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A lovely new cafe has opened in Fremantle’s Little Market Street below Freo’s best Italian restaurant La Sosta.

BOTTEGA is much more than just another cafe though as it also sells bread, take away meals, preserved chilli, peppers, coffee, etc. and it is fully licensed so it is also a new small bar in the centre of town.

It is a very cosy and comfortable place with huge wheels of cheese on display and large salamis hanging from the ceiling.

The food varies daily and is international from pasta dishes to slow cooked brisket with spicy Korean mayo and kimchi, or braised pork belly with rosti, spicy Thai chicken rolls, salads, field mushrooms with goat cheese, sage and pancetta, etc.

But there is more! The Sri Lankan pastry chef makes yummy-looking sweets in house, so there is something for everyone at Bottega.

I really like the ambience of the place and will most certainly pop in there for a coffee and catch up with friends. It’s open from 6.30 am to 6 pm.

La Sosta upstairs also caters for functions so if you are planning a wedding or corporate event, keep them in mind.

Roel Loopers

Disclaimer: This post is a community service for which I do not charge money or accept free meals for!




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A funky new cafe and clothes shop has opened at Elder Place opposite the Fremantle railway station. The Calypso Warehouse looks inviting, cosy and cute, so check it out when you are down that way.

They sell women and men clothing, coffee and other things.

It is on the corner of the Wilson carpark and next to CODA architects.

Sadly further in town at the Piazza the Red Cherries coffee bar has closed but they now operate the cafe in the Fremantle Markets food yard section on weekends.

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Buon giorno!

Fremantle will host another festival this summer on the weekend of October 29 and 30, in conjunction with the Blessing of the Fleet. The Little Italy by the Sea festival will be held at Bathers Beach and the Fishing Boat Harbour and will also be the venue for the Australian Specialty Coffee Championships 2016.

The weekend will be a celebration of Italian culture, food, coffee, art, dance and music, while “Piazza Italia” will be a bustling cafe strip. Belissima!

I am only hoping now there won’t be many business people complaining and saying these kind of events take business away from those who pay rent in the inner city, as the piazza is basically a market with stalls.

I love Freo’s summer of festivals and events and hope the entire community and people from all over Perth will embrace and enjoy it. Uno double Espresso per favore!

Roel Loopers




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Combi Coffee A


There is a cute new Volkswagen coffee van around Fremantle, and it’s the new venture of well-known Freo musician, poet and former Blinco Street Cafe owner Dave Pensa.

The Combi Coffee van is at Leighton Beach most days of the week from early in the morning, so the perfect stop on your way to work in the big smoke, or when meeting clients. When I took this photo Fremantle resident Nicolas Takacs of A Beautiful City stopped for a coffee on his way to a meeting in Cottesloe.

Dave Pensa is a delightful man, there is a dog bowl, a welcome mat, a surfboard and the passive surveillance of having the van there has already seen a decrease in car break ins.

Combi Coffee is on Facebook if you want to find out the locations he is serving great coffee at.

Roel Loopers


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Now this, in my opinion, is a much better project for the City of Fremantle to support. It is not another parklet, not another cafe/ restaurant but something really new and creative and a fantastic way of using coffee waste to grow mushrooms. That is real recycling in coffee-mad Freo and I have no problem with Fremantle City supporting this, so I copied this from Mayor Brad Pettitt’s blog:

Julian and Ryan from Life Cykel turn coffee waste into gourmet mushrooms at their Fremantle Urban Mushroom Farm.
What will 300 tonnes of coffee ground waste and mushrooms do for human and planetary health? Follow their journey to find out!
Life Cykel is a new, locally owned, social enterprise using coffee ground waste to create Australia’s first Urban Mushroom Farm.
Collecting coffee ground waste from Fremantle coffee shops, Life Cykel will grow gourmet organic mushrooms to be sold to local restaurants, food outlets and local markets.
And no, they don’t taste like coffee!
The City of Fremantle has jumped on board, already committing $15000 to the project. Now Life Cykel is calling on more like-minded people who believe local food, local economies and a greener future is what we should strive for.
To support this project check out:

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Writtena dn authorised by Roel Loopers of 5 Mazwell Street, Beaconsfield 6162.


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It is WORLD POETRY DAY this Saturday and cafes all over the world are taking poems as payment for coffee, but I have not been able to find any cafes in Fremantle who are participating. This is your chance to be unique and enter the world cafe stage!

I add my quickly-written cafe poem here so I am expecting a few free coffees this Saturday. ; > )

The coffee is lousy

The noise drives me mad

The food is expensive

I should have stayed in bed

But I do love cafes

I’m addicted to them

Drinking espressos

Is my personal spam

Roel Loopers


If you are one of so many who believe most things in Perth are overpriced, go and have a whinge on FedUP Perth on Twitter and Facebook. The complaints are mainly about food and coffee, but also about high rents, etc.

What annoys me most is that a lot of the stuff we pay for is not worth the money, but also the difference in price. In Fremantle I pay anything for $ 2.50 to 3.50 for a tiny one gulp Espresso and a third of the time the coffee is not that great. Renting in Freo has become ridiculous, as my latest attempts to find something suitable have shown. Up to $ 200 for a room in a house to share with 3-4 people is way over the top, even more so when there is a crappy tiny old bathroom and very basic kitchen.

Consumers need to start voting with their feet and stay away from cafes, restaurants and so called gourmet shops which are money vacuum cleaners that suck our pockets empty.

Roel Loopers


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Responsible cafes

As part of the City of Fremantle’s One Planet commitment to waste reduction, the City and the Fremantle Business Improvement District (BID) are calling on all Fremantle cafes to join the Responsible Cafes program.

The Responsible Cafes program aims to reduce the amount of plastic waste from disposable coffee cups. The City is getting on board by providing incentives to the local community and visitors to use reusable coffee cups at cafes in Fremantle.

Fremantle cafes are encouraged to join the program by providing a modest discount to customers who bring their own reusable cups. By participating in the program, cafes not only save money and reduce waste, but also increase awareness of single-use waste and plastics in our environment.

Canvas Café, Moore & Moore, Fixx Espresso Bar, The Loft, Grumpy Sailor and Legally Brewed have all come on board as early adopters of the program, which will launch officially at the Plastic Free Summer Festival on Saturday 17January 2015.

The City hopes to sign up 20 local cafes to the Responsible Cafes program by 2016, as part of its commitment to the One Planet Fremantle Strategy.

To kick-start the program, the City is providing cafés who become part of the Responsible Cafes program with an initial batch of reusable cups. The cafés are able to use these to help promote the fact they are a responsible café and to encourage people to bring in reusable cups.

Disposable coffee cups are a growing problem in Australia with about one billion disposable cups making their way into landfill or the natural environment each year, creating harmful greenhouse gases and significantly affecting the marine environment.

For more information on the Responsible Cafes program, the Plastic Free Summer Festival or the City of Fremantle’s Plastic Free Initiatives contact

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