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Zane Mckercher of KEY SOLE in Fremantle has a very interesting way of promoting his shoe shops. Mckercher has been attacking me on my personal Facebook page for a few months now, claiming I never shop in Fremantle, although I do all my shopping in Freo.

I don’t believe I have ever met or spoken to Zane Mckercher, but he has an opinion about me anyway, albeit a very ignorant one, not based on any facts.

Yesterday’s blog post Support Our Fremantle Traders! received again criticism from Mckercher, who wrote on my Facebook page:

Zane Mckercher That’s an interesting quote Roel. 14 Years in Business, and never seen you in any of my stores. Lol
Your full of sh#t…….

Maybe start & practice what you preach

Imagine my smile then this morning, on my way to Chalkys for morning coffee, when I realised that the shoes I bought for $ 159.00 on Easter Saturday were bought from the new Key Sole shop in Market Street.

Mckercher’s unfair and aggressive criticism of me will make sure I’ll never buy anything from Key Sole ever again. Pretty clever marketing, Zane!

As far as I am concerned, support your local Freo traders, but give Key Sole the boot.

Roel Loopers


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A lot of shops have moved sideways in the Manning building to accommodate the redevelopment that Silverleaf Investments are doing there.

When walking back from the Christmas Carnival at Victoria Quay yesterday I noticed that the Bob’s Shoe Store has relocated and now is in a lovely modern new shop with exposed brick walls, designed by the son of owner Cory Fong.

Broome resident and Aboriginal elder Fong told me that Bob’s had been at the Cappuccino Strip for over 30 years. That is about as long as I have known Cory.

Roel Loopers



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The first of the FREO NOW initiative pop-up retailers opened in the Fremantle High Street Mall on Saturday, so make sure to go and have a look at it. It’s opposite Culley’s.

SHOE FUN is full of funky, punky, cute, crazy, lovely, colourful shoes, that will delight many Freo women, and no doubt some of our queens as well.

Retail is a fickly business at the moment, so I wish the owners all the best!

On the Freo retail grapevine rumours are abound about alleged generational changes at Cicerello’s, Camera House and Gino’s, but I have no confirmation of that yet.

I have also been told that the relatively new Dangerfield shop is Market Street has reduced staff from three people to just one. Not a good sign, if the rumour is true.

Roel Loopers

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