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Good news for Fremantle traders and for motorists that Sirona Capital has been able to extend the parking hours of the Henderson Street car park now that it is no longer attached to the development site.

New hours are Monday to Thursday 5am-11pm and Friday to Sunday 5am-2am.

What is not good though is that readers informed me that credit card payment at City of Fremantle owned parking meters all over town is no longer available, and the response they receive from the info desk is to get coins or the parking app. One lady from out of Freo was half an hour late for a meeting this morning because of the change. Ridiculous!

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The latest photos of the Fremantle Civic Centre development at Kings Square, taken this Monday morning.

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Parking is always the talk of town in Fremantle, and while I don’t believe it is a huge issue, and that there are plenty of parking bays, things could still improve.

The parking meters near the Woolstores shopping centre do not accept credit cards any more and that is ridiculous as not everyone wants to download a smart phone app to pay and we live inĀ  cashless society where many people do not have coins with them.

Parking permits for residents require the administration to send out reminders and after that the stickers, while with the recently introduced number plate recognition CCTV parking inspectors should be able to just scan the rego plate and get a green light if the car gets free parking before 11am and after 3pm.

Making parking easier in Fremantle will be a big step forward to getting rid off the perception that it is difficult and/or expensive to park here.

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I thought I was pretty on the ball and well informed but I must have totally missed a more recent council amalgamation. On Facebook this morning VISIT FREMANTLE gushes aboutĀ  the Top Dup Donuts shop in Willagee, but I believed Willagee was in the City of Melville.

Yesterday a letter writer from Palmyra complained in the Fremantle Herald, what is happening to our city. He meant Fremantle and is clearly not aware that he lives in Melville.

I am all for a bigger Fremantle and local government reform, but until that happens Visit Fremantle should really promote Freo businesses.

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Fremantle will have four new Councillors after the count of votes this evening for the Local Government Election 2019, with Jon Strachan the only one of the three sitting members losing his seat for South Fremantle .

There were some close calls, the closest one in Beaconsfield where the difference was just 32 votes.

Here all the results:

HILTON: Frank Mofflin 571, Lynn McLaren 372, Tony Miosic 326

EAST: Su Groome 801. Michelle Cunningham 383

SOUTH: Marija Vujcic 937, Jon Strachan 849

CITY: Rachel Pemberton 680, John Dowson 588, Julie Morgan 357

NORTH: Bryn Jones 826, Steve Woods 507

BEACONSFIELD: Geoff Graham 531, Gemma Hohnen 499, Chris Jenkins 351

My apologies for posting the results so late but a very officious gent played it by his own rules and even disallowed the media from taking photos or using mobile phones. It was the slowest vote count I have ever been part of.

My sincere thanks to all the candidates who stepped up and wanted to represent their community. You are all special people!

Returned postal votes in Fremantle were 35.45% with close to 300 ballot papers handed in at the Townhall on Saturday in addition to that.

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tourist info


Good to see the City of Fremantle putting a few more signs up to make tourists aware of the Visitor Centre at Kings Square.

The first cruiseship of the season will be arriving tomorrow morning at 6.30am.

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Two articles in the Fremantle Herald this weekend should be a little eye-opener for Fremantle Council, and hopefully they have learned some lessons.

The front page is all about the City wanting to support the creative sector more with their interim economic development action plan, while inside the paper former Councillor Tim Grey-Smith is rightly annoyed that City Ward candidates use the demise of his business for political election reasons.

The lesson is that the City of Fremantle should of course support the creative sector, but should be very aware not to support unsustainable small businesses, because the unrecoverable debts the City writes off regularly are of great concern to the ratepayers.

Kulcha, Fly by Night, art studios at Captain’s Lane, the Soup cafe, etc. all cost the City much-needed income, because lack of market research and too much naivety and dreams are not really helpful to make a good business case for new small businesses, and when they flounder the ratepayers pay for the failures.

City properties should create income for the community, and while subsidised leases might well be helpful for start-ups, these cases need to be carefully considered. How many of us can recall the City investing $ 20,000 as part of the One Planet policy to get a business starting to grow mushrooms from coffee waste? It was successful for just over a year and has now disappeared.

We have successful creative businesses such at Greg James, Jenny Dawson and Jina Lee at J Shed, and Kidogo Arthouse, and the Glen Cowans photo gallery at Captain’s Lane who pay full commercial rates, but their future is uncertain because Fremantle Council has failed to appreciate how important these art businesses are for Fremantle, so any new ideas need to first deal with giving these artists the certainty of tenure they deserve, before heading of yet again into dreamworld.

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I am all for recycling, looking after the environment and after our planet Earth, but already the Fremantle FOGO three bin system is not working for me and the home owner.

The too small general waste bin was totally full when we put the bin we share between two households out for collection, but it was not emptied because general waste only gets collected once a fortnight.

I am moving house next week and will probably have quite a few bits and pieces for the general waste bin, but won’t be able to use it because the bin is full. My neighbour and I will now have to take our general waste rubbish into the city and dump it into a City of Fremantle bin, and that is not good at all.

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Fremantle Council said goodbye to three Councillors last night, who did not nominate for the Local Government Election. Councillors Ingrid Waltham, Jeff McDonald and Dave Hume all attended their last council meeting as elected members and they admitted having mixed emotions about that.

Three other Councillors are fighting to retain their seat with Rachel Pemberton in City Ward, Jon Strachan in South Ward and Bryn Jones in North Ward waiting for the election results on October 19, which is this coming Saturday.

Voter participation in Fremantle has increased a bit and is now on average just over 30%, but that is still disappointingly low.

South Ward is leading with a 39.29% participation at close of business last night, and Hilton comes second with 35.97%, followed by City Ward with 33.31%.

All departing Councillors deserve a huge gratitude from the community because they were willing to step up. We might not always have agreed with the decisions they made but they made them with integrity and what is best for Fremantle at heart.

After Saturday there will be at least three new Councillors in Fremantle, but my gut feeling is that there will be at least four and probably five new ones. Time will tell and I’ll report the election results by about 8.30pm this Saturday here on Freo’s View.

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