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The State Government, through Lotterywest, has provided a $50,000 grant to the Lucy Saw Centre.

This grant will help its centres, based in Rockingham and Fremantle, to support women and children experiencing domestic and family violence.

Established in 1977, the Lucy Saw Centre offers tailored wraparound services to more than 800 women and children in need each year.

The organisation which operates two refuges, a Safe at Home Program and a Coordinated Response Service is one of the latest grant recipients to receive funding from Lotterywest’s COVID-19 Relief Fund.

The State Government, through Lotterywest, has committed $159 million into a COVID-19 Relief Fund to respond to the hardship being experienced by the Western Australian community as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lotterywest’s COVID-19 Relief Fund is helping to meet costs related to increased demand for crisis relief services impacted by COVID-19.

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It is rather surprising that the WA State Government has lifted the restrictions on alcohol sales after just a short period of only allowing people to only buy three bottles of wine plus a bottle of spirits per day, or a carton of beer and a bottle of spirits, etc.

The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education-FARE– reports that the consumption of alcohol in households has increased by 70% during the Covid-19 socialising restrictions, and media reports claim that the sale of alcohol from bottleshops has also gone through the roof.

The restriction the WA State Government put up were to prevent an increase in domestic violence and long-term health damage from excessive use of alcohol, so why that suddenly no longer applies is anyone’s guess.

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I am surprised to read that the Australian Hotel Association is outraged about the booze buying restrictions the WA Government has introduced, but I also question the effectiveness of the restrictions.

People who want alcohol will still be able to buy it, and in more than sufficient quantities that should last a few days, and can then go back and buy alcohol again the next day, or whenever wanted, so none of the alcohol outlets will suffer from a lack of sales.

People could also go to different bottleshops on the same day and stock up, so that makes me wonder how effective the restrictions will be.

What also worries me is that by restricting the sale of alcohol the government creates a situation where people might leave their home more often to restock, when social distancing and staying at home is so important to try to beat the coronavirus spread.

But I do know the harm alcohol can do, and bored people sitting at home, starting to drink earlier than normal, and the risk of domestic violence in homes.

The world has never had to deal with a crisis as big as Covid-19 and governments try to do their very best, make policy on the run, and react. That is not perfect but it requires leadership to make unpopular decisions.

The McGowan government in WA is doing a good job in my humble opinion, so let’s stop whinging about only being able to buy a carton of beer and a bottle of spirits per day, when hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs, and many more will follow, and when many businesses will go bankrupt and never open again. Having a drink really is not a priority!

Stay well, Freo!

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With the start of a new year there is a time for reflection, and also a time for hope, wishes and New Year resolutions, but I believe it is also a time to be realistic and stop all the nonsense that somehow Australia is the best country on earth.

I love living in Australia, but I have lived in other really good countries and traveled to many more that were also great, and I only have to think about New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinta Ardern to realise that one of the things missing in Australia is good leadership and a good PM.

We cannot claim to be the best country in the world when we have one of the highest rates of domestic violence, when racism is still happening daily, and when Australia is still sending refugees to overseas detention centres.

We are not the best country in the world when we have tens of thousands of homeless people and when we still have Aboriginal people living in third world conditions.

We have to do much better also at caring for the elderly and for the environment, so let us not be complacent because of national pride, and fool ourselves that we are living in a perfect country, when there is a lot of improvement needed still on many levels.

I love living in Fremantle because of the very good community we have, but even our small city is far from perfect and needs improvement, and that has already started.

All I read on social and in the mass media is anger, division, people attacking others, and engaging in political point-scoring.

But there is a huge lack of real leadership both in government and the private sectors, when as a community we should work together, collaborate, create bridges of tolerance and acceptance, and reach out to those who need our support, and also reach out to those who are different and have a different opinion.

We all have to share this beautiful country and this amazing planet, and we all have to work together to preserve what we have and try to improve it for the generations after us.

Have a great New Year. Hug more and argue less. Love and smiles can conquer everything!

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I don’t like Christmas very much because I dislike the hype of frantic shopping, buying too much food, giving often useless presents, and drinking far too much alcohol, as if there is no tomorrow, or a New Year’s party coming up.

What I want from Christmas is for it to be a time of reflection, to see what we can learn from the past year, and how we as individuals can help improve the community we live in.

All I want for Christmas is real leadership from our politicians, and not the childish point- scoring bulling and hypocrisy we are getting from Canberra.

I want for Christmas respectful dialogue about the differences we have in Fremantle, and in WA and Australia, and stop the name-calling, innuendo and conspiracy.

I hope that one day soon people will return to being in the moment with the people they are with, instead of engaging on the internet with those far away, who are probably also in the company of others, who, like me, would enjoy the face to face communication and connection.

