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Dad for Freo!


My heart melts when I see babies, so I could not resist to publish this photo of the beautiful Aoife, the baby daughter of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt and his partner Emma.

Fantastic voter participation in the City of Fremantle local council election.

Votes in so far:

East Ward 43.32%- City Ward 45.52%- South Ward 50.05%- North Ward 43.30%-

Hilton Ward 42.63% and Beaconsfield Ward 45.21%

You can still drop off ballot papers at the City of Fremantle reception desk till end of business today, and between 8am and 6pm tomorrow at the Townhall.

Every vote counts, so make sure you have lodged yours! Thank you so much!!!!


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The Perth’s Infill Housing Future report by the Bankwest Curtin Economic Centre has warned that the urban sprawl will create extreme infrastructure costs and traffic congestion.

It concluded that Perth is missing the vital medium-density housing options, and that forces people to live on the fringes, where property is more affordable.

There are many people who want to live closer to the centres but the housing options are not available to them, because the urban infill target of 47 per cent set by the WA government has not been met and is only at 35 per cent.

The report says that local councils play a key role in facilitating medium-density development and to help identify the right areas in the inner suburbs.

While Fremantle is getting substantial medium-density infill east of the CBD, there is not much happening further out, but there are very good opportunities at the Heart of Beaconsfield, Hilton centre, the Knutsford Sreet precinct, and North Fremantle’s McGabe Street.

One issue the report identifies is the NIMBY approach to higher density where locals just don’t want anything above four storeys. I believe it is not only that, but the boring and mediocre quality of architecture that we are getting in Fremantle.

More people would embrace medium to high density I believe, if we got more creative and visually appealing buildings, rather than square boxes with a bit of cladding around them.


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I can’t get enough of the creation of the remarkable and very clever Arcs D’Ellipse artwork by Swiss artist Felice Varini along Fremantle’s historic High Street.

The massive work is very laborious with the artist and helpers sticking yellow foil to the old buildings.

When viewed walking along High Street one sees large and small patches of the yellow, but when seen from the Roundhouse steps it all connects and makes sense and the circles are very clear. The work is all about perspective.

It is still a work in progress, but will be finished for the start of the Fremantle Festival next Friday October 27.

There is a lot on during this year’s festival so check out the program and participate!

And don’t forget the Blessing of the Fleet on Sunday the 28th!

Freo is the place to be!


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OCT 20 Swan Hotel music

If you feel like a bit of music and a dance on this hot Friday why not head out to the Swan Hotel at the old traffic bridge in North Freo.

For just $ 10.00 you can enjoy the sounds of Harvest Rd, Dawesville Cut, Mossy Fogg and Billie Rogers.


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Oct 20. Kimberley Art Kidogo


There is a good exhibition of Aboriginal art from the Kimberley on at Fremantle’s  Kidogo Arthouse at Bathers Beach.

Works by Jimmy Pike, Sonia Kurarra, Mervyn Street, Betty Carrington, Elizabeth Nyumi and others will be on display an for sale.

It starts with an auction this evening at 6.30pm to support artists and the environment.

It will be opened by former WA Premier Carmen Lawrence.


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I really like the little North Fremantle hub where Mojo’s, the Propeller, Mrs Brown, Flipside, Habitue, etc. are, so when I went to photograph the demolition of the large fuel tanks in the area I also took a few shots in the centre of town.


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East Fremantle Deputy Mayor Michael McPhail has written an excellent opinion piece in the West Australian today about the declining standards of civic debate during the local government election campaign. 

It is indeed disappointing to read all the aggressive nonsense on social media by people who revel in personal attacks and negativity, and it is sad that some Fremantle candidates have also preferred to be negative, instead of offering ideas, visions and solutions.

McPhail writes that the democratic process has become increasingly vitriolic, with a culture of bullying and intimidation.

Democracy for me is all about people with different opinions having a robust, but respectful, conversation. It is not fair on candidates, new or incumbent, when it goes down to the low level of name-calling, personal attacks, innuendo, conspiracies and lies.

Michael McPhail writes that the declining display of compassion and kindness toward those who are willing to put their hand up is a concern.

McPhail rightly points out that we can never have too many reasonable, sensible, thoughtful, caring and open-minded councillors, and that the we need to call out disrespectful behaviour from candidates and community members.

All Fremantle Wards have now returned ballot papers of over 40% with South Fremantle ahead with 48.75% today.

You can still drop off your vote at the Fremantle Townhall reception desk today and tomorrow, and on Saturday in the Townhall till 6pm.


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Great news! Missing 88-year-old East Fremantle man Francisco Rebelo was found alive and well early this morning in a park on the corner of East and Burt Street in East Fremantle.

Police, SES volunteers and the Fremantle City community safety officers had all been searching for Francisco.

I drove around the area for an hour late yesterday afternoon, but failed to find him, so am am relieved for him and his family.

Rebelo is quite a familiar face around Fremantle, so this is a great outcome after he was missing for two cold nights.


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free parking


One hour FREE PARKING is now available around the Kings Square precinct.

There is really no excuse anymore not to come to Fremantle, do your shopping, have breakfast, lunch or dinner and support our local traders.

The free parking is every day of the week, including weekends!

Fremantle residents with parking permit can park for free from 3 pm to 11 am every day, so that is 20 hours of free parking. Take advantage of it!

If you haven’t got a parking permit yet, apply for one at the reception desk at the Townhall. Bring ID and proof of residency and it will take ten minutes to get one for a year.


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Beacy Primary Garage Sale


The Beaconsfield Primary School GARAGE SALE is on this coming Sunday October 22 from 8am to midday, so come and find some bargains!


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