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Please note and pass on that my new email address now is

There is only one word wrong with internet service providers and that is the word service. Spent one and a half hour with my mate Glen to try to set up my new Telstra Bigpond account but alas I can’t use my bigpond email address. Pathetic!

And all that because IINET no longer provides a dongle service.

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FAC concert


It is going to be a pleasant Sunday so start the day at the Growers Green Farmers Market at Fremantle College in Lefroy Road from 8am till midday, and after that make your way to the Fremantle Arts Centre for the free courtyard music session from 2-4pm that features JAMILLA and FEELS.

Jamilla (WA) combines haunting soul vocals, self-produced R&B beats and chill-wave synths to create a beautiful and seamless brand of nu-soul music. With an intense and captivating stage presence and emotive, politically charged lyrics, Jamilla expresses her appreciation for human vulnerability and invites you to experience hers.

Jamilla’s joined on this double bill by Feels (WA). Two dynamic women, one four-octave electronic marimba/xylophone, 11 different drum pads and up to six sticks hitting the triggers at any time – Feels are the boundary-pushing, award-winning duo who combine their training in classical percussion with a unique production style. They have been pioneering a whole new sound and setting the performance standard for live electronic.

The cafe, bar and pizza bar will be open.

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Kavi Guppta of Fremantle Radio celebrated the tenth anniversary of this Freo’s View blog with a long interview with me from 6.45am on this morning.

It is about Fremantle, the local government election, development, ignorance, the community, heritage, etc. so for those who missed it here is the link:

Roel Loopers joins me to celebrate 10 yrs blogging about fremantle, and discusses council candidates who campaign on opinions instead of facts (jump to 00:45:03).

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FP 1


The new club and community centre at Fremantle Park is looking very good. It will be the new home for the tennis, the bowling and the workers clubs and will also have facilities for the general community.

A couple of lawn bowl elders told me on Sunday morning that it is the best development in Perth.

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Police are searching for missing Beaconsfield photographer Matthew Dwyer whose backpack and car keys were found by the public.

Matthew is a very experienced hiker who has been at Bluff Knoll often. The gentle 51-year-old is a former Fremantle Herald photographer and is very well known and liked in Fremantle.

I put all my good positive vibes out into the universe that Matthew will be found safe and well soon!

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Oct 3 Youth Open Mic


The Fremantle Youth Network is holding a Open Mic Night at the Moore&Moore cafe in Henry Street this Wednesday October 3 from 5-9pm.

Comedians, Poets, Singers, Story tellers and others are invited to share their thoughts.

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October is always a special month for me because it is my birthday month, but it is even more special this year because in October ten years ago I started the publication of this FREO’S VIEW blog, so happy birthday bloggy!

It has been a true labour of love for me to report about anything that happened in Fremantle over the last ten years. It required dedication and commitment and a lot of my time, but I love doing it, so I will continue with it indefinitely.

I have reported on Fremantle Council business, festivals and events, opening and closing of businesses, new development proposals and development issues, and many more things. Basically, if I know about something new or interesting happening in Fremantle I’ll publish a blog post or photo.

Over the last ten years I published around 10,350 posts and 22,500 comments and many hundreds of photos, so I have created my own kind of time capsule of Freo’s recent history.

I have tried very hard to be balanced in my reporting and not being biased, but I clearly express my own views on everything, and that makes me a very opinionated person who gets criticised often for just expressing those views. That is fine, because I was born in the Netherlands and that makes me perfect. ; >)

But my blog is all about Fremantle, a place I love dearly and want to support and help improve. I don’t care much if good ideas on how to make Fremantle a better place come from people to the right or the left of politics. Good ideas are not exclusive or unique to any political party or person!

Fremantle is a beautiful and unique city with a very special community of really good people. Fremantle is my home and my family and the place where I will die. It is a place I have a deep emotional attachment to, and the place that has given me the confidence to express myself without fear or favour.

Thank you to all the regular readers and people who sent me information and comments. Freo’s View is your blog, so the more info you send me the more I can share with the community.

