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Posted in fremantle by freoview on February 29, 2012

Is Dr No, Tony Abbott, the leader of the Liberal opposition in Canberra, also a closet artist? It appears he is participating in the Cottesloe Sculptures by the Sea show this year. ; >)

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Posted in fremantle, perth by freoview on February 29, 2012

Although the SCULPTURES BY THE SEA in Cottesloe officially only opens tomorrow, I wanted to do a sneak preview this afternoon, as I’ll be volunteering at the Round House tomorrow. Not all sculptures had been installed so I’ll go back again in a few days to do it more justice.

What was up today did not inspire me much, but for a few pieces, and I believe last year’s artworks were of a higher creative standard.

Judge for yourself by visiting the event over the Labour Day long weekend.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on February 29, 2012

This is a pretty impressive performance by Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt that deserves to be acknowledged. On my way to my monthly meeting with Brad I was stopped by a frustrated cafe owner complaining he still had not received a refund on the alfresco fees the City had overcharged him last year. I promised to bring this up in my meeting, which I did at 2.45 this afternoon. Walking by the cafe at 3.05 pm the cafe owner had already received a call from a City of Fremantle staff member who promised the refund would be made early next week.

That’s a pretty fast performance Brad! Thanks a lot for sorting this out, as the cafe is struggling badly and the owner needed to have something positive happening. You made his day!!

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on February 29, 2012

I am trying to get my head around on how to balance my life better.  Some say I am too passionate, even aggressive, others say I don’t take criticism well, while others again blame me for being uninformed, anti development, and then there are those who blame my age for the opinion I have on loud music in cafes, high rise in the inner city, etc.

For me the balance is not about my passion or my age. I am a passionate and compassionate scorpion and will help anyone who needs help. I am not perfect, which hopefully proves I am human. I make mistakes and when I do I readily admit that and say sorry. I love people and I love Fremantle. Neither is easy and it demands commitment. I’ve got plenty of that.

This Freo’s View blog is my contribution to the Fremantle community. It takes a huge amount of my time. I am very involved in the Fremantle Society, which also requires a lot of my time, and I do a day a week volunteer work as tour guide at the Round House. In addition to that I have been involved, amongst other things, in a community art project for Kings Square for some months now as well. But the balance is not right!

The balance is not right, because my Karma must have died. No matter how much I give to my community, not much comes back to me. While I support businesses, events, people, etc. no one seems to know how to contact me when they need professional photography. Strangely most people can find me when they want free photos for newsletters, events promotions, etc. Unfortunately I can’t keep promoting the world for free, while my world is collapsing without work and income.

So here is my challenge to Fremantle to help me get the balance right.

All you traders, businesses, events coordinators, property developers, architects, real estate agents, designers, ad and PR agencies, tourism operators, organisations, etc. out there, next time you’re planning to do a brochure, a new website, advertising, corporate portraits, etc, give me a call and ask me to quote. I won’t be the cheapest one in Freo, but that is to be expected from one of the best.

I also have a large variety of good Fremantle stock photos available for your next projects!


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Posted in fremantle by freoview on February 29, 2012

I had a look at the development plans for 11 Queen Victoria Street in Fremantle‘s east end. It’s the former Beaurepairs site. There are positives and negatives to this development, in my opinion.

Six storeys on Queen Victoria Street and three on Quarry Street is probably the right mix. Forty six one and two bedroom apartments is definitely a plus on a relatively small site and without excessive height. Hopefully that will be affordable housing in a way. Centrelink is said to be moving into the ground level office space, which will bring people daily to that part of town. That is also a plus.

It is not a great looking building though as it lacks flair and creativity. Where is the colour. Do we need more grey in town? I am worried also about the wood paneling not lasting very long as it is facing north and will get a lot of sunlight and thus fade fast. Wood and sea salt are not a clever combination either, so the building could age fast.

Utopia has also inspired the building with only 23 car bays for 46 apartments. No matter how hard the council, the Greens, and the sustainability promoters wish, people will not embrace living in the city without being able to park their car near their home.

I hope the developers will make some changes, like putting some bold colours on the building and replace the lattice like panels on the Quarry Street side.

