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High 6


When I walked out of Chalkys cafe and noticed the beautiful early sun light illuminating the historic buildings along High Street this Sunday morning, I could not resist and take some more photos of the splendid work the City of Fremantle is doing on the removal of the yellow foil of the Felice Varini Arc D’Ellipses artwork.

It looks great! Perfect movie set backdrops, I reckon.

It is still a work in progress with many more buildings to do, so something I am really looking forward to.

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moondyne walk 1


The Moondyne Walk is under way and will be going all day around Fremantle, so all your lovers of history, Fenians, Irish, or prison break-outs, come and join the walk!

The event is part of this year’s Fremantle Fenians Festival where 75 volunteers read from the Moondyne book by John Boyle O’Reilly at 16 locations around Fremantle. See the map and times below!

150 years ago the big Catalpa escape was from Fremantle Prison when a group of Fenians fled to Rockingham, where they were picked up by the whaling boat Catalpa and sailed to Boston. It is a great story well worth reading up on!

I went at 8am to the Fremantle Arts Centre and will be going to a few different locations all day to take some more photos.

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Critics of Fremantle Council will argue that there are not many positive stories coming out of the City, but today’s article about council staff costs in the Sunday Times is well worth a mention I believe.

While staff cost at the Town of East Fremantle were up by 8 per cent the staff cost at neighbouring City of Fremantle went down 0.9 per cent.

Mosman Park’s staff cost also went up 8.8 per cent, so Freo is doing something right.

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Bluegrass Parkway

Harbour Sundays


Music lovers can enjoy two free concerts this afternoon and early evening in Fremantle.

Bluegrass Parkway will be playing in the courtyard of the Fremantle Arts Centre from 2-4pm and the cafe, pizza bar and bar will be open.

From 5pm on the Harbour Sundays on the deck of the Maritime Museum will be offering the Odette Mercy Trio and Dilip ‘n the Davs, so go and enjoy the sunset there.

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Tomorrow Sunday 24 February from 7am to 7.30pm the Moondyne Walk takes place throughout the streets of Fremantle as part of the Fenians Festival.

This inaugural event is a public reading of the entire novel written by John Boyle O’Reilly about Western Australia. It was first published in Boston in 1878 as a serial in the Boston Post and later published as the novel Moondyne in 1880.

This is possibly the very first novel written about Western Australia and presents a penetrating view of colonial life, Aboriginal culture, and the power dynamics in operation at the time.

The entire book will be read in public over 12 hours at sixteen historic locations throughout Fremantle starting at 7.00am at the Fremantle Prison and finishing at 7.30pm during the Gaelic Gumbo concert on the lawns in front of Kidogo Arthouse at Bathers Beach.

You can register your interest in hearing this amazing story at one or more of the following sixteen locations.

The closing event features a Gaelic Gumbo concert on the lawns of Kidogo Arthouse with Lucky Ocean, The Zydecats, Fiona Rea and Tommy O’Brien.

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The agenda for this Wednesday’s Ordinary Council meeting of the City of Fremantle is huge-250 pages long!- with most items having already been debated at various council committees.

But one item stands out for me and that is the suggestion by Councillor Hannah Fitzhardinge  to consider a Film Friendly Freo policy.

The City of Fremantle is a film friendly location and it would be a positive step forward to support the professional film and television industry to use the City for this purpose.
Fremantle’s iconic locations, from our beaches to our working port and heritage West End, provide an abundance of attractive settings for films of all types. A ‘Film Friendly Freo’ policy will make it quicker and easier for film-makers to gain approvals and support from the City of Fremantle to film in our city.”

Many cities in Australia do charge fees for commercial photo shoots and filming, so Hannah Fithardinge’s suggestion might attract more film productions to Fremantle. It is important though that the city would get credit for its generosity, with a prominent mention that the movie was shot on location in Fremantle, free of charge.

I can’t wait for Hollywood and Bollywood to discover Freo! 😍

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I set myself an assignment to do a photo essay on Rous Head in Fremantle Port late yesterday afternoon, but unfortunately low clouds moved in and spoiled the light and my fun, so I abandoned the shoot, but will try again soon.

So these photos are all I got yesterday. I like the industries feel of them.

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Planning to manage Fremantle’s coastline from the risk of erosion is about to enter a new phase.

The state government’s planning policies require local governments across the state to appropriately plan for coastal hazard risk management and adaptation.

During 2016 and 2017 the City of Fremantle – in partnership with the Town of Mosman Park and the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage – completed a Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Planning (CHRMAP) process to assess the vulnerability of the coastline along Port, Leighton and Mosman beaches.

The CHRMAP process identified the Port Beach area, including Sandtrax Beach, was vulnerable to immediate and future coastal change.

The next step is for the City to investigate a range of risk management options for Port Beach and provide the community with a defined concept plan for managing coastal erosion.

Last year Fremantle were successful in obtaining a Coastal Adaptation and Protection grant from the Department of Transport, which has allowed the City, in conjunction with Fremantle Ports, to engage specialist consultants to investigate different risk management options.

Those options may include beach and dune nourishment – which basically means trucking in sand to replenish the beach, the relocation of beach infrastructure like the car parks and changing rooms, building groynes or seawalls or a combination of all of these things.

But it is not going to be easy or cheap, e.g. beach nourishment may maintain the amenity of the beach but it will be an ongoing and expensive exercise. Alternatively, a seawall will protect important coastal assets but may result in the loss of the beach from time to time.

That’s why Fremantle Council  need to hear from people who use the beach, to understand what they most value about the beach and what trade-offs they would be prepared to accept in coming up with suitable risk management measures.

As part of its community engagement the City has established a reference group with representatives from local and state government agencies and community groups including the Port Beach Polar Bears, Leighton Action Coalition, North Fremantle Precinct Group and Fremantle Surf Life Saving Club.

Community members can provide their feedback until Sunday 24 March 2019.

For more information about coastal adaptation planning for Port Beach and to have your say, visit the City of Fremantle’s My Say Freo website.


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Army Museum concert. Feb 24


Lovers of big army bands should not miss this Sunday’s Sunset Concert Spectacular at the Fremantle Army Museum from 5.30pm.

Pipes and drums and lots of marching for $ 30 per person. Seats are provided but BYO food and alcohol.

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Subiaco Oval development plans


After the Kings Square Redevelopment Project the next big project in Fremantle will be the Fremantle Oval one, and if it is done right we’ll have an amazing new precinct in the inner city that will connect Wray Avenue with the Cappuccino Strip.

After all the planned and in progress commercial development the heart of the city will need more medium-density residential development and the Freo Oval project is perfect for that.

Height needs to be addressed though with utmost sensitivity because of the proximity to the World Heritage listed Fremantle Prison. We can’t just apply the rule that Fremantle Hospital is high, and also the residential building across it at Arundel Court, so we can go up all the way to the height of the hospital.

The Claremont Oval development should be a huge warning for Fremantle. It is awful!

I reserve my opinion about the planned development of Subiaco Oval, but check it out for yourself on the Landcorp website, see the artist’s impression above.

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