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Some people are inconsiderate idiots, as this driver proved when (s)he parked across two car bays in Fremantle’s Essex Street at midday today.

Public flogging should apply. ; >)

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Few things annoy me more than criticism and negative comments which are not based on facts, and the urban myth that Fremantle has parking problems, not enough parking bays, and that parking is expensive here is one of them.

Yesterday I read a comment on social media from a woman who claimed there is just no parking near Target when she and her mother go shopping in that area. Really?!

A two-minute walk away from Target is the large Wilson carpark on the corner of Queen and Cantonment streets, down the road from there are the Woolstores shopping centre, Point Street and Adelaide Plaza carparks, and there is street parking in Cantonment, Adelaide, Queen and Point streets. It is also just a three-minute walk from the Queensgate carpark when one exits at Queen Street.

Criticism from residents and CBD businesses about parking in Fremantle just don’t add up. Let me remind everyone that Fremantle residents with a parking permit can park for free on weekdays from 3pm to 11 am. That is 20 hours of free parking every day from Monday to Friday! There is also all day free weekend parking at the Beach Street carpark for residents of Freo.

Plus there is first hour free parking in City carparks, and several carparks are offering all day parking specials for just around $ 10.00 per day.

Not sufficient parking bays? I think there are over 500 of them and here they are: Parry Street carpark, Queensgate, William Street carpark near the Fremantle Markets, Collie Street carpark, Italian Club carpark, four carparks along Mews Road. It only takes ten minutes from there to the Cappuccino Strip, plus on-street parking in Norfolk, Essex, Collie, Nairn, Pakenham, Henry, Mouat streets.

Then there are the Shipwreck Museum and Little High Street carparks and on-street parking in Croke, Cliff and High streets.

For cheapos who don’t want to pay a cent for parking there is three-hour free parking on the South Mole, a leisurely 15-minute walk from Market Street, and there is huge parking on Victoria Quay all the way from the Maritime Museum to the railway station, plus on-street parking all along Phillimore Street.

We then end up where I started at the Wilson carpark one enters at Elders Place and the Beach Street carpark.

I might have forgotten some parking locations because I am writing this just from memory.

The City of Fremantle is also planning a new carpark at the Stan Reilley centre site as part of the Fremantle Oval project and a new one in Parry Street next to the tennis club.

On street parking fees in Fremantle are around $ 3.00 per hour I believe while the City of Perth has just increased theirs to $ 5.00 per hour.

The urban myth that Fremantle has parking problems is rubbish, but parking straight in front of the shop or cafe one wants to go to could be problematic, as it is in shopping centres such as Garden City where one has to park miles away from the shops one frequents.

As I wrote before; the glass is half full in Freo!

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Some Fremantle residents have suggested that the age of entitlement for Councillors should be over as far as free parking is concerned. Councillors receive one year free parking for every year they have been on Council, e.g Councillor Doug Thompson will get twenty years of free parking for his twenty-year service as Councillor should he decide to leave in October or not get re-elected.

The argument was that free parking was introduced when Councillor were volunteers but now that they get paid for doing the work they should no longer receive that perk. It was pointed out that the federal government has recently scrapped the life-long free travel pass for former MPs and Senators.

One can also question if a Council that strongly works toward increasing bicycle use and discourages cars in the CBD should give free parking to ex Councillors.

In that context one also has to wonder why on average 115 City of Fremantle staff park their car for free at the Queensgate carpark daily. That is one-quarter of CoF staff receiving free parking! Why does CoF encourage staff to come to work by car instead of walking the talk and promoting bicycle and public transport use?

One of the requirements for the Department of Housing to move to Kings Square was that the new offices had to be in walking distance to a train station and other public transport, and that is also one of the promoted attractions for inner city high-density infill.

CoF Manager of Economic Development and Marketing Tom Griffiths says that staff parking at Queensgate came at no cost to the City but once Sirona Capital takes possession of the carpark CoF will be looking for alternative free staff parking arrangements that will not take up parking bays that could be used by visitors, and that will have a minimum financial impact on the City.

