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A lot of people have commented to me on how good Fremantle’s historic High Street is starting to look now that the City of Fremantle is in the process of removing the yellow foil of the Felice Varini Arcs D’Ellipse artwork and partly or totally paint the facades of the gorgeous buildings.

The building at 10 High Street still does have the yellow foil attached but that is because architect Michael Patroni, who owns the building, wants to take it all the way back to the original tuckpointed facade, and no worries, the City won’t pay for that.

It’s great to see heritage building beautified, but that does not mean I condone the mess  the city administration made out of the fantastic public artwork and not doing their homework about how to safely remove the foil. That should not have happened.

I hear that the City also wants to install more seating along High Street and that no doubt will be welcomed by tourists, locals and Notre Dame university students

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There are a lot of people around who have easy, but often very unrealistic, solutions for just about everything.

A letter in today’s West Australian by R.Correla of Beaconsfield fits in that category.

Correla writes that the City of Fremantle should provide free parking one hour before and three hours after the Fremantle Dockers women’s team games at Fremantle Oval.

But those games are on weekends when Fremantle is at its busiest and where the lack of inner city parking is often complained about. Parking fees are also a substantial source of income for the City and council rates would need to be increased if more free parking were to be provided.

It is also quite insulting from R.Correla to say Fremantle needs more smart people on council, and not a minority who are only about themselves. Fremantle Council is far from perfect, but the elected members do their best to make the right decisions for our community.

May I suggest to R.Correla to actually attend and observe council meetings. It’s always good to be informed first hand, rather than making ignorant assumptions and accusations.

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WA Planning Minister Rita Saffioti has released stage one of DESIGN WA, the guidelines to improve the quality of urban infill.

One of the most heard complaints in Fremantle and all over the suburbs is the mediocre design of most of the new residential apartment and other buildings in our character cities, but planning rules and even design advisory panels have had little impact on improving the architecture and streetscapes, this will hopefully now improve, depending on how strict and strong the new policy can be enforced by local councils, JDAP, SAT and the WAPC.

Rita Saffioti’s statements says:

Design WA includes clearly defined objectives about what future developments should consider, and includes it in the revised Residential Design Codes. Objectives include:

  • Appropriate scale to respect the local character and context;
  • Minimum apartment sizes based on floor space and number of rooms;
  • Safe, healthy environments with good natural light and ventilation;
  • Development that creates walkable neighbourhoods with high amenity;
  • Green space such as shady trees for outdoor spaces and mature tree retention; and
  • Development that enhances local neighbourhoods. 

The policy will come into affect soon, on May 24, 2019, so that is a good thing.

One thing I have been wondering about is why urban infill and medium/high density buildings are demanded in older suburbs by the State Government but not in brand-new suburbs which are developed near public transport corridors. That makes no sense to me.

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There are serious concerns in the South Fremantle community about a proposed tavern, brewery and distillery on the former Sealanes site at 176-238 Marine Terrace.

Locals believe there is already ample supply of alcohol-related outlets in the area and that parking issues will escalate even more. They are also worried about noise, smells and anti social behaviour in the adjoining residential streets.

The proposal by the Running with Thieves brewery is for a micro-brewery that would be able to produce 1 million litres of beer, plus a distillery that would make gin, vodka, rum and whiskey.

There would also be a bar, restaurant and retail outlet, so unless substantial parking bays will be provided on site it would severely affect parking for locals and people visiting South Beach and the sunset markets, and those who commute on the CAT bus to the train station.

Submissions for the proposal closed on February 15, but many locals complain they had not been made aware of it and are scrambling to voice their opposition to the plans.

Although the official submission period is over there is still plenty of time to contact Fremantle Councillors. You can reach them all together here:

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Applications are closing soon for the City of Fremantle’s new Fremantle Youth Network.

Local young people aged between 12 to 24 years who have a connection to Fremantle and are interested in having a say on youth issues, representing their neighbourhood and volunteering are encouraged to apply before Friday 22 February.

Driven by the City of Fremantle’s commitment to listening and reflecting on the feedback of its younger constituents, last year the City decided to launch a new model for youth engagement.

