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Beaconsfield Councillor Hannah Fitzhardinge is trying to get a precinct group going and there will be a meeting at the Fremantle Farmers Markets this Sunday at 10am:

This is an initial meeting to try and establish a Beaconsfield Precinct Group. All interested community members are welcome to attend. City of Fremantle officers will also deliver a FOGO Info Session. Meet in the undercover area near the market (under the school auditorium) and please BYO chair!

The Growers Green markets is at Fremantle College at Lefroy Road, so if you live in Beacy make sure to attend!

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LOCAL East Fremantle


The Town of East Fremantle is introducing their #LookLocal Community Directory. Search the online directory to find community groups in your area.

Categories include:

To explore the directory, visit


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Local government is the closest we get to grassroots democracy, so it is extremely important to vote at local council elections. The people we vote on Council will represent us for four years, so don’t be complacent and help get the Council you believe will best represent the Fremantle community. This is especially important for young people who have just reached voting age!

Are you enrolled to vote for Fremantle’s next local government election on October 19?

You can check your enrollment status by visiting or by contacting 13 63 06. Enrollments close Friday August 30.

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It is not that long till the October local government election and City Ward Councillor Rachel Pemberton has confirmed she will be nominating and is hoping to win a third term as one of two City Ward members on Fremantle Council.

On social media notoriously disgruntled Andrew Luobikis has warned Fremantle Council that “we the community are coming for your candidates in every ward to take control of our council for the residents not your political party affiliations.”

The post comes with the above image of the cap Making Fremantle Great Again which already received backlash in comments because it is borrowed from redneck Donald Trump.

I am not sure who Andy Greenygreenfields, as he often calls himself on social media, thinks he is representing as it was the community who voted the current elected members on council, so are those of us who voted for Brad Pettitt as Mayor and our present Ward Councillors not members of the community?

I always find it quite funny that those on the right of politics claim that party politics play a role at Fremantle Council but are trying to replace left-leaning Councillors with right- leaning ones.  I suggest they lose their ignorance in that regard by attending council and council committee meetings to observe for themselves that party politics are not in play, but there is no doubt that Fremantle Council is progressive and not conservative.

Anyway, I have no doubt the regular group of council opponents in the community will rally again, especially for City Ward, so it will again be a predictable and unfortunate campaign of negativity from those who blame Fremantle Council for just about everything from homelessness and law&order issues to the international decline in retail.

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UPDATE! Andrew Luobikis has contacted me and says he has no connection to Andie Greenie Greenfields so I take his word for that and retract that he is posting messages on social media with that email address. Sorry Andrew for my mistake!

I have been told that the post has now also mysteriously disappeared from Freo Massive, so who ever posted it must have had second thoughts about it. If anyone kept the post please do send me a copy of it as it was posted under the name I published, so I suggest Mr Luobikis takes that up with the Freo Massive people.



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I believe it is fair and reasonable to give Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt a right to reply to the attacks in the West Australian and the concerns raised by members of the Fremantle community  in regard to the proposed Solar Farm in South Fremantle.

I have published all comments I received about this issue, so here the media release by the City in Fremantle in full:

The West Australian has published another misleading and inaccurate diatribe by Paul Murray (Tipping point for solar plan, 10 August 2019), this time attacking the City of Fremantle’s efforts to establish a solar farm on the former South Fremantle tip site.

Before addressing the main issue of the solar farm, Mr Murray couldn’t resist having another dig at the City’s sustainability credentials. 

Mr Murray claims the City of Fremantle’s carbon emissions have increased 49 per cent since 2009. This is incorrect.

Where Mr Murray has got it wrong is that he has confused carbon offsets purchased by the City with our emissions.

Previously the City purchased ‘green’ energy from Synergy at a premium price, as well as carbon offsets to offset other emissions like fleet vehicles. The Council made the very rational decision in 2013 to stop buying expensive green energy and instead buy cheaper ‘black’ energy along with additional carbon offsets. We used the money we saved to invest in our own renewable energy.

The purchase of these additional offsets has not only resulted in more than 150,000 trees being planted in degraded areas of the Wheatbelt to offset the City’s carbon emissions, but it has also been more cost effective for our ratepayers – something I would have thought The West Australian would applaud.

And while the amount of offsets purchased by the City now compared with 2009 has gone up, the City’s emissions have actually gone down. This could have been simply explained but Mr Murray didn’t bother to ask.

As for the solar farm itself, the main concern seems to be that the former South Fremantle tip is a contaminated site.

