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There are parklets and then there are parklets, like the new one at the Strange Company bar in Fremantle’s Nairn Street.

This is not a parklet but a piece of public art that enhances the quite drab street, but is it very functional? I’ll go and see how it is used on the weekend.

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The tiny French wine bar Whisper in Fremantle Essex Street is very Freo. It’s only small but well worth a visit if you like French wine and food. Baguette flown in from Paris, duck terrine, etc. Magnifique!

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Is this really the right location for a new bar in Fremantle? The awkward roundabout-like intersection of Phillimore, Cliff and Fleet streets is very difficult for pedestrians, especially the thousands of overseas visitors, to negotiate and I weekly witness cars driving against one way arrows in the wrong direction.

I use the intersection daily as a motorist and as a pedestrian so I am talking long-time experience and observation here!

The PTA considers the application for a small, 75 patrons, bar inappropriate for the old weighbridge station as it is only 30 metres away from the container freight line to Fremantle Port.

The plan for a bar was conditionally approved last year with a 15-year lease for the 1897 weighbridge location.

The intersection is also earmarked for a drastic upgrade as part of the Victoria Quay development plans, so would these plans be in jeopardy if a 15-year lease is granted by the City of Fremantle?

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The MONK Brewery on the Cappuccino Strip is applying for a change in license from restaurant to tavern, and I wonder if Fremantle Council will use their alcohol policy to reject the proposal or allow yet another venue in central Fremantle which main target is to sell as much alcohol as possible. Contrary to a restaurant license a tavern license does not require patrons to eat a meal while having a drink.

South Terrace already has the Norfolk, Sail&Anchor and Newport hotels, plus Benny’s Bar, two nightclubs and other licensed premises. Just down the road is the National Hotel and around the corner are the Strange Company and Whisper bars plus the Holy Smoke small bar in Collie Street, and also the Esplanade Hotel with two bars.

The negative anti-social impact of alcohol on society is without debate, and while no one should be a wowser about drinking, I believe the City of Fremantle does have a responsibility to look after the general public, even on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

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Get ready for an exciting new bar with great views in East Fremantle, just a stone’s throw from the Fremantle CBD.

In July the Sweetwater Rooftop Bar will open on the sixth floor of the new Richmond Quarters at Canning Highway, near the East Fremantle Townhall.

There will also be a small restaurant, so it will be a great addition to the Freo bar scene.

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Congratulations to the operators and architect of Fremantle’s newest small bar STRANGE COMPANY in Nairn Street, which received an excellent review by the West Australian food writer Rob Broadfield today.

Broadfield writes “We’ve fallen in love with Strange Company.” and that the bar is more Potts Point(Sydney) than Port City.

The restaurant reviewer starts of with lauding the interior design by well-known Freo architect Michael Patroni and writes “It is one of the most welcoming hospitality places around. It makes you feel good just walking in the door.” I could not agree more! It is such a homely environment to be in that I might have to start drinking more in the future, just so that I can enjoy the ambience.

Rob Broadfield raves about the ox cheek roll for only $ 14.00 and writes that the salty spice dust on the superb ‘Strange Fries’ was so good that it is addictive.

I highly recommend Strange Company but must disclose they assigned me to do the interior photography for them before the bar opened.

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The owners of the brand spanking new STRANGE COMPANY small bar assigned me to do photography for them, so I thought to do some value adding for them and promote the stunning new venue here on Freo’s View.

The place has such a homely atmosphere that I’ll probably have to become a regular there. The wooden panels and bamboo create such a cosy ambience that makes one fall in love with the bar in Nairn Street, just behind Gino’s, immediately.

The bar was designed by Freo architect Michael Patroni, who also designed the beautiful Bread in Common, just around the corner from the new bar.

They had a special evening for friends and contractors and the food looked yummy, especially the prawn sliders.

Strange Company opens tomorrow, Friday the 14th, and will be open from 2 pm till midnight daily.

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