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Fremantle has a new mural art work on the side of the South Beach Fish&Chips take-away on South Terrace.

The artist had not signed the work by this morning so I am not sure who did the art, but if I am correct the creation was done by Art by Destroy. Please correct me if I am wrong!

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south beach


The construction of a basketball court at Fremantle’s South Beach is well underway.

Already there have been complaints from people who are not aware of the community consultation and process. They just assume this happened out of the blue, but let me assure everyone that nothing at any level of government happens overnight.

Several options were discussed with the community as possible locations for the court; Wilson Park, the northern end of the car park, on the grass north of the kiosk, and the present location just to the west of the toilets.

One of the main reasons to put it there was to protect nearby residents from the noise of bouncing balls and players calling out.

The young people of Fremantle and surroundings asked for a full-size basketball court, and it has to go somewhere, and no location will be ideal for everyone.

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sb 1


The construction of the new sports hub at South Beach is underway and will hopefully be ready for summer.

The mixed-use court for basketball, futsall and volleyball is just south of the toilets and hugging the dunes.

Fremantle Council went through an extensive process to decide on the right location for the hub, as the initial plan was to put it in the northern carpark or on Wilson Park, but consideration for local residents, who were worried noise from the hardcourt might impact on their peace and quiet, dictated the court should be as far away from residential development as possible.


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Cafe Styles sunday lunch


BISTRO 21 at Fremantle’s South Beach is starting with Sunday music today, a welcome sign that the wet winter is over and we are moving toward warmer weather and outdoor concerts.

David Pensabene and Dave Johnson, who should call themselves the DD Duo, will do “Cafe Styles” from 12 to 2 pm.

Bistro 21 will in summer also do tapas and drinks afternoons from 5pm to 8 pm, so check them out.


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mole camping



Parking of campervans is again posing a problem in Fremantle and will get even worse during the summer months, with backpackers ignoring the no parking signs on the South and North Mole at the port and at South Beach.

The idea to lock up the moles during the night is not a good one as it affects people fishing from there and those who like a bit of romantic sightseeing in the dark. It would also only shift the problems and make it worse for South Beach and that is not fair to those who frequent that beach.

There is either a problem with not enough space for campervans at Woodman Point or the backpackers don’t want to pay for legal camping and that needs to be addressed.

In Broome during the busy tourist months they used to use one of the sports ovals as an overflow caravan park at Roebuck Bay, so maybe this is something the City of Fremantle should look into. If the problem is not enough space at Woodman Point, could we make a part of Fremantle Park or Princess May Park available at reduced costs and what would the implications be as far as health regulations go because there would be no showers and toilets.

Backpackers are important for our tourism industry, so somehow we need to be flexible in accommodating their needs. Any bright ideas anyone out there?

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