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While there has been a huge outrage, and rightly so, about the online racial abuse of West Coast Eagles indigenous player Liam Ryan we should never underestimate the daily racist abuse that is going on elsewhere in our society.

I just heard this disgusting little episode that happened in Fremantle this week. The Aboriginal Health Council of WA has a conference in the Esplanade Hotel Lead The Way; Challenge The Possibilities; Imagine the Future, where Aboriginal health workers from all over the state are gathering, and what happened?

Several of the female participants had a smoke outside the hotel during a conference break when a white male drove by and yelled out to them “Why don’t you get a job you black c….!”

Yes, this is still happening in 2019 in Australia! Our indigenous people still get racially abused daily by ignorant dickheads and we need to call it out, every time, each time, always, because it is unacceptable.

On behalf of the Fremantle community I want to apologise to the health workers for the racist fool’s abuse you had to suffer. Fremantle is better than that. I am so sorry!

Roel Loopers




Bullying of local Councillors and council staff is so frequent that even Local Government Minister David Templeman is concerned about it.

The minister expressed in a speech that he was disturbed about the abuse and he believed that the mob mentality of some has the potential to hinder councils to function properly.

It is a sad fact that social media is full of often unwarranted attacks, innuendo, name-calling and conspiracy of Elected Members and Council officers. We frequently see the mainly uniformed members of our community making outrageous statements about Fremantle Council on social media.

It is a real shame, because social media such as Freo Massive has so much potential to connect people within seconds, create a support base in our communities, help find lost dogs, inform about upcoming events and newly opened retailers, etc. but social media far too often is antisocial media and has become a platform for haters, trolls and bullies.

Councillors get attacked everywhere, not just in Freo, and that is fine as long as it is fair.  I don’t have an issue with scrutinising our democratically elected members and telling them what we believe they should be doing, or what we believe they have got wrong, but the absolute fact of politics is that no one in any form of government will ever be able to please everyone in the community and 100 per cent of voters.

What is essential though, and far too often overlooked, is that one should at least get one’s facts right before making outrageous and often defamatory claims.

I am not sure that Minister David Templeman will be able to find solutions to protect our officers and Councillors better from attacks on social media, so stricter moderation rules might have to apply.

Roel Loopers




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Firewoks Fishing Boat Harbour


The editor of the Fremantle Herald must have thought it clever to repeat as a headline the F*** You Brad shout a member of the public made at the council meeting about the proposed J Shed tavern, but what the newspaper did was lowering itself to the standard that has become the norm on social media platforms such as Freo Massive.

Bullying, slander, name-calling, conspiracy and defamation and a total lack of respect for anyone who dares to have a different opinion has become the norm on social media in Fremantle and that is very disappointing.

With WA DAY coming up this long weekend I wish and hope that our community can return to respectful dialogue, and robust but fair debate about the issues we are passionate about.

People who have never met and who know very little about one another make assumptions and accusations, and a large part of the vile debate it just opinionated ignorance by people who refuse to inform themselves before embarrassing themselves by posting utter nonsense.

There is no reason not to know what is going on in Fremantle as all council agenda, minutes, planning proposals etc. are posted on the City of Fremantle website, and other information is out on Facebook, Twitter and through local media.

We often read and hear the accusation of Fremantle Council not following process and community consultation, even when we had lengthy periods of it, e.g Cantonment Hill, traffic calming along South Terrace in South Fremantle, J Shed, etc.etc. The issue is that far too many members of the public can’t be bothered to check what is going on in their own city and then blame council and the administration for their own ignorance.

Respect and courtesy are beautiful things and make life so much more pleasurable and easy. No one wants to be abused or intimidated, and not many people will want to engage in what should be a healthy community debate when they fear abuse and slander.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with anyone having a different opinion. They don’t suddenly become the enemy because they don’t agree with you, and cheap point-scoring and name-calling is not at all helpful to moving forward together as a community.

