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The coronavirus troubled MS Artania finally left Fremantle Port at 1pm this Saturday after an epic journey that saw 800 passengers being transported onto charter flights to Germany, while others passengers and crew were isolated in Perth hotels.

Several passengers and crew had the Covid-19 virus and had to be treated in hospital, but sadly some of them died here in WA.

The ship’s captain said the support and care they had received had been amazing.

Fremantle people came out in force to wave goodbye to the cruise ship, with the South and North moles packed with cars and Victoria Quay also full with people, and many said it was quite an emotional experience, as it was for me also.

I wish the trip back to Hamburg will be smooth sailing for the Artania crew and wish them well.

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The first Fremantle business tragedy has been revealed with the owner of the Chart&Map Shop in Collie Street, which has been trading there for 25 years, announcing they have been evicted by the property owner. This is his story:

Hey everyone, amidst the turmoil of life in 2020 and countless unhappy stories, I have one of my own. We have been evicted.

This crisis has been tough on the map shop and we just haven’t been able to make the rent. After 25 years, this stupid virus and the unwillingness of some to negotiate have brought about the end of an era. And, honestly, it’s breaking my heart.

Near on two thirds of my life have been in this building. From the early days watching dad lean against the counter talking boat with the saltiest of dogs (I wish he was still here, he always knew what to do), through the times after mum and dad retired when we were still small and my sister and I would fill our days racing some crappy crossword or attempting to memorize all the capital cities (my favourite is still Ouagadougou), to the heady days before the likes of Amazon stomped on everything and into the struggles of modern retail. All of it has been in this place.

I promise it’s not the end for us yet, but it is the end of us in this building. I’m not sure what the next move is, I’m still figuring that out, but as of the end April our 30 days will be up and we will no longer be at 14 Collie Street. Just like that. So long you big beautiful blue bastard.

This is incredibly sad and so unfair on the business owners. I hope that another property owner will offer them a shop at an affordable rent, so that they can keep on trading. Life is a bastard sometimes!
It is my understanding though that the Prime Minister said there was a six months moratorium on evictions from rental properties, both business and private, so fight it!
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It appears there is a stand-off at Fremantle Port between the Federal Government and the captain of the MS Artania cruise ship. The ship has been ordered by Canberra to leave Fremantle and Australian waters but refuses to do so.

WA Premier Mark McGowan has rightly been very unhappy with what has been going on with the Artania, after it was allowed to berth in Fremantle when the captain said they only had seven Covid-19 cases on board. Once at berth at Victoria Quay it was suddenly revealed that 47 passengers had the coronavirus. They were transported to Joondalup Hospital, where two of them are in critical condition.

What if many more of the present people on board get the coronavirus? It would put strain on the WA health system, as they would occupy beds and care needed for Western Australians.

The coronavirus pandemic and it spreading a lot through cruise ships has shown that cruise operators no longer can go on with the modus operandi they have had for years. They need to change their ways, and maybe the type of aircon used on the ships, because gastro and other health scare outbreaks on cruise liners are not a rarity.

People pay big money for cruises and they need to be assured they are safe on board. The Covid-19 pandemic will no doubt make many people question if they should go on a cruise or not, and it is the kind of kick in the backside the industry needs to lift its game. They do have a duty of care for their passengers and crew and can’t just pass on that responsibility to the governments of the ports they happen to visit.

The ship was scheduled to leave at midday today, but has been taken off the list of today’s shipping movements by Fremantle Ports.

We don’t need your Thank you Fremantle signs, MS Artania, we want you to leave and go back home to Germany! Auf Wiedersehen!

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There are three cruise liners an berth at Victoria Quay  with the Costa Deliziosa arriving early this morning, when presumably the Federal Government ban on cruise ships was already in place.

The Queen Mary II was scheduled to depart at 6pm on Saturday, then at 6pm yesterday and is now due to leave at 7pm tonight, after the Cunard Line cancelled the cruise to South Africa.

The World is also still in Freo, and the Seven Seas Mariner is due to arrive later today, but it looks like she’ll have to stay in Gage Roads and can’t enter the port.

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When the Queen Mary II leaves Fremantle Port late this afternoon it won’t have many passengers on board, because the Cunard Line cancelled the cruise to South Africa, and according to the Sunday Times today, 700 passengers were refused to board the cruise liner yesterday.

New Zealand won’t allow any cruise ships in their ports till at least June this year, so what will happen here in Freo and Australia?

Maybe it is time to rename Victoria Quay into Quay Sera, as a version of the Doris Day song Que Sera. Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be. The future’s not ours to see.

Roel Loopers

UPDATE: Cruise ships banned from entering Australian ports!


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Fremantle welcomes The World, and the Queen Mary II.

The massive cruise liners are at berth at Victoria Quay in Fremantle Port so go and have a look.

The QM II is departing at 6pm today. UPDATE! The Queen Mary II will now depart tomorrow, Sunday at 6pm!

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Photo supplied by Fremantle Ports


Two cruise ships are at berth in Fremantle Port today at Victoria Quay, so a good opportunity to shoot some photos for the PAINT THE PORT prize that will be held on Saturday March 14.

The ARCADIA will leave for Colombo tomorrow at 5.30pm, while the SUN PRINCESS is leaving today at 4pm.

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Indian Pacific


Exciting news for Freo! The extremely popular Indian Pacific train journey from Perth to Sydney might well become a real coast to coast from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, and start here in Fremantle

Transport Minister Rita Saffioti used the 50th anniversary of the tourist train to reveal the WA government was looking into extending the service from East Perth train station to Fremantle, with some of the preliminary work already underway.

Earlier this week the Indian Pacific, the 4352 kilometre transcontinental train trip from Sydney to Perth, celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said it would be fantastic to have Australia’s longest rail journey terminating in Fremantle. The popularity of these long and luxurious rail journeys just seems to be growing and growing, and how amazing would it be for passengers to arrive in Fremantle on the Indian Pacific and actually see the Indian Ocean.”

“There are some really great synergies with having the Indian Pacific arriving in Fremantle. For example, people would be able to step off the train and step straight on to a ferry to Rottnest, or they could ride the Indian Pacific to Fremantle and then board a cruise ship to sail home.

“It could also provide the impetus for the redevelopment of Victoria Quay and improving the connections between the port and the city centre.

An uninterrupted rail link from to the Pacific Ocean in the east to Indian Ocean in the west was not completed until 1969.

The newly named Indian Pacific train embarked on its inaugural transcontinental journey on 23 February 1970, with more than 10,000 people turning out to welcome it upon its arrival in Perth.

On average the Indian Pacific is 774 metres long, consisting of two locomotives and 30 carriages.

It takes about 65 hours to travel the 4352 kilometres from Sydney to Perth, at a leisurely average speed of 85km per hour.

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She is a lot bigger than the Duchess of Sussex, but there was another exit of royalty, not from the UK but from Fremantle today. The Majestic Princess left for Penang at 1pm after two days in Fremantle Port. Bon voyage!

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The enormous Majestic Princess cruiseliner arrived in Fremantle Port this morning and will be staying until Tuesday.

The ship is 330 metres long and 68.3 metres high, and cost 600 million Euro to build. It was launched in 2017.

The ship can accommodate 3560 passengers and has 1340 crew on board.

Welcome to Freo!

Roel Loopers

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