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Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 31, 2011

The Fremantle Gazette reports that there is potential for the Roe Highway extension to use an already existing powerline easement between Bibra Drive and Pogress Drive, which would minimise the impact the highway extension would have on the Roe Swamp. Several other changes have also been made in the latest design.

It appears community protests have swayed the state government to look for alternatives, which shows we do have a voice and power and should not let authorities dictate how our future is going to be.

If the Roe Highway will ever be extended is another questions, as no Federal funding for the project has been allocated, and it is unlikely the Western Australian government will be able to do it without money from Canberra.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 30, 2011

The ITALIANS IN FREMANTLE exhibition of historic photographs is well worth a visit. I did not know much about that part of our history; the racism, the Kalgoorlie riots, the internment of Italians during the World War, etc. It is in the beautiful atrium of the Town Hall and is part of the very good 2011 HERITAGE FESTIVAL.

Also part of the festival is tomorrow’s Q&A at Victoria Hall the home of Deckchair Theatre. It starts at 7 and is free. Come and ask some provocative questions to make it a lively debate!

It promises to be a good evening with panelists ex Premier Carmen Lawrence, town planner Greg Smith, Mayor Brad Pettitt, History Society’s Anne Brake and others, while gorgeous ABC personality Robyn Johnston will be in charge. The evening is organised by the ever active Fremantle Society.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 30, 2011

One has to wonder how serious the City of Fremantle is about recording what is happening around town, when they continue with the practise of  using amateur and part time photographers for assignments that should be photographed by professionals. Historic documentation is invaluable for future generations and should be done professionally.

This year again the city decided to get the Heritage Festival photographically recorded by an amateur, a student of Commerce at UWA, who lives in Perth and knows very little about Fremantle. When I chatted with him yesterday he did not know of the National Hotel, The Moores or Lionel Samson buildings, where he probably would have got better and more important photos than at the open house of a pilot’s cottage.

It is an insult to professional Fremantle photographers that those in charge believe that an amateur with no local knowledge is good enough to capture the history of our city. Maybe someone who has run a chook raffle at the local school could organise the Fremantle Festival next time? Not much difference between that and hiring amateurs for photo assignments.

Not everyone who owns a camera is a photographer, ladies and gentlemen at the City of Fremantle! Photography is a profession and a craft and should be respected as that.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 29, 2011

One has to wonder sometimes what goes on at the City of Fremantle. The city prides itself on being Carbon Neutral, but does not supply recycling bins at concerts and functions held in the Town Hall.

Our Mayor Brad Pettitt is a member of the Greens, a bike rider, and very conscious about the environment. He wants a solar and city farm in South Fremantle, etc.but we don’t recycle in the building where our councilors and decision makers work. That is wrong!

After the Bernard Carney Heritage Festival concert on Friday, some committee members of the Fremantle Society could not get it over their heart to dump all the empty bottles in the normal waste bins and decided to take cartons full of empties home to put it in the recycling bins there.

If individual members of the community can show so much dedication to the environment, the city should follow their example and do what they preach, not use recyclable waste as landfill.

I cannot see any reason for not supplying dedicated bins for recycling at Town Hall events. Walk the talk Freo!

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 28, 2011

Fronted by soul singer/songwriter Donovan de Souza.. neo-soul/ funk outfit Accumulated Gestures, packing a swag of new tracks, are set to grace Mojos with their infectious and highly danceable brand of funk .. or, put more succinctly …”The Accumulated Gestures are the cooler older brother who have all the moves, all the hot threads and so much funk and soul, Marvin Gaye would come back from the grapevine… if he heard an inch of it. ” – Nic Owen from the Brow Horn Orchestra

Joining creative forces are Diger Rokwell & Felicity Groom, this year’s WAMI nominees for best electronic producer and best female vocalist respectively. Diger’s laidback orient inspired hip hop production, combined with indie darling Felicity Groom’s sensual vocals, create a unique indie trip hop experience that’ll leave you feeling enchanted and impressed..

Santeria Family Band bring their high energy funk extravaganza to the party, playing a powerhouse set to make the windows rattle.. this collective will get you shakin your moneymaker to their funk/ grunge /roots stylings ..

On the decks, Freo lads Victor and Spaks crank the vibe with a tasteful selection of bottom heavy bassline music ….

Hussle Hussle
Second Friday of Every Month
Friday 10th June 2011
Mojo’s Bar, North Fremantle
8pm-1am, $10 Entry

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 28, 2011

The FREMANTLE HERITAGE FESTIVAL opened at the Town Hall last evening with a concert by Bernard Carney, supported by WAMI award nominee David Hyams and other fantastic local musicians. The concert organised by the FREMANTLE SOCIETY was a great success and very well attended. The crowd loved the occasional singalongs Bernard encouraged and seemed to have a very good time.

Among the guests were former Premier Carmen Lawrence, independent MLA Adele Carles, Transport Minister Troy Buswell, and ex Society President Ian Alexander, who came all the way from Albany.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 26, 2011

Only one more sleep till the start of the 2011 FREMANTLE HERITAGE FESTIVAL and it looks like it is going to be a very good one this year.

My mob, the Fremantle Society, kicks off with a concert at the Town Hall on Friday from 7.30. WAMI Award nominee David Hyam joins Bernard Carney for an evening of songs and stories. The bar will be run by Society president Jon Strachan, so let him work hard! BYO food.

My three personal favourites of this year’s festival are the Q&A, the Freo Clubs Crawl and Don’s Tram Tours.