For Fremantle I want substantial State and Federal Government investment and the stop to the attitude that Freo is a safe Labor seat, and hence does not require support from Labor and does not warrant support from the Liberals.

What I want for Christmas is much harsher punishment for child abuse and domestic violence because the victims deserve much better protection.

I have given up on wanting peace on earth, because that is not going to happen until the human species is wiped out. We are too stupid to learn from the past and there are still those in power who believe that violence is a solution to the problems in the world.

What I want for Christmas is more communities like Fremantle, where we don’t take ourselves too serious, and where we care and share, and where we habitually blame everything that goes wrong on our local council.

What I want for Christmas is more temporary public artworks, like the yellow Felice Varini one, in Freo, but less problems when removing them.

And what Loopy wants for Christmas is just good health, and that the new interpretive historic displays at the Roundhouse will become a reality next year.

Have a very Happy Christmas everyone and look after those who are vulnerable at this time of the year!

.. and PLEASE, Santa, make Donald Trump disappear!

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The 16 days VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN campaign held a breakfast on the lawn of the WA Shipwrecks Museum in Fremantle this morning.

It is very disturbing to hear that domestic violence in Australia has been increasing over the last years, and that is not acceptable!

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Early notice that it is White Ribbon Day on Friday and that there will be a floral installation in Fremantle’s Henderson Street between the Sail&Anchor and Fremantle Markets from 9am to 1pm.

Domestic violence, mainly against women, is an abhorrent crime that has been increasing in Australia, and that needs to be stopped!

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The Fremantle Network at the National Hotel last night debated the unacceptable high instances of sexual attacks on women in clubs, pubs and during music events.

Rebecca Snedden and Will MacDonald of Safer Venues WA spoke about the need to raise awareness, collaborate with venues, the alarming statistics of prevalence of harassment on women, and what kind of harassment it is and what causes it.

Safer Venues WA did an online survey in which 80% of female participants reported harassment, unsolicited sexual comments, verbal harassment, non consensual touching, and intimidation by men in venues in Perth and Fremantle.

Of the women who participated in the survey 42% had left a venue because of harassment, but most of them had not reported it to the venue management.

Steps are being taken to address this in venues with better staff and security staff training, signage in venues, that victims coming forward will be believed, better gender balance of security people, musicians calling out from stage to respect women, etc.

It is also important for other people to call out unacceptable behaviour. It just takes one to step between a woman who is harassed and the perpetrator and to take her away from him.

Community lawyer Kate Davis said that only 15% of sexual attacks are reported to police and from that only 10% make it to court. Australia has an incredibly low rate of convictions for sexual assault, to the point that it has become a concern for the United Nations.

Often women who have complained about sexual assault are character assassinated in court and hence most don’t bother to report the crime because of the humiliation they face.

Western Australia has the highest rate of domestic violence in Australia and it has been growing alarmingly I read a couple of weeks ago, which is a clear indication that far too many men do not respect women and don’t treat them as equals. That is not on.

Here my message to men who don’t know how to behave toward women:

It is not manly, macho or blokey to assault women physically or verbally. It’s what cowards do, and it is a criminal offence!

Women don’t ask for it because they are dressed sexy, and you have no reason whatsoever to believe that they dress up for you to touch them, attack them, or insult them.

When you buy a women a drink you don’t buy the right to her body.

To make absolutely sure there are no confusing messages, let the woman take the initiative. If she wants to get to know you better and more intimately she will let you know in no uncertain terms. But even when she kisses and cuddles you she might still not want to have sex with you, so chill, relax and treat her with respect!

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The State Government is correct to finally start focusing on family and domestic violence says Fremantle MLA Simone McGurk, but it will fail if it doesn’t follow words with action. WA Labor’s Shadow Community Services, Women’s and Children’s Interests  says more resources are needed if the government is really serious about tackling the problem.

Western Australia currently faced unacceptable levels of family violence but under the current Liberal Government existing services already struggled to cope, McGurk said. Without ensuring there are additional resources for shelters, specialist services and education, the government’s strategy is unlikely to reduce family violence.

WA Labor welcomes the government’s adoption of the Labor’s 2013 election policy, which proposed the use of electronic monitoring of violence restraining order (VRO) respondents.

Simone McGurk’s response comes after an article in today’s West Australian by Helen Morton, the WA Minister for Child Protection. Morton wrote that a staggering 40,000 calls about domestic violence were made in WA last year and that in 65 per cent of the cases children were the victims of domestic violence or witnessed it.

Disturbingly the biggest night of the year for domestic violence in Western Australia is on AFL grand final day according to Minister Morton, so maybe the AFL should invest in an advertising campaign against domestic violence during footy TV telecast.

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