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The first ever TEDx Fremantle will be held on September 16 from 2-9pm at the Drillhall of Notre Dame University. Tickets are on sale now so go to the website or Facebook page to order.

The theme of the TEDx Fremantle day is Perception vs Reality and the speakers are:

Dr Noel Nannup

Dr Moira Clay – Happy Healthy Children Free of Brain Cancer 

Tammy Bux – It’s OK to Drop the Mask

Dr Sam Baron – The End of Time

Dr Paola Magni – When Justice Flies

James Eggleston – Power Ledger

Dr Emily Bird – The Antidote to Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

Anneka Pearton – Love thy Piano

Byron Joel – Regenerative Agriculture 

James Wickham – Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover


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There was a small livestock vessel at North Quay in Fremantle Port this morning, so is the transport of sheep been allowed again? I had not heard that the ban had been lifted.


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Fremantle’s Moondyne Joe pub on the corner of Wray Avenue and Hampton Road is up for sale, so if you’ve got a few spare dollars under the bed attend the auction on August 30.

The site will be sold as an ongoing concern and has the potential for future mix-use development.


Also for sale is the World of Renovation building in historic High Street, so check out the SCOOP real estate website for details.

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Open Day NDA


Another reminder that this coming Sunday August 19 is OPEN DAY at one of WA’s most popular universities Notre Dame Australia in Fremantle.

This is an important day for parents and high school students to talk to NDA staff and lecturers and check out the great campus in the heart of the historic West End of Freo.

There will be entertainment and food stalls that help create an invigorating sense of activity while planning the future.

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When Fremantle Council and the Fremantle Oval reference and steering groups are looking at the potential and opportunities for the development and activation of the area one of their main priorities must be the connectivity between the north and the south of Parry Street, as this is going to be a major challenge.

Pedestrian crossing is already a challenge on weekends when the Fremantle Markets are open. The roundabout at William Street is not the safest place to cross Parry Street since motorists are occupied with navigating the roundabout and rarely give way to pedestrians who are on their way to the oval or Fremantle Prison.

The entire precinct will attract a lot more people when Fremantle Oval is activated and when Silverleaf Investments have developed the police and justice complex down the road with a hotel and community spaces and activation, so vehicular and pedestrian movement will increase substantially.

When one also considers that the City of Fremantle has plans to extend Norfolk Street all the way to Mews Road in the Fishing Boat Harbour, which will make Parry Street even more into a ring road, one can start contemplating the challenges ahead to create safe pedestrian access between the markets and the oval.

Serious thoughts need to be had about a possible pedestrian underpass or at least a zebra crossing somewhere halfway along Parry Street between William Street and South Terrace.

There will be events and concerts at Fremantle Oval and residential and commercial accommodation in new buildings to the south and west of it, and the Kings Square activation project will bring heaps more people to that part of Freo, so a lot more people will be in the area, that already is home to two of Fremantle’s most popular tourist attractions Fremantle Prison and the Fremantle Markets.

If Fremantle Council is serious about making Parry Street even more into a ring road from Queen Victoria Street in the north east of the CBD all the way to the Fishing Boat Harbour, it will need to address especially pedestrian connectivity and safety between the new developments in the precinct as a priority.

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All the scaffolding around the LIV apartment building in Fremantle’s Queen Victoria and Quarry streets have now come down, so I had another good look at the massive development.

I still do not like the monotonous long facade along Queen Victoria Street and also don’t like the design along Quarry Street very much.

Strangely, for this self-proclaimed architecture expert, the very modern south side of Queen Victoria Street, which overlooks Fremantle Park, works the best. The big and  high windows create a lightness that I would have liked to see duplicated at Quarry Street.

The Rick Vermey public artwork in the piazza is a stunning feature that will attract many art lovers.

The Defence Housing LIV is due to open this month, so check the media, or better even Freo’s View, for when it will be open to the public to have a look at.

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art 1


Tenders for the removal of the Felice Varini yellow Arcs D’Ellipse artwork in High Street and repair to the heritage buildings closed last Friday, so we should soon be told by the City of Fremantle what will be involved, how much it will cost, and if some or all of the costs will be recovered from the artist.

There is a bit of angst and worry among some of the property owners, with one already talking to lawyers and another one has started a petition for a special electors meeting.

The best way forward for the City  is calling a stakeholders meeting where all the affected High Street building owners get first hand information from the responsible officers, as the present communication is not deemed sufficient.

There is little use in some receiving emails and others not, and that from different CoF officers. That only adds to the confusion and angst, so invite all the property owners to a meeting with CoF officers and experts, so they can be told exactly what is going on and what is planned.

We already hear suggestions of expensive traffic management, loss of parking bays and even road closure, as matching the paint can’t be done at night, so that will have to be done during the day.

From my own observations of seeing cleaning and painting companies trying to remove the foil it looks like it will be a long and slow and careful process that might not even be completed before the end of the year.

I hear six companies looked at the problems and they all tendered, so I hope they added a clause in their tender that fully painting of some facades is not included in the cost, as that will be very expensive.

On a related note I’d like to welcome Destry Puia who has taken over from the very well liked Pete Stone as the Manager Arts and Culture. He has been thrown in the deep end as the artwork removal is now one of his responsibilities to manage.

I hear Destry is a proud Maori man who relocated with his young family from Melbourne, so welcome to Freo, Destry. I am looking forward to meeting you. If I can assist you with anything in settling down here, just send me an email!

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on ocean watch


being watched


The weather is just too nice, the sky so blue and the sun so warm that I ignored doctor’s advise and took my knee brace off for a few hours, so that I could have a slow stroll through good old Freo.

Here a few photos I took while doing that.

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The JIM KIDD sportswear store in Fremantle’s Essex Street is leaving Fremantle and relocating to a huge warehouse near Perth airport.

It is a shame to lose another shop and I question the new location, as there is no way I will drive all the way to the airport to buy my next comfy walking shoes, so they are losing this customer.

Vacant shops are never a good look anywhere, but unfortunately a sign of the time everywhere, so I hope FREO NOW in collaboration with property owners will find a lot of creatives to move into empty retail premises and make them at least look attractive.

It would be nice if the City of Fremantle could allocate money for artists to at least paint windows of vacant shops and make the best out of a bad situation by creating a new art walk attraction in the CBD.

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Aug 17 dancehall days


The good old dance halls of the past are back, so all you oldies out there, and anyone else who likes to dance a Foxtrot or Wiener Waltzer, come to the Italian Club or Swan Yacht Club.

Dances are on at the Italian Club every third Friday of the month from 2-5pm and at the Swan Yacht Club only on October 19 from 2-5pm. Entry is free.

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My apologies for not posting many new articles, but I have a very dodgy knee and am not very mobile so that’s the reason I appear to be so slack.

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