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No one is more very Freo than artist Horatio Birdbath, so when I saw him sitting at a bus stop on South Terrace, when I had to stop behind a bus at the Fremantle Markets, I could not resist and take this paparazzi photo of  him.

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Fremantle Notre Dame University did get a lot of stick, including from me, about their proposal for a five-storey new School of Nursing building in High Street, but they deserve to be congratulated on the high standard of education they give their nursing students.

While I was in Rockingham Hospital for an operation last week I was also cared for by UNDA students and they all were very good.

Especially one of them, Amy, was so incredibly competent, very confident and professional that she came across as a well-experieneced nurse.

She had great communication skills with the patients and the nursing staff and the most delightful personality.

We are lucky in Freo because Amy from Rockingham told me that once she graduates in July she has found employment at Fremantle Hospital. She will be a great asset to the nursing staff there!

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Hey Freo’s View readers.

My apologies for not posting new articles the last three days, but I was in Rockingham Hospital for a prostate operation.

The public health system is pretty amazing and all went exceptionally well. I never though I would be excited about the sound and sight of wee. ; >)

All will be back to normal from Monday on. I need to have a quiet weekend to recover first.

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re 3


There is not much news around in Fremantle at the moment so I wandered around town for a bit this morning and captured these reflections.

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The Fremantle local government election campaign started early this year with Ra Stewart announcing she is standing for Mayor and Claudia Green contesting the City Ward position that will be vacated by Simon Naber.

Dave Coggin has already left so his seat is available, and four other seats plus the Mayor’s will be up, so it’s going to be a signifiant election.

Because of some critical observations I have made about Ra Stewart there are already people who assume I have something against her, with one West End resident claiming I am the publicist for Mayor Brad Pettitt.

So I want to make a few points that will hopefully stick. I am PRO Fremantle and whoever shows me that they have the vision, long-term plans and solutions, innovation and creativity to lead our beautiful city toward inevitable economic recovery and vibrancy will have my support.

All candidates, including all sitting members, will get a fair go on Freo’s View, but if they make accusations that are unfair or not based on facts I will call them up on that. If all you have is criticism of the present Council but no ideas on how to do it better than I will point that out.

Council bashing alone won’t do and I expect balance and fairness from those who put their hand up and want to be our next community representatives on Council.

I don’t care if my local members are to the right, centre or left of politics as long as they have the best for Fremantle in mind and I will judge them on that.

If you want to put me in a box or drawer and assume you know where I stand, just go ahead with name-calling. I have had heated arguments with Freo’s Mayor and have at times been extremely critical about certain aspects of Fremantle Council, to the point that the former CEO confronted me at a public meeting and told me he was sick and tired of me calling for his head. CoF staff en-masse complained when I finally was given a photographic assignment some years ago, because I was too critical of the City of Fremantle.

I have been called a lapdog of Fremantle Council on social media, and on a promise by the Mayor to get on council, as if a Mayor ever had the power to appoint Councillors.

I have been called an anti-development NIMBY, and the narrow-minded president of the Frraemantle Society called me Adolf and an apologist for bad development, when I have been more vocal against inappropriate development in the CBD than most people.

But I am very much for the modernisation and development of the ugly east part of the inner city because I strongly believe that with more people living and working in the city and tourists staying in new hotels our traders will significantly start to benefit from that in 2-4 years from now. It is the game changer Fremantle needs!

I believe in balance and fairness and expect people who make accusations against our Elected Members to at least give them the courtesy of informed criticism based on facts, not some of the ridiculous ignorant comments I read on social media and in letters to editors.

I am not anti Ra Stewart or anti Brad Pettitt and I am not anti Fremantle Council either. I want the best for Freo and will do my utmost to support those who will make a significant positive difference to the city I love. If you want to attack me for that just go ahead and make my day! ; >)

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I could not stop myself from going out again and take more photos of this morning’s fog in Fremantle.

I drove along the Swan river to Blackwall Reach and Point Walter to take these images.

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I got up a few hours later than I normally do on a Saturday morning but there was still plenty of smog around when I drove onto the Fremantle South Mole.

Fog always reminds me of my youth in the Netherlands where we had plenty of it and where my newspaper run on the bicycle sometimes could take twice as long because I could not see further than twenty metres.

Nice also to bump into Diana on Victoria Quay who was taking photos for the lovely on-line magazine:

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water colour


It does not take paint brushes to create watercolour artworks as this photo I took in the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour on Sunday shows.

When one is observant and looks for beauty these kind of images pop up out of nowhere.

Finding beauty in the ordinary has been my motto in life for a long time.

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sunrise 1

sunrise 2


What a splendid start to the weekend this morning’s sunrise in Fremantle was.

The first Rottnest Express ferry was just entering the port when the sun poked her head above the horizon and behind the Maritime Museum.

It is well worth the effort for anyone interested in getting beautiful photos to get up before sunrise as it is often more stunning than sunsets.

The start of autumn has been brilliant with crispy nights and mornings and cosy warm days full of sunshine and blue sky.

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There are so many visual aspects to the Fremantle Maritime Museum that it pulls me back a few times a year to discover new angles to take photos from.

I have photographed the modern museum at the port during stunning sunsets and at sunrise during heavy fog, in rain and shine.

Yesterday I shot some reflections.

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