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Two more historic photos of Fremantle during the Covid-19 crisis.

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It looks like Fremantle Council will succeed after all getting a tenant for the hospitality triangle in the under construction Walyalup Civic Centre at Kings Square, with documents leaked to me over night showing that McDonald’s has put an application in for a take-away, McCafe and drive through. This is for the street level and first floor only and does not include level three.

While some might argue that McDonald’s is not classy enough for the location, it will no doubt attract a lot of people to Freo’s city square, so that would be a good thing.

The drive-through part of the application is something that worries me more though. Vehicles would enter from Queen Street into Newman Court and do a right turn behind the cafe, through a new drive-through space that would have to be created. The cars would then exit right through the High Street reserve section and turn left onto Queen Street going north.

This would mean vehicle traffic between McDonald’s and the planned new playground. It is also questionable if a Maccas so close to a playground is a good thing.

The previous application for a bar, restaurant and function centre did not receive support from Fremantle Council, because the proponent wanted three rent free years plus $ 500,000 for the fit out, and did not like the counter offer the City made.

The McDonald’s application will go before the next FPOL meeting of Fremantle Council, so stay tuned.

Roel Loopers


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Proper social distancing at Chalkys cafe

Closed cafes at the Cappuccino Strip

The Sail&Anchor

Fremantle Markets


I have always considered it part of my community duty as a professional photographer to record history. It is essential that we capture the good and bad of our times and our society, so especially now with the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic making our cities into ghost towns I want to capture what Fremantle looks like.

I will continue to do so, as long as I am allowed out on the streets, but will restrict it to two times a day only and not connect with people on the streets, but at a proper distance from them.

The WA Museum is looking for photos, stories, etc. that capture the coronavirus crisis in our cities. You can upload them here:

I took these photos where normally on Sunday mornings the cafes are full with people having breakfast, but the cafes, pubs and markets are closed.

In front of Chalkys cafe in the far West End of High street proper social distancing was adhered to by these cyclist.

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Here another example how some cafe operators are ignoring the coronavirus rules of social distancing, where they are not allowed to put tables, chairs and umbrellas out for take-ways customers to use.

The cafe at B Shed on Victoria Quay still has some alfresco furniture out, and there are other cafes who still do the same in Fremantle’s West End.

A friend who went into Perth yesterday said she had observed a busy cafe were people were gathering in the alfresco area at tables and chairs provided.

Rules need to apply to everyone, otherwise some cafes have the unfair advantage of showing they are still open, while others have been told to even remove a single umbrella.

Fair is fair and people really need to start getting it that we need to stay away from each other!

Roel Loopers



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All of us are aware that cafes are only allowed to sell take away coffee and food, but who made up the rules that they are not allowed to have an umbrella outside to show that they are still open?

On my way to my favourite cafe Chalkys in the far West End of Fremantle this morning I thought they had closed, because they did not have an umbrella open, as they had yesterday. However they told me Freo City staff had told them yesterday to take the umbrella down and they could have nothing outside.

Fair enough if that is the rule, but why then did I walk past three cafes in High Street where one had three umbrellas sticking out of small tables, another one had two small seats and a small table plus a pot plant, while over the road two large wooden tables and benches were outside a cafe, and one of the few cafes open at the Cappuccino Strip, the Dome also had umbrellas out.

I am not at all criticising the operators, because the rules might be ambiguous or have not been communicated well enough, but the rules need to be consistent and they need to be policed with consistency, otherwise we are creating unfair advantage for some.

And while at that, is the City of Fremantle providing rent relief for tenants of their buildings, e.g. Gino’s, Fremantle Markets, Arthur’s Head businesses, and do parking fees still apply in Freo?

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There appears to be confusion what cafes are allowed to do and what not, with some Fremantle cafes still providing outdoor seats and tables, while only serving take away coffee and food.

Hush had small seats out and Blink in High Street also, while the lovely staff at Chalkys were not even convinced they could put a table out for people to put their take-away cups on, in case patrons would gather there in groups.

Many cafes have closed though, so people who need their coffee hit in the morning will have to look around.

Places of worship were also forced to close because of the Covid-19 pandemic

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Today should have been a special day for Fremantle with the start of a new era, with the first 300 of the 1700 staff of the Department of Communities moving into their new offices at Kings Square. Unfortunately this will be overshadowed by the fact that all our cafes, restaurants, bars, taverns, nightclubs will be required to close from 1pm today because of the coronavirus. Only take away will be allowed from those premises.

While this is a necessary measure by the Federal Government the hardship on small and medium businesses and sole operators will be devastating, and I have grave fears that quite a few of them will have to close their doors for ever.

Wholesalers will end up with with all the food the hospitality operators have ordered but will now have to cancel, sole operators who supply cakes and muffins, etc. to cafes will no longer have that income, and it is likely that most of the causal staff will lose their jobs. I hear that was already announced in a staff meeting at Bread in Common yesterday.

I am very optimistic about the resilience of the human race, and I am certain we will get through this unprecedented worldwide crisis, but I am gutted for all my friends in the hospitality industry. I feel really down, deflated and so incredibly powerlessness, and all I can do is wish I’ll win Lotto so I can go around an hand out big wads of cash to my fellow Freo people and help them get through this period of hardship and heart break.

Everybody has to do their bit! It was mind blowing to seeĀ  a Fremantle dancefloor packed like sardines on Saturday night and people flocking to beaches and all ignoring the social distancing requirements. I observed some of that irresponsible behaviour at Bathers Beach venues on Sunday afternoon. Now new laws had to be introduced to stop that nonsense

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This is important for the Fremantle hospitality industry!

Latest from the PM this morning in a live media conference:

New rules today for cafes, restaurants, all enclosed spaces. On indoor non-essential gatherings, PM says the rule is one person per four square metres.

Maybe the City of Fremantle can be supportive here and offer cafes larger alfresco areas, without increasing the fees, so more people can enjoy a coffee and meal outside, instead of in the confined interiors of cafes.

Roel Loopers



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In these challenging times it is nice to get a break, so great news that the BREAKS cafe in High Street in Fremantle’s West End has re-opened after extensive interior and exterior renovations of the building.

BREAKS looks great with new lights, a beautiful mezzanine area at the back, and it would make a fantastic small bar as well, so who knows what the future might bring.

Roel Loopers


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I have a suggestion to make for all our governments, before they might enforce closure of cafes, because of coronavirus worries, which could kill many of those small businesses.

If you believe it is necessary, close the cafes, but allow them to sell takeaway coffee and food through some kind of hole in the wall system, by simply not allowing patrons to enter the cafe, or sit at alfresco tables and seats.

That should be a good and acceptable compromise. Not sure how you can do that with bars, taverns and restaurants though. Beer on the go?

The most important message and attitude we all must have is to not get morose and stop enjoying life, or we’ll end up with more depressions and anxiety sufferers that those affected by the nasty virus. Keep smiling!

Roel Loopers

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