Good debate can help find new solutions, as long as we show tolerance and respect for the ideas of others. Life is not black&white but complex, and local government is even more so.

Respect for others is the key word for me because we need to accept that whatever we do and say will have a positive or negative impact on others, so think about that before you call someone a @#&*%@# so and so next time. Stick to the facts and let’s have an informed, mature and civil debate.

We are very lucky to live in a unique place like Fremantle and to have such a diverse and unique community. We need to build on that by challenging and rejecting disrespectful social media posts, and we should condemn the headline in the Herald for what it is-immature juvenile Schadenfreude.

Have a happy and respectful WA Day!

Roel Loopers

FIREWORKS at the Fishing Boat Harbour at 6pm this Sunday!


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There is a very important reminder in front of the Fremantle Shipwrecks Museum about the unacceptable high numbers of domestic violence in Australia, so go and check it out and spread the word through social media!

Although just about everyone should understand that domestic violence, mainly against women, is not acceptable, the statistics show the numbers have actually increased in Australia in recent years. We need to put a stop to that!

50,000 incidents of family and domestic violence were reported last year in WA. That is outrageous!

If you observe domestic violence report it, because the victims are often too frightened to do it themselves.


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Domestic violence against women dramatically increased in Australia this year and that is unacceptable, so everyone needs to be aware of it and help change this around.

There are absolutely no excuses for men to assault women. It does not matter if you are drunk, drugged or just in a bad mood, women deserve respect and have the right to feel safe at home.

This Friday is WHITE RIBBON DAY where we are reminded of the senseless violence against women, the mothers of our children, our sisters, aunties, friends and as a community we need to speak out and help protect those who get beaten up. The silence around domestic violence has to stop!

Beating up a woman is not a silly mistake that one regrets the next day but it is a violent crime for which there are no excuses whatsoever and ever!

Come to Kings Square on Friday November 25 between 8-12 am, where there will be guest speakers, live entertainment, free legal advise and stalls.

Show solidarity with women who get abused by their partners. It needs to stop NOW!

Roel Loopers



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City of Fremantle Councillors, staff and the community will show their support for refugees by marching in the annual Palm Sunday Walk for Justice for Refugees this Sunday 20 March.

The group will gather at 11.30 am at Pioneer Park (opposite Fremantle Train Station) and board a train to Perth to join the main event at 1.00 pm outside St George’s Cathedral.

Fremantle councillor and refugee rights advocate Cr Sam Wainwright said the Walk For Justice aimed to shed light on the injustices refugees face when attempting to seek refuge in Australia.

“Overwhelming evidence indicates severe and systemic abuse of asylum seekers’ human rights is occurring within Australia’s immigration processing system,” Cr Wainwright said.

“We’ve seen a recent surge of concern about the conditions in Australia’s offshore detention centres in particular as a result of the impending deportation of 267 asylum seekers. A lot of this attention was focused around the fate of “Baby Asha”, who doctors in Brisbane only agreed to release on the condition she would not be returned to Nauru.

“It’s completely unacceptable to detain people like this and I’m really proud of the actions the Fremantle council has taken recently to help defend the rights and raise the profiles of these innocent people.

“We’re now calling on our famously compassionate local community to stand together to support refugee rights by attending the march with us,” Cr Wainwright said.



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growers market

The Italian VIVA VITTORIA project to stop violence against women and children worldwide is a very important one and it is great to see the Fremantle GROWERS GREEN FARMERS MARKET supporting it.

Women and men are getting together to crocket small squares that will be sent to Italy and assembled. Come to Growers Green this Sunday and every Sunday till November 1 from 9-11 am and catch up, have a offee, a chat and crochet some colourful squares.

Domestic violence is an abhorrent and increasing crime around the world that needs to be stopped!

Roel Loopers

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The State Government is correct to finally start focusing on family and domestic violence says Fremantle MLA Simone McGurk, but it will fail if it doesn’t follow words with action. WA Labor’s Shadow Community Services, Women’s and Children’s Interests  says more resources are needed if the government is really serious about tackling the problem.

