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I love it that the sun is out in Fremantle and that winter will come to an end this week. Wildflowers are already popping up and thank heavens it is finally getting warmer. I do not like the cold!

A couple of photos I took of two backyards in Beacy.

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Beaconsfield Councillor Hannah Fitzhardinge is trying to get a precinct group going and there will be a meeting at the Fremantle Farmers Markets this Sunday at 10am:

This is an initial meeting to try and establish a Beaconsfield Precinct Group. All interested community members are welcome to attend. City of Fremantle officers will also deliver a FOGO Info Session. Meet in the undercover area near the market (under the school auditorium) and please BYO chair!

The Growers Green markets is at Fremantle College at Lefroy Road, so if you live in Beacy make sure to attend!

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More bad news for the Lefroy Road shopping centre in Beaconsfield with Princi Butchers reported to be moving to East Fremantle soon.

After the closure of Romanos and IGA it was just a matter of time until one of Freo’s famous butchers would also make a move to a place where there are more customers and foot traffic.

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190524 Davis Park structure plan resized


One of the key pieces in the plan to revitalise the Fremantle Heart of Beaconsfield has been released for public comment.

The Davis Park precinct is an area of 10 hectares of land bounded by South Street, Lefroy Road, Caesar Street and Fifth Avenue consisting of mostly state-owned social housing.

City of Fremantle Director of Strategic Planning Paul Garbett said the state government is looking to redevelop the area and has submitted a structure plan to guide the process.

“The state government through the Department of Communities has a policy to decentralise large pockets of social housing and redevelop the land to create a range of more diverse and affordable housing options,” Mr Garbett said.

“The Davis Park precinct currently contains around 260 dwellings that are fairly old, low-scale residential. These homes are accessed by a number of cul-de-sac roads, so connectivity with the surrounding neighbourhood is poor.

“For this reason the Department of Communities is keen to redevelop the Davis Park precinct to create a more diverse mix of housing, with both private and public housing and better connections to surrounding areas.

“The structure plan submitted by the Department of Communities shows details such as where roads and public open space will go, as well as types and locations of housing, community facilities and other land uses.

“As the authority responsible for local planning, the City of Fremantle’s role is to assess the plan and make a recommendation to the WA Planning Commission, which will make the final decision on whether the plan is approved or not.

“To help the City prepare its recommendation to the WAPC, we’d really like to hear from the local community and get some feedback on the structure plan.

“Community feedback at this stage is important because, although it doesn’t include details such as the design of new buildings, a structure plan does guide later stages of planning such as subdivision and development applications.”

The Davis Park structure plan proposes the creation of a mixed-use precinct along South Street, with retail, commercial and residential properties.

Public open space around Davis Park will be expanded and an innovation precinct will be established to provide opportunities for alternative housing styles.

Redevelopment of the Davis Park area is a key part of the broader Heart of Beaconsfield planning project, which will guide the redevelopment of surrounding areas like the Lefroy Road Quarry and the former South Metropolitan TAFE site.

An information stall will be set up at the Growers Green Farmers Markets at Fremantle College on Sunday 16 June, with the opportunity to speak with representatives from the Department of Communities and the City’s planning staff on the structure plan proposal.

For more information and to make a submission visit the City of Fremantle’s My Say Freo website. Public comments close on 21 June.


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art 4


There is always something special at ECOBURBIA on the corner of Livingstone and Beard streets in Fremantle’s Beaconsfield.

Shani Graham and Tim Darby are two of the most community-minded people in Freo, and Tim has excelled at becoming one of WA’s best sand sculptors.

Go and take the kids around to have a look at this beauty which Tim just created! This one is double as good because Tim had to build it twice when the first one collapsed.

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This is Fremantle so of course negative comments have been made on social media about the City of Fremantle wanting to create a Masterplan for Beaconsfield and a Scheme Amendment for the Davis Park Precinct.

I do not understand the negativity over long-term strategic planning for the precinct as Fremantle Council is trying to make a positive out of the departure of TAFE and the Department of Housing wanting to make changes to the Davis Park Precinct properties, of which they own 90%.

This create great opportunities  near the new Fremantle College that will be the result of merging the South Fremantle and Hamilton Hill senior high schools.

The City of Fremantle has been conducting The Heart of Beaconsfield community consultation sessions, that will result in a masterplan for the precinct. In my books that is good sensitive planning ahead of the inevitable changes.



The Housing Authority requested a scheme amendment(No 72) for Davis Park, so that they can renew properties and build higher density.

I understand that it stresses some people who live at Davis Park that they might have to be relocated, but it is all due to Housing wanting to improve the living conditions.

The Active Foundation also wants to update its facilities in the area, and the CoF is also looking at implementing a structure plan for the former Lefroy Road quarry.

The departure of TAFE from Beacy and essential changes Housing want to make have forced the City’s hand, but it could be the start of the major revitalisation of the precinct.

Fremantle Council has been active in making  positives out of what were negatives. The departure of MYER from Kings Square resulted in the Kings Square Project development concept, and the departure of the Dockers resulted in the Fremantle Oval/Stan Reilley Project.

Some historic details:

Colonial settlement of the area dates from the 1860s. The land bounded by South Street, Caesear Street, Lefroy Road and Fifth Avenue was developed by Henry Maxwell Lefroy as a vineyard and orchard, know as ‘Mulberry Farm’. The western portion of the estate was used for dairying purposes by identities such as Lane, Fletcher, Wade and Caesar.

During the 1940s Mulberry Farm was resumed by the State Housing Commission and 145 weatherboard and iron houses were built with timber imported form Denmark to house migrant building tradesman who were brought to the state to boost the Perth workforce.

Between 1978 and 1981 the old houses were demolished and the estate was redeveloped by the State Housing Commission to construct the houses that are there today.


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I have had many sleepless nights over it but I have finally made up my mind and decided to stand for the BEACONSFIELD WARD at the Fremantle Council election on October 17. Ballot papers will be send out from September 23 so make sure you vote and mail it straight back or drop it off at the City of Fremantle reception.

The indication is that there are a few people standing for other wards and I wanted to make sure that all seats are contested and no one can retain their seat unopposed. Since I live in Beacy and recently lived ‘next door’ of it in White Gum Valley it makes sense to stand for Beacy where I do my shopping and love the Growers Green Sunday markets.

Spread the word please and ask your Beacy friends to join my ROEL FOR FREO Facebook page and read this blog. And wish me luck!

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