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In my quest to capture the history of Fremantle I went for a walk, only my second one of the day, just after sunset to show what our port city looks on a Sunday night during the coronavirus crises, when pubs, bars and cafes are closed, and only a few open for take away food.

It was for me great to see two bookshops in town open after dark, because as an avid reader it would really worry me to have to live through the next six or more months of social isolation without being able to get hold of more books.

It is quite eerie through walk through Freo on a night that is normally so vibrant, but I actually also liked it. There is something very peaceful, and somehow reassuring, to see that we can live without all that entertainment and hype. Life goes on. Adapt!

Roel Loopers

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In the crisis we are in currently it is important to put everything in perspective and not despair. We need to realise that in many ways we here in Fremantle, Western Australia, and Australia can consider ourselves very lucky that we have to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic in a society where we are well cared for.

We do have an incredibly  good health system, we have access to clean water and most of us have a home we can isolate ourselves in, but that is not the case for millions of people in third world countries. They will suffer much more than we do and many, many more people will die in those countries without proper or any medical care for them. That is the disastrous reality of the world we live in.

At the ripe age of 71 this is the first real crisis I have to live through, so I am really one of the lucky ones, when I consider that my grandparents had to endure World War I and World War II, and the occupation of the Netherlands by Nazi Germany. People starved, people were killed and raped, this was real hardship. How lucky am I!

If you consider it hardship to isolate in your own home, in your own bed, with TV, fridge, freezer, couches, books, music and plenty of food and drinks, think again! You are one of the lucky ones on earth!

Even when things will get worse and more people will get the coronavirus in Australia, most of us will not get it, as long as we do the social distancing, self isolation and washing our hands often.

Consider yourself lucky to live in Fremantle and in a wealthy western country where medical care is abound!

Roel Loopers


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Proper social distancing at Chalkys cafe

Closed cafes at the Cappuccino Strip

The Sail&Anchor

Fremantle Markets


I have always considered it part of my community duty as a professional photographer to record history. It is essential that we capture the good and bad of our times and our society, so especially now with the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic making our cities into ghost towns I want to capture what Fremantle looks like.

I will continue to do so, as long as I am allowed out on the streets, but will restrict it to two times a day only and not connect with people on the streets, but at a proper distance from them.

The WA Museum is looking for photos, stories, etc. that capture the coronavirus crisis in our cities. You can upload them here:

I took these photos where normally on Sunday mornings the cafes are full with people having breakfast, but the cafes, pubs and markets are closed.

In front of Chalkys cafe in the far West End of High street proper social distancing was adhered to by these cyclist.

Roel Loopers


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Latest from the cruise ship debacle in Fremantle is that the MSC Magnifica, after restocking, will finally leave our shores, so although there are no reported cases of coronavirus on board that vessel, she will finally leave, as WA Premier Mark McGowan insisted on.

The MS Artania has now 47 infected people, so fewer than the 70 cases reported. They will be cared for at two western suburbs private hospitals.

The Western Australian passengers on the Vasco da Gama will be transferred to Rottnest Island on Monday for two weeks of isolation, while the interstate and overseas passengers will be driven to the Perth airport to fly straight back home.

While there is a lot of criticism of all our governments we need to acknowledge that the Covid-19 is an unprecedented crisis and policy is made on the run, as the issues change and problems increase.

There are no easy solutions, no quick fixes, and this is not a government problem but a problem that all of us as a community, and as the global village need to attack. Stay as home as much as you can. Do physically connect with people as little as possible, and ideally not at all. Go for a healthy walk to get some fresh air, but don’t use it to socialise.

Get a take away coffee, but don’t linger. Stay away from each other when going for an early morning swim, but don’t stay on to sun bake for hours.

Socialise on the phone or via the internet, us Skype and Facetime, etc, but don’t invite friends over for dinner or drinks!

Apply common sense and think of other people!


Roel Loopers


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We have yet to hear Fremantle Council announcing any measures to make life for businesses in our city easier, so a few questions from me.

Do those in the hospitality industry still pay for the alfresco areas they are not using, and if they payed upfront will the money be reimbursed?

