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I am delighted to hear that Fremantle Prison is considering adding light and projection shows to their already very good and popular offerings.

Fremantle needs a few more tourist attractions to keep visitors in our city longer, and we have not much on during evenings but live music in pubs sometimes.

I am hoping that the Fremantle Volunteer Heritage Guides will also offer light and projections shows inside, and on the exterior of the Roundhouse, as stage two of the project to install new interpretive displays in WA’s oldest public building, so we can activate it at night.

In that context I also welcome the announcement by Premier Mark McGowan to protect Lotterywest and ban Lottoland from operating in our state. Lotterywest contributes so much to our community with grants for amazing projects, heritage conservation, etc. and we can’t really do without their funding.

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The hospitality grapevine in Fremantle is abuzz today with the yet unconfirmed rumours that Silverleaf Investments has bought the Newport Hotel on the Cappuccino Strip.

The Newport back entrance comes out onto Paddy Troy Lane and is adjacent to the Manning Building, which Silverleaf will be developing into a tavern, micro brewery, retail, etc., so it makes sense for the company to try to control that rundown part of town and improve it.

Sad news to hear that the Miss Chats bar in historic High Street has closed. It appeared to be doing well, so it’s a shame a small bar in the West End has disappeared.

But work has already started on the Republic of Fremantle tavern and gin distillery just up the road at Pakenham Street, so that will help activate the area during the evenings. It is due to open late this year.

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Anyone interested in history, especially maritime one, and the discovery of (Western) Australia should not mis the French Connection exhibition at the Fremantle Maritime Museum, that shows the adventures of Captains Baudin and Freycinet.

It is a well designed and very informative show with beautiful images and historic drawings and artefacts.

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Andrew-Twiggy Forrest’s Minderoo Group has purchased the historic Fremantle Orient Hotel in the West End of the port city.

This can be seen as a show of confidence in Freo’s future, so it will be interesting to see what they plan to do with the heritage listed building.

Will the backpackers stay or will the company develop the building into a boutique hotel?

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One thing is for sure about Fremantle’s Silverleaf Investments; they don’t dilly-dally.

Soon after receiving planning approval to develop the former Justice&Police complex in Henderson Street they have started on the exiting project.

Asbestos specialists and demolition workers of ANZENVIRO are doing the preparatory work and were busy this morning when I drove by.

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Manning Arcade


The Finance, Policy, Operations and Legislation Committee of Fremantle Council last night approved the application by Silverleaf Investments for the potential improvement of the public realm adjacent to the Manning Building in Market Street, but the item needs to be endorsed still by full council since there was no quorum as two members excused themselves due to a conflict of interest.

Silverleaf wants to put a new awning along the building but that requires that the city gives up the four 15-minute parking bays plus the loading bay, near the intersection with Bannister Street.

Council already granted permission for the developers to use the percentage for the arts money to re-install the veranda along William Street, when the development of the Manning Building, with a tavern and micro-brewery commences.

Councillors were reluctant to lose parking bays but also acknowledged that pedestrian safety has been an issue on busy days, especially on weekends.

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What a shame that the moron who sprayed the graffiti on the Fremantle Shipwrecks Gallery did not get run over by a nice heavy container train.

Mindless vandalism of buildings, especially historic ones, is a disgrace, so get a life, whoever you are, you fool!

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Wedding Wall


What a great job the stonemasons have been doing on the Fremantle ‘Wedding Wall’ in Cliff Street!

Notre Dame University decided to give the old heritage wall some tender loving care and re-open all the arches in the wall. I believe it looks fantastic already, but there is still some detailing to be done and a new coat of paint.

The ‘Wedding Wall’ got its name because it is one of the favourite backdrops in Freo for wedding parties. The open arches create new opportunities for wedding photographers.

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The mystery of how to remove the yellow art in Fremantle’s historic High Street appears to be a real science, for which one probably needs a university degree. More people arrived yesterday afternoon and were rubbing, pulling and scratching but the outcome was not promising.

One City of Fremantle officer said to a local cafe owner that she wished they had tested it before.

Fremantle Council increased the budget for the removal of the great and popular Felice Varini Arcs D’Ellipse artwork from just $ 15,000 to over $ 200,000 after it became apparent that the removal of the yellow foil would be an enormous headache, but some experts have indicated it could cost a lot more than that.

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A disturbing fact turned up in the minutes of the most recent WA Statutory Planning Committee, that dealt with the application for a tavern at J Shed on Bathers Beach.

It is recorded in the minutes and clear that former Fremantle Volunteer Heritage Guides president Cheryl Greaves misrepresented herself to the state government committee as a spokesperson for the Roundhouse volunteer guides organisation, when she was not authorised to do so.

7.3 Proposed Change of Use to Tavern and Additions to Existing Building at Lot 2051 Fleet Street, Fremantle (J-Shed) (Item 8.5) Presenter: Ms Cheryl Greaves – Fremantle Volunteer Heritage Guides Association Ms Greaves made a presentation to members on behalf of the Fremantle Volunteer Heritage Guides Association in support of the recommendation by the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage. Ms Greaves discussed the historic importance of the Arthur Heads Reserve and that it is a dedicated A Class reserve because of its heritage significance and that the nature and scale is not fit for the reserve and the application should be refused.

While the on-line minutes of the WASPC still have to be authorised at the next committee meeting I assume that they are correct.

Current Fremantle Volunteer Heritage Guides president Frank Duffy confirmed yesterday to me that Ms Greaves had asked for permission to speak on behalf of the volunteer organisation but that request had been refused.

Cheryl Greaves was a very controlling president of the Roundhouse volunteers group and a stickler for rules and regulations when she was in charge. Everything had to be done by the book, so it is astonishing that against the express directions of the present committee she decided to address the WASPC without the authority to do so.

No matter how passionate we all are about protecting Fremantle’s heritage and character, we can not walk around and claim to speak on behalf of an organisation and its members, when all we do is express a personal opinion. It is very bad form, unprofessional and not acceptable.


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