If it is true this building was approved by the city’s Design Advisory Panel, we will have to worry about new buildings in the CBD. This one is far from stunning. It is very basic and mediocre. The DAC needs to do better for Fremantle!

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on February 29, 2012

Congratulations to Fremantle based ARTIST’S CHRONICLE, which is celebrating it’s 21st birthday in March.

Artist’s Chronicle was established by Fremantle curator and writer Lyn DiCiero and is Western Australia’s longest running independent visual arts magazine.

For more info go to:

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I have been wondering for quite some time if it would be possible to get our Fremantle  parking rangers to do multi-tasking. These men and women walk the streets day and night and should be doing more than looking for cars who overstayed their time. They should be our eyes on the streets and report back to the City of Fremantle about vandalism, graffiti, broken pavement, overflowing bins, etc. etc.

In these modern high tech times it should not be difficult to supply rangers with a digital tool to record the things that need repair or be looked at, and relay them to the relevant departments. Little changes like that could make a big difference to the general appeal of Fremantle, and it would make this blog more positive, as I would have less to complain about.

What about a small think tank between departments, COF, and come up with creative ideas on how to utilise officers’ time more positively, productively and constructively. The City needs more people wandering the streets, as many things are not noticed and hence not looked after and improved. I don’t believe new staff is needed for that, but a better use of the parking inspectors would suffice.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on February 29, 2012

Walking through Kings Square yesterday I felt it had a really lovely city square feeling about it, with a lot of people sitting on the colourful chairs under the big tree. The free WiFi has definitely attracted more people there and is a good initiative by the City of Fremantle, as is the Outdoor Library.

Hopefully one day we’ll have a more attractive and creative playground for children at the square as well, and a few stunning artworks. Some of those bicycle form bike racks spread around the square would also give it some more colour.

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Posted in Uncategorized by freoview on February 29, 2012

Freo Cycle Chic is a new Fremantle community initiative to get more people on their bikes. Cycle chic started in Copenhagen five years ago and is popular in Europe.

To get public awareness for the movement,  Freo Cycle Chic is organising two events in Fremantle in March, starting with a progressive bicycle dinner on the 22nd. There will be sunset Tapas in South Fremantle and from there it’s on the bikes for dinner at Little Creatures. Bookings are essential! Email

The second event is twilight event Reclaim The Bike on March 23 at Kings Square with the outdoor screening of the movie Beauty and the Bike.

Check out the website for details and more information:

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on February 28, 2012

I am surprised to hear that there are people in the Fremantle community and at the City of Fremantle who believe that communication between the city and I are no longer possible because of the passionate articles I posted here about PSA 49.

I was told I discredited myself by being so forthright and that the balance is no longer there. The only balance I am interested in is Fremantle. I want the best for this city and support all the good things that happen here all the time. I probably do more to promote Fremantle than any other blog, or even the city’s own website, so I am not sure how this is unbalanced.

Communication is a two way street and those who blame me for having cut communications with councillors and officers because of my articles here, also need to consider it from my perspective. I don’t like being taken for granted and ignored, but that is what council did by pushing PSA 49 through without compromise. While I would have accepted eight storeys for the Woolstores site, council quickly added another storey at the very last moment, thus ignoring anything those of us against heights had said. If people treat me with that kind of disrespect they cannot expect me to remain mister nice guy.

I gave council the benefit of the doubt before the community consultation started. I defended councillors against those who I called cynics, and told them to have more confidence. That trust and confidence was eroded through dismissive emails, and the unwillingness by council to make serious changes to PSA 49.

I did not want things my way, or win a war I never saw as a war. I expected compromise, and I was very happy to compromise, for the good of Fremantle.

The my way or the high way attitude by council did hurt me and I am not happy about it, but I don’t hold grudges and am happy to communicate with any councillor or City of Fremantle officer, as long as they are willing to give me the same respect I have given them.

I have always given credit where credit is due and will continue to do so. I do not criticise the City of Fremantle for fun, but because many things are not done properly in this city. If the COF improved their performance I’d have less to be negative about. I would be delighted to only write about the good achievements, instead of having to whinge about the bad ones all the time.

The way forward, I suggest, is a closer working relationship on the design of new buildings and of public open spaces in the inner city. If we strive together for excellence we might be able to salvage the special character of Fremantle.

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