This is not news. We know it’s a contaminated site. It has been for decades.

If it wasn’t a contaminated site it would have had houses built on it, or it would have been turned into a sporting field.

The whole point of the solar farm project is to make productive use of a site that would otherwise remain a wasteland.

The management plans for the solar farm have been approved by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, the Department of Health and an independent contaminated sites auditor.

The City made getting approval from these agencies a condition of the project in order to safeguard the community. We have always said this project would only proceed if it could be done safely, and the expert advice says that it can.

A solar farm would be a light touch, with the panels specially designed to sit on the surface of the soil. There would be minimal disturbance of the soil and no disturbance of the contamination buried underneath.

Far from being a bombshell, the presence of quarantine waste at the tip site is well known. Previous site investigation reports commissioned by the City refer to the use of the site by AQIS for the deep burial of quarantine waste and these reports were considered in preparing the Site Management Plan for the solar farm.

Nevertheless, the City is checking with state government health and environmental agencies if they require more information about the safe management of quarantine waste, and will ensure that any further advice is complied with.

The issue of ‘glint and glare’ was considered by the City as part of the development approval. The simple response is that photovoltaic cells are designed to absorb light, not reflect it. 

Mr Murray also referenced the public information session which had been ‘strangely cancelled’.

This session was postponed, not cancelled, because most of the questions the City and solar farm developer Epuron were being asked were about technical aspects of the construction of the project. It made sense to delay the meeting until a construction contractor was appointed by Epuron so they could be available to answer those questions. Nothing strange, just common sense.

The West Australian has now published three opinion pieces by Paul Murray attacking me and the City of Fremantle, and yet not once has he asked me any questions or sought my comments. Worse still, when I sent my own response to The West Australian after the first attack piece they refused to publish it.

I have no problem being asked legitimate questions or with the City’s operations being scrutinised, but I expect a fair right of reply. Considering Paul Murray is the former editor of this once esteemed publication I would have expected higher journalistic standards.

It’s sad to see that Perth’s one and only daily newspaper has sunk to such depths.

and to make it abundantly clear. I would welcome a solar farm but only if it does not impact on the health of anyone in our community, and those nearby in Cockburn. There cannot be any compsomises on this.

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Sullivan Hall in Fremantle’s White Gum Valley celebrated its 60th birthday on Sunday and the community turned out in droves.

The weather was perfect to share memories about the old hall, that it started when parents wanted a hall for the Girl Guides Association and collected money for building materials.

The hall official opened in 1959 but was enlarged in 1962 when community members raised ten shillings per family.

The hall has been used for weddings, birthdays, engagements, balls, discos, dancing, yoga, meditation and karate, and more.

The White Gum Valley dancers have been using Sullivan Hall since 1961.

Sunday’s celebrations included a choir, racing pigeons, children activities, pipers, etc.

Great to watch a community coming together and sharing.

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Sullivan Hall


SULLIVAN HALL in Fremantle’s White Gum Valley is celebrating its 60th birthday tomorrow, Sunday August 11

1.00pmHall opens
1.45pm Pipers from the Fremantle Sailing Club Pipe Band.

2.00pm Welcome to Country – Marie Taylor
2.10pm Introduction – MC Juliet Marchant
2.10pm Children’s activities commence in outside tents

2.15pm Glyde In Singers – songs of the sixties
2.30pm History of Sullivan Hall – Stephanie Jennings

2.45pm White Gum Valley Square Dancers demonstration

3.20pm Men of the West – traditional Georgian singing

3.25pm Sixties singalong with the Glyde In Singers

3.40pm Cutting of the birthday cake
3.50pm Racing pigeon release
4.00pm Thanks, cake and conversation



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Pipes for Fremantle


Here the latest info from Water Corp about the Pipes for Fremantle:

Bannister Street and Collie Street construction work will start on week of Monday 12 August 2019.

This work will be carried out Monday – Saturday 7am-7pm.

  • Bannister Street – Week of 12 August to the week of 2 September 2019
  • Collie Street – Week of 12 August to the week of 9 September 2019

Construction dates for Pakenham Street, Market Street and South Terrace will be provided in due course.

Service locating:

Market Street and South Terrace underground service locating will continue from the week of Monday 12 August 2019.

  • 12 August to 16 August 2019 from 7am to 5pm (weekdays only).
  • 19 August to 21 August 2019 from 8pm to 5am (noise management plans will be in place during night works).

