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A development application has been submitted to the City of Fremantle by Australian energy renewal company EPURON to build a solar farm on the former South Fremantle landfill site.

The proposed solar farm will cover approximately 8 hectares of the 19.4 hectare landfill site on Cockburn Road and produce up to 4.9 megawatts of power.

The CoF has been looking at what to do with the site since 1985 but because it is a contaminated site it is very limited what can be done there.

Previous interest to build a solar farm on the site were abandoned after the companies did their financial due diligence. If Fremantle Council approves the application it will be the first urban solar farm of this scale in Australia.

The former landfill site is owned by the City of Fremantle and will be leased to Epuron to develop the project.

Epuron has been developing large scale wind energy projects since 2003 and solar photovoltaic facilities since 2010, including a 3.1 MW project in Alice Springs and a 2 MW project at Yulara in the Northern Territory.

The development application is open for public comment until 30 March 2018 and a community information session will be held at the Fremantle Town Hall on 1 March 2018, starting at 6pm.

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Fremantle based Carnegy Wave Energy has acquired 100% of the Australian Energy Made Clean solar company, adding 65% of the shares to the 35% they already had.

AEMC are specialists in the design, construction and operation of microgrids and large-scale commercial solar projects and storage systems.

Carnegie managing director Michael Ottaviano said that “The potential for the global microgrid market is estimated at US$40 billion by 2020. This acquisition unlocks Carnegie’s ability to deliver a unique, in-house capability to capitalize on a rapidly growing segment of the renewable energy market globally.

“Microgrids are increasingly a major part of the renewable energy market as they can deliver cost competitive, clean power and energy security.”




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That’s a lot of solar panels on South Terrace in Fremantle. Good on them!

I hope though that one day solar panels will look more like roof tiles as those big panels don’t look great on low buildings.

Installing solar has become much cheaper and new technology now also allows for storage of excess power, so bring it on.

Rain water storage should become compulsory for new houses as it is such a waste to see all that rain run straight back into the ocean.

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The Federal Government’s green energy arm ARENA will be funding $1 million into a micro-grid project in White Gum Valley.

The solar battery technology will allow the apartments on the former Kim Beazley school site to store and trade power. This is the first trial in the world of the micro-grid technology. 

The Landcorp solar energy project that will cost a total of $3 million will have solar panels and batteries installed at four apartment buildings on the WGV development site at Stevens Street.

Strata companies who manage the apartment can sell the electricity to tenants, so they don’t have to buy their power from SynergyIt is estimated that the strata companies would be able to sell electricity to tenants and home owners cheaper, or at the same price as Synergy does, while the owners and occupiers of the apartments will be allowed to sell power to other apartments if they don’t use all the power generated.

The development has received criticism from the White Gum Valley community because nearly 100 trees were killed to make way for the development. Solar energy does not like large trees around buildings as they impact on how much sun light the solar panels receive.


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The future of Fremantle’s proposed solar power station on the former tip site is in doubt with approved tender FIRST SOLAR withdrawing from the project because of the power generation market and concerns about the limited site capacity.

The due diligence process was always going to be interesting as the heavily contaminated site would require costly intense soil removal and cleaning. As the contract photographer for the Midland Redevelopment Authority for 11 years I personally witnessed the huge and very time-consuming clean up of the former railway workshops area there, and one has to question if it is financially viable for a relatively small solar plant to invest that much money into the Fremantle project.

Sydney-based EPURON, who were the runner up during the tender process, will now do their due diligence and see if a smaller than the originally proposed 10 MW plant is viable. Time will tell.

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