Q&A will be on Tuesday, May 31 from 7.30 at Victoria Hall; Presenter will be gorgeous ABC personality Robyn Johnston, while the panel will be Chair of the Heritage Council and former Premier Carmen Lawrence, Freo Mayor Brad Pettitt, Heritage spokes person for the Greens Lynn MacLaren, and Planner Architect Linley Lutton. Theme of the evening: All Things Heritage. Come along and ask questions, such as; # is heritage a hindrance to modern development. # is heritage, like classical music, for old people only. # should new development have priority over heritage considerations. etc.etc. Make it a lively debate by asking provocative questions!

Freo Clubs Crawl starts at the Wyola Club in High Street in the West End of town at 3.30 pm on Friday June 3. From there follow Don to three more clubs for a pint, a bit of history and gossip. This should be a very good afternoon!

Last year Don’s Tram Tours were very popular, so don’t miss out and listen to this likable raconteur when he talks about Fremantle’s heritage while you travel on the tram.

Saturday June 4- 2pm and 3pm -Fremantle Art Centre start

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 25, 2011

I have been thinking about the emotive language often used when people passionately debate proposed new developments. Letters to the editors of newspapers are filled with accusations of an anti development lobby, the not in my backyard people, the selfish pro development pushers, etc.

There seems to be an; us and them, black and white, for or against development, sentiment, that is counter productive to what is required. Of course we need good robust debate about changes suggested for our city. We are after all people who love living in Fremantle because of its unique lifestyle, and some fear too radical change might destroy that. Fair enough.

What is needed is rational and informed community involvement in the decision making process. Most of the time developers and the city will come up with ideas, get plans drawn up, and only in the latter stages is the community asked for comments. That is too late and the process becomes long-winded, more costly, and frustrating for those willing to invest money, as well as for those whose lives could be affected by the changes. It also creates an atmosphere of negativity, as those who oppose the plans or demand changes, are seen as the nay-sayers who are against everything, which is unfair and untrue.

Change often demands thinking outside the square, or as development goes, outside the box. Change requires us to be open-minded, to try to find solutions, and willing to work together, not against each other.

I have never heard anyone in Fremantle say they are against development in general and that the city should remain as it is. No one with a clear mind would think that Fremantle is perfect and does not need to grow. Of course it does. But the growth we need has to be deliberate, carefully considered, sustainable, and with utmost respect to the lifestyle and heritage of the community. Nothing else is acceptable.

The need for growth, development, and more inner city living, does not mean we need high-rise buildings in the centre of town. When we talk about iconic buildings some will translate that in to big and high, while low, stunning and creative, maybe even quaint and cute, might do. Queen Victoria Street, the eastern gateway to the city, will be one of our mayor challenges in the near future. To get it right is essential, so let’s talk, listen, consider, fine-tune, and not make rash decisions.

The challenge is to get it right and not rush into something we would regret forever. We almost ended up with those awfully big ING boxes on Victoria Quay, and we have a few examples of bad development around town, so let’s not make the same mistakes.

I like what it says on the back of the new Fremantle Society brochure, of which I am a committee member “We encourage future developers to talk to the Society before drawing up plans, to save time and money, so we all strive for the common ground of good quality new development happening faster.”

That, I believe, is the right sentiment to help Fremantle become an even better place!

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 24, 2011

My second favourite cafe after the Moore&Moore cafe is Tasty@B-Shed on Victoria Quay in Fremantle Port. I love sitting at water’s edge watching the early light glow on the ships at North Quay, and see the departing 7.30 Rottnest Ferry, while waking up over a good strong Espresso.

Up till now that was quite pleasant, but the mornings have become quite chilly and the cafe has no heating at all. This morning I was told heating was at planning stage and not in this year’s budget, which seems very strange for a multi million dollar redevelopment. Did someone at Fremantle Ports forget it does get cold and did not allow for heating, or should the cafe owners supply portable gas heaters, as they do in the Moore&Moore? I’m wearing thermal underwear tomorrow. 5>)

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 24, 2011

The Fremantle Winter Music Festival 2011 once again descends upon the port city on Saturday June 25 across three venues and five huge stages in North Fremantle.

At Mojos catch live electro from Bastian’s Happy Flight, Sam Perry and Sun City, with Philly Blunt, Rekab and Craig Hollywood spinning massive jams on the wheels of steel. Plus outside in the beer garden there’s fun times galore to be had with Soulsides and Black and Blue DJs – on the decks will be Wrighteous, Mama Cass, Claude Mono, Calvinist Paul and Adam Fox.

The Swan Basement plays host to the soulful sounds of Odette Mercy and Her Soul Atomics, the skatastic Special Brew, and the funked up good times of Sneaky Weasel Gang, with support on the decks from General Justice, Charlie Bucket and Nic K. Meanwhile, upstairs in the Swan Lounge catch some acoustic, folk and blues action from the Justin Walshe Folk Machine, Grace Woodroofe, Selk & the Bone Singers, Stoney Joe and Lucy Peach.

And the Railway Hotel rolls out rock and indie sounds in the form of Injured Ninja, San Cisco, The Chemist, The Morning Night and Little Ships.

Presale tickets are only $15 for RTRFM subscribers and $20 for the general public. For all the details and presale tickets head to – and of course keep it locked to the sound alternative.

A limited number of tickets may be available on the door on the night, and will be slightly more expensive. As always gold subscribers get free entry, but be sure to head down early as capacity if strictly limited!

The RTRFM Winter Music Festival – Saturday June 25, brought to you by Coopers and your home of local good times RTRFM 92.1

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