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The news that the WA State Government wants to fast track major public works, such as the planned new Fremantle traffic bridge, are welcome, but Freo needs a lot more than that and some serious big picture thinking and spending from the McGowan Government.

Talks about the development of Victoria Quay and the Fremantle Council South Quay ideas have just been chatter and nothing has happened but a few plans here and there.

Some 15 years ago, or maybe even longer than that, I walked in a group with then Minister Alannah McTiernan from the Fremantle Ports building to the railway station and the media got told about the big plans for Philimore Street, a new railway court, and a much improved roundabout at Cliff Street, but alas, it was empty talk and no action. I hear this is again on the menu of the State Government, but will it ever eventuate?

The idea that the Indian Pacific train journey could start and finish in Fremantle would be wonderful, but it would need much more than a very long platform to accommodate the tourist train. It would require serious planning for how to connect Victoria Quay and the Passenger Terminal with the Fremantle CBD, and it might just have to be something as big as what happened in Perth with the sinking of the railway line and creating a new precinct over the top of it…… and pigs do fly.

A new police station if Fremantle would be a nice start, but it needs to be done in context with the masterplan  Fremantle Council is creating for Fremantle Oval, and the realisation that the former Stan Riley site might not be the best location for it as it would not go well with the plans Fremantle City has for the oval precinct.

Another major public work the State Government needs to prioritise is the stabilisation work of Arthur’s Head and urgently needed maintenance work on the Roundhouse. Once the state and country’s borders are reopened tourism will be one of the major ways to help Freo back on its feet, but there is no money at local council level to do any major public works. The State Government and our local member Simone McGurk need to step up and start getting serious about supporting Fremantle. Talk alone is not good enough!

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Cheap parking on Victoria Quay! Fremantle Ports reduced all day parking to just $ 5.00 per day.

They have also reduced hourly parking fees at Victoria Quay from today to assist the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fees have been reduced from $2.50 for an hour to $1.50, with the all-day parking fee reduced from $10 to $5.

The fee reduction is in effect from today until 1 June, when it will be reviewed. See the new fees on our website:…/parking-fees-reduced-on…


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I walked from Arundel Street to Chalkys cafe at the Roundhouse this morning, and from there to Monument Hill to take some photos for Anzac Day, and on to George Street to take coronavirus related historic shots, and walked past the Rainbow container artwork on my way home, with a very short stop at Medicare, where no one was queuing outside the Centrelink office.

A nice two-hour walk that is good for my fitness, and got some nice photos for Freo’s View as well. Happy days! ;>))

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Fremantle Ports has come on board as a sponsor for the St Patrick’s Doorstep Dinners food relief, with a $ 10,000 donation.

Doorstep Dinners is the idea of St Pats CEO Michael Piu and will deliver 200 meals a day for 45 days to the most vulnerable in the Freo community. Main sponsors are the Minderoo Foundation and McCusker Foundation.

Fremantle restaurants La Sosta, Benny’s and the National Hotel will cook the dinners at cost, which are delivered to the door by St Pats volunteers.

The initiative is not only support for the needy but also for some of the kitchen staff of the three restaurants, who are now back at work, and for the suppliers of the venues.

It is a heart-warming project that deserves all the support and praise it can get. Well done all!

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The City of Fremantle is taking measures to reassure the community that there is little to no risk associated with cruise ship arrivals into Fremantle.

The City has sought advice from the relevant authorities responsible for cruise ship arrivals, including Fremantle Ports and Tourism Western Australia, amid growing community concern relating to cruise ships and COVID-19.

Fremantle Ports has advised that it is fully complying with Australian Government restrictions as part of the nation’s response to COVID-19, which are an elevation of already stringent ship-entry controls:

No cruise ships leaving a foreign port, with the exception those en-route and which have already declared their destination as Australia, may arrive in Australia.

All ships, including cruise ships, must provide a mandatory declaration about the health of all persons aboard, before arriving in Fremantle.

The pilot seeks a second report direct from the ship’s Master when boarding the ship off the Perth coast.

If there is any doubt about the health of those on board, the ship is put to anchor and not permitted to enter the harbour until further checks are made at sea.

There were three cruise ships docked in Fremantle as of this morning.

None of these ships came from international ports within the last 14 days and all have been cruising in Australian waters. Each of these ships has undergone the screening process.

Fremantle Ports and Tourism Western Australia have provided the following specific advice with respect to protocols for the ships that were or are still in port and also any future cruise ship visits scheduled for Fremantle.

This includes strict entry protocols before the ships arrive in port‘The World’ cruise ship arrived in Fremantle on Friday 13 March with an estimated 140 passengers on board. Its previous port of call was Adelaide. They are currently in the process of disembarking from the ship to return home. Fremantle Port is yet to confirm a date for the ship and crew to depart. This ship has undergone the standard screening process.

The ‘Queen Mary 2’ cruise ship has been sailing Australian waters for well over a month, circumnavigating Australia and visiting numerous local ports. Passengers are currently in the process of disembarking from the ship to return home. The ship is scheduled to depart at 1900 hrs on 16 March bound for Southampton. This ship has undergone the standard screening process.

The ‘Costa Deliziosa’ cruise ship arrived from Albany and left this afternoon. It was previously in Adelaide with Mauritius scheduled as the next port. It is part of a world cruise that originated in Italy on the 6 January prior to the COVID-19 outbreak in that country.  Approximately 100 people disembarked from the ship today to return home, and the remainder of the guests and crew were not permitted to disembark. This ship has undergone the standard screening process.

Passengers that are disembarking ships will be going to the airport to take a flight home, or in the case of WA passengers, returning home.

