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The official opening on Friday afternoon of the $ 195,000 Fremantle South Beach basketball court was relaxed family fun for young and old.

Several Fremantle Councillors were there, and also federal MP Josh Wilson. Also spotted was former Councillor Andrew Sullivan who played a pivotal role in getting the new court in the right location.

I have no doubt that the multi court for volleyball, futsal, basketball and netball will become a very popular new youth hub, like the Esplanade Youth Plaza.

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Finland’s Youth Swimming Team has been lapping up the sunshine while training at the Fremantle Leisure Centre for their annual summer camp this month.

The group of 13 to 20-year-olds are some of Finland’s top young talent in training for the 2020 and 2024 Olympic Games.

Coach Petteri Paatos said Finland experienced only a few hours of sunlight per day at this time of year.

“It’s snowing at the moment and in complete darkness so we are all enjoying the weather here in Fremantle; there is a time when the sun doesn’t rise at all in the winter,” he said.

“We did some training in the Gold Coast and Brisbane last year but we prefer Fremantle.”

The team is in town for four weeks until 21 January and are putting in 28 hours of training per week in preparation for the European youth championships.

The swimmers have been enjoying the sights of Fremantle during their down time while staying at Fremantle Prison Youth Hostel and even took a trip to Penguin Island.



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It is a brilliant sunny Sunday in Fremantle so head out to the Esplanade Youth Plaza for Switch it On the National Youth Week event there.

It is a lot of fun to watch and participate in and is going till late afternoon.

Here some impressions of it.

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It is very important that the community connects with its youth and try to find out how they tick, what they desire, and that we listen to the many innovative ideas they have, so today is a good day to do that at the Fremantle skate park on the Esplanade.

National Youth Week 2017 is closing in spectacular style at our very own Esplanade Youth Plaza. A local lineup of musicians, DJs and WA’s best skateboarders surrounded by chill zones and food vans from 12-4 pm today.

The SWITCH ( Fremantle youth advisory council) will also be hosting a Ferris Forum – jump in for a ride and share your opinion on the forums hot topic.

– Skate Comp 12-4pm *‘Game of Skate and Best Trick’
Skateboarding WA
– Ferris Forum 1pm -3pm
Propel Youth Arts WA Fremantle SWITCH
– Parkour 1pm – 2.30pm (8-11yr) & 2.30pm-4pm (11yrs+)
Perth Parkour
– Silent Disco
Local DJs programmed across three channels.
– Game Vault 1pm-3pm
Game Vault
– Roving Circus
– Music 3pm
Catch Music
– Food vans and chill zones available all day.
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Fremantle’s new youth advisory group SWITCH, is aiming high for National Youth Week 2017 with the first ever Ferris Forum to be held on the Freo Skyview Wheel at Esplanade Park.

This Sunday 9 April groups of five people will enter the ferris wheel cabins for rapid fire, seven minute long discussions about the most pressing issues for young people today.

It’s hoped the short round trip participants will have in the wheel will produce genuine and candid responses other mediums fail to uncover.

Also on is Switch It Up the official closing event for National Youth Week 2017. Presented by the City of Fremantle, Propel Youth Arts WA and the Fremantle SWITCH, the event will build on the popularity of Freo’s Esplanade Youth Plaza and National Youth Week’s aim of celebrating young people of all backgrounds, to offer a range of engaging and fun activities.

The activities include a skateboarding competition run in association with Skateboarding WA, parkour run by Perth Parkour, Game Vault, a silent disco programmed by South Fremantle High School students and guest DJs, an open mic stage run by Catch Music, roving performers, chill out zones and Australia’s most innovative youth forum.

The event also features prominently on Propel Youth Arts WA’s Kickstart Festival calendar.

The SWITCH is running a series of workshops with other Youth Advisory Council’s (YACs) from around the state in the lead up to the event to explore issues affecting young people. The themes developed in the workshops will be used to create the Ferris Forum.

After discussions in the wheel, the results will be collected and made available to state government, youth agencies and other local governments to inform programs policies.

Regional centres including the Shire of Broome, City of Karratha, Town of Port Hedland, City of Greater Geraldton and City of Albany, will take part in the youth forum as well, ensuring the voices of young people in the region are heard.

For those who have not heard about it yet, the Fremantle SWITCH is Fremantle’s take on a youth advisory council.

Since starting in June 2016, with support from the City of Fremantle, 40 passionate young people from 12-25 years old with strong links to Fremantle have been hard at work putting together a structure from scratch and organising activities in response to the needs of young people in Fremantle.




