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It’s going to be a lovely 30 degrees Sunday so get out and about and enjoy Fremantle!

The Sunday tradition starts with the Growers Green Farmers Market at Fremantle College on Lefroy Road in Beaconsfield from 8am till midday.

From 2-4pm the free courtyard music session is on at the Fremantle Arts Centre with Grace Sanders and her band offering jazz, pop and soul music, accompanied on stage by the all female Dulcie alt-pop quartet.

From 4-9pm Victoria Quay will come alive with the Merchants’ Mess Food Truck Markets, so head out there for dinner, live music and the sun setting behind the lighthouses.

And while there don’t forget to walk over to the Maritime Museum where on the deck Harbour Sundays will be on and Tom Fisher and the Layabouts playing from 5pm.

All venues will have plenty of food and drinks on offer, so chill and enjoy the Freo lifestyle!

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After a long delay ENKEL will be moving into the former Fremantle Naval Stores at Cantonment Hill in the next couple of months.

Enkel is still very much an unknown entity for many, so check out what they are up to on their website:

Below some of what they say about themselves:

We believe that we need new approaches and more people to address the problems of today and tomorrow.


Our vision for Western Australia is a place of ideas, where people are empowered to create better futures.

We work towards this vision by consulting to organisations, running social innovation spaces, organising courses, inspiring, connecting and supporting changemakers, and much more.


All work is aligned with and reinforces our values Courage, Community, Conscience and Creativity.


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Black Swan Health has applied to the City of Fremantle for a $ 20,000 per annum sponsorship to be able to continue with the Fremantle Street Doctor services, which they have supplied for over 14 years.

The WA Health Department will stop funding the project at the end of this financial year on June 30, which in my books is an absolute disgrace!!!!

The Freo Street Doctor runs six mobile health clinics a week and is the only medical service for many people, so very essential for those who are doing it tough.

Black Swan Health Ltd. is seeking a $20,000 donation from the City to enable
continuation of the ‘Freo Street Doctor’ clinics. The donation request would support
indirect costs, including:
• Two “Freo Street Doctor’ vehicle running costs, licence, registration, insurance,
service, maintenance and repair, tyres and fuel.
• Outreach worker salary costs.
• Clinical consumable costs.
• Information Technology costs.
• Utilities

To put the money in perspective, the annual Winterworld Festival gets $ 25,000 cash from the city, plus the city loses out on parking fees at the Italian Club, and that comes combined to a total of $ 75,000 for just a few weeks of ice skating fun.

I know what I would prioritise.

Both items are on the agenda of Wednesday’s FPOL Committee, so come and speak out in support of the Freo Street Doctor!!!! 6pm at the North Fremantle Community Centre.

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art 1

art 2


A community working group came together at Stackwood on Monday afternoon to discuss if the dream of a Knutsford Industrial Arts Precinct can become a reality or if  the challenges are too daunting.

Architects, artists, planners and three Fremantle Councillors attended the meeting, as did Freo Mayor Brad Pettitt and CUSP Professor Peter Newman, and chair of the City’s Design Advisory Panel Geoffrey London.

The Mayor said the Knutsford Street area was an amazing precinct with amazing opportunities, but the question was what we want to create here and how do you compliment ‘making things’ work with the rest of the community?

Participants said a Fremantle Industrial Arts Quarter was all about place, people, creativity, resilience, community, heritage and innovation. It would be funky, green, amazing, economic, vibrant and sustainable.

Geoffrey London said it would need water-sensitive outcomes for infill developments and asked how can we make it into a sustainable precinct. He suggested to narrow the very wide roads which would create lots of recreational opportunities on the verges.

Participants suggested that housing that related to the industrial area with distinctive architecture should be considered, as is storm/grey and black water management solutions. There should be housing typologies for sustainability and density.

Peter Newman said the examples shown from European developments looked all the same, and I agree that many of these sustainable developments look monotonous. It is probably a challenge to create innovative and attractive buildings when one needs density to make it sustainable and affordable, so that would be a major challenge.

