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Luminous 1

Luminous 2

Luminous 3


They were testing the LUMINOUS project of Sculpture at Bathers last night that lights up the dune path, so I went and took some photos.

It will be running from tonight on for the next two weeks, so go and have a wander.

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I had another very busy day, so more photos to come tomorrow, also of the Luminous project of Sculpture at Bathers, that lights up the dune path at Bathers Beach.

My last post of the day before I collapse. ;>)

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Sign is for others


The signs at the Sculpture at Bathers art show, that ask people not to touch and climb on the artwork are not meant for someone else, but for everyone, including YOU!

I cropped this photo so that the faces are not recognisable, as I do not want to embarrass the mother, but the sign was just a metre away and totally ignored, because it is so cute to have kids on artworks.

A few years ago a volunteer at the beach show was told by a “clever father” that his child was too young to read, and hence she was climbing on the art. Yep.

It’s all about respect. Artists work bloody hard and spend a lot of money creating beautiful artworks and an exhibition is not a playground.

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It is really good to see how much more Fremantle Ports has been getting involved with Fremantle events and the community and sponsoring our local art festivals.

Volunteers from Fremantle Ports were up and about early this Sunday morning to fill sandbags at Bathers Beach for the Seawall Bunker artwork that is part of Sculpture at Bathers.

The work by artist Bruce Abbott, who is well known as the owner of Replants in Wray Avenue, is a response to flooding. The threat of climate change and sea level rise are both real and imagined.

And a big shout out to the two very tired looking, but very friendly security guards, who were on nightshift from 7pm last night till 9am this morning. Thanks, gentlemen!

Roel Loopers

PS. I am trying to beat the West Australian as who can come up with the silliest headlines, so the above is a mix of port and art, hence part. ; >(




Sunday 1 (1)


It is going to be a gorgeous day in the best port city in the world, so make sure to take advantage of all that is on offer today.

Of course start the day at the Freo Farmers Market at Fremantle College, which is open till midday.

Then off to Bathers Beach for the Sculpture at Bathers exhibition, and from there to the Fremantle Arts Centre for the free courtyard music session from2-4pm. Gordon Koang is one of South Sudan’s biggest popstars, so bring your dancing shoes!

Then head of to the port where at Victoria Quay there are Foodtrucks in B Shed with DJs and a great ambience. And at the Maritime Museum the free concert is on from 5pm with Lorraine Cliiford, The Lost Quays and Dan Howls.

Have fun. I’ll see you around. ; >)


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Some impressions of the ‘artists opening’ of Sculpture at Bathers  on Friday evening and the nice community feeling at Fremantle’s lovely inner city beach.

It is so good to see the beach used more often and see people swimming and sun baking and coming to watch the sunset.

It was a shame that the lights installed to creatively light up the dune path were not working and will only be operational from Monday on.

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Fremantle’s SCULPTURE AT BATHERS starts this evening with the official opening at Bathers Beach. There are some stunning works and I recommend people go and see it twice, at least once around sunset. There is plenty for children to like about the show as well, so make it a family trip!

The coastal path from Kidogo Arthouse to the Whalers Tunnel will all be lit up and so will be sections of the beach, but the $ 25,000 the City of Fremantle is reportedly spending on it might have been better spent on a light tower at the northern end of the beach near J Shed and light up the entire beach, because there are a lot of fences at Arthur’s Head to protect passers by from rockfall.

There is a rather quirky story with police involvement, etc. about someone trying to do creative lighting during the sculpture festival, but those involved are really nice people, so I won’t go there to protect their identity. It is very Freo and funny though, so you’ll all have to wait till I write my book in 2050. ; >)

I suggested to CoF a few months ago to spend money on creative hoardings on the fences and get rid of the ugliness while informing visitors about the history of the precinct, but that has not eventuated unfortunately.

I hope someone at the City had the foresight to instruct Wilson Security to keep the Whalers Tunnel open longer than 7pm during the great sculpture show.

UPDATE: I have just been informed by the SaB that the tunnel will remain open till 10pm during the exhibition. Great news!

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Paint the Port


Paint the Port on March 14 is a great event for everyone who likes to take photos, and the colour does not matter. You can paint the port red, yellow, blue or green, or all of the above, as long as you come up with a creative image.

Think about different locations and angles for your photos, take them very early in the morning, late in the afternoon, or at night, and make sure to investigate angles at Roushead and the North Mole for different perspectives of our working port. The sunrise shots taken from the South Mole can also be fantastic.

There is also an art competition, so start painting, make collages, drawings, etc.

You can enter your photos and artworks well before March 14, but also on the day, as there are different prizes.

Check out all the details:

And the good news is that I’ll be judging the photo comp, so absolutely everyone I know will win a prize, and that is half of Freo. ; >) Only joking. May the best woman/man/boy/girl win! Good luck. Dare to be different!

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More photos of the good SCULPTURE AT BATHERS at Fremantle’s Bathers Beach, which showcases Western Australian artists.

It officially opens tomorrow night, but if you can’t wait, go for a stroll or swim and check it out.

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The iconic and very impressive colourful Rainbow artwork, that is an entry statement to Fremantle at Canning Hiwghway, will receive a much needed facelift

Commissioned by the City of Fremantle and installed overlooking the Swan River and Fremantle Port in 2016, Rainbow by Perth artist Marcus Canning, has been bleached by the strong WA sunlight and needs a decent paint job to bring it back to its former glory.

Rainwater has also seeped into some of the containers, which started to rust, so that will also be taken care of.

Rainbow attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world who take selfies underneath it and is the perfect public art work for our port city.

Made up of nine brightly coloured recycled shipping containers, Rainbow is nine metres high, 19 metres long and weighs around 66 tonnes.

The Containbow, as it is also known, is going to be the end point for the massive Highway to Hell event that’s closing the Perth Festival in March. The event will run all the way from Appplecross to Fremantle along Canning Highway

The show will start at 5pm on 1 March 2020 at Canning Bridge and roll through special activity zones at Tompkins Park and the Leopold Hotel before arriving at the Rainbow in Fremantle at 8:30pm.

For more information visit the Highway to Hell page on the Perth Festival website.

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