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I had a lovely Sunday afternoon with the Fremantle Community Photography Group which shares photos on Facebook.

The committee of the group thought that the members would appreciate some tips so photographer Saf Ali and I went along to share our love of photography and talked about composition, photography as story telling, understanding light, and how different lenses and camera settings impact on a photo.

Photography was my profession for 50 years and has been my hobby all my life as there is something very special and rewarding about trying to find beauty in the ordinary of our daily life.

I am always aware that I am recording history when taking photos. For me walking the streets to hunt for images is like walking meditation as I am very in the moment, and the brain does not wander off to the past, the future, or negativity.

Everyone can become a good photographer because it is all about awareness and we can all see light and shadows, so give it a try!

Here a few photos I took while being with the group.

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the sound of winter


Winter and autumn are times of reflection for me, where I cuddle up in my warm cave with a good book, more than I do during the hectic summer months of festivals and events.

But I still go out for daily walks of discovery and look at the often only small changes in and around Fremantle.

On my way to WINTERWORLD on the Esplanade yesterday I spotted this lovely little image on the High Street footpath. The sound of winter is not just one of storms and rain but also often one of exquisite silence, if one notices lovely details in our daily life.

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Whenever I see a photorealistic painting I wonder why I did not photograph the scene, so when I noticed this one in Fremantle Market Street at midday it reminded me of a Marcus Beilby painting.

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Waking up this morning I thought how lucky I am to live in Fremantle. The sun is out and the sky is blue and it is a mild 23 degrees at the start of our winter.

We live in a very special and unique city but sadly there are those who only make negative comments and never see the beauty we have and the special close community we live in.

I don’t suggest for one moment that Freo is perfect and that there is not a lot of room for improvement, but I believe we are doing very well and that our city has a very positive future.

We are seeing massive unprecedented development in Fremantle, not seen in 40 long years, which means in the very near future we will have many more people living, working and staying overnight in the inner city.

That will create confidence for more developers and businesses and we’ll see new shops and bars, new hotels and more investment also from Fremantle council and state government.

But sadly there are those with a political agenda who don’t want to recognise the strategic and long-term planning our elected members have made.

The Kings Square, Fremantle Oval, Cantonment Hall, South Quay projects are huge for our city and so are the private developments of the Woolstores shopping centre, Heirloom, Liv apartments by Defence Housing and many more that are popping up around town or are planned.

Some people in Fremantle treat our democratically elected members as the enemy of the community and more often than not their criticism is based on ignorance.

Many people do not understand the separation between the councillors and administration and blame councillors when the streets are not clean or maintenance not done.

Fact is that council sets rules and regulations in place, makes policies and development approvals, but it’s up to staff to implement them. It is like a footy club where no one would consider the board of directors responsible for the players underperforming.

It is too simplistic, and unfair, to attack councillors and the mayor when it is out of their hands, and I often hear how frustrated too they are when things are not done.

There are the conspiracy people who frequently accuse council of being communists or socialists, but how ridiculous is that when the present council has done more to encourage and support capitalist development in Freo than the councils before them.

I am not a one-eyed supporter of Fremantle council and I don’t have the blinkers on. I also don’t care if councillors are left, right or centre of politics and I don’t socialise privately with any of them, but credit needs to be given where due and criticism handed out fairly. I have been doing that on this blog for nearly eight years and in letters to editors for over 25 years.

Whenever I talk to tourists they tell me how cute, clean, beautiful and special Fremantle is, but far too many locals I talk to only have negativity on their mind.

Many people do not engage with local government and fail to inform themselves adequately, hence there is a lot of misinformation out there and people are blaming Fremantle council for things outside their control and state responsibility.

We live in a community where people really care, where they are willing to stand up and make a difference and where many want to be part of the solution.

But the internet and social media has also created large numbers of people all over the world who are only interested in writing spiteful, nasty, insulting comments that are only meant to be personal attacks and hurt. That to me is not acceptable, hence I will speak out and defend our utterly decent and very likeable councillors, collaborate with them, put suggestions to them for improvement and show them the respect they deserve.

Fremantle is a magic and magnificent place to live. We have the stunning heritage West End, great beaches, markets, lifestyle, festivals, events and we actually care.

Be passionate about Freo, as I am, and stand up for what you believe in. I support anyone who wants to help make Freo a better place, no matter if you vote Liberal, Labor, Green or any other political colour, but please let us engage in respectful and informed dialogue and not ignorant hyperbole and hot air.

Have a brilliant week, Freo and acknowledge how green the grass is on this side of the fence!

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Garden Island


In a world full of madness and disasters, and the human race hurrying down the road to self-destruction it is nice to seek tranquility.

I took this photo of Garden Island from the Fremantle South Mole yesterday.

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City life in Fremantle always creates some quirky moments and makes life easy for an observant street photographer.

Loved this moment in the High Street Mall this morning of a food deliverer having a break.

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watercolour 1


It is another stunning day, so a brilliant start of the week.

Let me add a bit more colour with this water colour photo I took in the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour.

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sunrise port


The sunrises and sunsets are often spectacular this time of the year and that was the case again early this invigoratingly chilly morning at Fremantle Port.

A nice hot coffee at the Moore&Moore cafe with my good mate Henty warmed me up again.

Sad to hear the lovely Sarah will also be leaving one of my favourite cafes, as are Anna, Hannah and Ashlie, so a lot of personnel changes there. Not happy! ; >)

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One of the pleasures of living in Fremantle is that one bumps into many people when one wanders the streets, so I was delighted to have a coffee and chat with architect Murray Slavin on the weekend, when he was walking his great dog that loves carrots.

Of course  when Murray and I catch up architecture and development in Fremantle is on the agenda.

I have been thinking for quite a few years why it is that modern development in Fremantle is mainly functional and often not very attractive. We get concrete square boxes instead of heritage of the future buildings.

Too many modern buildings lack attention to detail, there is no softness, no round shapes, just 90 degree corner angles. There are no features and no accentuation of great craftsmanship.

I am not suggesting at all that I would like to see mock heritage, but why don’t developers build small spikes, cupolas, towers, verandahs instead of boring awnings, different shaped ¬†balconies and windows.

Why are there not more architectural features that become the new public art and are part of the building, instead of adding-sometimes inappropriate-art as an after thought.

And why is an eight-storey building just that and hardly ever a building that varies in height and becomes more attractive that way? A roof garden does not have to be on the top, it could be part of the third or fourth floor.

Facades of large development should be split up so that it looks as if there is more than just the one building and it creates a rhythm along the streetscape.

Existing streetscapes are mostly ignored and not respected in this selfie-period of architecture and look at me design, rather that adding to the spatial realm.

Unfortunately planning rules are very restrictive and local governments can’t really not approve building because they are not beautiful enough. I hope state government will improve the rules before we end up with a visual disaster.

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Children outnumbered adults in Fremantle today as large family groups, babies and prams came to celebrate WA DAY on the Esplanade and all around town.

Some cafes were closed and others charged a public holiday surcharge, but who cares, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and it’s pretty warm for a winter’s day.

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