Western Australia currently faced unacceptable levels of family violence but under the current Liberal Government existing services already struggled to cope, McGurk said. Without ensuring there are additional resources for shelters, specialist services and education, the government’s strategy is unlikely to reduce family violence.

WA Labor welcomes the government’s adoption of the Labor’s 2013 election policy, which proposed the use of electronic monitoring of violence restraining order (VRO) respondents.

Simone McGurk’s response comes after an article in today’s West Australian by Helen Morton, the WA Minister for Child Protection. Morton wrote that a staggering 40,000 calls about domestic violence were made in WA last year and that in 65 per cent of the cases children were the victims of domestic violence or witnessed it.

Disturbingly the biggest night of the year for domestic violence in Western Australia is on AFL grand final day according to Minister Morton, so maybe the AFL should invest in an advertising campaign against domestic violence during footy TV telecast.

Roel Loopers

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Maybe I am just a naive dogooder but the story about the city of Medicine Hat in the south of the Canadian state of Alberta inspired me and made me wish that we here in Fremantle would do something similar.

In 2009 the Medicine Hat Council pledged to put and end to homelessness in their city and six years later they have achieved it. No one spends more than ten days in emergency shelter or on the streets, as the city will provide them with a house.

The Mayor of Medicine Hat was against the proposal when he was still an Alderman on council in 2009, but says now he is totally converted and that the system works. He claims it also costs a lot less to provide people with accommodation than it costs to look after them while they are sleeping rough.

It breaks my heart here in Fremantle, in such a special place on earth, with great community spirit and in a very wealthy state in a very wealthy nation, that we have so many homeless people. I see 4-5 homeless people most early morning at the Freo Post Office, looking miserable and cold. Up at Captain’s Lane near the Round House, in the caves at Arthur Head, under the bushes and boardwalk at Bathers Beach, and in shop entries all over the city, many more of the poor bastards try to stay dry and warm and find some shelter. It makes me so sad and disappointed that we don’t look better after those who need our help.

Yes I know that some have themselves to blame, I am aware that some are drug addicts and others are alcoholics, but I also know that many have been raised in disfunctional families and had to endure violent and sexual abuse. Medicine Hat did not judge their homeless people, they did not blame them, and they did not say it is the State’s problem, they decided they could do something about it and they did, and we in Freo could do something similar!

Roel Loopers


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Aboriginal issues are close to my heart and concern me a lot because I often feel I am watching the slow suicide of a beautiful culture and people, so hence this post.

It is far too simplistic to make the closure of Aboriginal communities a Black&White issue and one should not dismiss the arguments by the Commissioner of Police lightly.

No one should ever hesitate to combat child and sexual abuse in our society and no one should engage in political correctness and pretend it is not rampant in some Aboriginal communities. But one also has to consider that displacement has been one of the reasons why we have many disfunctional indigenous people in Australia.

One cannot ignore the past and we have to acknowledge that the pain of displacement and being forced off one’s land, together with the Stolen Generations issues, are partly to blame for the alcoholism, substance abuse and domestic and sexual violence in some communities. That does not make it acceptable though that sexual abuse is now the norm and accepted culture in some remote communities.

Forcing people away from their little patch of motherland will again create heart break and hardship and will push the problems elsewhere, like the move on notices police give in cities, that do not solve anything.

Aboriginal people should not put their head in the sand and pretend sexual abusive is not an extremely serious, and absolutely unacceptable, issue in some communities, but white people should also be more thoughtful and considerate about Aboriginal culture when trying to find solutions.

Forcefully moving Aboriginal people is akin to telling people in Spain they will now have to live in Finland. We all need to try to understand and accept the importance of what home means for our indigenous friends in this country, but at the same time we cannot compromise the safety and welfare of innocent children. That is a massive challenge for our society.

Roel Loopers

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