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The FPOL-Finance, Policy, Operations and Legislation Committee of the City of Fremantle met in North Fremantle last evening.

The Dog Exercise and Prohibited Area Policy item on the agenda attracted many speakers who walk their dog in Frederick Samson Park and who were not at all happy with the proposed restrictions, with one of them saying that council was barking up the wrong tree.

Councillor Rachel Pemberton, who has a very cute little dog herself, said that maybe the policy was heavy handed. There are Bush Forever sites that allow dogs on a leash and we need more clarity on how we handle the bush and how we handle the walkers, with or without a dog, she said.

It was decided that a site visit by some Councilors and workshopping was needed before the Elected Members could make a proper decision, and the item was deferred.

The lease of the Evan Davies building upper level above the Dome cafe for bar and restaurant will have to be confirmed by full council. Mayor Brad Pettitt said he had expected a more cultural kind of outcome, but was assured by Director Tom Griffiths that live music events were planned.

The request for special parking permits for residents of the Warders Cottages is also still unresolved with Councillors being worried about setting a precedent for future residential development which does not supply parking, so officers will need to consider all the implications first.

The idea is that residents could be offered a yearly parking permit for CoF carparks at 50% discount.

It is probably prudent to check how much commercial carparks like Queensgate are charging annually for long-term parking, and also to consider if small business owners in Fremantle should also be offered the same courtesy, because quite a few of them park their car all day while they are attending their shop.

It is disturbing to hear from one Warders Cottage resident, who contacted me, that the State Heritage Office in a letter to prospective buyers of the cottages had suggested that the City of Fremantle might supply them with parking permits,

Just before the FPOL meeting was the Library Committee meeting, so interesting to hear that the Toy Library has now been made available to Cockburn and Melville residents as well.

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The North Fremantle Sports Club at John Street is holding a PIZZAS and POOCHES night this Thursday, November 30.

Enjoy great wood fired pizzas by Jamel with your four-legged best friend and other friends and family.

The club bar will be open to support the local sports clubs and pizzas are $ 20.00.

It’s on from 5.30-8pm.


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The Fremantle Growers Green Farmers Market is having a DOGS DAY this Sunday September 18, so bring your cuties to the Lefroy Road community market.

The categories are: Golden Oldie(over 8 years-old), Cutest Puppy, Happiest Dog, and Smartest Dog.

And while there shop for organic food, buy yummy international breakfast and catch up with friends.

The market is open from 8 am till midday every Sunday.

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barber dog


I absolutely love the quirky and unexpected things one comes across when walking the streets of Fremantle. Street photography for me is all about recording real life and the lifestyle of a place, in the knowledge that future generations will see my photos and get an understanding of what life was like in the 2000s.

Walking through William Street this morning I noticed this cute little dog all packed in for winter waiting at the barber shop.

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There was not a bookmaker or betting agency in sight when Fremantle Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren joined about 200 people and almost as many dogs at Wilson Park in South Fremantle on Sunday morning to call for the WA state government to join with NSW and ban greyhound racing.

NSW banned the ‘sport’ after acts of animal cruelty were exposed and mass graves filled with greyhounds were discovered there.

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There will be a rally to call for a ban on greyhound racing in W.A. at Wilson Park at South Beach in Fremantle this Sunday between 11 am and 1 pm.

The location of the rally  is quite significant as the first horse races were held at South Beach.

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For all you dog lovers out there the Scruffs Dog Show at Fremantle’s Wilson Park at South Beach this Saturday will be heaven.

There will be over sixty stalls, including food stalls for breaky and lunch, a dachshund race, prizes for the biggest dog, the smallest dog, etc.

It starts at 10 am and dogs need to be on leads and well behaved in a crowd of people and dogs.

scruffs flyer final


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I know that nuisance dog barking is on the top of the list of complaints local councils all over Western Australia receive, and the State was going to revise the dog act to deal with it, so what are the rules and regulations and what is the process because it appears that councils handle the problem in different ways.

Years ago while living in Mount Claremont my partner and I forced Nedlands Council to take the owner of two dogs to court because they barked 24/7 and without apparent reason. The arrogant and uncaring dog owner was fined in the Magistrate’s Court and the process costs him $ 20,000 in legal fees. But it took years to get to that point. My then partner had complained for over two years even before I moved in and other neighbours signed a petition. Nedlands rangers spent days and hours to monitor and observe the relentless dog barking themselves.

Now take the City of Fremantle. I have lived in Beaconsfield next to a property with two dogs for three months now and was surprised to be told by the owners they received a letter from COF threatening them with a $ 5,000 fine because of nuisance dog barking by their dogs. It turns out only one neighbour has complained about the dogs and his concerns have not been corroborated by any of the other neighbours in the area.

I am very noise conscious and spend a lot of time at the computer and reading in the backyard, but I don’t find the occasional dog barking from next door a problem. Whenever I come or go one of the dogs-Rex stands up behind the fence and puts his snout up in the air and I reach my hand over to give him a cuddle. They never bark at me although I am relatively new to the area.

The dogs bark when people with dogs walk by and when the postman delivers, and they bark sometimes when parents drop off and pick up their kids at Beaconsfield Primary, but they don’t bark excessively and for no reason.

Out of four properties adjacent to the one where the dogs live only a single person has complained, but that is good enough for the City of Fremantle rangers to take action and threaten with a hefty fine, although the owners have installed a dog door so the dogs can go inside more often.

Cockburn Council demands nuisance dog owners pay for a dog trainer to try to stop dogs from barking excessively, but only after they have received complaints from multiple people, so why does COF believe just the one neighbour when all the others say there is no problem? It seems pretty unfair to the dog owners who are very upset about the City’s letter that threatens them with a big fine, so maybe the rangers should do what the Nedlands ones did and come and observe for themselves and read a book for a few hours and over several days to make sure the alleged nuisance barking is happening.

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