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Hundreds of Fremantle people turned up at Kidogo Arthouse at Bathers Beach this Sunday morning to celebrate the life of that wonderful human being and great photographer Matthew Dwyer, who sadly died at Bluff Knoll in WA’s south a few weeks ago.

Matthew’s parents, children and friends came together to remember a lovely man who will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

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I am deeply saddened to hear from the Fremantle Herald that beautiful soul Beaconsfield photographer Matthew Dwyer has been found deceased at Bluff Knoll.

Matthew was a truly delightful and gentle human being and a great photographer who loved going hiking at Bluff Knoll.

Fremantle has lost a very special man. May he be at peace.

My heart goes out to his family and his large group of friends.

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Police are searching for missing Beaconsfield photographer Matthew Dwyer whose backpack and car keys were found by the public.

Matthew is a very experienced hiker who has been at Bluff Knoll often. The gentle 51-year-old is a former Fremantle Herald photographer and is very well known and liked in Fremantle.

I put all my good positive vibes out into the universe that Matthew will be found safe and well soon!

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The rebranding of my Fremantle-based photography business to ROEL.COM.AU is almost complete thanks to the great support of Fremantle designer Michael Adeane of DesignDesign who did my new website, DL brochure for Roel’s Fremantle Photo Tours and business cards, and to brand expert Dick Baynham who advised me on how to go about it all. And last but not least a big thanks also to underwater photographer Glen Cowans who stepped in to help out and did the html for the website when the designated person got ill.

Without Glen, Dick and Michael I would not have been able to do it. I owe you all big time!

One tiny wee bit of rebranding still to do on a personal level; a facelift, an age-loss program, a brain transplant, some Hugo Boss suits, a red Ferrari , a glamorous far too young for my age woman, plus a mansion on top of the hill in Swanbourne Street with a wine cellar full of Grange Hermitage, and she’ll be apples.

Anyway Freo, support my local business. Let me do your corporate, commercial or private photography and tell your visitors to join one of my photo tours.

I can be contacted on 0419 850981 and

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Thirty years ago in September 1984 my then partner Brigitte Braun and I established Profile Photography in Perth and today in Fremantle is the launch of the new brand ROEL.COM.AU. The company needed a bit of refreshing, a rebirth, a facelift, just something that invigorates me to keep going in an industry that has even become more challenging than it ever was.

My career in Western Australia has been fantastic from the moment we started all those years ago. We soon picked up the State Energy Commission account, many mining, design, PR and advertising companies followed. Architects, magazines, property developers and state departments and agencies followed suit.

Fremantle Port was loyal to me for 15 years, the Midland Redevelopment Authority for 11, JAZ Creative became my family, and Cape Mentelle my drinking companion.

WA State Government gave me assignments for years and so did Government House. I was the official photographer for the visit of Princess Ann and travelled throughout the north of WA with her and shared her table for dinner in Kunnunara.

Some of my clients ended up in jail, because WA inc was not their greatest moment, but my business kept blossoming until the big change to digital photography introduced a lot of mediocrity to the industry.

I love my profession and have not ever regretted I became a photographer. I met so many great people and did so many great jobs and I learned so much about life, people and photography.

Today there is a new start in my professional life that is not only corporate, commercial and private photography but also the Roel’s Fremantle Photo Tours.

My motto FINDING BEAUTY IN THE ORDINARY has become my lifestyle, trying to enjoy the small precious moments in life, even in the difficult times.

I have always given my best, because when one works unsupervised it is too easy to cut corners, and at the end of each assignment only I knew if I had given it all the time it deserved, if I should have tried more angles, different light, got up earlier, or keep shooting later. I learned to be brutally critical about my work, to make sure I would never take an assignment or a client for granted. No doubt I messed up a few times, but looking back I believe I overall succeeded.

Today is a proud day for me, because I start again at an age where most people think about retirement. I love photography far too much to start looking for a rocking chair.

Check out the new website:

Roel Loopers

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