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A little relief for all those who complained about the new speedhumps in Fremantle.

Ten humps were removed from South Terrace, four from Ord Street and two from Wray Avenue, so it is a bit more comfy to drive along those streets.

Speedhumps are unfortunately a necessary evil, as too many motorists ignore road rules and show little consideration for cyclists and pedestrians.

If motorists behaved more maturely and responsibly we might one day live in a world without the ugly traffic calming devices.


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My relationship with Fremantle Council is like a volatile marriage. Sometimes I want to hug and kiss them for making great strategic long-term decisions and on other occasions I want an urgent divorce; the house, the car, the boat, the Margaret River weekender, the bank accounts, and even the kids.

The idea to change the residents parking permit conditions is one of those divorce situations, or like talking to teenagers and asking them to grow up to reality.

The timing of the proposed changes could not be worse, with Fremantle going through a welcome massive period of development. Long-term parking bays will be occupied by construction workers and tradies for the next three years because of the Kings Square Project, and it is highly likely that the Woolstores shopping development will also start early next year.

To relocate residents to free parking in City carparks only and no longer on the streets will hurt the CBD traders, and the change of time in the morning from 11 am to 10 am will also be bad.

The item is on the agenda of this evening’s FPOL Committee, so have your say and come along. It starts at 6pm.

And why is the City of Fremantle taking no action at all of Transperth busses occupying many parking bays in Goldsborough Street near the Woolstores? A bus takes up to 3-4 car bays and that is not at all helpful for shoppers.

I took this photo at 10.40am this morning.

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Very disturbing to hear that one of the City of Fremantle’s parking inspectors was attacked by a motorist yesterday afternoon.

Police arrested a Riverton man in Beaconsfield and had to smash in car windows to apprehend the driver who had been driving erratically along Hampton Road.

The thirty-year old parking inspector received minor injuries when he was pinned between two cars in William Street.

I know many of Freo’s ‘ticketeers’ and most of them are really nice people with whom one can have a bit of banter. They are just doing their job and no one has the right to abuse them!

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Now that the City of Fremantle has sold the Queensgate carpark to Sirona Capital I wonder if they will continue with the expensive incentive of free staff parking for hundreds of employees.

There would have been substantial loss in parking revenue from Queensgate, but now the City will have to pay for parking and that would be even more costly.

I understand that during the 30-months construction of the Kings Square Project staff will park at the Beach Street carpark, but what will happen once the new Civic Centre is completed?

It seems very inconsistent with Fremantle Council’s desire to reduce car traffic in the inner city when it rewards hundreds of staff to drive to work, although Kings Square is just minutes away from public transport.

Isn’t it time the City of Fremantle stopped encouraging staff to drive to work?

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Steve Grant of Fremantle Herald fame was doing a photo shoot in front of Chalkys cafe in Freo’s West End this morning when I had my coffee there, so I had to take a photo of the new TESLA electric car that was being test driven by Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt, Councillor Jon Strachan and ABC TV garden guru Josh Byrne.

When the doors are opened it looks rather futuristic. I am worried though about all the stuff falling out of the side pockets every time one opens the doors. ; >)

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The City of Fremantle will not build a charging station for electric cars on the Esplanade, that was going to be part of the RAC Electric Highway from Perth to Margaret River.

It turned out the solar charging station would need Western Power back-up and that would have driven the cost well over the budget council had allocated for it.

The sale of electric cars in Australia is very low and there are only a few in W.A. so it was always a waste of money in my opinion.

The City could also save money by not going ahead with the Esplanade hub near the Tourist Wheel, where it plans to build a food outlet for a burger bar.

I hear senior CoF officers are also not in favour of the hub and there is already the Fishing Boat Harbour hospitality hub just across the railway line with Joe’s Fish Shack, Little Creatures, Cicerello’s, Kailis, Char Char Bull, Bathers Beach House and Sweetlips.

It is just a ten-minute walk down Collie Street to the Grill’d burger bar and the same distance down Essex Street to Hungry Jacks.

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Some people are inconsiderate idiots, as this driver proved when (s)he parked across two car bays in Fremantle’s Essex Street at midday today.

Public flogging should apply. ; >)

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A lot of people like the modern creative new Mediterranean Shipping Company building in Fremantle’s Cliff Street, but this motorist clearly went for a too close-up look of the Slavin Architects designed building this Thursday morning.

St John’s ambulance and the fire brigade attended the scene.

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Few things annoy me more than criticism and negative comments which are not based on facts, and the urban myth that Fremantle has parking problems, not enough parking bays, and that parking is expensive here is one of them.

Yesterday I read a comment on social media from a woman who claimed there is just no parking near Target when she and her mother go shopping in that area. Really?!

A two-minute walk away from Target is the large Wilson carpark on the corner of Queen and Cantonment streets, down the road from there are the Woolstores shopping centre, Point Street and Adelaide Plaza carparks, and there is street parking in Cantonment, Adelaide, Queen and Point streets. It is also just a three-minute walk from the Queensgate carpark when one exits at Queen Street.

Criticism from residents and CBD businesses about parking in Fremantle just don’t add up. Let me remind everyone that Fremantle residents with a parking permit can park for free on weekdays from 3pm to 11 am. That is 20 hours of free parking every day from Monday to Friday! There is also all day free weekend parking at the Beach Street carpark for residents of Freo.

Plus there is first hour free parking in City carparks, and several carparks are offering all day parking specials for just around $ 10.00 per day.

Not sufficient parking bays? I think there are over 500 of them and here they are: Parry Street carpark, Queensgate, William Street carpark near the Fremantle Markets, Collie Street carpark, Italian Club carpark, four carparks along Mews Road. It only takes ten minutes from there to the Cappuccino Strip, plus on-street parking in Norfolk, Essex, Collie, Nairn, Pakenham, Henry, Mouat streets.

Then there are the Shipwreck Museum and Little High Street carparks and on-street parking in Croke, Cliff and High streets.

For cheapos who don’t want to pay a cent for parking there is three-hour free parking on the South Mole, a leisurely 15-minute walk from Market Street, and there is huge parking on Victoria Quay all the way from the Maritime Museum to the railway station, plus on-street parking all along Phillimore Street.

We then end up where I started at the Wilson carpark one enters at Elders Place and the Beach Street carpark.

I might have forgotten some parking locations because I am writing this just from memory.

The City of Fremantle is also planning a new carpark at the Stan Reilley centre site as part of the Fremantle Oval project and a new one in Parry Street next to the tennis club.

On street parking fees in Fremantle are around $ 3.00 per hour I believe while the City of Perth has just increased theirs to $ 5.00 per hour.

The urban myth that Fremantle has parking problems is rubbish, but parking straight in front of the shop or cafe one wants to go to could be problematic, as it is in shopping centres such as Garden City where one has to park miles away from the shops one frequents.

As I wrote before; the glass is half full in Freo!

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It is good to finally see the intersection of Scott Street and Hampton Road in South Fremantle being made safer but it is a real worry that there are no signs warning motorists of the changes.

I noticed cars wanting to turn right into Scott coming from the south and it will just be a matter of time where someone will end up on the new traffic island.

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