The Federal government has advised that all international cruise ships have been banned from sailing into Australian ports for 30 days, with this decision subject to review after that time.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said that the strict measures put in place by Fremantle Ports and the Federal Government will ensure that there is little to no risk associated with cruise ships visiting Fremantle.

“COVID-19 is understandably creating some uncertainty around cruise ships, however given the strong measures being taken by relevant authorities the community should rest assured there is no impact to Fremantle,” Mayor Pettitt said.

“Whilst the City of Fremantle is not responsible for cruise ship arrivals, we have every confidence in the way that Fremantle Ports and the State and Federal Governments are managing the arrivals and we are working closely with them to ensure we receive accurate and up to date information.”

The Cruise Line Industry of Australia (CLIA) has also put measures in place to ensure cruise ships remain low risk for COVID -19 and have provided the following information:

The majority of more than 270 cruise ships globally continue to sail unaffected by the virus, including within Australasia – but with strict precautions in place.

CLIA ocean cruise lines have introduced stringent measures including pre-screening processes to determine a person’s travel and contact history. They will deny boarding to anyone who may present an increased risk.

Ships have medical facilities and medical professionals available around the clock to provide care in the event of illness and to prevent disease transmission.

Cruise lines are in close consultation with health authorities globally, including the World Health Organization, regional Departments of Health, and state health authorities.

No cruise ships have travelled directly from China to this region recently. Many of the vessels operating in this region have been in Australasian waters or on World Cruises for some time.

No passengers or crew are permitted to board if they have come from or visited South Korea, Iran, China (including Hong Kong and Macau) and any municipality in Italy subject to lockdown measures by the Italian Govt, in the 14 days before embarkation.

Cruise lines have extensive experience providing for a clean and sanitized environment, with daily procedures as well as enhanced efforts under Outbreak Prevention and Response Plans.

Reporting procedures are in place to ensure regional authorities are aware of any relevant illness prior to a ship’s arrival.



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While the Majestic Princess cruise ship left Fremantle yesterday the Radiance of the Sea entered our port this morning, so there is a lot of cruise activity in Freo.

It is good to know that the special offers available under a City of Fremantle program targeting the crews of visiting cruise ships have been extended until the end of the year.

The City’s Crew Friendly program provides cruise ship crew with both a digital and hard copy brochure about where to access essential supplies and services like groceries, clothes, pharmacies and health clinics, as well as a guide to local restaurants, bars, entertainment and visitor attractions.

The program also allows local businesses to offer discounts and deals to crew who show their Crew ID.

The special deals offered through the Crew Friendly program for this cruise season will now be available to the large number of cruise ships being diverted to Fremantle outside of the normal cruise season due to concerns about coronavirus.

“Making more of the opportunities associated with cruise ships is a key priority flagged within the Destination Marketing Strategic Plan we launched last year,” Mayor Brad Pettitt said.

“While cruise ship passengers make an important contribution to the local Fremantle economy, it’s important not to overlook the crew.

“There are often a thousand or more crew on the larger ships, and most of them disembark in destinations to restock personal supplies, take some well-earned R&R or simply find Wi-Fi to connect with home.

“Crew are also much more independent and unlikely to be on pre-booked tours, so they are more likely to explore the city and spend in local businesses. We’ll be reaching out to the operators of all of the additional ships to make them aware of the program and to give local traders more of an opportunity to grow their business.”

The Crew Friendly deals are listed on the website and participating businesses are provided with a ‘Crew Friendly’ poster to put up in their shop windows.

A special link is included in the brochure to direct crew to the deals website.

Businesses wishing to participate in the program can do so by contacting with their offer or discount.

The City of Fremantle also provides cruise ship arrival alerts so businesses can stay up to date with what ships are arriving and when. Businesses can receive these alerts by simply subscribing to the City’s This is Business e-newsletter.

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It is really good to see how much more Fremantle Ports has been getting involved with Fremantle events and the community and sponsoring our local art festivals.

Volunteers from Fremantle Ports were up and about early this Sunday morning to fill sandbags at Bathers Beach for the Seawall Bunker artwork that is part of Sculpture at Bathers.

The work by artist Bruce Abbott, who is well known as the owner of Replants in Wray Avenue, is a response to flooding. The threat of climate change and sea level rise are both real and imagined.

And a big shout out to the two very tired looking, but very friendly security guards, who were on nightshift from 7pm last night till 9am this morning. Thanks, gentlemen!

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PS. I am trying to beat the West Australian as who can come up with the silliest headlines, so the above is a mix of port and art, hence part. ; >(





Sunday 1 (1)


It is going to be a gorgeous day in the best port city in the world, so make sure to take advantage of all that is on offer today.

Of course start the day at the Freo Farmers Market at Fremantle College, which is open till midday.

Then off to Bathers Beach for the Sculpture at Bathers exhibition, and from there to the Fremantle Arts Centre for the free courtyard music session from2-4pm. Gordon Koang is one of South Sudan’s biggest popstars, so bring your dancing shoes!

Then head of to the port where at Victoria Quay there are Foodtrucks in B Shed with DJs and a great ambience. And at the Maritime Museum the free concert is on from 5pm with Lorraine Cliiford, The Lost Quays and Dan Howls.

Have fun. I’ll see you around. ; >)


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Great to hear that the Vasco Da Gama cruiseliner, which visited Fremantle Port for the first time this week will be calling Fremantle home port for this season, and be making five voyages from here.

The Sun Princess also has Fremantle Port as her home port, so that is very important for Freo’s traders.

Cruise ship visits contributed $ 229 million to Western Australia’s economy in 2018-19.

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I am looking forward to the first Fremantle Council meeting next Wednesday because it has been a slow news  period for too long, as far as I am concerned.

But this morning I went and took these two arty photos of the Ocean Dream PEACE BOAT, which arrived in Fremantle Port yesterday, from the foot bridge.

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