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Don’t take my word for it that parking in Fremantle does not have to be expensive, check it out for yourselves!

Street parking is only $ 2.80 per hour, and at the Westgate car park in Point Street it is only $ 8.00 for all day parking.

Just over the road from there at the Woolstores shopping centre all day parking is just $ 9.00.

Both these car parks are only a leisurely five-minute stroll from Kings Square, so well within the shopping and hospitality precinct.

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I have been made aware that many business owners in Fremantle do not realise they can vote at the local government election in October.

The participation in local council elections is extremely disappointing so I urge anyone to enrol to vote!

We need small business owners, young people, and the old to have a say, so please vote!

Here is the link to the enrol to vote page:

The form for people/businesses with a lease for more than 3 months is: enrolment eligibility claim form for sole or one of two owners or occupiers.

The form for body corporates/multiple owner representatives is: enrolment eligibility claim form to register a nominee.

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While reading the agenda for the upcoming City of Fremantle FPOL Committee meeting on Wednesday I thought that we should never take the sanity of governments for granted and that we can only hope our elected members have more lucid moments than bad ones.

Parking is one of the most controversial subjects in Fremantle. Some claim it is too expensive, others that there are not enough parking bays, etc.

So why on earth would Fremantle Council even want to consider making changes to the residential parking permits, in a time where traders are struggling and where inner city development will make life much harder for them for the next three years? It is absolute pure idiotic madness, conceived by people who are clearly bored shitless and have too much time on their hands, so they come up with crap ideas!

The agenda item proposes that we no longer can park for free as residents (with the appropriate permit) on the streets before 11am and after 3pm on weekdays, but will only be allowed to do that in CoF carparks, and only till 10am. And we can do that seven days a week.

Many shops in Fremantle only open at 10am and many people do their food shopping before 11am or after 3pm in streets closest to the shops they frequent, but would now have to find a city carpark in the vicinity and hoping there are vacant bays.

For example when I want to have my morning coffee at the Moore&Moore cafe in Henry Street, where I normally park straight in front, I would in future have to find a Fremantle City carpark and walk all the way to the cafe, where I will only be for half an hour. It won’t be worth the effort, so the M&M will miss out on my patronage.

Here part of the agenda item:

The City provides residents with a free parking permit that allows them to park without charge in Fremantle’s city centre, in certain locations and at certain times. Currently there are 6 761 permits issued by the City, which is approximately one permit for every second household.

Officers have reviewed the current permit conditions and consider them to be overly complicated and difficult to communicate to residents (see attachment). This report recommends adjusting the permits for the purpose of:

  •   simplifying them so that they are easier to understand
  •   providing a greater number of hours of free parking for residents
  •   aligning more closely with the City’s Integrated Transport Strategy (ITS).This report recommends that council approve the new conditions for the residents’ free parking permits, to take effect from 1 December 2017.


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Just a little Freo’s View free community service and promotion for two new businesses in Fremantle.

1991 Skateshop has opened shop at 7/2 Cantonment Street and is a core skateboard shop. Owned and run exclusively by skateboarders, 1991 Skateshop has a huge range of skateboard decks, hardware, shoes and apparel online and in store.

Check it out!

Little Polkadot Pantry  at 147 South Terrace is the home of Perth’s first artisan marshmallow salon located within The Coop @ The Corner Store.

It features a beautiful handmade marshmallow centric menu created by some of the most exciting pastry chefs in Perth. With a focus on local and small batch a carefully curated daily menu (inc sweet & savoury) features along with a pantry stocked with local artisan goodness.       

A fine selection of Seven Seas Tea & Karvan Coffee is available from “Betsy” the marshmallow pink Wega machine to compliment the artisan treats along with a healthy dose of good old fashioned service.

Support our local businesses. They are doing it tough!

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RAW Energy in Cantonment Street has already closed after opening I think it was in December last year.

It is always disappointing to see a business close, but one has to wonder why it is a business closes within six months. Did they do proper market research and did they not understand that it takes well over a year to establish a new small business, and that one needs financial back-up to get through the rough first year and a bit?

On a more positive note, Richard’s Gourmet Sandwiches in the High Street Mall has also closed but it is due to the success of the business.

The business is developing into a Perth-wide commercial supply of their delicious sandwiches and will be stocking Parlapa in William Street opposite the Fremantle Townhall.

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COMMON GROUND the retail collective in Fremantle High Street has moved to the smaller premises next door in the same building.

These are challenging times for retailers all over Australia and they need the support of the entire Freo community.

