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The great FREMANTLE CHAMBER ORCHESTRA is doing two concerts this coming weekend. One in Fremantle on Sunday and one in Perth on Saturday. They will perform Haydn: Symphony 44, Hoffmeister: Viola Concerto INTERVAL Cunéo: “Le Verre Siffleur” (world premiere), Mozart: Symphony 29.

Conductor Ollivier-Philippe Cunéo soloists Sally Boud

Saturday 23 July @ Perth Town Hall at 3pm (till 5pm, with heating).

Sunday 24 July @ Fremantle Town Hall at 3pm (till 5pm, with heating).

Haydn’s Symphony 44 and Mozart’s 29 are considered highlights of the classic period as is the charming Hoffmeister Viola Concerto. Its first movement an audition piece for aspiring violinists.

Sally Boud was a member of the Australian String Quartet touring internationally and played the Bruch concerto with her husband last July to great acclaim.

Mr Cunéo is back from Paris to conduct FCO and he will also present “Le Verre Siffleur” spurned on by the success of “Between Two Moons” in January this year. It’s FCO’s first commission made possible with the help of the Department of Culture and the Arts, our sponsors, donors and loyal listeners.



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Now this will excite Fremantle music fans! The very popular FALLS FESTIVAL has added Fremantle as one of its locations in 2017. The festival is being held at Byron Bay in NSW, Lorne in Victoria and Marion Bay in Tasmania, but next year the acts will also fly to the west and perform in Freo on January 7 and 8 in and around Kings Square.

There will be concerts for up to 500 patrons in St John’s church and the Townhall and performances in the MANY 6100(former Myer) building and on the roof there.

A total of 16,000 tickets will be available for the two days-8,000 per day, so it will be a very substantial addition to the Fremantle festivals and should boost the Freo economy at the start of the year.

The Falls Festival organisers say there will be international and local bands and that they offer “Bunkered basement danceteries, interactive art installations, makers markets and unexpected performance areas.”

This will be big competition for the Blues&Roots festival that is normally held in February and is going to return to the Esplanade next year after the festival was held at Fremantle Park for the last years.

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A fund raising photo exhibition, Seeking Asylum in Country: Western Australian Landscapes will be held on Tuesday 14 June from 6 – 9.30pm at PS Arts Space in Pakenham Street, Fremantle.

Thirty landscape photographs  will be ‘floating’ in the 600sqm PSAS warehouse/gallery, allowing the viewer to navigate and explore these Western Australian landscapes.

Fourteen WA photographers have donated their works for the silent auction. Proceeds are to be assigned to urgent asylum seeker and refugee needs in WA by Fremantle Refugee Rights Action Network (RRAN).

A forum and Q&A with Dr Neville Ellis, Katie West, Kaliyugan Pathmanathan and Gwen Velge will take place at 6:30pm, preceding the opening of the exhibition and silent auction at 7:30 (bids close at 8:45pm).

For enquiries contact Gwen Velge M 0420 364 161 or Leonie Lundy (Fremantle RRAN) M 0439 475 174

Check out the Facebook page:



The Kings Square Contract Extension. A Response to the Questions Raised

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City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog

I normally choose not to respond to the Fremantle Society’s recent tendency to launch unconstructive attacks rather than engage in a civil and constructive dialogue. But the latest email and ad in the Fremantle Herald promoting their public forum on the Kings Square project makes some serious and inaccurate accusations that do need to be corrected and responded to. This is especially, given Councillors and I could not be at their forum due to a Fremantle Council committee meeting at the same time last night.  I will restate some background on the Kings Square project before responding directly to the main issues raised by the Fremantle Society.

First some background:

What is the Kings Square Project? – it is an integrated development of the centre of Fremantle that aims to revitalise the tired civic precinct with the new library, tourist info centre and civic building as well as see the…

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An exclusive report by Joe Spagnolo in the Sunday Times today says a yet to be released report by the Perth and Peel Economic Development Strategy sees the development of the outer harbour as essential for the WA economy and that it would create a significant number of jobs in the region of up to 48,000.

The outer harbour is seen by the expert committee as game-changing and essential and the top priority for the region.

