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The Fremantle Townhall clock is back running on time!

It turned out that a film crew damaged essential parts of the clock so the poor clockmaker had to do repairs just a few days after the clock had been restarted on Friday.

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I know Fremantle is a progressive city and we like to get things moving, but are we really two hours ahead of the rest of Western Australia?

The clock in the Fremantle Townhall was only restarted at midday on Friday but two days later it is already two hours fast. Oooops! Or did we get a Usain Bolt clock installed?

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The Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour PIazza is well underway and trees are planted, seats made and the new timber deck looks great.

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It such a beautiful Sunday that I had to go out and wander around Fremantle, and I took these street photos.

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Good-looking vintage bikes and hot rods are on display at the Maritime Museum as part of the Fremantle Heritage Festival.

Arthur Grady Day is always very popular and the weather is perfect so head out to Victoria Quay soon as it is only on for a few hours.

Arthur Grady was the first person to ride around Australia on a motorcycle, so hence the name of the event.

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The Fremantle HEIRLOOM by MATCH residential development at Queen Victoria Street has won two categories in last night’s annual WA Heritage Council awards for adaptive reuse of a heritage building.

It won the Gerry Gauntlett award for excellence in conservation and also the adaptive reuse award

MATCH converted the former Dalgety Woolstores building, that was built in 1923. into 183 residential units.

The judges said that the building was a testament to the dedication and financial commitment of MATCH and they had used innovative solutions.

The Heirloom development was financially supported by Sirona Capital, which will start the Kings Square Project in the next few weeks, helping to rebuild the Fremantle economy.

Hillcrest in North Fremantle received a commendation for the conservation work done on it.

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One of the most popular events of the Fremantle Heritage Festival is the ARTHUR GRADY DAY with a display of many vintage motorbikes, bicycles, machinery, etc.

It is on TOMORROW Saturday May 27 and not as printed in the festival program on June 27!! 

It is held outside the Maritime Museum on Victoria Quay and starts at 11 am and runs all day.

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For the first time in ten years the Australian national flag was raised above the Fremantle Townhall at noon today, and the repaired bells were ringing.

A big mob of people turned up for the official unveiling of the Townhall conservation works and were very impressed with the brilliant outcome.

New WA Minister and Member for Fremantle Simone McGurk was present, as was Federal Labor MP for Fremantle Josh Wilson.

City of Fremantle heritage architect Alan Kelsall was clearly relieved and delighted that the effort by a large team of people had all been worth all the hard work.

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The beautiful STRANGE COMPANY bar in Fremantle’s Nairn Street is on Monday launching Strange Editions, a book club for those who like reading and having a chat about books while enjoying nice food and drinks in a great atmosphere.

Go check it out and share your stories!

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A letter to the editor in today’s Fremantle Herald:

Dear Brad

Why are you spending millions of dollars on Fremantle Kings Square and leaving our port in such a horrible state for our visitors who arrive. Think twice and see which is more important.

Abelle Wards. Cockburn Rd. Coogee

Dear Abelle,

Fremantle Port is a state agency and not the jurisdiction of Fremantle Council, so the City of Fremantle can do nothing, but ask, beg and plea for upgrades of the Passenger Terminal, etc.

However the City has revealed its South Quay Project plans for the development of Victoria Quay and beyond, but to realise those plans it will need collaboration from state government and Fremantle Ports.

I am making this point not to defend Fremantle Council and its Mayor but because I am getting very annoyed with the often-made ignorant and ill-informed comments about our hard-working council.

It is not very intelligent to not inform oneself and make comments that are baseless.

Yesterday someone posted that Freo Council are naysayers who have no balls, and the truck accident at Stirling Highway somehow could be blamed on them, but Mainroads is responsible for the long-overdue upgrade that was cancelled because of the Perth Freight Link plans. The upgrade at High Street is now back under the new Labor government.

Criticise Fremantle Council and Mayor Brad Pettitt as much as you like, as I regularly do, but base it on facts, not ignorance.

Roel Loopers

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