Will businesses in City owned properties get rent relief, especially those businesses that were forced to close?

Is Fremantle still charging parking fees and issuing parking fines?

Roel Loopers





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If the story about the MS Artania in the Saturday West Australian is correct it is an absolute outrage and legal action should be taken against the ship’s captain and the shipping company.

Now that the Western Australian government has allowed the cruiseship to berth in Fremantle Port, with three charter flights to Germany organised to get the passengers out of our country, the captain, according to the West, has suddenly declared that more than 70 passengers have Covid-like symptoms. The ship initially reported that only five passengers and three crew members had symptoms of the coronavirus. Once at berth that suddenly became ten times more. That is unacceptable and unethical behaviour!

WA Premier Mark McGowan was very reluctant to let the ship come into Fremantle Port, and now we have to deal with the mess and a whole lot of foreign tourists will require medical care and accommodation for isolation that might be needed for Western Australians.

We all know what happened in New South Wales and are still hearing of Covid-19 cases that are linked to the cruiseship they allowed to berth in Sydney.

The Vasco da Gama arrived in Fremantle Port on Friday evening, and the MSC Magnifica appears to refuse to leave the WA coast, so what on earth is going on, and what is the federal government going to do about protecting the people of Fremantle and Western Australia?

The protection of Australian citizens must be a priority and should not be compromised!

Roel Loopers


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Here another example how some cafe operators are ignoring the coronavirus rules of social distancing, where they are not allowed to put tables, chairs and umbrellas out for take-ways customers to use.

The cafe at B Shed on Victoria Quay still has some alfresco furniture out, and there are other cafes who still do the same in Fremantle’s West End.

A friend who went into Perth yesterday said she had observed a busy cafe were people were gathering in the alfresco area at tables and chairs provided.

Rules need to apply to everyone, otherwise some cafes have the unfair advantage of showing they are still open, while others have been told to even remove a single umbrella.

Fair is fair and people really need to start getting it that we need to stay away from each other!

Roel Loopers






The German MS ARTANIA cruise liner was allowed to berth at Victoria Quay in Fremantle Port after all, when a compromise was reached and the Federal Government arranged with the German government for three charter flights to take the over 800 passengers to Frankfurt.

The passengers will embark from the ship straight onto buses which will be escorted and go directly to the airport. They are only allowed to take one piece of luggage with them each.

Peter Hughes Drive to the Passenger Terminal has been closed, so no one can get near it who does not have to be there

Five passengers and two crew members who have Covid-19 symptoms will be treated here in Perth.

I believe this is a good outcome for all, with a mercy dash to Germany that won’t compromise the health of Western Australians.

Roel Loopers


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Assistance for Local Businesses, Clubs, Residents

The Town of East Fremantle has taken swift and decisive action today announcing a range of measures to assist local businesses, clubs and residents, thereby offsetting some of the financial pain caused by new restrictions imposed in response to the COVID-19 health emergency.

For Business and Clubs:
– Lease payments and fees and charges on Town-owned buildings for periodic users and assets are suspended for the next three months
– Waiving of all penalty interest, instalment interest and instalment admin charges for the balance of the financial year
– Food businesses providing take-away services will have no inspection fees
– Free access to business advisory services
– Refund all cancelled bookings
– Faster terms of payment for creditors

For our residents for 2020/2021 (next financial year):
– A zero per cent (0%) rate revenue increase
– A zero per cent (0%) increase in fees and charges
– A zero per cent (0%) increase in wages and salaries for Town staff

Those seeking details of these new measures and how their individual circumstances may be affected, should consult our website at or call 08 9339 9339 to speak to Town staff.

Now what will Fremantle Council do?


Roel Loopers




Now that staff of the Department of Communities have started to move into the Sirona Capital  FOMO buildings at Kings Square the fencing has been removed and one can wander around the courtyard between the south and north campuses.

It feels quite nice in there and there are some benches where one can enjoy a take away coffee from Parlapa in William Street, while watching the construction of Fremantle’s new Walyalup Civic Centre.

There are trees and plenty of shade, but adhere to the social distancing rules!

Roel Loopers

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