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The former Woodside maternity hospital in East Fremantle has been sold to a consortium for $ 13 million, and will be developed into aged-care facilities.

The gorgeous building in Dalgety Street was built in 1902 and is considered a prime example of Victorian Italianate architecture.


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It looks like finally something will happen at the Royal George Hotel in East Fremantle, with Council advertising a planned amendment (No 15) to Local Planning Scheme 3 and create a Special Zone Royal George Hotel that will deal with height, setbacks, public art, heritage conservation, etc.

The vacant and derelict building has been an eyesore for far too many years, to the chagrin of local residents and businesses. It became a target for homeless people, vandalism and graffiti, so renovating the old lady and getting it occupied again will be a very good step forward.

But I heard from local residents this morning that there are plans for a ten-storey building on the carpark behind the heritage building and that could become controversial.

Height is not necessarily  a bad thing, but it is the architecture that is often a worry, as the development next door in Duke Street of the Lauder&Howard building shows.

The very boring dark brick building should not have been approved and I feel sorry for the people next door whose house is set back and now intimidated by the scale of the boring apartment building.

It is a real blight on the streetscape of Duke Street and the elected members of the Town of East Fremantle will be the only ones who believe this building is acceptable in a low-rise residential area. Aesthetics? Never heard off it!

According to the signs the Amendment No 15 proposal can be viewed at the Townhall. Not sure why it is not on-line. It’s 2017 East Fremantle!

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I have received some great news about the Royal George Hotel in East Fremantle from a well-informed source.

According to my source Saracen Properties is 99% on the way of purchasing the building from the State Government. The purchase and possession will be finalised within the next 90 days.

Saracen has appointed well-known Fremantle architect Michael Patroni from Space Agency to do the interior and exterior development of the old building as well as the development of the vacant land behind the building.

Saracen has developed a Conservation Management Strategy that has been endorsed by the Heritage Council of W.A. The CMS ties them to refurbishing the building within a certain time period.

The company will immediately stabilise and clean up the building once the contract has been signed, so the decay will be stopped, until planning approval has been received and conservation and building can commence.

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It looks as if it is going to be a nice mild Sunday so enjoy what is on offer around Fremantle.

The Growers Green big Christmas farmers markets is on from 8-12, so not only perfect for buying yummy fresh produce and breakfast but also for XMass presents.

The Bazaar at the Fremantle Arts Centre is open from 9.30 and sells local art and craft, so head out there as well.

Last but not least is the George Street East Fremantle Fair from 1-7 pm today. Great community atmosphere, live entertainment, food, Chrissie presents, just relaxing fun.

And after that take the kids to watch the sunset behind the Rainbow sculpture.

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Nearly one hundred people attended the information session about development plans for the East Fremantle Leeuwin Barracks at the East Freo Tennis Club on Tuesday evening.

The event was organised by the Labor candidate for Bicton Lisa O’Malley and chaired by Member for Fremantle Simone McGurk. WA Labor leader Mark McGowan and Federal Member for Fremantle Josh Wilson were also present.

The Leeuwin residential development at the Swan river is probably the most significant modern development for the Town of East Fremantle, so community input is essential as the site if developed well could become the jewel in the crown for East Freo.

Lisa O’Malley said it was important to bring local, state and federal representatives together to complement the visioning process the Town of East Fremantle is conducting with the community and stakeholders.

Mark McGowan said he knew the site very well from his days as a Navy Officer and commented on the thoughtful contributions from the public gallery.

Josh Wilson said he has been talking to the Federal Defence Minister’s office about the significance of the project for East Fremantle and beyond and mentioned the very positive outcome negotiations had achieved with Cantonment Hill.

Height, density and traffic issues were the main concerns raised by residents and suggestions made to acknowledge the plight of veterans and create open spaces for seniors and youth at this prime location.

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The Department of Defence today announced they will be selling the Leeuwin Barracks in East Fremantle, so it is highly likely this prime location will be developed into residential and that would have to be done with great sensitivity. It would be cheap money to stick highrise buildings along the Swan river and sell as many river view apartments and penthouses as one can get up there, but traffic issues along Riverside Drive and Preston Point Road could become a problem, as would the views of those who built their homes north of the Leeuwin site.

I think there is probably Buckley’s chance to get a lot of affordable housing there as the site cries rich, rich, rich and is probably worth tens of millions of dollars.

How can the Town of East Fremantle protect its interests and the amenity of the area? How can it influence developers who are going to throw big money at it, and the federal government will just wash its hands off it and  not dictate what can and can’t be done with the site. Can this be contractually done at all, one wonders?

A sensitive and beautiful low to medium density residential project could enhance the area and should include a large public open space, but I fear that the site will be sold for less than market value and developers will try to suck every last cent out of it to the detriment of the locale. Be pro-active on this East Freo or you might get hurt!

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Colin's company

It looks like ’emperor’ Colin Barnett could well be in deep trouble with his local government reform with an unprecedented number of voters having their say in the Dadour Act election. There is the likelihood that the proposed amalgamation of some of the councils will not go ahead. Already more than the required 50% of Kwinana voters have voted and East Fremantle is nearing 49%. One can assume that most of these are NO votes and it requires only half of the votes to be against the amalgamations for them to be stopped.

I still strongly believe that the best outcome for East Fremantle and Fremantle would be an amalgamation and becoming a bigger, better and stronger council with new councillors and a new administration, so I hope that East Fremantle votes look to the future and embrace the new enlarged City of Fremantle.

Residents of Freo and East Freo should be aware that if the amalgamation does not go ahead they will continue with their present councils and only half of the Elected Members would be up for election in October. Those who are unhappy with their council and want to get rid off it should vote for amalgamation and an all new start!  We will know the outcome on Saturday evening.

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The residents of the Town of East Fremantle will be going to an Electors’ Poll on February 7 next year to decide if they want to amalgamate with the City of Fremantle. At least 50 percent of electors are required to vote and a majority of 25 percent of the eligible voters in the district will have to vote NO against the proposed amalgamation for it to have an impact. If the majority of voters vote no the Minister for Local Government will be obliged to reject the amalgamation recommendation by the Local Government Advisory Board.

Also going to the polls will be the City of Cockburn, Town of Kwinana, City of South Perth and Town of Victoria Park.

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