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Big Top Littl Creatures 24 June

The great Fremantle LITTLE CREATURES tavern/restaurant/brewery is making a circus of it all this Saturday June 24 from midday till late.

There will be pop-up performances, workshops and roving carni creatures in Live in the Big Top.

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Welcome to HOPSCOTCH FREO, a brilliant idea for a Thursday night out on town by three Fremantle hospitality operators.

For only $ 38.00 per person one gets an entree at Bottega, a main at Auntie G and sweets and jazz at Benny’s. Plus two glasses of wine!

Bookings on 9433 1333.

Great to see businesses in Freo working together to attract business and come up with innovative ideas!

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The Fremantle Kings Square project is not the bad news some people want us to believe it will be.

Food related businesses will no doubt serve many meals to the many construction workers who will be on site, and the streets around the square won’t be blocked off, so access should not be a big issue.

Very good news also that the Queensgate carpark will remain open to the public, but run by contractors for Sirona Capital.

The City of Fremantle is also providing extra car bays in the CBD on the large vacant block next to the Point Street carpark and along Adelaide Street. It will be managed by the CoF as a public carpark until the SKS Group starts building the Hilton Doubletree hotel there.

All day parking at the Woolstores shopping centre is only $ 9.00, so take advantage of that and Point Street is also around that price.

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The request by Sunset Events to delay the commencement of their lease for Unit One of J Shed at Bathers Beach will have to be decided by the City of Fremantle full council in a few weeks.

The Officer’s Recommendation is for Council to reject the application, but there is also an alternative recommendation that some Councillors at the FPOL Committee felt would give the City ¬†more power and get Sunset Events to move faster, as they did not do anything for the last eight months, after the WAPC rejected the tavern application and live outdoor music venue on the A Class reserve.

I believe the alternative recommendation is far too generous and suggest to change it to following:

  • Commencement of the lease is January 1, 2018 and the agreed 25% of the rent is payable for six months.
  • The second year of the lease starts on July 1, 2018 where the rent is 50% of the $ 83,950 annual rent +GST.
  • Sunset Events needs to have all planning and liquor licensing approvals by September 30, 2018 otherwise the lease will be terminated.
  • If approvals granted start of building no later than January 31, 2019.
  • Personal directors’ guarantee that Sunset Events is in a sound financial position to pay for the building costs and rent.


I believe though that it is unlikely the WA Planning Commission will approve the tavern because it was deemed unsuitable use of the A Class reserve, and the new plans differ little from the previous one.

One way or the other, this can’t go on indefinitely and Sunset Events needs to get a kick in the bum to get started fast or move on.

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My sincere apologies to the Fremantle businesses and individuals who won an award at the Fremantle Business Awards 2017 for not having acknowledged your achievements on Freo’s View!

I have been trying to get a list of winners from the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce since Monday this week.

I emailed CEO Olwyn Williams on Monday and asked her again last night at Fremantle Council, but disappointingly I have not received any information from the FCOC to date.

Congratulations to all the winners and I am sorry I can’t mention you by name because that information is not available to me. ; >(

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It is nice to be a tourist in your own town sometimes, so when I wandered past Fremantle’s Little Creatures on Saturday morning I decided to take some photos of the very popular brewery restaurant .

My favourite part of Creatures is the Next Door bar on the first floor that overlooks the Fishing Boat Harbour, but it wasn’t open yet when I took these shots.

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The owners of a new cafe that will open in the new building on the corner of Pakenham and Bannister streets have applied for a parklet in Pakenham.

I honestly do not understand why anyone would want to open a new cafe in the Fremantle West End as there is an abundance of them and some don’t do too well, as the recent closure of The Banker cafe in High Street showed.

Nairn Street already has The Loft and the Stable Hand cafe and the latter is often near empty when I walk by. Pakenham has four hospitality outlets, plus the Chats cafe/bar on the corner of High Street.

There are already three parklets in Pakenham Street, a lovely one at Bread in Common, one at the Fremantle Hostel and one at the Natural Light cafe and most of them are rarely used. That is also the case at Lapas next to the National Hotel where the alfresco parklet is mostly vacant.

The owner of the tiny Ghetto Blaster cafe in Pakenham Street told me a few months ago he would also apply for a parklet.

I absolutely get and see the attraction of parklets, but the problem is that they are not used often enough by patrons to install more.

Parklets mean fewer parking bays and less parking revenue for the City of Fremantle, so a compromise has to be found that works better.

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There appears to be a bit more to the small bar protest story in Fremantle’s High Street than the initial newspaper report this morning revealed.

This is not just the case of a psychiatrist wanting to protect his patients who have drug, alcohol and suicide issues, but much more about protecting his own patch. It’s classic not in my backyard stuff.

It turns out the good doctor actually lives at the premises and works from home next to the proposed bar and he clearly does not want his evening peace disturbed.

The bar proponents tell me it will just be a tiny 50-patron bar in the cellar with table service and no outdoor area.

Living in the inner city means one has to compromise and realise there will be bars and pubs and entertainment, and a tiny bar operated by responsible operators won’t create anti-social havoc in the West End that is in dire need of ¬†night-time activation.

To put a mental health clinic in an entertainment area is puzzling.

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I find it rather strange to read on Perth Now/Sunday Times on-line that a Fremantle psychiatric clinic operator objects to a new small bar proposal at 10 High Street in the historic West End.

Psychiatrist Dr Keven O’Daly told Perth Now it would be totally inappropriate to have a bar next to his premises where they deal with drug, alcohol and suicide issues.

The proposed bar would be a sister bar to the great Strange Company bar in Nairn Street that is very popular and last Monday even introduced a book club. The new bar would operate from 4.30 pm to midnight, so mostly when the clinic next door would be closed for business.

It is rather bizarre that Dr O’Daly opened his clinic in High Street where there are already licensed premises when that is a concern for his clients. The temptation to grab a drink would be a lot less outside the cbd one would think.

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The liquidation of the Han’s Cafe management company is likely to have an implication for Fremantle as the company only recently signed a lease for a new Han’s Cafe in the Fishing Boat Harbour. I assume that will now not go ahead.

The Fishing Boat Harbour is very popular with tourists, suburban visitors and Freo locals and the new Piazza will make it even more attractive, and the Char Char Bull restaurant will have a bigger outdoor deck.

Cicerello’s, Joe’s Fishshack, Kailis, Little Creatures and at Bathers Beach Sweetlips and the Bathers Beach House are all doing good business, so an Asian restaurant such as Han’s would have been a good addition and add to the diversity.

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