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The historic Fremantle National Hotel will become a real hotel next year with the addition of twelve boutique hotel rooms.

Owner Karl Buller told me yesterday they will also develop a rooftop bar and wedding function centre, so these are very welcome additions to the Freo CBD.

Construction work is estimated to take six months, so it should all be up and running by mid next year. Stay tuned!

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herald ad BID ARTWORK


Only one more month and we have Christmas but there are only a few signs in Fremantle that the festive season has started.

Street decorations will be put up next week and BID has started a Christmas window display competition for our retailers, so make sure to go for a stroll and check them out.

Good news is that we will be able to buy real Christmas Trees at Kings Square every Friday in December from noon to 4 pm, or you can order them via Alex Marshall on Facebook.

There will be Christmas Carols on South Beach again, which was very popular last year.

Support our local traders. They are doing it tough, so forget the sterile and boring shopping centres and shop local here in Freo!


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It is disturbing to read in the West Australian today that a survey has revealed that it is common for council rangers in the metro area to be abused.

They get assaulted, spat at, physically and verbally abused, punched, and one of them was even run over by a car in William Street.

In Fremantle there were 27 incidents last year 2016-2017 and that is a worry as our rangers, parking inspectors and community safety officers are just doing their job and should be respected and treated with courtesy.

I know most of Freo’s rangers and often have a chat with them. The vast majority of them are pretty decent and likeable people, so say hello to them when you come across them and let them know the community appreciate the work they are doing!

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G 1


I love the wildflower season of native trees and shrubs in Western Australia, but also love it when the Jacaranda trees blossom at this time of the year. They are an amazing colourful sight.

Applecross has a Jacaranda Festival each year, but you don’t have to go that far as there are quite a few of the beautiful trees in George Street, East Fremantle.

Have a look this weekend or wait till the annual George Street Festival is on at the start of December.

Jacaranda trees are native to Central and South America, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica and the Bahamas.

I took these photos yesterday afternoon.

By the way, the new Cook&Mason restaurant there got a very good food review from Rob Broadfield in the West Australian, so try them out.

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Velvet Sushi


Let’s finish Tuesday’s blog posts on a positive note. This is one of the reasons I love Fremantle!

What a stunning window display at the Velvet Sushi fashion boutique in Bannister Street.

If a few more shop owners took pride in their window dressing they might have less to complain about.

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The demolition of the Stan Reilly centre has started, to make space for a public carpark on the site at South Terrace.

City of Fremantle staff will be moving into the former Dockers clubhouse at Fremantle oval mid December, so that the construction of the new civic centre at Kings Square can commence.

Fremantle is in an amazing period of transition and rejuvenation, which will revitalise our city.

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I thought I recognised that ugly mug in the Fremantle Gazette today, so now people can read all about Loopy’s love for Freo.


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art 1


It looks like I allowed myself to get sucked into a storm in a teacup with the blog post on the damage done to the building at 35 High Street, when they installed the stunning Felice Varine Arcs D’Eliipses artwork there.

The City of Fremantle send me this: The City has been investigating insurance options to cover this. Events staff were in touch with the owner last week and had told him we would be back in touch with him this week to confirm where we are at. The City has subsequently made contact with the owner again and offered to cover the loss.

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Kis books Growers Green


The Fremantle Growers Green Farmers Market has a special addition to the market this coming Sunday November 26.

The Kids pre-loved books, toys and clothes sale is on from 8am to midday at Annie Street, Beaconsfield, so let the kids have their own stall, sell, barter, swap, buy and have a lot of fun.

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It’s LADIES NIGHT at the skatepark tonight in Fremantle.

From 7-9pm only women/girls will be allowed to use the Esplanade Youth Plaza, so take advantage of it ladies!

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