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Early notice that it is White Ribbon Day on Friday and that there will be a floral installation in Fremantle’s Henderson Street between the Sail&Anchor and Fremantle Markets from 9am to 1pm.

Domestic violence, mainly against women, is an abhorrent crime that has been increasing in Australia, and that needs to be stopped!

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There is a very important reminder in front of the Fremantle Shipwrecks Museum about the unacceptable high numbers of domestic violence in Australia, so go and check it out and spread the word through social media!

Although just about everyone should understand that domestic violence, mainly against women, is not acceptable, the statistics show the numbers have actually increased in Australia in recent years. We need to put a stop to that!

50,000 incidents of family and domestic violence were reported last year in WA. That is outrageous!

If you observe domestic violence report it, because the victims are often too frightened to do it themselves.


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It is a crying shame that there has been another stabbing in Fremantle, this time a 17-year-old boy was stabbed just before midnight in front of a kebab shop on the Cappuccino Strip last night. Earlier this week a man who had been stabbed near the railway station died, and reports of violence in the inner city are damaging Fremantle’s reputation as a family friendly city.

My observations when walking through the CBD daily is that at daytime there is not enough police on the beat but there is good visual presence of CoF security officers, however the latter only work till early in the evening and not at night so the cops need to increase their foot patrols at night.

Violence and anti social behaviour is not something council can fix, but the City of Fremantle needs to start looking at rigorously implementing its alcohol policy and not adding more fuel to the fire by allowing more alcohol outlets.

I am not sure that I like the big billboard on Stirling Highway at all that proudly announces that Bathers Beach is the first beach in Australia where one can drink alcohol on the beach. It’s not the sort of reputation Fremantle needs.

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Domestic violence against women dramatically increased in Australia this year and that is unacceptable, so everyone needs to be aware of it and help change this around.

There are absolutely no excuses for men to assault women. It does not matter if you are drunk, drugged or just in a bad mood, women deserve respect and have the right to feel safe at home.

This Friday is WHITE RIBBON DAY where we are reminded of the senseless violence against women, the mothers of our children, our sisters, aunties, friends and as a community we need to speak out and help protect those who get beaten up. The silence around domestic violence has to stop!

Beating up a woman is not a silly mistake that one regrets the next day but it is a violent crime for which there are no excuses whatsoever and ever!

Come to Kings Square on Friday November 25 between 8-12 am, where there will be guest speakers, live entertainment, free legal advise and stalls.

Show solidarity with women who get abused by their partners. It needs to stop NOW!

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The very thoughtful Fremantle Roundhouse volunteer guides raised the French flag this morning in solidarity with the people of France, after the horrendous terrorist attack in the city of Nice where at least 80 people got killed.

Let there be no doubt that these sick sadists who kill innocent people do not defend the honour of their god Allah but in fact insult the Islam religion. The millions of peaceful Muslims around the world are as much in horror about these attacks as the rest of us. Violence never brings solutions but only creates more hatred and more wars.

My heart bleeds for the people of France and the families and loved ones of those who died and got injured.

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I need to share an observation I made that will not please all those Fremantle blasters who believe nothing is right in our city and that Freo attracts undesirable people while in councils like the City of Perth it is all honky dory.

Going to a photo shoot I took the train to Perth and had coffee and read the paper at Forrest Place for an hour from 9.30 this morning. It basically was awful! There was a lot of shouting, people looking really angry, a man dressed only in jocks waving a bed sheet in the air while falling over his feet, a man on crutches wearing a full face mask, people pointing the bird at people relaxing on benches. I felt uncomfortable and kept looking over my shoulder because there was aggression in the air.

I just wanted to point out with this short message that the grass is not always greener on the other side and that other councils have similar problems as Fremantle has. These are not problems created by certain councils or certain elected members, but issues that our society has created because we are not dealing very well with them.

I was happy to hop back on the train after the shoot and even happier when I walked through Pioneer Park where City of Fremantle security officer Lisa had a smoko with a colleague. I told her I am lucky to live in a city where Lisa looks after me. ; > )

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If my memory serves me right Fremantle once had an “Accord” between the hospitality industry, the City and  the Police that was about the responsible service of alcohol. I thought that also included not having “Happy Hour” but by the look of it that no longer applies.

The Police Commissioner warned in the West Australian this week that “the alcohol industry has contributed to WA’s biggest substance abuse problem” that affects thousands of children and families and that has resulted in a huge increase in domestic violence, and that should be a serious concern for us all.

Whilst there is a move away from big booze barns to small bars, there also seems to be an increase in happy hours and cheap meal incentives to come to pubs more often and drink more. I noticed $ 6 pints at one CBD pub between 5-6 pm while one hotel on the main stretch has even introduced a lunch time happy hour. It does not say a lot about responsible service of alcohol when pub operators are trying to entice people to drink more at lunchtime, while at the same time they push for longer night hours.

Drink more, drink cheaper, drink longer and we’ll sell you a fifteen dollar steak is not great support for those in the community who want to reduce the intake of alcohol because it is a huge problem in society. How many more coward punches do we need to hear about? How many more young people have to die or become disabled because of alcohol related violence and drink-driving accidents before the hospitality industry wakes up and accept they have a corporate responsibility?

So what happened to the Fremantle Accord I wonder? When did it lapse, or did no one bother to keep it going? Can it be reinstated?

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