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There have been a few comments in regard to yesterday’s article about Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt declaring a conflict of interest on the Sunset Events proposal for J Shed because his partner works at CODA, the architect consultants for Sunset for that project.

Brad Pettitt has responded stating that legal advise he received pointed out that now that his partner has moved in with him, she is legally his de-facto and hence the conflict of interest. She is by the way not a CODA director, as far as I am aware

Those who believe it would have been more transparent if the Mayor had declared earlier that he was in relationship with a CODA employee do have a point, but before throwing stones should check the rules and regulation for Councillors in the Local Government Act.

I have no issues with the debate and people criticising elected members, but I want to make it absolutely clear that CODA should not be tarred with anything as they have done nothing wrong and only tendered for City of Fremantle contracts.

CODA are a very professional and reputable architect and city planning company that has received national awards. I have had the pleasure of dealing with CODA director Kieran Wong on several occasions during community or stakeholder sessions on Victoria Quay, Kings Square and Cantonment Hill and was very impressed with how thorough Kieran was.

Wong is a very likeable person who does not bring a big ego to meetings and does not patronise and talk down to people. He gives you the facts, the opportunities and limitations and then he carefully listens and takes on board suggestions and ideas. That was clearly shown when he delivered three options for Victoria Quay, and while the preferred plans by Fremantle Ports don’t please everyone, CODA did a very good job in my opinion.

The reality of commercial life is that people work with those they feel comfortable with and who will bring the desired outcomes, so there might well be a slight bias at the City administration toward CODA because they worked on projects together before. That happens in other departments and government agencies as well. For example Fremantle Ports has used the same graphic designer, Acorn, for twenty years although every 3-4 years the contract goes out to tender. It is clear there is a preference toward that company but that does not in any way indicates anyone goes to bed with anyone.

I photographed for 11 years for the Midland Redevelopment Authority, 13 years for Fremantle Ports, 8 years for the State Energy Commission and had many other lengthy assignments for government departments and agencies without bribing anyone or having relationships or affairs with staff, so let’s chill about it.

I believe it is good that the City of Fremantle uses highly professional and experienced local consultants instead of people from interstate. If anyone believes proper tender process has not been followed at the City of Fremantle it is best to send questions to the new CEO Phil StJohn. And let me point out yet again that Mayor Brad Pettitt can not make decisions like granting contracts on his own. Full Council does make decisions for the City of Fremantle, not individual elected members!

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CODA stolen chairs


My friends at Fremantle CODA architects are very keen to get these stolen chairs returned as they borrowed them.

44 of them were stolen after an event CODA organised  The chairs are easily identifiable. There were only 150 imported into Perth from a village in central Java. The name of the village is stamped on the back of the chairs and they’re very heavy.

If you know where these chairs are just email me or send me a text 0419850981. No questions asked.

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coda pic

Fremantle CODA architects will be participating in the City of Fremantle PARK(ing) Day, which will be held this Friday September 18. They have connected the day with their own fundraising activities and are hoping to raise money for the Fremantle Migrants Centre.

For the last few months CODA has been raising money internally to assist the centre in their Pursuit for a Ute to be used to help welcome and settle people in WA. For each cake that CODA staff eat in the studio (and that’s a lot!) they get asked to make a gold coin donation.

On PARK(ING) DAY CODA will give away little potted lettuce and tomato seeds at their parklet for a gold coin donation. They have been supported by Dawsons, The Green Life Soil Co, Supafresh Leaves and Creation Landscape Supplies, who have all contributed to make it possible. The CODA team have been madly making little recycled pots all week long, as the photo shows.

Their parklet will be decorated with plants and hay bales and will be a fun place to stop off and visit. It looks like the parklet will be located near Il Cibo in Market Street.

This is a great initiative by CODA so look for the well-dressed overweight cake-eating creatives and support the fundraiser! ; >)

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