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As a photographer I have always been interested in drones and if I had had the money for it would have invested in buying one. I can see good use for them for commercial photographers, but also great fun for amateur shooters as it open up new perspectives. We have already seen some magic short videos of Fremantle shot with drones.

My Beacy friend Leanne has started the DRONES2 drone business just down the road from Fremantle in Myaree, so if you are interested in that new technology go and have a chat with her or check them out on and on Facebook.

Did you know that Dubai will soon introduce self-flying drone taxis at the airport there for people who weigh less than 100 kilos? 

With the increased use of drones in our community the team at Drones2 seeks to influence safe and responsible use of drones as they can be a danger to aircraft.

We can enjoy this technology but need to do so with respect for the community around us. Local government rules are being introduced about the use of drones so check out what you are allowed to do around Freo, as privacy concerns are real and need to be addressed

Drones2 is a small business with aviation expertise, drone building experience and a passion for drone technology. They not only sell and repair drones, but understand the technology and the limitations, and how to safely and legally use them.

Drones2 believe anyone who buys a drone should understand the technology behind them and they offer important basic training to anyone who buys a drone from them. 

Drones2 also has small drones for children, light weight and safe to operate in your back garden, and for those who really want to get into the basics of flight technology they also provide a “build your own” with instructions and back up support.

Drones2 is at Unit 1/56 McCoy Street in Myaree, near North Lake Road.




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ROUNDHOUSE FREMANTLE has now got a Facebook page, so support the Fremantle Volunteer Heritage Guides and become a friend. Post comments, old photos, memories, etc. and make it an active and fun page to visit and engage with!

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