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Figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveal that Fremantle is one of the worst crime cities in Western Australia.

The statistics for the three months leading to October show that Fremantle came third for total reported crime of 887 incidents. Perth CBD had 1986 and Armadale 1243.

For non-domestic assaults Fremantle came third out of ten again with 60 incidents, while Perth CBD had 172 and Northbridge 104.

Better news is that Fremantle did not rank in the first ten for domestic violence, home burglaries and car thefts.

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City of Fremantle’s Community Safety Team are ramping up after-hours patrols throughout the city centre and surrounding suburbs.

The extra patrols, which start today, will see security guards on the streets until 2am from Wednesday to Saturday each week in addition to the Community Safety Team’s regular daily patrols.

The move responds to feedback in the City’s recent community survey which indicated residents wanted to see a stronger visible safety presence around the City.

The City officers will be working closely with WA Police within central Fremantle and patrolling the suburbs.

The security guards are fitted with body cameras and patrol vehicles have mounted cameras which can all be viewed in our CCTV room.

CoF has also increased the CCTV camera coverage in the Paddy Troy Mall to enhance security and have two new security guards who will work alongside the Community Safety Team.


Daily community safety patrols will continue from 7am to 9pm.

Visit community safety page for more information

Contact the Community Safety Team on 1300 360 666.


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Idiots vandalised and damaged some of the fences at Fremantle’s Kings Square.

Stupid moronic fools!



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The Fremantle BID concierge initiative in the Atwell and Manning High Street malls has been very successful according to the latest figures from Triparty.

  • Anti-social behaviour was recorded 27 times in September 2016, but it was zero in January 2017.
  • Begging of 24 cases recorded in September ’16 was down to 6 in January ’17.
  • Busking went down from 12 in Sept to only 1 in January.
  • Street drinking went down from 5 recorded cases in September to 0 in January.
  • Shop lifting came down from 15 cases in September to just 1 in January.
  •  Sleepers/homeless people down from 16 in September 2016 to only 1 in January 2017.

These are remarkable figures that show that the right actions do make Fremantle a safer place to visit and shop in.

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Domestic violence against women dramatically increased in Australia this year and that is unacceptable, so everyone needs to be aware of it and help change this around.

There are absolutely no excuses for men to assault women. It does not matter if you are drunk, drugged or just in a bad mood, women deserve respect and have the right to feel safe at home.

This Friday is WHITE RIBBON DAY where we are reminded of the senseless violence against women, the mothers of our children, our sisters, aunties, friends and as a community we need to speak out and help protect those who get beaten up. The silence around domestic violence has to stop!

Beating up a woman is not a silly mistake that one regrets the next day but it is a violent crime for which there are no excuses whatsoever and ever!

Come to Kings Square on Friday November 25 between 8-12 am, where there will be guest speakers, live entertainment, free legal advise and stalls.

Show solidarity with women who get abused by their partners. It needs to stop NOW!

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rainbow-1 rainbow-2


I did not need the Trump election to make me realise there are a lot of idiots on our planet, but my mood soured even more this afternoon when I noticed some morons have vandalised the Fremantle Rainbow artwork by spraying graffiti on the second and third containers at the northern end.

No mate you are not clever, you are not an artist, you are a disrespectful fool! I hope the cops will catch you and put you in the slammer because all you are is a stupid little scum criminal our society does not want.

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The claim in the West Australian today by Rhett Pace, the owner of the Zapfhall on the Cappuccino Strip, that he saw City security officers for the first time after he posted a video of two women fighting, is ridiculous.

I am in the inner city daily and Fremantle security officers are a high visible presence on the streets of the CBD, even more so since they started wearing high-vis vests recently and their numbers were increased.

On the occasions I needed their support they were there within minutes, so they are doing an excellent job.

It is a shame the world has become a more violent place and that Fremantle is not exempt from it, but the mix of alcohol and drugs unfortunately put more violent loonies on our streets, and Freo City security officers and police do the best they can, but they can’t be everywhere all the time.

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It is worrying to read in the West Australian this morning that thugs smashed up Ruocco’s pizzeria at 2 pm on October 1 this year in an attempt to get extortion money.

This is very much Mafia-style crime that has no place in Fremantle and Australia, so I hope the criminals will be arrested soon.

It is unacceptable that families have to hide under tables and fear for their life because of some idiots who believe they have the right to someone else’s hard-earned money.

I have been going to Ruocco’s for over 30 years and it is a real shame this has happened.

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A  38-year-old man escaped from the Fremantle Police lock-up yesterday and is still on the run. Danny Brooks was arrested in the morning and charged with car stealing, armed robbery and breaching bail conditions, but he managed to escape from the High Street lock up and carjacked a vehicle at the Fremantle train station.

With him a 29-year-old woman also escaped but she was arrested again soon afterward.

The driver of the vehicle was later released and Brooks crashed the car on Mandurah Road around midnight last night. Police believe Brooks might have been hurt in the crash.

It will be interesting to find out how two people could escape from the Freo lock-up as that is obviously not acceptable.

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Fremantle author and Notre Dame University lecturer Leigh Straw is launching her latest book at the Orient Hotel today at 6.30. The Worst Woman in Sydney: The life and crimes of Kate Leigh is a fascinating book about one of Sydney’s leading crime figures in the 1900s.

Kate Leigh was only 155 cm tall but a larger than life figure feared by many. Sydney newspapers would write about her often as she was involved in prostitution, drugs, sly grog etc. Hence she was considered by police as the worst woman in Sydney.

There is also a Fremantle connection in the Kate Leigh story as she married Fremantle criminal Shiner Ryan in 1950, but because neither of them were willing to move to another state the marriage only lasted six months.

Come and listen to Leigh Straw tonight when she tells more about her book. I hope her crime fiction books will also be available at the event organised by New Edition bookshop as one of them plays out in Fremantle with murders all over the West End.

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