Roe 8 highway and Perth Freight Link, the Sunday Times report the Barnett government is urged by spin doctors to start calling it the People’s Highway and to change the narrative and no longer call it a truck route and that it is all about normal passenger vehicle movement.

In the same issue of ST they report the State Government needs to save $ 30 million on public transport and experts say this could only be done by reducing services, possibly on weekends and during evenings but maybe even during peak hour times. That would have a severe impact and increase road congestion and it would make it harder for people to travel around Perth on weekends, unless they start using cars.

Fremantle’s weekend festival and events economy relies a lot on train services and if the State reduces these because they need to make savings it will have a big negative impact on our city’s economy and that is not acceptable. Freo has been struggling for many years and there is a clear indication of revival and new invigoration, but most of that has been achieved locally and by Fremantle Council without much help from the State.

Cutting public transport is not an option, Premier Colin Barnett!

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