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It took less than three hours for the very special Galati&Sons offer to sell out this morning.

The Fremantle Wray Avenue family business has been having Saturday specials from the back of a truck for months, but today’s special of only $ 1 for a 10-kilo box of tomatoes was super special. They sold 1,000 boxes!

Check out their Facebook page on Fridays to find out what Saturdays’ specials are.

Support Freo’s local small businesses!

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The ban for single-use plastic shopping bags will come into effect from July 1, so supermarkets and other retailers will no longer be allowed to hand out the free plastic bags we have been using for decades.

The City of Fremantle, one of the country leaders in getting the shopping bags banned, will give away free reusable shopping bags. They can be collected from the Visitor Centre at the Townhall and at the temporary council building at Fremantle Oval.

I do have one suggestion to make and that is to decentralise the hand-out of the free reusable bags, as it is not fair to the people of Samson and other outer suburbs to have to come all the way into the city centre for it.

Why not have some of the bags for collection at the Samson Recreation Centre, the Hilton Community Centre, etc. We have become very CBD-centric in Fremantle and Council needs to improve on that!

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The 10th annual Fremantle Business Awards event was held at the Esplanade Hotel last night and THE WINNERS ARE:

Corporate Responsibility: Fremantle Foundation

Excellence in Hospitality: Esplanade Hotel and Kazoomies. Joint winners!

Excellence in Innovation: Black Swan Health

Excellence in Strategy, Marketing, Communications: Photography Project

Marine Industry Excellence: TAMS Group

Outstanding Community Event: Long Table Dinner (National Hotel, St Patrick’s, BID)

Outstanding New Business: Viewport Virtual Reality

Outstanding Personal Achievement: Amber Kane of Ellen Health

Retail Excellence: The Blue Budha

Sustainability Initiative: CleanSubSea

Tourism Excellence: Fremantle Prison

Business of the Year: Media on Mars


Congratulations to all of you!

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The Fremantle Council Planning Committee met in North Fremantle last night with an agenda of interesting items.

The two storey additions to a house in Thompson Road received the normal for and against public speakers and was deferred to full council.

The four-storey mixed use development of tourist accommodation, residential and restaurant at Parry Street, that has interesting architecture, was sent on for approval to JDAP, and the Wild Bakery will be able to relocate to the corner of Scott Street and South Terrace, although nearby residents were worried about parking issues.

An alteration in Hale Street was hotly debated but Councillors believed it should have a chance to be modified and  it will go to full council.

The awning at the new FOMO retail building on Kings Square received criticism from the City’s Design Advisory Committee, but Councillors agreed with Sirona Capital managing director Matthew McNeilly that the whole FOMO concept was about fun, impermanence, and transitional, and thus self-invigorating, and that the awning most likely would be replaced or modified to keep having a a visual attractor, and respond to the changing functions of the area.

Councillor Adin Lang needs to get his act together as he is embarrassing himself. He twice voted last night opposite from what he wanted to vote for and the Chair had to ask for the members to vote again, so that Lang could change his vote. This has happened before, so that is not good enough.

Councillor Lang unfairly makes himself look as if he is not the brightest light on a Christmas tree, but I believe it is either a lack of concentration by the young Councillor, or not doing his homework, and studying the agenda and attachments properly. He has been on Council for seven months, so he should understand process and procedure by now.

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I am not sure at all why Fremantle Council is wasting officers’ time to investigate higher(penalty) rates for long time vacant street level retail spaces, when other councils have already done so, but their plans were rejected by the State Administrative Tribunal.

Blaming ‘greedy’ landlords for empty retail spaces is ignoring the global downturn in retail and online shopping becoming more popular.

It is even more flabbergasting that Fremantle Council has instructed the administration to investigate penalty rates in a time where traffic and parking in the CBD is impacted by the Kings Square redevelopment and more shops have closed in William Street and the Fremantle Mall because of that.

It is pie in the sky thinking that temporary pop ups by amateurs who don’t have the money to invest in a long time sustainable business is a solution for the retail problems Fremantle and the rest of Australia has.

Many traders in Fremantle have closed after only 6-12 months of trading because they did not do any research on the viability of their business in the locations they opened up shop. A cafe in Phillimore Street that took over from another unsuccessful cafe only lasted three months, which shows the naivety and lack of financial backing of some who start a new business.

Don’t waste officers’ time Fremantle Council!

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factorie 1

factorie 2


A new discount clothing shop has opened at Fremantle’s Kings Square, so welcome to FACTORIE at Adelaide Street just opposite St John’s church!

Check it out and support all our local traders and in particular those around Kings Square who are impacted by the development.

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ca 6



I lasted just over an hour in Perth this morning as I find the CBD there rather boring.

I was surprised how quiet it was and how many vagrants were lurking around, and there were ample retail vacancies and for lease signs all over the place. Buskers played amplified music way too loud and so did some of the cafes.

Most of the new buildings under construction are average or worse, and the inappropriateness in context to heritage buildings is staggering.

The saving grace was the gorgeous tranquil architecture of the Cadogan Singing School at St George’s cathedral, and the stunning new Perth Library where window cleaners were doing a high trapeze act.

So happy to be back in Fremantle. It’s far from perfect, but so much more beautiful than the Perth CBD.

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Fremantle Council will investigate if it is realistic, fair and feasible to charge owners of vacant commercial properties higher rates to encourage them to lower rents.

Owners of retail properties which have been vacant for more than a year could be penalised with higher rates to try to stop the increasing retail vacancies in Fremantle.

While lower rents might encourage a few more people to take the risk and open up shop it should be noticed that the downward trend in retail is state and nation wide and all over the world.

One also has to be careful to encourage naive people who have done no market research to open up shop in Fremantle, as we constantly see small businesses opening, but then closing again within a year because they simply can’t make a living out of their business.

Fremantle’s major problem is that it is mainly a weekend shopping destination and shops might as well close the shutters Monday to Wednesday when there are only a handful of people around.

We know that everyone accuses ‘greedy’ landlords, but the problems are much more complicated than that and an ad hoc increase in rates also penalises those landlords who would love to fill their vacant spaces with new businesses. Pop ups are cute, but not a long term solution for a worldwide problem.

To introduce something like this now when the Kings Square development is going on is all wrong. Who in their right mind would want to open a new business when the CBD is in a mess?

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academy brand


The Academy Brand has opened its new store for men’s fashion on the corner of the High Street mall and Market Street in Fremantle. Go check it out!

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Once the London Plane Trees have been relocated the demolition of the City of Fremantle civic hall can start. This will take much longer than the demolition of the Queensgate building as there is asbestos removal involved, so it is estimated to take up to six months for the relatively small building.

The former Queensgate site is now nearly ready for three weeks of ground work and than the prefabricated elements will arrive and pop up fast, so that will be really exciting to watch.

The modernisation of Kings Square with a port themed children’s playground is very significant for Fremantle. It will change the way locals and visitors view and use our city square and will hopefully attract people here seven days a week, day and night.

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