It would be nice to see the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce taking positive action and support our traders through promotion, rather than just criticising the City of Fremantle,

The Fremantle City marketinging department and BID should get the support from an organisation that claims to represent the business community.

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ks 4


The City of Fremantle and Sirona Capital held a Kings Square Local Traders Forum at the Federal Hotel on Thursday evening to update the businesses most affected by the Kings Square Project, which will start next month.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt and Sirona Capital managing director Matthew McNeilly presented the exciting project in detail and were assisted by Probuild managing director Sam Delmenico who will be responsible for the construction of the four buildings.

The Kings Square project is the biggest development ever in Fremantle and will take about 30 months to completion, with retailers expected to move in by mid 2019 and state government agencies by the start of 2020.

1,155  workers will be on the construction site full time for the 30 months, which will be a boost for the local cafes and traders. Most importantly they will also be there during the very quiet first half of the week, so local traders will no doubt benefit from it.

Probuild and the City should make sure that none of those building site coffee vans will drive to the construction site daily as that would negatively impact on Fremantle traders!

Matthew McNeilly told the audience that this is an extraordinary project for Fremantle that will significantly add to the Fremantle retail and hospitality experience. It will be a catalyst for future investment and development in our city.

There will also be an $ 8.5 million investment in the public realms with public art, nature playground, etc. which will make Kings Square an attractive place of lingering and relaxation in the city. It is meant to be a place for families to come to.

The new library in the Civic Centre will have 50% more space and badly-needed 11 community meeting spaces.

Mayor Brad Pettitt said it would be one of the most green buildings in Western Australia and that Fremantle could absolutely afford to build it. It is an investment into the City’s future!

Matthew McNeilly promised a whole new ‘deconstructed’ retail concept that is authentically Fremante, and a big exciting marketing campaign.

The precinct will be multi-layered with laneways running in different angles. It will be design-inspired retail and it will become a significant retail precinct for Freo.

Sirona Capital will also spend $ 8 million on the Queensgate carpark and activate Henderson and Queen streets with street level retail.

They will try to keep the carpark open for as long as possible but it will have to be temporarily closed at times, but 165 new parking bays will be provided at the Stan Reilley site and the vacant space on the corner of Point and Adelaide streets will also be made into a public carpark to add additional parking bays.

Probuild will try to minimise the impact of the construction site for local traders but it is important for them to receive feedback on any issues that might arise, so there is a new hotline to call: 1300 KSFREO.

While some concerns were raised by the traders present there was more of a sense of excited anticipation about the future of Fremantle and the much-needed economic recovery and making Freo a seven day a week shopping destination.

Fremantle Silverleaf director Gerard O’Brien was also at the forum and will have picked up some tips on how to proceed with the very important Woolstores shopping centre site development. Plans for that should be debated at Fremantle Council in the next month or so.

I personally feel like a child that has to wait before it is allowed to open his Christmas presents. I can only see good and positive things coming out of all the development in Fremantle. More people living, working and visiting the inner city will be fantastic!

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The Little Lane residential development on the former Spotlight site at the Westgate Mall will have a display suite opening soon at 52 Adelaide Street. See

The seven-storey development will be real inner city living as it is just a minute away from Kings Square.

It will offer 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and ground-level retail. The rooftop will be full of solar panels which means residents will get 10% off their electricity bills.

While I am disappointed with the uninspiring architecture of the seven-storey building I like the little lane idea for the drab Westgate Mall a lot.

Retail incubator MANY 2.0 is occupying the Spotlight building until development start and a new cafe there has just opened, so go an support all those small local businesses. They are open Thursday-Sunday.

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Whenever I see a photorealistic painting I wonder why I did not photograph the scene, so when I noticed this one in Fremantle Market Street at midday it reminded me of a Marcus Beilby painting.

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Federal Hotel Sunday music


What a brilliant Sunday again in Freo paradise!

Don’t stay home but get out and about to the Growers Green Farmers Market that is still on till midday and there is also a car boot sale on there today.

Fresh produce, breads, pastries, yummy breakfasts, great atmosphere, live music, animal touch farm, face painting. Bring the family, friends, dogs!

When there help reduce the us of plastic bags and take part in making Boomerang Bags.

From 3pm on the Federal Hotel in William Street opposite the Townhall will have free live music, so for those who miss the Irish music they used to play there when it was Rosy O’Grady, this might be a good afternoon.

And all the shops, pubs, bars and cafes are open in Fremantle, so support our small businesses and the bigger ones, all of them!

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