However a recent CoF financial report stated the City had lost over $ 700,000 in parking revenue due to the sale of Queensgate, so did Sirona Capital provide free parking for the 115 City staff as part of the Kings Square Project contract last year?

There are plans for new public parking at Fremantle Park in Parry Street and the Stan Reilly Centre next to Fremantle Oval, as the inner city will be losing the Point Street carpark as part of the Hilton Doubletree development and also sold the carpark on the corner of Pakenham and Bannister streets for residential development.

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Deep from the bowels of the Fremantle Townhall comes info that the City of Fremantle is seriously considering introducing free parking days during the very quiet first half of the week.

Fremantle is so much of a weekend destination that on Mondays and Tuesdays it often looks like a ghost town that only a few locals visit, so there are quite a few retailers who are struggling to survive.

The perception of parking problems and the lack of vacant parking spaces has been going on for years and there are still no signs around the city pointing out all day cheap parking options for visitors.

One issue with free parking would be Notre Dame University students, as those who now come by public transport, because it’s cheaper than parking, might be encouraged to also drive into the West End and occupy parking spaces intended for shoppers.

I understand full council will debate this issue in four weeks, so stay tuned.

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We humans are a funny lot and I had to laugh out loud when I noticed all these cars parked along the Cappuccino Strip on Christmas Day.

It was not as if there was a shortage of parking bays in Fremantle as there was hardly anyone in town, but it must have been on the bucket list of some of those who went to Sandrino and Pizza Bella Roma for lunch to finally park on the strip.

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  • Did you know that entry to the Fremantle Maritime Museum on the 2nd Tuesday of the month  is by donation only?
  • Did you know that there is now only $ 9.00 all day parking at the Woolstores shopping centre?
  • Did you know that Tuesdays is half price only on the Rottnest Express ferry?

Tell your visitors and guests.

Freo, so many things to like!

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Fremantle’s push for tiny houses is now being followed by tiny carports it appears. I noticed this one on South Terrace yesterday. It’s a tight squeeze even for a mini car.

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The City of Fremantle should have another look at its parklet policy and adjust it as it is not working at present.

The parklets that have been approved are more often than not vacant and not used by anyone for days, so they are a waste of space.

I walk the streets of the West End every day of the week and have never seen anyone sitting at the parklet of the Fremantle Hostel in Pakenham Street or the one down the road at the Natural Light photography cafe.

Even the parklet at Bread in Common in the same street is mostly without patrons, and the one at the Lapa restaurant in Hight Street, next to the more frequented alfresco area of the National Hotel, is also hardly ever occupied with diners.

In contrast the very first Freo parklet at the Moore&Moore cafe in Henry Street is popular with patrons.

Parklets take away essential inner city parking and loading bays and if they are not used they should be dismantled and the space returned to the City for parking as these empty spaces are not attractive at all.

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One of the most annoying and frustrating issues for me in Fremantle is the lack of coordination of community events, as we miss out on good ones because they happen at the same day and at the same time.

The Fremantle Network has talks every first Tuesday of each month and there is Council involvement there, so why does Councillor Jon Strachan has an event exactly at the same time today?

The Fremantle Network at 6 pm today upstairs at the National Hotel presents speakers from Core Fremantle and Hot Soup which occupy space at the Queensgate building at Kings Square. They will be talking about the role of emerging artists and students in the ecology of the city.

At the same time today at 6 pm at The Meeting Place in South Fremantle Jon Strachan will tackle the challenging topic of Sustainable Transport and Parking in Fremantle and the big picture of emerging social and transport trends in Perth.

I want to go to both events, but that is not possible, so why on earth do we not coordinate events in Fremantle better? I suggested years ago for the City of Fremantle to set up a register where people can lodge their events, so they are aware of other events that might clash with theirs.

I am always extremely keen to hear the ideas and visions of the younger generations, but am also very interested in the traffic issues in and around Fremantle. Where to go?

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no parking


With the reported parking problems in Fremantle one wonders why the owner of this property in Nairn Street in the CBD does not lease out his ten parking bays.

The derelict buildings is crying out for development next to the lovely Strange Company bar, but one would think that in the meantime the much-needed parking bays could be used.

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