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Just a warning that there are minor traffic delays along the Fremantle Cappuccino Strip because of the Pipes for Fremantle maintenance work by Water Corp.

The Cappuccino Strip is only one lane traffic regulated by traffic management people.

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The FPOL Committee of the City of Fremantle will this coming Wednesday make a decision about signing a fifteen-year lease with Sierra Orenda for the upstairs-former KULCHA-section above the DOME cafe of the Evan Davies building at the Cappuccino Strip.

Sierra Orenda wants to open a small bar and restaurant and serve wood fired pizza.

The rent for the property would be $ 80,000 per annum, plus all outgoings and GST.

Fremantle City recently spent a lot of money on creating universal access to the building by adding a lift and new entrance at the back of the building, so everyone will now be able to get upstairs without difficulty.

My only question is why another pizza outlet in Fremantle? Another new bar and pizza outlet will open on Victoria Quay soon. There are sooooooo many of them, all taking away business from each other while other international cuisines are lacking in Fremantle. Variety is the spice of life!

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Cap Strip lights


The Fremantle Cappuccino Strip is brighter in the evenings after the installation of new LED street lights.

The City of Fremantle has removed 36 old-fashioned light fittings, using 150 watt metal halide globes, and replaced them with new 40 watt LED fittings.

The new lights will not only shine brighter but also use significantly less power and result in substantial savings on maintenance.

The new LED lights will see energy consumption from the street lights on the strip drop from almost 24,000kwh per year to around 6000kwh, a reduction of around 75 per cent.

The lights also have a lifespan many times longer than metal halide globes, and it will be a few years before they’ll need maintenance. That represents a big saving for the City in labour, parts and equipment.


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I like it hot, so can’t wait for summer, and the season of markets, festivals and events to start in Fremantle.

Took this photo on my way to the Council meeting late yesterday afternoon at the Cappuccino Strip near the very cosy Benny’s bar and cafe.


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What a stunningly beautiful Sunday in Fremantle today!

No need to take my word for it though, but the thousands of people came to Freo for a stroll, meal or coffee, show that I am right.

It is such a delight to see more people in town, and to know that this is going to assist our traders.

It is good to know that in the near future all the development that is happening in the inner city will see more people living and working in the CBD. A couple of hotels are also in the pipeline, so the hundreds of thousands of visitors will be able to stay in our port city overnight.

It’s all good and I am very optimistic about Freo’s future!


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The new Fremantle Market Street Piazza behind Gino’s and the Dome will be officially opened this evening at 6 pm by City Ward Councillor Rachel Pemberton.

It will have 400 metres of continuous lights above it, new seating and trees, so go and check it out.

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Not sure at all that I like the new Coca Cola awning at the old Fremantle CAPRI restaurant on the Cappuccino Strip.

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Work on the Little Market Street Piazza behind the Dome and Gino’s will start soon in Fremantle and through traffic from Collie and Nairn streets to the Cappuccino Strip is now no longer an option.

New seats and trees will be installed in the next weeks, weather permitting, so enjoy Freo’s tiny new square.

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control 1 control 2

street arts


I know the part closure of the Fremantle Cappuccino Strip on Sundays is only a trial but I’d like to give my five cents worth already.

I don’t understand when there are road closures with huge signs that there is still a need for traffic control people in high visibility all weather gear to be standing around all day doing nothing, as the traffic control is done by signage and does not require human intervention during the period of the closure.

There were at least four such people last Sunday from around 9 am till 10 pm, so that is a cost the City of Fremantle does not have to have. That also applies to other events and festivals where the yellow and orange people are just engaging in people watching and take no active part in traffic control once they have put the signs in place. This is not an attack on the traffic controllers but I am asking why are they there all day when they are not needed?

Unfair trading is also something Council needs to consider as those cafes, bars, restaurants who are operating outside the closed part of the Cap Strip are disadvantaged as they can not have more tables and seats outside, while those within the area can double their alfresco areas. That is not fair and affects profits. There is a herd mentality in humans, so most people will want to be where the crowd is and that is within the closed off part of the street.

I cannot see a reason why the road could not be closed from Essex Street to High Street, as traffic from the South to the Colllie Street carpark can be diverted into Essex, right into the laneway behind the Mexican Kitchen and then left into Collie for parking or to continue to the Esplanade or right into Pakenham through to the west end and Philimore Street.

Traffic should be diverted at the High Street intersection, not at Bannister Street. There is no benefit in allowing cars to drive down Market, turn right into Bannister, then right into Pakenham and then left into High Street, so one might as well put market stalls and/or buskers in Market Street between High and Bannister.

I was at last week’s event  from 10.30 till 12.30 and there were no buskers during that time. I was told one did not turn up at 10 am. There needs to be more and constant entertainment and the facepaint fairy tent should be brought to the corner of Market and the Cappuccino Strip, so that families can easier find it.

I like the idea of a permanent closure of the Strip on Sundays, especially during the warmer months, but it needs to be fine tuned a bit. We also need to find out if those who now extend their alfresco areas without paying for it would be happy to pay for the additional space.

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