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From the City of Fremantle.

Residents can look forward to simpler conditions for their free parking permit.

Effective today (Tuesday 1 August), new conditions will allow City of Fremantle residents to park for free at all standard on-street (kerbside) car parking bays during the following times (including public holidays):

• Valid Monday-Sunday (seven days per week):
° free parking from 9.00–11.00 am. Permit holders must abide
by the posted time limits (e.g. 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours).
° free parking from 3.00–5.00 pm. Permit holders must abide by
the posted time limits (e.g. 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours).
° free parking from 5.00 pm–1.00 am. Time restrictions do not

The only question left is why there is no free parking from 1am at night to 9am in the morning, but I doubt there will be any parking officers on the beat at those hours. ; >)

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I have been contemplating this since Wednesday’s Fremantle Council meeting, as I simply cannot understand the reasoning behind the residents parking permit yoyo process, that reeks of incompetence.

I reacted very negatively when I first read that the City of Fremantle wanted to change the residents free permit parking from on-street to off-street only, and the next thing that happens is that it is all reversed and we are now back to on-street parking, with a few minor adjustments.

For me that is proof of a thought-bubble gone all wrong, where officers did not do their homework and considered all the consequences. Only when there was a community outcry they changed their mind and went back to the past.

The only changes we will see from September on is that residents with the appropriate permit can now also park for free in street bays on Saturdays before 11am and after 3 pm. There is no free Saturday parking at present.

The negative is that all day free Sunday parking now also has been restricted to the before 11am and after 3pm times. That is not good as there are shops that only open at 10am on Sundays and close at 4pm. Sunday lunch with free parking in the CBD is now also out for Fremantle residents.

Then we had the speedhump shambles, where too many speedhumps were installed along three streets, and some were too high. At no doubt considerable cost speedhumps were then removed again and others flattened.

I am sorry to say this but these are mediocre performances by the responsible officers, which the CEO needs to jump on as these mistakes cost a lot of money.

Questions need to be asked why too many speedhumps were installed in the first place and who gave the go ahead for them, and questions need to be asked why the consequences of changes to residents parking were not considered before the item went to council.

The other thing I do not understand is why on-street and off-street parking is not going to be introduced for a trial period of one year, so that the officers can properly evaluate what the financial consequences would be, and how many motorists would prefer off-street parking over on-street parking. This cannot be tested without actually implementing it!

It’s been a disappointing few weeks by the City of Fremantle administration. Our Councillors need to start asking a few hard questions, because the community will blame them.

Let me ask these questions:

  • How much did the installation of speedhumps in South Terrace, Ord Street and Wray Avenue cost, including cost for traffic management staff and electronic signs?
  • How much did it cost to remove some of these speedhumps and modify others, including cost for traffic management and electronic signs?


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Well, this is highly embarrassing. I GOT IT WRONG! and was too early in my praise for Fremantle Council and officers.

It turned out I read the screen behind the Mayor wrong last night, and not much has changed as far as residents parking permits are concerned, and we are back to the status quo, with a few minor adjustments only.

So it will remain free street parking only for residents and the off-street parking they wanted to introduced has been put on hold.

Now we have seven days a week free parking all at the same times before 11am and after 3pm. That includes Saturdays, where there was no free parking, and Sundays where we had all day free parking in the Beach Street car park.

‘This permit exempts the holder from paying parking fees for all standard on-street (curb side) car parking bays during the following times only (including public holidays):
· Monday-Sunday (7 days per week)
· Valid between the hours of 9.00am – 11.00am and between the hours of 3.00pm–5.00pm. Permit holders must abide by the posted time limits (e.g. 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours).
· Valid between the hours of 5.00pm – 1.00am. Permit holders are exempt from the posted time limits during this period.’

As Director Tom Griffiths emailed me “So, extending the current arrangement to include weekends as well as weekdays. The debate was around also investigating the viability of adding off-street to this package. However, we don’t have any data on the use of the permits (they’re hard copy) so we need to gather data on their use over the next year to responsibly evaluate the impact of that change.”

I AM SORRY!!!!My apologies for publishing the wrong Council resolution. It’s about time someone shot me, as I am clearly losing my marbles. ; >(


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Fremantle Council has listened to community objections to proposed changes to residents parking permits, that would have ended on-street free parking. Instead it streamlined the conditions that will improve free parking for Freo residents, as it now applies to on-street and off-street parking.

The permit exempts the holder from paying parking fees for all standard on-street (curb side) car parking bays and off-street parking bays in City owned car parks from

  •   Monday-Sunday (7 days per week)
  •   Valid between the hours of 9.00am – 11.00am and between the hours of 3.00pm–5.00pm
  •   Permit holders must abide by the posted time limits (e.g. 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours).
  •   Valid between the hours of 5.00pm – 1.00am.
  •   Permit holders are exempt from the posted time limits during this period.
  •   This includes Public Holidays.

This is a very good outcome for Fremantle residents and inner city businesses and a good example of flexible and creative governance that responds to community concerns and comes up with better solutions.

Councillors expressed that they hoped the changes would encourage residents to stay in the CBD longer and support local businesses, and that those who want or need to stay longer would use carparks instead of on-street bays, so that they would be left for motorists who only have the need for short-term parking.

Well done Fremantle Council and officers!


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From the end of July parking fees at Queensgate car park will change ensuring it continues to be one of Fremantle’s best value carparks.

A new flat rate of $2 per hour, every hour, will apply to all car park users after 27 July, resulting in a simplified and easy to understand fee structure. An early bird rate of $9 will also be available.

