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A report in the West Australian yesterday that the sales of electric cars in Australia has dropped by 90 per cent made me wonder what is happening with the Fremantle solar charging station as part of the RAC electric highway.

Sales of electric vehicles in Australia have always been very low so the One Planet $ 50,000 investment by the City of Fremantle appears to be money not well spent, as only a handful of drivers would use the charger.  The charging station at the Esplanade was supposed to start early last year but I have since been told by staff that the City is looking for another location for it.

Another One Planet project, the solar parklet near the Lenny the Ox cafe at Wray Avenue, is also very slow. The last I heard from the project manager was that it would start in December last year but that has not eventuated.

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We humans are a funny lot and I had to laugh out loud when I noticed all these cars parked along the Cappuccino Strip on Christmas Day.

It was not as if there was a shortage of parking bays in Fremantle as there was hardly anyone in town, but it must have been on the bucket list of some of those who went to Sandrino and Pizza Bella Roma for lunch to finally park on the strip.

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Fremantle’s push for tiny houses is now being followed by tiny carports it appears. I noticed this one on South Terrace yesterday. It’s a tight squeeze even for a mini car.

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The F-POL Committee of the City of Fremantle will this evening debate to apply for Black Spot funding for four locations around Fremantle where accidents frequently occur. That is important but I believe the one for the intersection of South Street and Hampton Road should be reconsidered as it will increase traffic in South Fremantle.

The officers recommend to ban right hand turns onto Hampton Road during peak hour traffic, instead of new right arrow traffic lights to accommodate the flow.

This is not a major problem for west-bound traffic as motorists familiar with the street layout will turn right from South Street into Wray Avenue at Solomon Street and take advantage of the right arrow light at the Hampton Road intersection.

It will however create a bigger problem for east-bound traffic, as those coming along Marine Parade and who turn left into South Street to join Hampton Road will now either continue down Marine Parade or try a right-hand turn into South Terrace, to get onto Hampton Road at the Douro Road intersection.

Douro Road in the late afternoon is already stand-still traffic banking up a long way down Marine Parade often as far as the Sealanes fish shop, and the same applies to South Terrace where traffic jams go as far as Jenkins Street in the afternoon.

Motorists no doubt will also turn right into Attflield Street at South Street and drive to Lefroy Road from where they can turn right onto Hampton Road.

The banning of right turns during peak hours will create serious congestion on other roads and will encourage drivers to use small suburban streets like Attfield Street. This needs a serious rethink as the proposal is not a good solution at all in my opinion.

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crash 1


A nasty crash occurred at the corner of Hampton and Lefroy Road in South Fremantle just before 2.30 this afternoon. One car ending up against the facade of the Tippy’s Pizzeria.

Police and ambulance attended so we’ll no doubt hear more about it.

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The City of Fremantle Strategy and Project Committee last night debated the Greater Fremantle Parking Plan 2020.

According to the agenda the plan will provide a city wide car parking plan to enable the City to move past a predict and provide supply approach to parking to an efficiency and management approach.

The plan will focus on enabling the progressive implementation of major new carparks to the periphery of the city core along with providing analysis of current on and off street parking provision and understanding of potential future parking needs within the greater city area.

The Greater Fremantle parking plan is structured using a staged approach, each with individual engagement approaches and individual outputs.

Parking in Fremantle is a constant community issue with the perception that there are not enough parking spaces in Fremantle and that parking is too expensive. Statistics show clearly that this perception is wrong and that especially multi-storey carparks have a lot of vacant spaces on weekdays. There is also first one-hour free parking for all and free parking Freo residents with permits until 11 am and from 3 pm.

In its desperation to revive the retail economy the City of Subiaco has just introduced three-hour free parking in one of its carparks and maybe that is something the City of Fremantle could look at for the Queensgate carpark for the first days of the week to attract more shoppers.

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tai chi


We all know that WA drivers are not the best, but isn’t it a bit over the top to conduct driving lessons without a car? That’s what this Tai Chi midday session at St George’s Cathedral today looked like for me at first glance from a distance.

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The first Fremantle Heritage Festival  FREO 1960 classic car day in historic High Street in the West End was a huge success with thousands of people flocking to the heritage street to see the stunning collection of classic cars all along the street van Market Street to the Roundhouse.

The few cafes that were open did a roaring trade and the Roundhouse got an abundance of visitors as well.

It was the perfect event for that part of the city and will hopefully become a regular annual event.

Well done to organiser Adin Lang and his team and the City of Fremantle staff involved. A great day!

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City of Fremantle parking officers are no longer using chalk to mark tyres so they know if cars are parked longer than permitted. They now do it digitally so don’t check your tyres and believe you can get away with over staying your welcome in parking bays around Freo.

In Fremantle Port the private parking company takes photos from a vehicle that will register if you stay longer than the 3 hour permitted on the South Mole for example.

There is relatively cheap all day parking available behind the train station and in the multi storey carparks, so don’t risk fines!

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v 10



Facebook participant Angela Rooney has done a bit of research on where car tyres got slashed or spiked in Fremantle over this ANZAC Day long weekend.

I became a victim myself with the two left tyres of my old bomb spiked, one I only bought three weeks ago, and next door’s B&B guest also got two tyres of his ute spiked.

Here is Angela Rooney’s list of where the vandals went berserk:

Sat/Sun (Saturday night, 23rd April – Sunday morning, 24th April)
– Alma Street (South Terrace end)
– Brennan St.
– Little Howard St.
– Stevens St. (west end to Attfield St.)
– Attfield St.
– Gold St. (one car, near the t-junction to Attfield St)
– Chester St.
Sun/Mon (Sunday night, 24 April – Monday morning, 25 April)
– Swanbourne St.
– Bolton Pl.
– Solomon St.
– Stevens St.
– Samson St.
– McCleery St.
– Maxwell St.
– Rockingham Rd.
Missed any? Unbelievable.
The Police reference CAD 275528.
Police telephone number 131 444.


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