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Here part of a just released media statement concerning the Beeliar Wetlands by the WA State Government:

  • Approval removed for road construction in the Beeliar Wetlands
  • McGowan Labor Government’s commitment to protect Beeliar Wetlands confirmed
  • Alternatives to flawed Perth Freight Link plan already underway 

The McGowan Labor Government has introduced further protections to the Beeliar Wetlands by removing approvals put in place by the former government when planning to build the flawed Perth Freight Link.

Main Roads Western Australia has applied to amend environmental approvals for the Perth Freight Link to remove consent to build a road west of Bibra Drive to Stock Road, passing through the Beeliar Wetlands.

The proposed changes will result in a reduction in the land permitted for road construction from 167 hectares (ha) to 81.2 ha.

The remaining 85.8 ha within the project development envelope will be rehabilitated, along with the large sections of vegetation that had been cleared prior to the last election, west of Bibra Drive. 

Meanwhile, all land owned in freehold by the State Government – north of Hope Road and west of Bibra Drive – will be amalgamated and set aside as an A-Class conservation reserve to be managed by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions. 

This process will be given priority by the Government and it is likely this will be achieved within the next 12 months.

A Rehabilitation Management Plan (Roe 8 Cleared Areas) has been prepared by the Rehabilitating Roe 8 Working Group and is currently being considered by government for adoption and implementation.




Three bins CoF


The City of Fremantle is moving towards the introduction of a new three bin system for household waste and recycling.

If introduced the new three bin system will include:

Weekly collection of a new 240 litre FOGO bin (with a lime green lid)

Fortnightly collection of the existing 240 litre co-mingled recycling bin (yellow lid)

Fortnightly collection of a new 140 litre general waste bin (red lid)

The City of Fremantle is part of the larger Southern Metropolitan Regional Council (SMRC), where local governments in southern Perth work together to provide waste and recycling services for our residents.

Since 2016 CoF have been working closely with the other member councils to assess the merits of the three bin system, including a trial with 7000 homes in the City of Melville.

The results from the trial so far have been better than expected, with the bins being used correctly and less contamination of the FOGO bins than anticipated.

Subject to final approval, the three bin system will be introduced to more than 13,000 residential households in Fremantle in July and August next year.

The roll-out will include high-profile education program to let people know what to put in each bin and how the system will work.

Because of issues with access and space the roll-out will not include high-density areas like the city centre and some town houses, commercial properties or residential complexes with more than four units, although this will be subject to review over time.

The new system will mean the City will need to carry out an additional 400,000 bin lifts per year.

The capital cost of setting up the system – including purchasing the new bins – will be around $1.2 million, while additional ongoing operational costs will be between $250,000 and $350,000 per year.


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Energy Museum 2

Energy Museum


My blog post yesterday that the sale of the former Fremantle Energy Museum building means the end of the M/27 residential development by the MATCH Groups was not correct, so I copy their media release below for your info:

The completed restoration works by M/Group of the original S.E.C Building and former Western Power’s Energy Museum at the Fremantle Substation site in Parry Street, is another example of how M/Group has worked effectively with the City of Fremantle and State Heritage Council to support the integration of valuable heritage fabric into contemporary urban living.

The property, which sits adjacent to a boutique Match apartment development that overlooks parkland at its rear, has been released for sale under an Expression of Interest (EOI) campaign; opening the door for a range of potential uses.

Mr Lloyd Clark, Managing Director of M/Group, said the apartments on this site are already 35% sold, and the renewed heritage building will be on a separate green title. He said the opportunity to build a business on this site comes with inherent character and is surrounded by an established and new residential community.

“The planned apartment building, M/27 by Match, will be home to 40 boutique apartments and is due to commence construction in late 2018,” he said.

“The opportunity to take ownership of the building certainly opens the door for a ‘Bread in Common’ type food and beverage venue, although could as easily be adapted for boutique office space. The purpose of our work on this site is to, perhaps ironically, create new energy. It is a great opportunity for a potential proprietor in a great location.”

Match, which is part of M/Group, is the company behind the highly celebrated Heirloom by Match heritage renewal and is currently in the construction phase of the M/28 by Match boutique apartments in South Terrace.

The company prides itself on introducing design-focused apartment product that enhances the streetscape and activates living space in strategic locations.

The heritage works on the heritage building, undertaken by M/Group’s building division M/Construction, have included the restoration of existing brickwork, refurbishment of metal window frames and the restoration of existing large timber sliding doors.

The sale of the building is being managed by Knight Frank and more information can be obtained by contacting James Baker on 0418 912 007.

For more information on the limited number of parkside M/27 by Match apartments, visit or contact 0432 660 066.

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I drove over the border to the City of Cockburn today, so I took my long-expired passport to prove that I am a citizen of the world and a resident of the global village.

My epic journey took me to the IGA at Simms Road in Hamilton Hill where the community were painting a large mural.

Just great to see kids and families engaged in creating a more beautiful community!


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The New Year really only starts on January 2 with the LIVE! in the Wetlands free concert at Manning Park to show the community opposition to the Roe 8 Highway.

This is a very special concert with Koi Child, Pow! Negro, Grace Barbe, Dilip ‘n the Davs, Donna Simpson, Neil Murray and many more.

It’s on from 2-7 pm and is an alcohol, drug and smoke free family event, so just come and enjoy great music, have a dance, bring a picnic, and feel embraced by the community and the lovely park.

See you all there!

