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My traditional 7am Saturday coffee catch up with my good mate Henty was at B Shed in Fremantle Port this morning, and did I need two double Espressos badly after a sleepless night.

I love early mornings and the many stunning sunrises we get here in Fremantle, so took this photo toward C Shed, where unusually the Leeuwin II was at berth.

Only 37 passengers had booked the early Rottnest Express ferry trip to quokka island and that is no surprise with the wet and stormy forecast for the weekend.

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There is always so much talk about the activation of the Fremantle historic West End, but then projects are stalled or abandoned and that is a real shame.

The former cute Notre Dame University bookshop building on the corner of Henry Street and Marine Terrace is still vacant, and the considerations of making the boring back wall of the Santa Maria library in Henry Street into a heritage wall also have not eventuated, and neither has the planned activation node on Phillimore Street.

I hear from the hospitality industry that the former bookshop rent is far too high at $ 40,000 a year, indexed at 3-4%. An interested party told me they would have to invest around $ 200,000 for a commercial kitchen, etc. and that the figures simply don’t end up for them to open a cafe in the space that has a lovely courtyard in front of it.

The very good refurbishment of the Prindiville Hall in Mouat Street is positive, but it is a space for students rather than for the community

The Fremantle community and West End traders want more than talk and want to see action on activating the area.

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Freo Lomg Table


Early warning that the fantastic Fremantle Long Table Dinner in historic  High Street will be on again this year on November 29.

Tickets will be going on sale from September 3, so make a note of that so you won’t mis out.

Proceeds of the delightful evening go to the St Patrick’s community group, so it is not only a great night out, but all for a very worthwhile cause.

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A big well done to Fremantle’s Leighton Beach restaurant Bib&Tucker and East Fremantle’s May Street Larder for providing BRAILLE menus for blind and sight impaired people.

These little things give so much independence and respect to disabled people. I hope many other eateries will follow this great lead!

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Lone Star rib house


Although I never visited it it is disappointing to see that the Lone Star rib house in Fremantle’s Essex Street has closed its doors.

Many hospitality outlets, including some of high repute, have closed all over Perth recently, so times are clearly tough and not only for retail.

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I am delighted to see this sign stating that the former synagogue building on the corner of Parry Street and South Terrace is now under contract.

The site behind the building was going to be developed into short stay tourist accommodation but heritage issues arose and the owners left the partly developed site unattended for a long time now.

It will be great to see it used again. Hopefully soon!

By the way, City of Fremantle, what is happening with the Evan Davies building in the former KULCHA spot above the Dome cafe? Restaurant development there was approved by council months ago, but nothing appears to happen. What’s going on?

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Fremantle Council wants to let the Carriage Cafe on the Esplanade operate for another three years but on a month by month term.

The reason for the extension is that the City wants to delay the development of the Esplanade Hub by up to three years.

The Esplanade Hub was supposed to be developed between the Youth Plaza and ferris wheel and a new hospitality venue built there, and the Carriage Cafe would have had to be removed or demolished, but the City of Fremantle no longer has the money to realise these plans.

The item is on the FPOL committee agenda this coming Wednesday.

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Freo Now-BID


FREMANTLE BID-Business Improvement District, abandoned by the City of Fremantle to make way for Destination Marketing, has reinvented itself as FREO NOW, as I reported a few days ago.

FREO NOW will be reliant on Member contribution as it no longer received the differential rates the City of Fremantle charges CBD businesses.

BID members are offered a 50% discount. For just $ 2 per week, or $ 100 a year Freo Now will continue to support local traders, advocate the City on their behalf, organise events and training, etc. This offer is available to every business in Fremantle, not just those in the CBD and former BID area.

Former Fremantle Councillor Rob Fittock will be the interim volunteer CEO of the new Freo Now during this transition period, and he will provide support and help. He aims to visit all the traders, but if you need urgent support you can call Rob on 0431 562 887.

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Freo Now-BID


The Fremantle Business Improvement District-BID ceased to exist, but it will continue in a different form and with a different name- FREO NOW.

Fremantle Council decided to use the differential rate CBD traders pay as part of their funding for the new Fremantle Destination Marketing and that meant the end of BID in its present form and the financial support from the City of Fremantle.

I will try to have a meeting with BID chair Karl Bullers soon to find out what role Freo Now want to play in marketing and supporting the small retailers in Fremantle.

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The number of planning applications for new taverns and hotels in the Fremantle CBD has forced Fremantle Council into action to assure that the inner city will not become just an entertainment centre with lots of alcohol related outlets, but that an appropriate mix of use will be guaranteed.

POLICY: Development within the City Centre zone should contribute towards its function as an attractive urban centre offering a full range of functions and land uses that collectively serve both local and regional catchments.

Development involving Hotel and Tavern land uses should contribute to this objective by ensuring that the type and scale of the venue are suitable to their location and avoid concentration of alcohol related entertainment to the point that this undermines balanced mixing of land uses.

1. Specifically, Hotel and Tavern establishments of 400m2 licenced NLA or greater within the City Centre zone shall demonstrate how the proposal contributes to land use diversity through the provision of a mix of other compatible land uses on the site. This may be demonstrated by the inclusion in the same development application of floor area for other uses equal to or greater than the floor area proposed for tavern or hotel use, or evidence of how other existing uses on the same site can operate alongside the proposed use in a complimentary manner that contributes to diversity and activation in the city centre.

2. Council may, at its discretion, vary 1, above: a. For small sites with limited physical opportunity to provide land use diversity on site, where it is satisfied an appropriate land use mix and diversity is maintained in the immediate locality (namely the street block). b. In cases where a proposal involves reuse of a heritage listed building where: The building was designed and traditionally operated for the land use sought; or The 400m2 licenced NLA criteria is marginally exceeded in response to the existing building layout.

3. In assessing development applications involving the serving of alcohol, Council seeks to avoid duplications of the assessment of matters undertaken by the Director of Liquor Licencing or the Liquor Commission as part of the liquor licencing approval process under the Liquor Control Act 1989 (including hours of operation, patron capacity and public interest). 

There will be a public consultation period for this policy proposal.

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