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BRILLIANT art show. Oct 19


The Fremantle Arts Assemblage is holding another exhibition at the Fremantle Moores Gallery in Henry Street from October 19 to November 4, so make sure to go and have a look at it.

One of my favourite print makers Junko Kitamura is in the show, and so are Sharyn Egan, Alan Muller, Simon Gilby, Rebecca Dagnall, David Spencer, Fiona Gavino, Mark Welsh, Alessandra Rossi, and many others.

The them of the show is Undercurrent.

The show opens this Friday at 6pm with live music by the Brilliant Brothers and The Flukes.

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The beautiful mural artwork at 1 Stevens Street can stay at does not have to been removed, after the FPOL committee of Fremantle Council on Wednesday evening unanimously passed the officer’s recommendation of leaving the art in situ.

A local resident had complained to the City of Fremantle that the gorgeous mural of native birds is an eyesore, but the elected members did not agree with that. There was not even debate about it!

Great outcome for Freo, the city of arts and artists!!! Good taste prevailed.

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I was surprised to get a few negative comments about the mural artwork on the corner of Stevens and Brennan streets in Fremantle. I am yet to hear strong community protest against visual pollution such as signs all over the place, so what irks people about art along our streets?

Some people believe that individual home owners have no right to impose their art and taste on the community, and they argue that if people want these murals they should do it on the inside of the wall, or inside their house, but not where it is visible to the general public. I disagree with that.

Since humans started building structures others have had that imposed on them, be that bad architecture, ridiculous colour schemes, or garden gnomes, lions, etc.

And where would we stop if we legislated against murals and other art on private properties?  Should we ban businesses as well from beautifying their walls, and is it acceptable to have public art inflicted on us? What about bus shelters and railway stations?

Art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, but I believe that most people understand what crappy amateur art is, compared to good professional art, and the artwork in Brennan Street is the latter.

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There are some miserable people in this world, even in a city like Fremantle that has very many creative residents and artists.

Look at this lovely mural on the corner of Brennan and Stevens streets and ask yourselves if you consider this to be an unsightly artwork, because that is what one local resident, through their lawyers, have complained about to the City of Fremantle.

The mural, depicting native birds, is about 19 metres long and 2.8 metres high, and is a stone’s throw away from Fremantle Primary School. I have no doubts that many of the young students there love this gorgeous mural.

But now the Finance, Policy and Legislation Committee of Fremantle Council will need to make a ruling about it on Wednesday, because the Graffiti Act does not define the word unsightly.

  1. unpleasant to look at; ugly.
    “an unsightly rubbish tip”
    synonyms: ugly, unattractive, unprepossessing, unlovely, ill-favoured, disagreeable, displeasing, awful-looking, frightful-looking, hideous, horrible, repulsive, revolting, repellent, disgusting, offensive, grotesque, monstrous, gruesome, ghastly;


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The Other Film Festival road show is coming to Fremantle for the first time this weekend. Over 2 days, catch amazing films from around the world by, with, and about people with disability.

There is a show on today-Saturday at 11am and tomorrow-Sunday at 8.15pm, so check the sessions.

DADAA is proud to present the inaugural Act-Belong-Commit WA Stories showcase made by DADAA artists and the Screenwest panel sessions to discuss screen culture. Sessions are FREE but bookings are required.

Choose your sessions and book here:

Films and panels are audio described and open captioned. Auslan interpretation available for Session 4 on Sunday 7 October, as well as the panel discussions.

DADAA is in the former Boys School at 92 Adelaide Street in Fremantle.

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With the saga about a tavern at J Shed on Bathers Beach now finally closed it is now time for Fremantle Council to look at a long-term plan for historic Arthur’s Head because the Bathers Beach Art Precinct idea has clearly not improved activation of the area, and that is what Council supposedly was hoping for when approving the 21-year tavern lease with Sunset Events.