Queensgate will continue to offer parking rates at or below the cost of other facilities in Fremantle including surrounding commercial facilities and City-operated meter parking.

Sirona will also undertake a multi-million-dollar refurbishment of the car park which will make Queensgate a more attractive, cleaner, safer and reliable facility.

The upgrade starts next week with the installation of new boom-gates and easy to use ticketing and payment equipment.

Announcing the new simplified fee structure, Sirona Capital managing director Matthew McNeilly said there had been no adjustment in fees since July 2015.

“We’ve thought long and hard about the best way to structure parking fees at Queensgate both in terms of legacy issues and the overall outcome we’re expecting in the precinct with the Kings Square Fremantle renewal,” Mr McNeilly said.

“Our analysis of the car park operations found that simplifying the fee structure would contribute to a better performing and more user-friendly car park.

“Our independent analysis has recommended other ways to activate the car park and deliver broader positive outcomes for the precinct beyond free parking.

“We’ll be implementing those concepts both during and after the Kings Square Fremantle renewal,” he said.

The car park and adjacent Queensgate building were purchased by Sirona as part of the City of Fremantle’s contribution to the City’s $50m investment in the $270m Kings Square Fremantle Renewal project.

Queensgate car park is operated by Secure Parking on behalf of Sirona.



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Don’t take my word for it that parking in Fremantle does not have to be expensive, check it out for yourselves!

Street parking is only $ 2.80 per hour, and at the Westgate car park in Point Street it is only $ 8.00 for all day parking.

Just over the road from there at the Woolstores shopping centre all day parking is just $ 9.00.

Both these car parks are only a leisurely five-minute stroll from Kings Square, so well within the shopping and hospitality precinct.

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stupid parking


Pretty inconsiderate and stupid parking of this cherry picker at the Fremantle Townhall this morning.

The arm of the vehicle was just 1.8 metres above the footpath, so a danger to taller people and those on bicycles.

Why did the operator not lift the arm a bit, or at least put warning signs on the footpath, I wonder?

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My relationship with Fremantle Council is like a volatile marriage. Sometimes I want to hug and kiss them for making great strategic long-term decisions and on other occasions I want an urgent divorce; the house, the car, the boat, the Margaret River weekender, the bank accounts, and even the kids.

The idea to change the residents parking permit conditions is one of those divorce situations, or like talking to teenagers and asking them to grow up to reality.

The timing of the proposed changes could not be worse, with Fremantle going through a welcome massive period of development. Long-term parking bays will be occupied by construction workers and tradies for the next three years because of the Kings Square Project, and it is highly likely that the Woolstores shopping development will also start early next year.

To relocate residents to free parking in City carparks only and no longer on the streets will hurt the CBD traders, and the change of time in the morning from 11 am to 10 am will also be bad.

The item is on the agenda of this evening’s FPOL Committee, so have your say and come along. It starts at 6pm.

And why is the City of Fremantle taking no action at all of Transperth busses occupying many parking bays in Goldsborough Street near the Woolstores? A bus takes up to 3-4 car bays and that is not at all helpful for shoppers.

I took this photo at 10.40am this morning.

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While reading the agenda for the upcoming City of Fremantle FPOL Committee meeting on Wednesday I thought that we should never take the sanity of governments for granted and that we can only hope our elected members have more lucid moments than bad ones.

Parking is one of the most controversial subjects in Fremantle. Some claim it is too expensive, others that there are not enough parking bays, etc.

So why on earth would Fremantle Council even want to consider making changes to the residential parking permits, in a time where traders are struggling and where inner city development will make life much harder for them for the next three years? It is absolute pure idiotic madness, conceived by people who are clearly bored shitless and have too much time on their hands, so they come up with crap ideas!

The agenda item proposes that we no longer can park for free as residents (with the appropriate permit) on the streets before 11am and after 3pm on weekdays, but will only be allowed to do that in CoF carparks, and only till 10am. And we can do that seven days a week.

Many shops in Fremantle only open at 10am and many people do their food shopping before 11am or after 3pm in streets closest to the shops they frequent, but would now have to find a city carpark in the vicinity and hoping there are vacant bays.

For example when I want to have my morning coffee at the Moore&Moore cafe in Henry Street, where I normally park straight in front, I would in future have to find a Fremantle City carpark and walk all the way to the cafe, where I will only be for half an hour. It won’t be worth the effort, so the M&M will miss out on my patronage.

Here part of the agenda item:

The City provides residents with a free parking permit that allows them to park without charge in Fremantle’s city centre, in certain locations and at certain times. Currently there are 6 761 permits issued by the City, which is approximately one permit for every second household.

Officers have reviewed the current permit conditions and consider them to be overly complicated and difficult to communicate to residents (see attachment). This report recommends adjusting the permits for the purpose of:

  •   simplifying them so that they are easier to understand
  •   providing a greater number of hours of free parking for residents
  •   aligning more closely with the City’s Integrated Transport Strategy (ITS).This report recommends that council approve the new conditions for the residents’ free parking permits, to take effect from 1 December 2017.


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Very disturbing to hear that one of the City of Fremantle’s parking inspectors was attacked by a motorist yesterday afternoon.

Police arrested a Riverton man in Beaconsfield and had to smash in car windows to apprehend the driver who had been driving erratically along Hampton Road.

The thirty-year old parking inspector received minor injuries when he was pinned between two cars in William Street.

I know many of Freo’s ‘ticketeers’ and most of them are really nice people with whom one can have a bit of banter. They are just doing their job and no one has the right to abuse them!

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