One huge challenge is the soil contamination of the area and how to remedy that, and also how to combine noisy industrial art studios next to residential housing. It is also important to combine living and working environment, so that artists can live where they work.

But how do we do it? A planning framework would be required, and community input, and State Government changing some of the suffocating planning rules.

People want bigger visions, and we need new governance and investment structures for these innovative ideas. Who has got the power to change the dynamics and create a culture of innovation?

Many of the warehouses are probably not worth saving but we should retain a warehouse typology in the precinct, and we need to be clear about the minimum standards we want to achieve and develop visual guidelines. What is the Knutsford style?

And the last speaker of the workshop said it would take five people who are willing to make less money to want to make a difference, to get it started.

It is a very challenging project and it will need a Heart of Beaconsfield style of approach to start finding practical, innovative and creative solutions. There is no doubt in my mind that the area has huge potential to become something special!

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Little High


We don’t always have to rely on our local council to beautify the streets we live in, as this example at Little High Street in Fremantle’s historic West End shows.

This little green triangle is bordered by the railway line and an on-street carpark, but local residents put some street furniture, pot plants and TLC in it, et voila!, as the frog eaters say.

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The City of Fremantle Verge Preparation Assistant Scheme aims to turn neighbourhoods into lush, green oasis.

It gives subsidies on native plants, free mulch, free street trees and free advise on landscaping and creating a garden verge.

The scheme assists eligible residents by removing soil, vegetation and grass and delivering free mulch recycled from the City’s tree pruning program.

It is open to everyone but prioritises people with a Senior Card or Health Card. Apply on line till March 1 on the City of Fremantle’s website:

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FREO NOW-formerly BID-are writing to the Minister for Police and WA Police Commissioner about the escalating safety issues in Fremantle.

Shop owners are fed up with shop lifting, violence, anti-social behaviour and foul language in the CBD and want more police presence on the streets and stronger action taken.

Only a few months ago Fremantle residents and business owners were told that the crime statistics for Fremantle had been going down steadily, but that does not appear to be the case when one hears of a woman being assaulted at Mills Records and an armed robbery at Rip Curl.

Drug dealing and anti-social behaviour are daily occurrences in High Street near the backpackers on the corner of Henry Street, and so is shop-lifting all over the CBD.

When people feel unsafe in the inner city of Fremantle they will not come for shopping or to enjoy the entertainment our city often has on offer, so more needs to be done by WA Police because the City of Fremantle unfairly gets the flack for it.

More police walking the beat is essential to deter and prevent crime, but from my observations fewer officers are on the streets now than six months ago.

Our traders are doing it tough as it is, so they don’t need more stress and worries and getting abused by out of control vagrants.

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The first of this year’s Politics in the Pub events by the Fremantle Network will this evening debate the topic if the date of Australia Day should be changed.

This is becoming a yearly issue around Australia Day when conservative politicians engage in point scoring about it and conservative voters express dismay that there are even thoughts about moving Australia Day away from January 26 to another date.

Those who are supportive of changing the date point out that many of our indigenous Australians consider the day to be Invasion Day, so we should be more considerate and celebrate Australia on a different day.

Come along to The Local hotel in South Fremantle at 6.30pm this evening January 29 and respectfully express your views.

The bar and kitchen will be open, so have a meal and a cold drink while debating this important issue.

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What a beautiful, brilliant, emotional and satisfying day the ONE DAY IN FREMANTLE event was today.

It is so good to see so many Aboriginal people mingling with the rest of us, but while that should be the norm it sadly isn’t.

What a great way to connect and lose some of the ignorance we have about each other and what a delight to see so many families and young kids being part of it all.

But shades structures need to be erected at next year’s One Day because when it is as hot as today people need more shade.

I loved the day. It leaves me with so many warm and positive feelings and so much gratitude that I could be part of it. Kaya! Thank you!


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