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Posted in fremantle by freoview on December 28, 2010

Today was the second day of cleaning out one of the Pilot’s Cottages next to the Round House. It will become my home and the new headquarters of the Fremantle Society, so it is quite exciting for all involved. The disgusting filthy carpets were pulled out, and the dust it created was horrible, but what makes up for it all is the superb view from the front veranda of the cottage. Tomorrow we’ll be starting to paint the rooms, and in a few weeks time it will be time to party!

Roel Loopers

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on December 28, 2010

My new home, The Pilot’s Cottage next to the Round House in Captain’s Lane, which will also be the new headquarters for the FREMANTLE SOCIETY, is in urgent need of a new gas stove. If you have, or know someone who does, a good working and clean stove you’d like to get rid off, please let us know. Or if you know of any places that sell relatively cheap new or used stoves, please give me a call on 0419 850981.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on December 27, 2010

I have found my new favourite cafe in Fremantle in TASTY@B SHED ON THE WHARF, in the new Rottnest ferry terminal at Victoria Quay, right in the port of Fremantle. Ray and Dennis, who also run Tasty Express on the corner of South Terrace and Lefroy Street, are the energetic, mad, likable owners of the place, so fun is certainty, and so will be the appearance of many Fremantle Dockers players.

Already on the first day of trading many ferry boat passengers enjoyed the lovely ambience of the B-Shed, so go and check it out!

Roel Loopers

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on December 26, 2010

ADVENTURES IN PLACE MAKING initiated an old style happening on the Fremantle cappuccino strip this morning, when lovely dressed people set up breakfast tables on the median strip to reclaim the street from cars. The “Guerilla Breakfast” participants were given the cold shoulder by two police officers, who told them the median strip was not for pedestrians and they had to move to the side walk. If the median strip is not for pedestrians, but also not for cars, why is it there? Is it just a waste of space, or were the officers just a waste of time, or wasting their time???

Amongst the around 50 brave souls, fearing they’d be moved to Quantanamo Bay, were gorgeous Rachel Pemberton, Mayor Brad Pettitt, Councilor Andrew Sullivan, photographer John Vidovich, and those of us who believe fun is part of life and not against the law.

Anyway, while that was going on, the stretch near Ginos was without power, and non of the cafes on the western side were able to serve coffee or meals, and Ginos personal were busy getting food and milk to different fridges in premises around the corner. It meant only a single cafe, Fusion, was serving meals and coffee before 8 am.

Roel Loopers

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Posted in Uncategorized by freoview on December 23, 2010

A good opportunity to catch up with friends before Christmas is at this evening’s CAROLS AT CLANCYS from 5-7.

Bring a smile, a positive attitude, and the willingness to relax and chill out, together with the longing for a cold beer, a glass of red, or a bubbly or two. The entertainment is free, so it shows that Christmas does not have to be expensive to enjoy it.

Roel Loopers



Posted in fremantle by freoview on December 22, 2010

I don’t care about the Christian aspects of Christmas. I don’t care much at all about the shopping frenzy and buying of mostly useless gifts. But I do like that it is a time where people get together and share food and drinks and have a good time.

Christmas is that special period of the year when people are just that wee bit more considerate and are willing to give, care, and share more, and think about other people. Christmas is what all year should be, not about self, or one’s ego, but about those who might need a hand. Too many out there feel unloved and unwanted and as a community we have to make an effort to embrace and include them.

But most of all for me Christmas is about children. When I watch Carols by Candlelight on television, or in a park, the shiny eyes of happy, sleepy kids, bring tears to my eyes. Kids are the most special beings who deserve all our love.


Roel Loopers



Posted in fremantle by freoview on December 21, 2010

The new ferry terminal in the B-Shed on Victoria Quay in the Fremantle port opened this morning and what a stunning addition to the port it is! Incorporated in the heritage shed are boldly coloured pods, historic photo glass window displays, mosaics in the toilets, and the Tasty Cafe straight at water’s edge.

This is the kind of modern development I like to see in Fremantle. It is creative, fun and functional, but with total respect for the heritage aspects of the building and location.

Well done Fremantle Ports. If you had designed the proposed ING development it might have been as stunning at this little masterpiece.

Roel Loopers

P.S. The ports recently also upgraded the passenger terminal with some stunning Howard Taylor murals, new furniture, etc.



Posted in fremantle by freoview on December 21, 2010

I was told this morning that the City of Fremantle has introduced new fees for stall holders at local markets. The Growers Green Market at the South Fremantle Senior High School was told each stall holder will be charged a $ 350.00 a year fee. WHY?!

We finally have people getting off their bums, and taking the initiatives the council themselves should have had, to be penalised for their efforts and hard work. I don’t even know if the council in fact can charge for something that happens on land owned by the Education Department.

Why are you doing this City of Fremantle? Why don’t you support local people who create fantastic markets and raise funds for the school at the same time. What is the matter with this stupid greedy attitude. Do you really intend to kill all initiatives? You are a bunch of boring, narrow minded bureaucrats, and that is the reason nothing ever happens in this city. Shame on you, you are making us the joy-kill capital of Australia!!

Roel Loopers

P.S. I was going to suggest a small weekend art market in the West End next year, but with fees like that I won’t bother.


Posted in fremantle by freoview on December 20, 2010

The Starlight Hotel Choir, which operates out of St Pats Community
Support Centre, Fremantle’s primary service provider for homeless and
people at risk of being homeless, has finally released their CD-
‘Shelter Me’.
The songsĀ  are original and are the choirs very own stories. Stories
of struggle and hope! The production is superb and we have unearthed
some surprising talent.
CDs are $25 and all proceeds go to the continuing survival of the
choir.. THE PERFECT STOCKING FILLER for XMAS. It will give twice!

CDs can be purchased at the front desk at St Pats Community Care
Centre- 12 Queen Victoria st Fremantle.
Mills Record Bar Fremantle
Rio Records – Fremantle Markets
78s records Hay St Perth
Or contact Dave Johnson- 0419190725



Posted in fremantle by freoview on December 20, 2010

A whole different Boxing Day Test will be held at Fremantle this year, as some fun loving Freo people will reclaim the cappuccino strip and set up in the middle of the road for a Christmas breakfast. Come join the fun! It starts at 8am.

Below the note from the organisers:

In the spirit of David Engwicht’s ideas on place-making and traffic-calming, a few of us Freo people have decided to get together and have our Boxing Day breakfast on the Cappucino Strip (ie: on the median), in Freo.

The idea is the blur the psychological boundaries of car and pedestrian space. So dress up! Bring a chair (and a small table if you can), and some food and come and join us all on the astro-turf for merriment, celebration and a bit of spectacle making.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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