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The things I do for my readers of Freo’s View. I got soaking wet for the second time this morning and also received a lot of spray from the ocean, just to let you see what it looks like out there.

There was one lonely, or should that be loony, windsurfer. Can you spot him in the top right photo?

How gorgeous is nature when it is this wild!

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Posted in fremantle, rain, storm, weather, western australia by freoview on May 21, 2016


Strong winds have done a bit of damage but I haven’t heard anything about major damage yet. A few fences down, branched of palm trees along riverside drive in East Fremantle broken of, flooding in Cliff Street and the moles closed by Fremantle Ports, and more wild weather in the way with possible severe thunder and hail.

If you know of any severe damage in the Fremantle area let me know please.

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TIE THE KANGAROO, and everything else, DOWN FREO!

Posted in fremantle, photography, storm, weather by freoview on July 7, 2014

weather 1 weather 2


The wind is already very strong and showers obscured the view from Arthur Head to Fremantle harbour this morning, but there is more sever weather to come. Expect big storms, thunder and even hail later today, so tie everything down outside and try to keep out of the rain. It’s not a great start to the school holidays and to keep the kids occupied, but things will hopefully improve soon.

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre has got the Little Prince on show, so book your seats! Your children will love you for it.

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