Members of the project team will be visiting businesses on Market Street and South Terrace next week to discuss the work including any planned traffic management.

Open House sessions – Businesses invited for Tuesday, 3 September 2019 (4pm-6pm).

Another Open House Information session will take place at our Pipes for Fremantle Pop-Up shop located at 66 High Street, Fremantle.



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I agree with WA Local Government Minister David Templeman that local councils have evolved and are much more than just about rates, roads and rubbish. The unfair criticism in the media and from many in the community ignore the facts that councils do a lot more for their communities than in the past, and that is mainly due because people demand more and better services and because some of the services state governments supplied have been pushed to local councils.

What would Fremantle be for its residents, traders and visitors if all council did was look after the rates, the roads and the rubbish collection? Think about it for a moment.

Should Fremantle get rid off the Samson Rec. Centre, the Meeting Place, the Hilton PCYC and the North Freo Community Hall? Should councils no longer be responsible to look after playing fields  and sporting ovals. Would the State Government happily step in and take over all these services, and at what financial cost to us?

Should Fremantle Council sell or lease the arts and leisure centres because running them is well beyond rates, roads and rubbish, and what about our festivals? Would the Freo community prefer to not have the Fremantle Festival, Hidden Treasures, Wardarnji Aboriginal festival, One Day in Freo events, etc. because they are not part of the basic rates, roads and rubbish local governments have to do? Surely not.

What about the library, legal advise service and social services, and why should the City of Fremantle have community safety officers when law&order is the responsibility of WA Police?

If we got rid of all these services rates would come down, but will Freo be a better place for it?

Would those who whinge about councils having lost the plot really be more happy if all the things that make Fremantle the special place it is be scrapped because councillors supposedly are only elected to look after the rates, roads and rubbish? I think not!

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A partnership between state and local government, the private sector and community service providers to address rough sleeping in Fremantle was announced today.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt joined Community Services Minister and Member for Fremantle Simone McGurk, Sirona Capital Managing Director Matthew McNeilly and other key stakeholders in Fremantle today to launch the 20 Lives 20 Homes campaign.

20 Lives 20 Homes is two-year initiative which will provide housing and wrap-around support to some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in Fremantle.

It is based on the 50 Lives 50 Homes collective impact project, which has successfully housed more than 147 rough sleepers in Perth over the past three years.

The program will be coordinated by Ruah Community Services in conjunction with St Patrick’s Community Support Centre, Fremantle Foundation and the City of Fremantle.

Sirona’s Matthew McNeilly has driven private sector support for the program, raising almost $1 million from a small number of individuals with strong Fremantle connections.

The state government is contributing a further $395,000 over two years, while the City of Fremantle has committed $40,000 this year with a further $40,000 proposed for next year.

Mayor Brad Pettitt said the program was an important step towards addressing homelessness in Fremantle. “This commitment to solve rough sleeping, rather than just manage it, is potentially a game changer on an issue that has sadly become more prevalent in many communities.

“I look forward to seeing some of the most vulnerable people in Fremantle being given a home and the support they need to get their lives back together.”

Mr McNeilly said the plight of homeless people in Fremantle hit home when the Kings Square Renewal project was about to commence.

“At the point Sirona was about to turn Kings Square into a construction site, I realised the redevelopment would displace a significant number of people who were using the doorways and vacant shops of the old Myer and Queensgate buildings for shelter,” Mr McNeilly said.

“I didn’t want anyone to be negatively impacted by the redevelopment, particularly the people sleeping rough.

“I remember overhearing a local business owner’s disparaging comment about a homeless person, saying that someone should do something about these people. The reality is it takes multiple ‘someones’, hence this initiative.”

Ruah Community Services Chief Executive Debra Zanella said 20 Lives 20 Homes would deliver a person-centred approach that links people to accommodation and support services that can address personal circumstances.

“We are privileged to be invited to deliver this targeted program to Fremantle, in partnership with St Patrick’s Community Support Centre, the state government, the City and the private sector,” Ms Zanella said.

“We believe the success of the 50 Lives 50 Homes program is proof that ending rough sleeping in WA is achievable, as we work toward tackling the much broader and complex issue of homelessness.”

Member for Fremantle Simone McGurk said the state government was proud to support a program that would make a difference for people sleeping rough in Fremantle.

“The 20 Lives 20 Homes program takes a housing-first approach and will help people experiencing homelessness get a roof over their head, which is an important first step, but it will also connect them with the support services that can get them out of homelessness permanently,” Ms McGurk said.


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