Roel Loopers


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The following work is planned for the week commencing Monday 30 September:

  • Monday 30 September
    • No work will take place on the Queens Birthday public holiday.
  • Tuesday 1 October to Thursday 3 October
    • Pakenham Street will be closed from Bannister Street to High Street. Please follow the detour in place along Bannister Street.
    • Driveway access for residents will be maintained.
  • Night works Tuesday 1 October and Wednesday 2 October
    • Work will be completed between 7pm and 7am at the intersection of Pakenham Street and High Street.
    • This work is carried out at night to avoid impacting busy road traffic during the day.
  • Wednesday 2 October
    • Pakenham Street from High Street to Leake Street will be closed between 7am and 5pm.
  • Water outage 10pm Wednesday 2 October to 6am Thursday 3 October
    •  Properties on the south side of High Street between Pakenham Street and Market Street only.
  • Thursday 3 October
    • The intersection of Bannister Street and Pakenham Street will be partially closed with traffic management in place.
    • Pakenham Street from Bannister Street to High Street will reopen by COB.


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Local government election candidate events are always interesting because the community is divided on many issues, but the packed room at The Local hotel showed that Fremantle people are passionate about their city.

The Trumpian quote of the night for me came from candidate Michelle Cunningham who told the crowd that she is a scientist and is not worried about climate change, because it really is very slow. Yep, that might well be, but we were talking about the future of Fremantle, with one public speaker warning that our heritage buildings would be two metres under water because of climate change and the rising oceans.

Chris Jenkins said he wanted a free public transport zone in and around Fremantle so people could come to Freo for free. I wonder if the State Government will be happy to fund that.

Gemma Hohnen wants more informal recreation for the community to connect, while Julie Morgan wants a seniors and disability shopping card and council to focus on local issues. Rachel Pemberton wants the community to have a say and to prioritise projects council wants to undertake, which would create genuine decision-making by the community.

Su Groome mentioned the Newcaste model of revitalising the inner city and that new buildings should be true to Fremantle’s character.

Lynn McLaren wants us to be able to take our bikes into buses, and pointed out that the community needs to target the decision makers if it wants change and improvement, e.g not much use yelling at council when it is a State decision.

Jon Strachan wants to embrace smart technology and said the Fremantle Hospital looks very sad.

John Dowson called to simplify the parking system and that the perception of parking issues is enough to discourage people from coming to Fremantle. Too many car parks have gone, what is the next one?

Bryn Jones hopes to get some 5,000 people living in a one kilometre radius of the Townhall.

Maria Vujcic said that if elected she will listen to the people and formulate policy from that. It does not matter what I think, it is about the community. South Beach looks tired and needs a generational upgrade.

Public speakers bemoaned antisocial behaviour and crime in Fremantle, but there was some passion when several said we needed to bring the sense of community back and work together across the divides.

There were no places were people on low income could meet for free and that creates isolation.

John Dowson said Council and the community need to lobby State Government that the planned new police station would be built in Fremantle, and Mayor Brad Pettitt said that police numbers were not the issue for Fremantle, but that not enough officers were actually on the beat.

Marija Vujcic said that council was low resolution consultation and she was not happy about the planned solar farm and the speedhumps in South Fremantle.

One public speaker called for the community to work together and “make Fremantle suicide free!”

Moderator Rob Delves called for the planting of many more trees so that cyclists could ride in the shade.

Another public speaker said that there are too many divided passionate voices and that we don’t work together. He said there was lack of new ideas at the meeting and that Fremantle is going through a revolutionary retail change.

It was great to see many younger people at an election event, so I finish with what one of them aid. “Community is a collective. We can all work together.”

It was a surprisingly positive evening that did not have the council bashing arguments from the previous elections. Yes indeed, we might not all agree, but this is a great community that should be able to work together despite our differences. Go Freo!

Roel Loopers


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Fr 3


The quarterly City of Fremantle FRE-OH magazine is out and should be delivered in your letterbox. If not, it is available at the City, Visitor Centre and some businesses, so make sure to get a copy of it!

FRE-OH has a great Oldies are Golden feature about long-established businesses in Fremantle, such as Bodkin’s Bootery, Mills Records, the Capri, Culley’s, Gino’s and Roma Cucina as well as the Old Shanghai food market.

Another nice feature is the double spread Locals Love Freo that showcases Fremantle Foundation CEO Dylan Smith, sailor John Longley, designer Megan Salmon, writer David Wish-Wilson and comedian, author and playwright Ben Elton.

Lots of stuff to read about our gorgeous city and its even more gorgeous people so go FRE-OH!

Roel Loopers

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