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Ivan Dzeba, the very likeable and always relaxed new president of the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce spoke at the Fremantle Network at the National Hotel on Monday night.

Dzeba has been operating the very popular Benny’s Bar and Cafe on the Cappuccino Strip for 18 years so he has witnessed many changes in Fremantle and he firmly believes that Freo is a safer place now than when he opened his bar.

He said the priority for the Chamber was to support local businesses and attracting people in the present day.

Fremantle needs to become better at how we market ourselves and not create negative impressions.

The Chamber sees incredible scope in connecting businesses in O’Connor and Hilton.

We have so many things in Fremantle that other destinations don’t have but our destination marketing brand is not strong enough. There needs to be an umbrella message for Fremantle, not just lots of little unconnected messages we are getting on Fremantle Story, Dzeba said.

I have been wondering for years why there is no stronger focus on destination marketing from the City of Fremantle and getting the Fun Freo message out better, stronger and more focused.

Retail marketing is wasted as we can not compete at present with the large shopping centres. If destination marketing gets the people to Fremantle they will also shop.

Roel Loopers


If you are one of so many who believe most things in Perth are overpriced, go and have a whinge on FedUP Perth on Twitter and Facebook. The complaints are mainly about food and coffee, but also about high rents, etc.

What annoys me most is that a lot of the stuff we pay for is not worth the money, but also the difference in price. In Fremantle I pay anything for $ 2.50 to 3.50 for a tiny one gulp Espresso and a third of the time the coffee is not that great. Renting in Freo has become ridiculous, as my latest attempts to find something suitable have shown. Up to $ 200 for a room in a house to share with 3-4 people is way over the top, even more so when there is a crappy tiny old bathroom and very basic kitchen.

Consumers need to start voting with their feet and stay away from cafes, restaurants and so called gourmet shops which are money vacuum cleaners that suck our pockets empty.

Roel Loopers

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