The PPEDS paper , to be released in June, makes no case for the Perth Freight Link but states that an extension of the inner harbour is not a viable option.

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The West Australian reports today that City of Fremantle CEO Graeme McKenzie will recommend to Council to extend the contract for the Kings Square project with Sirona Capital for six months, to see if the State Government will commit to relocate the Department of Housing to the former MYER building. According to McKenzie a decision is due mid year. A decision was also expected by November last year and the year before, so I won’t be holding my breath.

The Freo CEO told the West reporter that the department is looking at two locations, the second one presumable the Woolstores shopping centre development.

Should Council decide not to extend the contract, my bet is they will, Sirona could go it alone and buy the Queensgate building fom COF, but it is questionable if the Civic Centre still would be built if there is no partnership, so what would happen with that idea? Could the City afford to build the Kerry Hill designed building and if not where would all the staff be accommodated?

The reality is that there is a 50 per cent chance that Housing will move to Kings Square. We have waited a long time, so my gut feeling is to grant the extension, maybe not even for six months but until the State has made a decision on the relocation.

There is no doubt for me personally that the development of Kings Square is essential for the revitalisation of the Fremantle CBD. I still believe it needs to be 24/7 activation and that means residential should be put in the mix as we otherwise will only have daytime activation and the same old dark city square at night. The area needs passive surveillance and that can only happen when people live there and frequent the area day and night, for that reason alone a hotel would have been good.

Roel Loopers

P.S. The West must be getting desperate claiming the story about the Fremantle Oval development is an exclusive. It is an agenda item for Wednesday’s committee meeting for heaven’s sake, so there is nothing exclusive about it.

Improving the Transparency and Accountability of the Local Government Sector

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City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog

I was pleased to see this announcement by  Tony Simpson, Minister for Local Government as a first step on improving the transparency and accountability of the Local Government Sector.

Fremantle has been part of a small group of councils including Bassendean, and Victoria Park and ably led by John Carey the Mayor of Vincent pushing a sector wide approach to transparency and accountability reform. There will be more announcements to come in this space but this is a worthwhile first step.

I would add that this puts the Local Government sector well in front of State and Federal levels.  have always thought that this is something that should be uniform across all levels of government. But in the meantime happy for Local Government to lead the way.


MEDIA STATEMENT by Hon Tony Simpson MLA, Minister for Local Government

New disclosure requirements for WA councils

  • New legislation requires online declaration of gifts and…

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West End State Heritage Listing Open for Public Comment

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City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog

The State Heritage Office launched their next phase of stakeholder engagement on the proposal to register the West End today. Packages have now gone out to all stakeholders and additional information and links all the documentation and forms is now on their website.

The State Heritage Office will also set up an information kiosk at the Hotel Fremantle building (cnr Cliff and High) on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 March so people can drop in and ask questions.

For the biggest heritage listing EVER in WA to be successful we need as many stakeholders as possible to put in a submission supporting the West End registration. This doesn’t mean we all have to agree on the exact boundaries but it would be great to see everyone get behind the broad principle to see this WA icon get the recognition it deserved on the state’s heritage list.

The period for…

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City of Fremantle & fSpace join forces to support creative small businesses

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City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog

The City of Fremantle and local co-working space provider fSpace are pleased to announce the launch of an innovative new business incubator program to help small businesses within the creative industries sector.
The City of Fremantle and fSpace Creative Industries Program offers qualified businesses three months of subsidised workspace at fSpace, a vibrant co-working space located in the heart of Fremantle.
To be eligible, a business must satisfy a number of criteria, the most important being that they operate within the creative industries sector. Architecture, IT & software/computer services, design (graphic, fashion or product); and film, TV & video are just a few examples of creative industries.
The program will help small business owners looking to take the next step by subsidising their workspace costs and providing them with an opportunity to work alongside and collaborate with other successful business owners and professionals.
I have no doubt that the continuing…

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There was a lovely busy energy in Fremantle Port this morning with the Ecuadorian three-masted barque tall ship Guayas and the equally impressive tall ship Young Endeavour at Victoria Quay. Add to that the training ship Leeuwin, a fuel supply ship, a scientific vessel, container ships at North Quay and the Rottnest Express and you’ll get the right impression of a bustling port.

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