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The application by Silverleaf Investments for the development of the Woolstores shopping centre site will go before the Fremantle Council Planning Committee this coming Wednesday.

The planning officers and the City’s Design Advisory Committee recommend Conditional Approval for the six storey, 141 hotel room new building and alterations to the shopping centre and car park.

Details such as giving the facade a more robust and less glass look are still to be dealt with, but it is likely that the Elected Members will follow the recommendations of the CoF experts and recommend approval of the development to the state’s JDAP, which is the decision-making authority for the $ 15 million project.

I believe the proposed building is a lot more appealing than the present eyesore and will help improve the run down eastern part of the Fremantle CBD. The hotel will also significantly help to revitalise and modernise the area. This is not a great and iconic building, but in my opinion an acceptable compromise for the site that will improve the area, rather than keeping the status quo derelict appearance.

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Congratulations to the Fremantle Foundation which raised $ 45,000 at the Fremantle Ball in the Esplanade Hotel earlier this morning. Well done all!

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Interesting to read in the Fremantle Herald today that St John’s church is considering buying the historic Victoria Hall from the City of Fremantle.

According to the Chook St John’s would consider leasing the hall to the Fly by Night club.

I doubt though that the church will be as generous to the musicians club as the City of Fremantle has been. CoF waived over $ 80,000 in outstanding rent the Fly never paid.

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City of Fremantle ARTS & COMMUNITY GRANTS are available, so don’t forget to apply for one between September 4 and 27.

Go to:

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Fremantle will have its own REPAIR CAFE as part of a global movement to reduce waste. We all know how annoying it can be to be told that it is cheaper to buy a new item than to getting it repaired, hence many usable items end up in landfill.

Starting on Sunday September 9 at 10.00am and finishing at midday, volunteer repairers from the greater Fremantle community will be available to help make repairs to household items brought in by community members, such as clothes, bikes, toys, small furniture, electrical appliances (only those with an AC adaptor or battery operated), at no cost, but with donations being warmly received.

There will also be a gluing and taping workstation, and help with devices such as laptops, tablets and phones, will also be available.

By promoting repairs, Repair Cafe Fremantle wants to directly reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. Co-organiser Joanna Blackley says “We throw away so much, even items which have small defects, and which could easily be used again after a simple repair, and this has serious ongoing consequences for our environment and future generations. Unfortunately, many people have forgotten that they can have things repaired, or maybe they don’t have the tools or repair skills required. Repair Café Fremantle aims to support community members with repairing items, where possible.”

Repair Café Fremantle is also offering an opportunity for repair skills to be practised and learnt, as jointly made repairs by the owner of the item and the volunteer repairer is encouraged.

Repair Cafe Fremantle will be running monthly on a Sunday, 10am-12pm, at Stackwood. News about dates will be available on the Repair Cafe Fremantle Facebook page and on Instagram. Email with any questions or feedback!

Repair Cafe Fremantle is part of a global movement of repair cafes encouraging repair culture and reducing waste going to landfill. Repair Cafe Fremantle is a member of the international Repair Cafe Foundation. Check out their world map to see the global repair cafe movement in action at

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High Street upgrade

Here the latest visual by WA Main Roads of the High Street-Stirling Highway upgrade in Fremantle.

Fremantle Council last night endorsed Main Roads WA’s revised plan for the upgrade of High Street.

The state government last year committed $118 million to upgrade High Street, from Carrington Street to Stirling Highway, to reduce traffic congestion and improve road safety.

A concept plan released by Main Roads in March included a roundabout at the intersection of High Street and Stirling Highway, a wide median to separate traffic and preserve significant trees, and a new service road for residents on the northern side of High Street.

Following extensive community consultation, underpasses under High Street and Stirling Highway were added to the revised plan to improve connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists.

At a special meeting on Wednesday the council endorsed the revised plan and also consented to the excision of land from A Class and C Class reserves along High Street to accommodate the project.

To offset the loss of land from the High Street reserves the council is seeking to exchange it for Main Roads land on Clontarf Hill.


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The City of Fremantle has introduced second hour free parking at the new Cappuccino Strip, Parry Street and outdoor Point Street car parks. It means motorists will have to pay for the first hour but will then receive a second hour of parking for free. The City hopes that this will encourage people to linger longer in town and maybe have a second coffee or spend some more time shopping and exploring Fremantle.

One hour free parking is still available at Queens and William streets and half hour free parking all along High Street in the West End.

There is also three hour free parking on the South Mole, and Fremantle residents with a permit can park for free from 3pm in the afternoon till 11am in the morning anywhere on the streets of the city.

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I love it when the ocean is wild, so hopped in my car at 2pm when the storm arrived in Fremantle.

The car got sprayed with salt water on the South Mole but the ocean looked delightfully untamed, just the way I like it.

The Weather Bureau says it is the wettest August since 1965,  but spring is just around the corner, so hang in there.

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While the large rainwater puddle on the pedestrian and bicycle path below Fremantle’s Arthur’s Head creates this great reflection every time it rains, it is not very convenient for the very many people who travel along the path between Victoria Quay and the Fishing Boat Harbour.

The path is very popular with cyclists from South Fremantle and Coogee on their way to the railway station in the mornings, and is frequented by many hundreds of tourists daily.

The big storm with predicted six-metre high waves has not eventuated so far, so it was probably premature to suspend the Rottnest Island ferry services for the day.

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Fremantle architect Ralph Hoare posted this photo on Facebook, so I’d like to share it with those of us, and I am one of them, who complain that Fremantle does not get enough high quality architecture at significant development projects.

The photo Ralph Hoare shared on FB is of an international hotel in the German port city of Hamburg, with on top of it the opera house. I think it is pretty impressive.

What about this for the Woolstores site, Silverleaf Investments? It is so iconic that even the Fremantle Society might just approve of it.  ; >)

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