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A big CONGRATULATIONS to Night Hoops which last night was awarded the $ 100,000 Impact 100 grant by the Fremantle Foundation.

Night Hoops was conceived by Griffith Longley to try to take kids off the streets at night and give them something to do under supervision, with mentors, serve them a meal, play basketball, and give the kids a safe bus drive home.

This very popular program in Fremantle and Cockburn is run by dedicated volunteers and with sponsorship, so the big grant will help them to achieve even more.

Impact 100 is a project where 100 people are asked to donate $ 1,000 each and the total sum of that is then awarded to a community organisation each year.

I am delighted the so very worthwhile and effective Night Hoops received this year’s grant. Well done Griff and all involved. You are my kind of heroes!!

Roel Loopers



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The Changing Your Tune event at the Fremantle Esplanade Youth Plaza skatepark was a lot of fun but also a stark reminder that so many people in Australia suffer from mental health issues and commit suicide.

There was live music, burlesque and skating coaching clinics, but also hundreds of shoes on display to remind us that suicide is the leading cause of death in Australia for 15-44 year olds.

In 2016 3,027 people took their own life, with the Aboriginal rate of suicide twice as high as that of non Aboriginal people.

Western Australia has the highest rate of Aboriginal suicide in Australia, and a very disturbing trend of very young people seeing no other way out of their despair than killing themselves.

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The monthly speaker session of the Fremantle Network upstairs at the National Hotel presented Liam Carter on Tuesday evening. It was interesting to listen to the very articulate young man who proposed to the City of Fremantle to start a Youth Advisory Council(YAC).

Liam told us he came up with the YAC idea because of the scarcity of young people involved in local community and council work and was thinking of how he could get more young people involved, because every issue dealt with at local councils affects young people. Other councils already have YACs.

70 youth have signed up to be part of YAC and 40 of them are now in a pool to be part of decision-making meetings, citizen juries, etc. This makes Fremantle’s YAC the biggest one, overtaking Subiaco. YAC members are as young as 12 year-old he said.

Liam Carter told the small audience that the opportunities are absolutely huge and that youth through YAC can have an influence on council policy and add more nuances to the community conversation.

Running events would be a simple way of engaging with a broad section of the community. He also mentioned youth juries, the Robin Hood project where young people decide who gets funding and the Upskill Project where young people run courses for young people. “It is important to get young voices heard”

Issues that concern and affect youth are mental health, disability access and affordable housing and he believes citizen juries, participatory budgeting and strengthening community consultation would be a good way forward. “I want young people to be heard!”

Youth could help create positive change and the next idea might be the big change maker for Fremantle.

Liam believes there needs to be more and better collaboration between community groups and said he would be interested to have speakers from groups like FRRA and the Fremantle Society come to YAC and vice versa.

Liam Carter is a very bright and likeable young man who has practical ideas. It was a shame that not more people turned up for his talk, especially older people as working together respectfully is in my opinion the best way forward for Fremantle. We should never lose sight that we are building Freo’s future for our youth.

The next Fremantle Network event ill be on the first Tuesday in September.

Roel Loopers



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The 25 under 25 Art Award is on show at the Fremantle Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery in Henry Street, so go and have a look at some young non-pretentious art.

There is $ 2,000 worth of prize money up for grabs and a four week artist residency at the Fremantle Arts Centre. The winners will be announced this evening from 6.30 pm.

There is a very well done 3D piece Toilets by Elizabeth Bills, a realist painting of the New Edition bookshop by Megan Bouwer, while Lizzy Joyce takes the piss out of Coles with her Down Down Bilbys are Down 3D work of a bilby pushing a shopping trolley.

Open/Closed of grass growing out of bed sheets by Sophie Nixon is very tranquil, while cricketer Adam Gilchrist was painted in a huge colourful acrylic by Jaidip Singh.

And there is a very impressive oil painting on a metal lid by Lara Sawyer.

It is important to show support for young, fresh emerging artists, so go and say hello tonight!

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I have never seen the Esplanade Youth Plaza skate park totally empty. Even when it rains some of the braver or more desperate skaters turn up, but today was clearly too hot even for the most addicted to the sport.

I took this photo at around 11.30 am when it was just 38 degrees, so probably a lot hotter with the heat reflecting back from the concrete.

If the hot weather continues it could affect visitors’ numbers to the St Jerome Laneway Festival which is on this Sunday, so let’s hope it will cool down a bit especially for those who will set up the stages, etc.

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