There are a few simple facts about the art precinct and that is that quite a few artists have tried but could not even earn enough to pay the rent, and only a few real professionals such as Greg James, Jenny Dawson and Glen Cowans have survived and contributed to the area, and to a lesser extend also the messy looking David Giles gallery where many Sunday painters gather.

We also know that hospitality operators looked at the No 1 glass wall studio at J Shed but did not believe it was financially viable to start a business because they would have had to invest in sewerage, toilets and building a commercial kitchen, and the costs were prohibitive. It was also questioned if a hospitality venue would be a good neighbour next to a semi-industrial art workshop where grinding, welding, wax and bronze melting takes place.

Activation is a buzz word in Fremantle, as was placemaking for a few years, but what does it really mean and how much of it is needed at Arthur’s Head? Already the Roundhouse attracts some 150,000 visitors a year and that is the number of people actually going through the door, while many who walk up to the limestone cliff face just wander around without entering. It is a coming and going that make the place look popular, and the Glen Cowans gallery next to it offers fantastic underwater photography that is admired by many visitors from all over the world.

If Fremantle Council is seriously interested in activating the area why does it not use the lawn next to the Roundhouse and the A Class reserve in front of J Shed more often for events, one has to wonder. Why for example is the far west end of High Street not used as a stage for the Street Arts Festival to attract people there and help the activation Freo councillors keep dreaming about? Why is there no weekend art and craft market in the area?

Where is the investment in the area when Bathers Beach still does not have public toilets and where the connectivity from The Fishing Boat Harbour to Victoria Quay is still not resolved properly? Why are the Pilot’s Cottages not lit up at night, that would also discourage homeless people from using them?

Why also do we live with scaffolding and fencing around the cliff face since May, and work has still not started on it when tourists numbers and cruise ship visits will increase during the warmer summer months? Why has it taken so long, nearly half a year!, to find a solution?

Fremantle Council needs to walk the walk and put ratepayers’ money to good use at Arthur’s Head, because the area looks run down and uncared for and that is unacceptable for this heritage and tourist precinct. Forget activation, prioritise tender loving care first!

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The City of Fremantle has advised all property owners along High Street, whose buildings are affected by the Felice Varini Arcs D’ellipse yellow artwork, that the City have put out a request for tender for the removal of the stunning artwork, that was put up for the Fremantle Festival in October last year.

A photographic survey with details on the recommended removal technique for each type of substrate on a building-by-building basis will be added to the tender documentation.

The City undertook extensive sampling of various methodologies and has developed a comprehensive list of requirements to ensure that the most appropriate contractor will be awarded the tender.

Work to remove the yellow foil is estimated to start in mid November and completed before Christmas.

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It is disturbing for WA artists and local governments that the State Administrative Tribunal(SAT) has expressed the opinion that the percentage for the arts policy should not be part of local government development approval.

SAT expressed that the percentage for the arts was just a way for local councils to get public art they would not have to pay for themselves, but that is a very narrow-minded opinion, as culture is extremely important.

Public art enhances the public realm significantly and the percentage for the arts has given local artists opportunities to create significant artwork for which they get commissioned and is an important source of income for them.

If public art should only be paid for by local ratepayers, small and financially struggling councils would never be able to put decent public art in the public realm, and that would mean communities and future generations would mis out on great contemporary creations.

The SAT opinion was expressed during a hearing about new asphalt plants in Hazelmere by BGC, and I do agree that industrial development should be exempt from the percentage for the arts scheme, but that it has to remain in place for commercial and residential development in our councils.

Art is the spice of life and should be accessible to all, not just a few rich councils that can afford to pay for it.

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I love it how the perspective changes when one takes photos with longer lenses, and the very old Nikon 80-200mm F 2.8 I took this photo with is my all time favourite lens. It’s heavy metal, but brilliant

I took the photo this morning when the early sun lit up the old buildings at Queen Victoria Street, the Rainbow container art and the port cranes, with the backdrop of dark clouds.

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What a lovely mural painting on this house at Queen Victoria Street, just before East Street when one is leaving Fremantle.

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