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winter 1


Fremantle people stayed at home, maybe even in bed, this wild, wet and wonderful Sunday morning as thunder, lightning and heavy rain visited our old city.

I was the only customer at the normally very busy Chalkys cafe in the West End at 7.30am and was one of only three customers at IGA in South Fremantle at 8.30am.

The photo above is a golden oldie I took last year of the reflection of a tree in a puddle in Phillimore Street with a leaf floating on the water. It symbolises autumn for me.


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yellow reflection


I have received a few emails in the last few days from people who want to follow this Freo’s View blog and receive email notification whenever I publish a new post.

It is pretty simple. On the right bottom side is a little CUSTOMIZE window. Open it and click on FOLLOW and c’est ca, as the French say.

All blog posts also automatically go to Twitter and Facebook, so if you prefer that just follow me on Twitter or befriend me on Facebook.

Freo’s View is very popular and has many followers but I can only write about things I know about, so if something interesting is happening, if you are organising an event, exhibition, open a new shop, etc. please do inform me by sending an email to My blog is a free not for profit community service!

I photographed the yellow art reflection around lunchtime today.

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How can one not love a city like Fremantle that has sunsets like this one today.

I shot it at Bathers Beach and there were close to a hundred people watching it.

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Freo lifestyle


Just another beautiful Sunday morning in gorgeous Fremantle! I took this photo at the East West Design warehouse in South Fremantle a couple of hours ago.

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sunrise 1

sunrise 2


I love early mornings in Fremantle because it always makes me realise how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place.

To head out onto the South Mole and see the always great Indian Ocean and the stunning sunrises is something very special for me.

….and I love every other hour of the day living in good old Freo as well!

Here two photos I took just before 7am this morning.

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I published two Roel’s APRIL FOOLS today, but one went unnoticed.

The Quokka story was clearly a hoax but so was the solar panels on Fremantle roads article.

It’s always a challenge to try to fool my unbelievably clever, wise, and sceptical readers, and I did not ask for assistance from the Australian cricket team.

I hope you are all having a great Easter weekend!


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International and interstate tourism visits to Western Australia  are down and so are the retail figures. Forecast about the latter is that these figures will come down even further

Fremantle is in a transition period with significant new development in the CBD and that also has a negative impact on some traders, so what can we as a community do to help?

Shopping and buying local is a must and so is going to local cafes, restaurants and bars. There are plenty of places that must be unknown to you, so make an effort to discover a new cafe every week.

Support Freo and our businesses on social media. Share positive posts on Facebook and Twitter, post lovely photos of Fremantle on Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Whatever you do, don’t talk our city down!

I made the effort over some years to write 32 reviews about Fremantle businesses and attractions for TripAdvisor and last month 14,759 people read one or more of my reviews, so hopefully that will entice some people to visit Freo and the businesses I wrote about.

It does not take a lot of effort to say good things about Fremantle when one has an open mind and that message needs to get out more and more.

Some of our traders will be struggling for the next couple of years while the Kings Square project is developed, and there is more development due soon that will greatly rejuvenate and reactivate our inner city, but there is no gain without pain, so we all need to do our best to help the traders pull through.

Here are some statistics about social media use from Social Media Perth:

84% of Australians access the internet daily

56% of Australians will access the internet more than 5 times per day

79% of the Australian population use mobile phones

67% of smartphone owners in Australia will access the internet 5+ times per day

16 million Australians are active on social media

68% use mobile apps to access social networking platforms

36% of webpages in Australia are served to mobile phones, the global average is 50%

Use of social media by business has dropped to 60% in Australia

24% of consumers in Australia follow a brand or businesses on social

60% of Australians have bought something online in the past month

Australian e-commerce consumers spend an annual average of US$815

Support the city we love and smile!

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Today March 13 is my personal Australia Day. It is the day I migrated to Australia and arrived in Sydney 36 years ago in 1982.

The promised start at a Sydney newspaper did not eventuate because we happened to arrive when Australia was in a recession, so slogging as kitchenhand, cook and waiter was the start of my Aussie life.

Trying to deal with the culture shock and learning to understand cricket, Aussie Rules and rugby was harder than learning to accept cask wine, blue skies and sunshine.

Looking back it is amazing how much I have achieved in a country where I knew nobody. Coming to Perth in September 1985 and starting my own corporate/industrial photography business without having the support of friends or family, or having the right private school tie, was probably more youthful naivety than sound planning.

But from the very start I felt a real love for this country, even more so in Western Australia and especially Fremantle. When I first drove through the Pilbarra and Kimberley I had a real sense of home coming and that I belonged, and Freo has always been like that for me.

Even in my darkest hours I have never regretted I migrated to Australia and I have always felt a commitment that I need to make a positive contribution to my community and leave Freo an even better place than it is for future generations, when my time is up sooner than later.

I have met so many great people and have made really good friends. I love the Freo passion and that we are all so bloody opinionated, and I love it that most of us don’t take themselves too serious.

Thanks for having me, Freo!

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There is a tiny wee mini minority of Freo people who believe our Councillors act like aliens, so when I noticed these chairs with big ‘eyes’ at Fremantle Oval I thought it a cute portrait of Council, albeit by a very loopy photographer with too much imagination. ;>)


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A comment to this blog accused me of receiving kick-backs from the MATCH Group because I published a post yesterday about their new development in South Fremantle.

I have previously also reported on Match’s Heirloom and Energy Museum developments, as I have reported the development plans of Silverleaf Investments, Sirona Capital and others.

Fact is that I try to report on anything that happens in Fremantle, be that development, the opening of new shops, bars, cafes, art exhibitions, events and concerts, etc. that are happening. If I know about it I will report it. It’s as simple as that.

I do the same on Facebook and Trip Advisor and try to support local traders, but I have never asked for, expected, or received payment from businesses I have reported about.

I do not get free coffees or meals in cafes, free tickets to events, or brown paper bags filled with cash from developers.

My own integrity and the integrity of this blog is extremely important to me, that’s why you don’t see advertising on Freo’s View, although God knows how much I could do with some additional income above the meagre $ 730 a fortnight old age pension I receive.

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