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The Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton Relay arrived in Fremantle at midday on Saturday by police boat from Rottnest Island and from there by jetski to Bathers Beach.

There was not a huge crowd to welcome the relay, but MP Josh Wilson, Minister Simone McGurk, the Mayor of Fremantle and councillors were there, as was Noongar elder Len Collard who did a welcome to country.

Freo celebrities Lois Olney and Michael Paula were part of the relay that continued on from Fremantle to Burswood and then South Perth and Perth today.

The Commonwealth Games will be held on the Gold Coast later this year.

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Come to South Fremantle’s The Local hotel on March 1 from 5-7pm. and find out more about the campaign to save Exmouth Gulf and Ningaloo Reef and protect the beauty and value of one of Western Australia’s most iconic places!

There will be speakers and lots of info available on the night. The Ningaloo Reef World Heritage Area is renowned for its beauty and biodiversity but its under threat from the oil and gas industry with a pipeline fabrication and towing facility now under consideration by the EPA.

Now we need to raise public awareness about Protect Ningaloo and why saving Exmouth Gulf is so important.


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The Fremantle Herald this week is full with opinions about how to protect Freo’s unique character when it comes to approving new development.

My old North Fremantle mate and former chair of the City’s planning committee Gerry MacGill says that Fremantle’s Councillors are struggling with the concept of exceptional architecture that grants developers discretionary additional height.

MacGill believes Council should not just rely on the opinion of the Design Advisory Panel but that the elected members are eminently qualified to make judgements on how the Woolstores development integrates with the surrounding streetscape and nearby buildings in regard to scale, massing and height.

I too found that at the special planning meeting Councillors and the Chair of the DAP were more concerned about small picture things and semantics like adding more bricks, than about the big picture; if the proposed building actually fits in well with the unique Fremantle character.

Also in the Chook is an opinion piece by architect Carl Payne, who often comments on Freo’s View.

Payne writes that the Manning Building approval shows that we only pay lip-service to heritage and that heritage protection is often not imposed if it affects the building’s owner.

The architect writes that the actions of Fremantle Councillors are not consistent with the Burra Charter heritage ideals and that compromises are made too easily to appease developers.

I am aware that a team from North Fremantle Slavin Architects also had a meeting with Mayor Brad Pettitt talking about their concerns about the often inappropriate architecture Council is approving in the CBD.

But there is more in the Herald with a full page advertisement by the Fremantle Society, which shows photos of buildings they believe ‘work’ and building which do not work. It comes as no surprise that there is not a single high building FS likes.

There is no doubt in my mind that Fremantle Council is bending over backward to accommodate development in Fremantle, and while I absolutely support the rejuvenation of the ugly east CBD Council needs to do a lot more to protect our city’s beauty. The architecture of the planned Woolstores development is not anywhere near good enough to consider it to be of exceptional quality, because it insufficiently addresses and respects Fremantle’s unique character. It’s not the height that worries me most, but the aesthetic incompetence.

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It was busy in Fremantle Port late Friday afternoon when the cruiseliner Pacific Princess departed surrounded by sailing vessels which were in the harbour for the start of a regatta.

Among the spectators was Jon Sanders, who last week returned from his 10th solo sailing trip around the world.

And there was also a formation flight in the sky in preparation for today’s Queens Baton Relay.

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I do realise that money is tight at the City of Fremantle because of a small ratepayers base and a big new civic centre project, but it would be good if Fremantle took the example of the Town of Vincent and introduced a free online applications for alfresco areas.

Vincent will introduce a free instant approval of alfresco, based on self-assessment and self approval by the applicants.

There will be some traders who will find it very hard to survive in Fremantle during the Kings Square Project construction, so anything that will support them will be a good thing.

The free alfresco could be limited to traders directly affected by the Kings Square Project and encourage them to put a few tables outside without adding cost to their business.

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The City of Fremantle, Sirona Capital and Probuild held an information sessions for CBD traders about the Kings Square Project on the balcony of the Federal Hotel yesterday evening.

The big news was the closure of Newman Court for safety reasons because the two building sites-Civic Centre and Queensgate/Myer are expanding and getting too close together to allow safe pedestrian passage between them.

That’s commons sense, but it will no doubt affect the few traders left in the Fremantle Mall. New signage will be placed around Kings Square to try to encourage pedestrians to keep using Fremantle Mall as a thoroughfare.

There will also be new parking signs installed and the naming of carparks and that is important with the imminent closure of the Queensgate carpark and the opening of the new Stan Reilly carpark by the end of March.

Some traders were talking compensation for loss of trade, but not many came up with new ideas about what they themselves could do to attract business from the hundreds of construction and demolition workers and that is disappointing.

They really need to reach out in new, creative and different ways to potential customers and accept that for the next two years it won’t be business as usual.

This is an exciting, but challenging, time of transition for Fremantle that will soon see our city prosper again with so much development on the way and much more in the pipeline and soon to start.

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Fremantle’s Notre Dame University held its annual O (Orientation) Day yesterday with information stalls and entertainment in Mouat Street and on campus.

After having been welcomed to NDA by Vice Chancellor Celia Hammond and a Noongar welcome to country, and a hello from Mayor Brad Pettitt the students paraded through the Freo town centre accompanied by a drum band. It’s always a lovely spectacle!

Welcome to uni and welcome to Freo. We love having you here!

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The cruiseliner Amsterdam was in Fremantle Port for a day, so we had many of her passengers visiting the Roundhouse yesterday. They were mainly American and Canadian, but there were a few Dutchies and Germans as well, so really nice to have a long chat with some of them.

The overall feedback was that they all love Fremantle and many want to come back to stay longer, and they talk about how friendly we are in Freo and how amazing the weather and the blue sky is.

The Amsterdam departed at 5.15 pm on Thursday on her way to Bali, so bon voyage and come back soon!

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The Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton Relay will arrive in Fremantle on Saturday.

There will be a performance by local indigenous dancers and the chance to hear from the relay’s batonbearers, which include two of my Freo friends; singer Lois Olney and Mike Pauly, who walked around Australia for charity, as well as recently retired Perth Scorchers captain Adam Voges and hockey champion Rechelle Hawkes.

The event at Bathers Beach will start at 11:30am, with the Baton due to arrive by jet ski at 12:45pm.

From there it will be carried along Fishing Boat Harbour, down the Cappuccino Strip and through the historic West End before departing for South Perth at 1:45pm.

A number of road closures will be in place for the duration of the relay.

The Phillimore Street entrance to the Fremantle Port will be closed between 1pm – 2:30pm so all port traffic, including ferry passengers, will have to enter through gate 2 on Beach Street and drive down Peter Hughes Drive to B Shed.

A number of carparks along Mews Road and in the West End will also be closed to cater for the relay’s support vehicles.

For details of the road and carpark closures visit the Queen’s Baton Relay event page on the City of Fremantle Fremantle Story website.

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Feb 25 Underwater Film Fest


The Fremantle UNDERWATER FILM FESTIVAL is on this Sunday February 25 from 6-9 pm at the Fibonacci Centre in Blinco Street, so all you snorklers and divers get out there and see some great short movies.

We in Freo are lucky that we can see outstanding underwater photography and video permanently on display at the Glen Cowans Gallery next to the Roundhouse, so if you can’t make it to The Fib on Sunday wander over to the Roundhouse where Glen’s gallery is open Thursday to Sunday from 10.30 am to 4 pm. You won’t be disappointed!

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