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J Shed

J Shed 2


Two arty photos I took this morning in Fremantle. The top one is new art by J Shed sculptor Greg James in front of the door to stone artist Jina Lee‘s studio there.

The bottom photo is of footprints in the Whalers Tunnel.

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Fremantle artist Nellie Crawford will have her 13th exhibition at the Yallingup Galleries from April 20, so if you are going down south over Easter make sure to pop in to view her beautiful still life paintings.

Also exhibiting are Douglas Kirsop and Larry Mitchell.

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yellow 1


There appears to be a peace agreement in the Fremantle yellow art war with former Mayor Peter Tagliaferri agreeing that the City of Fremantle remove the yellow foil and repair and repaint his building on the corner of Cliff and High streets.

I am not sure if Tagliaferri has withdrawn his $ 50,000 writ against the City but that seems logic.

The removal of the fantastic and highly popular Felice Varini Arcs D’Ellipse, which was installed for the 2017 Fremantle Festival, proved far more difficult than anticipated and forced Fremantle Council to increase the removal/repaint budget from $ 15,000 to $ 220,000, but I have been told the final cost will be much less than that.

The repainted buildings along High Street look better than they have in 20 years and the workers are now painting the entire facade of the building that houses the Roma restaurant and Blink cafe.

The City will also install four large planter boxes along High Street from Cliff Street to Chalkys cafe to hide the unattractive Notre Dame University carpark there. As a quirky reminder of the great Varini artwork and controversy removing it the boxes will have a yellow stripe on them. Great idea!

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Fremantle welcomes the delegate for the Australian Tourism Exchange 2019. We hope you love your time in our gorgeous city!

Around 1,500 Australian seller delegates from approximately 550 companies, 650 key buyer delegates from over 30 countries, and 70 international and Australian media attend this global event.

Organised by Tourism Australia in partnership with Tourism Western Australia, ATE19 will take place at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre from 8 to 12 April.

The Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE) is Australia’s largest annual travel and tourism business-to-business event.

The event brings together Australian tourism businesses, and tourism wholesalers and retailers from around the world through a combination of scheduled business appointments and networking events. It also provides international travel buyers with the opportunity to experience Australia’s tourism offering first-hand through pre and post-event familiarisations.

Have fun!

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high 5


I was a wee bit skeptical about the claims by Fremantle Society president John Dowson that the City of Fremantle did not want to take back to its original tuck pointing the building on the corner of High and Cliff streets that is at the centre point of the yellow art removal controversy, and Dowson’s assertion that tuck pointing the building would cost about the same as repainting the entire facade.

City of Fremantle Director of Infrastructure and Project Delivery Graham Tattersall says that many buildings in High Street have condition problems; for some, the multiple coats of paint over the years have taken its toll and in some instances this has also damaged the sub-strata.

Director Tattersall told me that in reality the cost of repairing and returning the building to its original tuck pointed style would be considerably more costly than that of the planned works related to the foil removal.

Tattersall said “The City is wholly supportive of owners electing to take this opportunity to contribute for further works to restore or further improve their buildings (where requested, we agree to contribute the value of the yellow foil works towards the cost of an owners revised scope) and would not decline requests of this nature.”

“A number of property owners have taken the opportunity to engage the City’s contractor to carry out additional work on their properties at their own expense, which has greatly improved the appearance of the street, but as these are privately owned buildings it’s up to the property owner to make that choice.”

I think it is important to clarify this and also point out that building owner, former Freo Mayor Peter Tagliaferri, has taken out a writ against the City for $ 50,000 and that this legal action is continuing.

I have been watching how very time-consuming it has been to remove the paint of the brick building in Pakenham Street that will became the home of the Fremantle Republic gin distillery and micro brewery, and hence wondered if the claims by the Fremantle Society that the cost of tuck pointing and painting were similar could be correct. The Freo City director says they are not.

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high 5


Fremantle is an intriguing place with a fascinating community. Many of us mainly see the beauty and the special unique character of our city, but when one reads Freo Massive one could believe we live in a war zone where everything is wrong, especially ‘those bloody hopeless Councillors and administration of the City of Fremantle’.

With that in mind, I was stunned to see the painting contractors for the City removing the yellow foil on the High Street building owned by former Mayor Peter Tagliaferri, since he has issued a writ against the City of Fremantle, and that legal battle is still ongoing.

The City tells me “The City in still in legal action with the property owner, however he has agreed to allow the City to undertake the removal work.” That  sounds to me as if the owner is having a bob each way.

It will always remain hypothetical if Tagliaferri would also have taken legal action if his preferred Mayoral candidate Ra Stewart had won the last election, but for now he alleges that the City allowed the yellow Felice Varini Arcs D’Ellipse  artwork to be applied to his building without his approval. The court will in due course rule on that and we’ll all know more.

Freo, great one day, a total bloody mess the next one, hey! 😩 😍 😆

High Street is looking better than ever though, and there are still quite a few buildings where the yellow foil needs to be removed before it becomes a total picture paradise.

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art 8


There has been an arty graffiti blitz on Fremantle’s Westgate Mall, after Many 2.0 closed its doors o make way for the Little Lane residential and retail development.

Some of the mural art is quite good and cute while other bits left me rather indifferent, but that is simply personal taste.

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The eclectic and cluttered upstairs gallery at sculptor Greg James’ studio in J Shed at Fremantle’s Bathers Beach is always worth a visit, but even more so now with the Peaceful Moments exhibitions.

There are only five large photos by Amerigo Carello and they alone should be seen by anyone interested in outstanding landscape photography. The three landscapes where the rising sun creates dappled light in the undulated scenery are exquisitely painterly. They are sublime and should be bought for a corporate collection or boardroom! There are also two images of Fremantle. One of the Maritime Museum just before sunrise and a night shot of historic High Street.

There are also very creative collages by Ivan Zuvela, sweet beach landscape paintings by David Moran and of course a variety of smaller sculptures from the Greg James stable by him Lesley Barrett and others.

J Shed is an enigma. It frustrates Fremantle Council because in its desperation of activating the area it appears to overlook the significance of it as a venue where great art has been created for more than twenty years.

On Saturday Arthur’s Head looked like an ant hill with hundreds and hundreds of people, including passengers from the Sea Princess, climbing the stairs to the Roundhouse. The West End of Freo was buzzing.

The Bathers Beach Art Precinct is on the radar of our Councillors and City officers and it is likely it will be an agenda item for the Ordinary Council meeting in April. Will they come up with new creative solutions, such as a sculpture park on the A Class Reserve at J Shed, or change tune totally and abandon the arts precinct idea? It is anyone’s guess at present.

Go and have a look at the J Shed show. You won’t regret it!

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The lovely Moore&Moore cafe in Fremantle’s Henry Street has got a new hole in the wall window to serve take-away coffee from.

Inside the nook, to the right of the entrance, famous mural artist Stormy Mills has created a small artwork, and there is still a blank space next to it so we might see another one of his creations in the M&M. Once the second space has also been filled I’ll take a photo and show you what it looks like.

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The Portside Traders Market in Fremantle was very popular this morning, and it is still going till 4pm today, so plenty of time to head out to Victoria Quay.

It is best not to try to park too close by though because traffic flow along Cliff and Phillimore streets and parking are an issue.

The plant sale at B Shed was very popular and so were the many food stalls, art&craft, vintage motorbikes and fashion.

Enjoy it!!

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