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The Thinking Allowed article in the Fremantle Herald by passionate Fremantle Dockers supporter Chris Lewis makes good points about corporate greed.

Lewis points out that the Dockers want cash for a lease they don’t pay for and that was handed to them rent-free by the City of Fremantle, which wanted to support the new club in 1994 and also gave them a loan guarantee.

Chris Lewis calls it “One of the most selfish one-sided community plays ever seen in Australian elite sport.”

Lewis, who led the Keep Freo in Freo campaign, for which I started the Facebook page, is very irate that the Dockers are happy to use the outstanding brand Fremantle in their name, even when they are moving to Cockburn in 2017, so maybe the City of Fremantle should insist the Dockers drop Fremantle from their name, similar to the Fitzroy Football Club when they moved to Brisbane and became the Brisbane Lions.

There is always something very unsavoury about corporate greed and a lack of values, and sport is moving more and more away from being community-minded. It’s all about money and the triple bottom line and paying often  under performing young “stars’ and over-paid administrators big bucks at the expensive of the community and supporters.

The Fremantle Dockers’ demand for payment from the City of Fremantle  to leave Fremantle Oval is a disgrace and should become a national shame for them!

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The first Manning Park Market was on this Saturday from 8.30 to 12.30 and already attracted a lot of people, including the City of Cockburn Mayor Logan Howlett and his wife and the Gyuto monks of Tibet, and lots of families and dogs.

Natalie Gillespie performed and the food stalls were very popular.

It’s a stunning location not far from the lake and the playground and there is plenty of parking, so head out there next Saturday!

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Not only locals know how good Manning Park is, as I and many Fremantle people visit the lovely park regularly, and now there is another reasons to go to Manning Park on Saturdays, as tomorrow the  Manning Park Farmers and Artisan Market starts with 50 hand-picked stalls by Marketeer Kylie Wheatley and her team at Red Tent Events.

The original farm and now park combines both histories to create a market that supports local shopping and small business trends as well as the social, recreational and inclusive nature of parks.

From 8.30am to 12.30pm every Saturday baristas, bakers, passionate foodies will be serving up everything from Laksa to Spelt pizza, soft shell crab baos, Indian pies to Beef Kofta Burgers, Grilled Capsicum & Beetroot Yoghurt Sauce.

Freshly picked produce, fish and bacon smoked a few hundred metres from the site, the market highlights the fact that Cockburn is still home to many market gardeners, olive oil producers, and families who have been connected to the area. Traditional makers and bakers will line up with the gluten free bread stalls, modern ottoman, fermenters and Tokyo street food.

Even a descendent of the Manning family, Elizabeth Manning will be selling the family’s olive oil. Elizabeth’s father lived at the farm in 1948 and her brother was the last baby born in the Old Homestead (now ruins).
In fact over 70% of the stallholders live locally.

Live music, kids artisan craft area’s, will entertain all the family and the market kicks off with a bang on the 22nd October with Mayor Logan Howlett opening the market and much loved performers Natalie Gillespie, Rose Parker and Dave Brewer opening the Sound Shell with a Soul Sister Saturday set.  Visiting Gyuto Monks from Nepal will do an auspicious morning blessing.




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The Turtle Festival is on this Saturday October 1 at Bibra Lake from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm, so go and find out all about the long-necked turtles there.

It is a fun day for the whole family, so take the kids to the Cockburn Wetlands Precinct at 184 Hope Road, Bibra Lake.

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It does not look as if the Greater Fremantle group that wants to separate parts of Hamilton Hill and Coogee from the City of Cockburn and be added to the City of Fremantle will have any success.

The group was initiated by Adin Lang, who stood for Cockburn Council at the last local government election. He  managed to get the  250 signatures required for the Local Government Advisory Board to consider the proposal, but the Fremantle and Cockburn councils are not interested.

The City of Cockburn allocated $ 50,000 to oppose the proposal and a recent survey there showed over 70% of people do not support the idea.

The City of Fremantle Ordinary Council meeting this coming Wednesday will debate the issue but the officers’ recommendation, as shown below, is negative and I am certain Council will reject the Greater Fremantle proposal.

During the local government structural reform process in 2014/15, the City of Fremantle adopted a position of support for a number of boundary adjustments with its adjoining Councils, as part of a comprehensive process of boundary reform to create rationalised boundaries that were logical, coherent, and promoted long-term sustainable local government entities. The Council was disappointed when this process failed to achieve any reform, and the City of Fremantle still supports its previously adopted position on this issue.

The current proposal before the LGAB, to transfer Hamilton Hill and part of North Coogee from the City of Cockburn to the City of Fremantle, is outside of any organised and comprehensive boundary reform process. This change is also opposed by the City of Cockburn. Given that the Council understands that the Minister for Local Government will not agree to any boundary change not agreed to by the relevant Councils, the City does not believe that it is in either communities best interest to be pursuing boundary reform at this time. The previous reform process created a significant deviation of energy and resources for local government, and in that context, the City considers that that there are many other higher priorities to be addressed at this time. The City is also seeking to maintain a strong and collaborative relationship between the Cities of Fremantle and Cockburn.

Consequently, the LGAB is advised that at this time the Council does not support the current proposal to transfer Hamilton Hill and part of North Coogee from the City of Cockburn to the City of Fremantle. The City will welcome dialogue with all of its adjoining Councils over boundary adjustments that might be agreed by both parties to be mutually beneficial to both Councils.

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