The Fremantle Youth Network is important for encouraging a direct mechanism for youth consultation between Council and young people.

The City hopes to foster leadership development opportunities, promote exposure to youth peer-led training available through the Youth Affairs Council of WA and engage them in local Freo issues that are important to include a youth perspective.

Fremantle Youth Network will kick off with a smaller collective of representatives comprising the successful nominees from the selection process, and focus on connecting young people, youth agencies and schools so they can share what is happening with the broader community at a grass roots level.

Nominations for the Fremantle Youth Network close at 5pm, Friday 22 February 2019. For more information, visit the Fremantle Youth Network page and read the Information Sheet available to download on the City of Fremantle’s website.



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More large glass windows have been installed on the former Myer building at Kings Square that is being developed by Sirona Capital as part of the Kings Square Redevelopment Project. We are slowly getting an idea what it will look like.

PROBUILD is hard at work to finish the buildings on time for the opening around Christmas this year.

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art precinct


This mess is what visitors to the Bathers Beach Art Precinct saw yesterday at one of the art studios at Mrs Trivett Lane.

Behind it there is bedding from homeless people, and in the garden of the cottage where the Roundhouse guides have their office people also had left bedding and rubbish and trampled the bushes.

Fremantle safety officers drive up to Arthur’s Head a couple of times a day but police officers are rarely seen up there any more.

Arthur’s Head is a ghost town at night, since Fremantle Council decided to make it into an art precinct and evicted the people who lived in the Pilot’s Cottages. I warned them at the time that this would be happening but my concerns were ignored because I was one of the people who lived there as caretaker for the Fremantle Society, hence I was considered a NIMBY whose concerns were irrelevant.

Fremantle Council is currently reconsidering the art precinct, but whatever the outcome they need to create a better night environment up on our historic hill.

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To keep sponsoring the more and more successful Fremantle WINTERWORLD Festival we should get some guarantee of exclusivity, Councillor Rachel Pemberton argued at the FPOL Committee on Wednesday evening. There is a Winterworld in Perth and Hillaries at the same time as Fremantle, she said, and we don’t want another one at Bibra Lake or near Fremantle..

Winterworld this year will for the first time coincide with the Fremantle Festival, which has been moved from a summer to a winter festival, so that means more and better promotion for the festival.

The Winterworld organisers have again asked for cash sponsorship of $ 25,000 from the City plus $ 45,000 of in-kind sponsorship for a waiver of car park fees at the Italian Club, so a total of $ 70,000. The proposal is for a three-year sponsorship up to and including 2021.

Councillor Doug Thompson was the only one who does not like the cash sponsorship, but the FPOL members asked for the CEO to renegotiate the contract, because a more successful Winterworld creates more profits and hence should be able to do with less financial sponsorship from the City.

80,000 people attended Winterworld last year and it is estimated 100,000 will visit it this year.

I think it is quite funny that the City officers claim in the agenda that “the event created strong attendance from interstate” but the figures provided with the statement show that only 300 tickets were sold interstate, so that is hardly a strong attendance from the eastern states.

And one more issue I have been raising since Winterworld started. Where are the posters and flyers so that tourist destinations such as the Roundhouse can hand them out and make interstate and overseas visitors aware that the skating festival is on?

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Civic Centre


Builders PINDAN have started to put new fences up around the area of the new Kerry Hill Architects designed Fremantle Civic Centre at Kings Square.

I hear from a very reliable source at the City that the contract will be signed this week, so the construction work should be starting soon.

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The FPOL-Finance, Policy and Legislation- Committee  of Fremantle Council unanimously agreed on Wednesday evening to sponsor the Fremantle Street Doctor services for $ 20,000 and will also write to the State Government to seek reconsideration for ongoing funding, since the Health Department slashed all funding for this great initiative by the end of this financial year.

Councillors also agreed to lobby the members for Fremantle Simone McGurk MLA and Josh Wilson MP.

The Fremantle Foundation’s Impact 1000 could be perfect to sponsor the Freo Street Doctor, I believe.

The Mayor and Councillor Rachel Pemberton said that if the City sponsors these important social services it should make the community aware of it through a logo or something.

Your ratepayers’ money at work with the council logo would be great!

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