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The lovely Moore&Moore cafe in Fremantle’s Henry Street has got a new hole in the wall window to serve take-away coffee from.

Inside the nook, to the right of the entrance, famous mural artist Stormy Mills has created a small artwork, and there is still a blank space next to it so we might see another one of his creations in the M&M. Once the second space has also been filled I’ll take a photo and show you what it looks like.

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For those who long for a good coffee Callogero’s and the Roasting Warehouse on South Terrace, near the corner of Lefroy Road are open in South Fremantle, and I heard that the Mod cafe in Wray Avenue was also going to open.

No reason to sulk at home. It is pretty pleasant out there with a cooling breeze and the beaches are filling up.

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coffee planet


There will be a lot of wastage over the Christmas period and most of it will end up in landfill, so do the right thing for planet earth and buy some keep cups as presents for your friends and family members.

Millions of non-recycable take-away containers are dumped each year and we all can make the very small effort of reducing our own waste by reducing the use of take-away coffee cups.

At Chalkys cafe in Fremantle West End you’ll even get a free coffee when you buy a keep cup! It’s the last cafe in High Street, close to the historic Roundhouse.

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Calo 1


The future of the alfresco area of  Calogero’s is still uncertain after Fremantle’s Planning Committee last night decided to defer it and give the owners the opportunity of sourcing for a location in the vicinity for two parking bays.

Personally I don’t see what the fuss is all about as that area from Little Lefroy Road to Jenkin Street along South Terrace has become a really lovely community hub, and even more so since the City of Fremantle improved the streetscape.

Parking in the area is always at a premium, but that applies to Pakenham Street in the inner city as well, and I doubt that Bread in Common and others there had to provide parking for their patrons.

Councillor Adin Lang was all for retrospective approval of the restaurant, while Councillor Dave Hume said that Council needed to become more flexible about parking if it wanted more activation and higher density in Fremantle.

This evening from 5.30-7.30pm there will be a community placemaking event with games, music, etc. at the little hub so come along and meet your fellow South Freo community members! See you there.

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Carriage Cafe


I hear that the owners of the cute Carriage Cafe on the Fremantle Esplanade have been told that they can stay till March next year and then will be offered a lease until 2022, but with the option for the City of Fremantle to terminate the lease on a monthly basis.

This is ridiculous, unprofessional and unworkable, as no one in their right mind will invest in a business that does not have a secure long-term tenure.

Last winter the thick plastic ‘curtains’ that keep the wind and rain out of the cafe’s dining area where ripped to pieces during a storm, so the owners will have to put new ones in which will cost thousands of dollars. Why would they do that if they can be chucked out on short notice? Even a pop-up shop gets a six-month lease, for heaven’s sake!

Why does Fremantle Council make it so hard for businesses who want to stay in Fremantle, when vacant shop fronts pop up faster than weeds in our city? Does anyone at all understand what commercial viability means and how important safe tenure is?

Let’s be realistic and pragmatic about the Esplanade masterplan. The new hub and new cafe won’t happen for years, if at all, because the City of Fremantle does not have the money to finance it, so accept the reality and support the Carriage Cafe owners who have plans to also open at night as a restaurant.

West End businesses were left off the new shopping map, and Arthur’s Head businesses are not sure about their future there, while the place is falling apart because of poor maintenance, so it’s urgent time for Fremantle Council to stop talking about wanting to activate the West End of Fremantle and actually start supporting those who are already activating it!

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Calo 1

Calo 2


The future of CALOGERO’S  as a restaurant is in doubt with the officers’ recommendation to the City of Fremantle Planning Committee to refuse the late approval sought for the unauthorised partial use to restaurant and additions to the existing building.

The South Fremantle groceries shop, which is next to the Port City Roasters, received an interior facelift some years ago, and they also added a small cafe, but have now converted the entire four-bay carpark into an alfresco restaurant without the necessary planning approval.

CoF officers argue that the removal of the parking bays affects parking in the area, which is at a premium most of the day because of all the cafes and restaurants between Leffroy Road and Jenkin Street.

The delayed seeking of approval is for a 30 seat outdoor and 16 seat indoor restaurant with the shop remaining the primary use of the two-storey premises.

The item is on Wednesday’s Planning Committee agenda, which starts at 6pm at the North Fremantle community hall.

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A very different parklet has been erected in Fremantle’s Pakenham Street in front of the hole in the wall GHETTOBLASTER cafe. Go check it out. It’s close to Collie Street.

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I only discovered this morning that a lovely new cafe has opened in the former church and antique shop in North Fremantle.

Deux Ex Machina looks very cute from the outside and also inside , so if you are around that gorgeous North Freo hub go and give it a try!

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I know one should not chuckle about other people’s misfortune, but this is actually quite a funny story.

Imagine using the upper floor office toilet at No 1 High Street late on the Friday of the WA Day long weekend, and without anyone noticing the toilet keeps flushing when the staff leaves, which results in the bowl overflowing.

Still not a disaster, but the drainage in the restroom is also blocked and now all the water drips down to the floor below, where it gets into the power box and short circuits it.

Imagine the owners of Chalky’s cafe in Fremantle’s High Street coming back from down south late on Monday and just checking that everything is alright on the historic day, to find all the power in the building out, so they need to rescue all their food stock from fridges and freezer in total darkness.

They make mad dashes to Target for big plastic containers and to the service station for bags of ice, and even buy a deep freezer to store and preserve the food.

There was still no power on Tuesday, so a loss in trade as well, and now hoping that the insurance of the office above with the leaking toilet will cover it all.

Sometimes flushing the toilet can put you in deep shit. ; >)

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Arts and disability organisation, DADAA is moving ahead with the next phase of the redevelopment of the former Old Boys School at Fremantle’s Princess May Park with the creation of a cafe in the lovely courtyard behind the building.

The old 1901 kitchen at the core of the Fremantle heritage building is the next area to receive an upgrade with the creation of the new café Humble Pantry Fremantle.

DADAA had a dream of turning the old kitchen and courtyard into a great café that not only serves excellent coffee and healthy food, but also provides training and employment opportunities for people with disability.

DADAA, a not-for-profit organisation that provides access to art programs for people with disability, have partnered with dynamic mother-son team Clare and Kieran Cranny to open the café later this year.

The new café initiative is pursuing a sustainable financial model that is not reliant on government funding in order to meet its goal of providing employment for people with disability. DADAA and its new café operators are keen to work with businesses and individuals to meet this mission.

Local business Brayco got on board early, generously donating the commercial kitchen.

DADAA are now seeking other local businesses and donors to assist in raising the remaining $30,000 through crowdfunding to complete the fit-out of Fremantle’s first truly inclusive café – a place where the entire community can recognise accessibility and celebrate diversity.

Locals are invited to join the ‘Humble Coffee Club’ and to join in on this exciting community-building project with a contribution, large or small.

The campaign, which ends on 30 June 2018, has been launched with a video on the leading platform for cause-driven crowdfunding, StartSomeGood:

Donors and supporters will recognise their name on a Giving Wall created by DADAA artists and will be invited to a celebratory opening to meet other generous individuals who want to see social enterprise like this initiative flourish in Fremantle.


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