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roundhouse rest


I spotted this man having a rest on a bench next to the Fremantle Roundhouse in front of the Glen Cowans underwater photography gallery, so had to take a photo of course.

While admiring the Felice Varine artwork along High Street from there Glen Cowans and I were talking about why there are no shade structures for visitors to Arthur Head on the lawn next to the Roundhouse.

Some 140,000 visitors enter the Roundhouse yearly and many of them are seniors who need a rest after walking up the steps, but there are only two benches outside WA’s oldest building, and neither of them are in the shade. The bench at the gallery is in shade only late afternoon.

Trees would be nice, but probably not possible because of the Whalers Tunnel below, but a couple of nice shade structures would be good and also assist to give shade to wedding guests up there.


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Arcs D'Ellipse


Where other people see negativity in Fremantle I see opportunities and reason for optimism. We have been through a long struggle, and it is not over by a long shot, but I can see light and sunshine at the end of the tunnel.

Fremantle is so unique and has such a good community and lifestyle, that I strongly believe that if we can work collaboratively and positively together we can create an even better city for the next generations and for all the visitors who’ll come here.

I would love to work toward attracting many more tourists to Fremantle and offer them more, and would like to see the City of Fremantle, with funding from the federal and state governments build a significant Aboriginal Cultural Center in the heart of the city.

A place where indigenous people can create art, have a big gallery space to sell the art from, an outdoor space for music, dance and story telling, and a cafe that sells bush tucker.

I would also love to see a migrant museum that tells the story of those people from far away countries who built our state and city and acknowledge them.

And as a very long-term plan I would like to see a significant Bathers Beach project, where the J Shed area in 20-30 years or so could become something like the Bondi Pavilion, with a sea pool, and where our inner city beach becomes as popular as the South, Port and Leighton beaches.

Developing Fremantle Festival into a showcase that would attract interstate and overseas visitors would also be great, and the present High Tide project along High Street will no doubt be a huge attraction with photos sent all over the planet via Snap Chat, Facebook, etc.

We have great opportunities in the Knutsford Street area to develop a good variety of diverse housing, from single, to medium and high density, tiny houses, townhouses, etc.

The Cantonment Hill Project is under way and the newly-opened playground is already very popular I noticed this morning.

The Fremantle Oval Project is a huge opportunity to do something outstanding there, but I warn against modelling it on the Claremont Oval development, which is pretty boring. Freo can do much better than that!

Fremantle has so much to offer for residents and visitors, and I have no doubt that with all the new development under way and planned Freo will also become attractive again for retailers and shoppers. All we need is a bit of patience, a positive attitude and not talking our city down.

Together we can move mountains. Let’s do it, Freo!


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Bathers Beach sign


It has been a long time coming, but now there is finally a dedicated sign in High Street pointing to Bathers Beach.

I would have liked Fremantle City to put this sign all along High Street on posts to make visitors more aware that we have this lovely little beach on the edge of the city centre.


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We often believe the grass is greener on the other side of the fence and we can’t see the forest for the trees, because we are too close, and take for granted the beauty and special lifestyle of the city we live in.

This has been the case a bit during the Fremantle local council election campaign, where  a few candidates and community groups only have negative things to say about our great little city.

So it’s time to get our eyes opened again to how special Freo is, tonight on SBS TV where comedian H.G. Nelson will file his report about Fremantle in Secrets of our Cities at 7.30 pm.

Watch it and realise how blessed we are to live here!


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maritime museum sunset


WA Premier Mark McGowan announced on board the Sea Princess cruise liner in Fremantle port today the state government’s $ 7 million commitment to upgrade WA ports so they can better accommodate cruise ships.

This will allow Carnival Australia’s Sun Princess cruise ship to have her home port in Fremantle from next year.

According to the Premier that’s 400 jobs for Western Australians, and around $135 million for the WA economy.

Mc Gowan said that we want people from all over the world to visit WA and cruise ships are an important component of our plans to boost tourism and create WA jobs.


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A survey conducted by the WA Tourism Commission has found that Fremantle is the top entertainment precinct in the Perth metropolitan area, according to surveyed visitors.

Fremantle scored 7.3 out of 10 while Elizabeth Quay only came 7th on the list of favourite entertainment zones.

A high percentage of visitors said they would return to Fremantle and that they liked the precinct for its good range of venues and activities.

Fremantle is the most enjoyable precinct to visit, visitors said.

This is very much in line with the feed-back the volunteer tour guides get at the Roundhouse, where most visitors tell us they love Freo but find Perth a bit bland, and they love our stunning heritage buildings.

It is really good to hear something positive about Fremantle from an independent source during the negative local government election campaign, where some candidates have got nothing else to offer than to slam our city.


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Some inner city snobs believe I have no right to stand for City Ward at the Fremantle local government election, and that I should just F… off to Beaconsfield where I live, but it is strange that they never complained when I supported them against the inappropriate tavern at J Shed, the equally inappropriate-now scrapped- five-storey Notre Dame proposal for Cliff Street, and the awful five-storey Customs House proposal, etc.

NIMBY parochialism is best left to the narrow-minded, so I will continue to support Fremantle whenever and wherever I can, as I have done for many years.

TRIP ADVISOR notified me today that last month 13,303 people read some or all of my 28 reviews about Fremantle businesses and attractions. That is the stuff I already do for Fremantle!

From those readers 72% where from Australia, 9% from Singapore, 4% from Malaysia and 15% from other countries.

I’ll leave it to others to talk down our city whenever they can, to score political points, while I’ll continue with my positive support for our traders.

If elected on Council I will be part of finding creative solutions and good outcomes.


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Indigenous Tours WA


My mate Greg Nannup is doing indigenous tours in the Bathers Beach, Arthur Head area on Thursdays and Saturdays.

They are really good tours to learn more about the history and culture of the Wadjuk people who lived in the Walyalup area, as the Freo region is called by them.

Greg also does tours for school groups, so if your child’s school has not organised one, suggest it to them.

The tours run from 10.30 am to midday and start from the lawn at the Shipwreck Museum, corner Marine Terrace and Cliff Street.

It costs $ 35 for adults, $ 25 concession and $ 15 for a child.

You can book on or phone 0405 630606

Book a tour now!


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The visitors to Fremantle’s Round House traditional 1pm cannon fire got a nice extra attraction when three Orion planes flew low and slow over the Indian Ocean and past Arthur Head and the Maritime Museum.

My young Dutch friend Isa Bo fired the cannon today, under the watchful eyes of mum, and dad, and opa and oma who are visiting from the Netherlands, and will have to change her name to Isa Boom now. ; >)

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The Fremantle tourist Visitor Centre will relocate later this year to a few metres west inside the old Townhall, when the demolition of the administration buildings starts.

It is good to see the two large umbrellas at Kings Square now showing prominently where the Visitor Centre is, as many tourists are not sure about it.

I believe the perfect location for the Visitor Centre would be on the corner of Market Street and the High Street mall, where HBF has just closed. That is where the majority of foot traffic happens, but the City of Fremantle would have to pay rent there, so it does not appear to be an option.


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