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My reputation as a hard-nosed, hard-drinking, uncompromising, but fair and balanced, investigative blogger with impeccable integrity is in tatters, now that I have been pulled down into the category of celebrities.

There is no way I can recover from having my ugly old mug plastered on the new hoardings along the construction site of the City of Fremantle new Civic Centre at Kings Square, and it was made worse by now also appearing in the City’s quarterly FRE-OH! magazine this week.

What’s next?! Will I end up on the social pages of the West and Sunday Times, and get invited on celebrity panels of irrelevant TV daytime shows?

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My enemies will claim that I reached the status of Freo celebrity by being a sycophant who is the mouthpiece for the Freo Mayor, and by receiving kickbacks from all the property developers in our city, but that is fake news. All I received was $ 25,000 for being a model for the Robert Frith photography, and the Fremantle hospitality industry agreeing that for the short rest of my life I can have free meals, drinks and coffees in any cafe, bar, tavern and restaurant of my choice. ; >)

In the meantime I’ll endeavour to continue to give you as much information about what is happening in Fremantle as I can, and to live on the bones of my arse, formerly known as the government pension.

Anyway, I feel honoured and humbled, and appreciated, which is lovely. I am touched, thank you!

Roel Loopers


Anything going on in Freo? Events, new businesses, news. Let me now!



October is always a special month for me because it is my birthday month, but it is even more special this year because in October ten years ago I started the publication of this FREO’S VIEW blog, so happy birthday bloggy!

It has been a true labour of love for me to report about anything that happened in Fremantle over the last ten years. It required dedication and commitment and a lot of my time, but I love doing it, so I will continue with it indefinitely.

I have reported on Fremantle Council business, festivals and events, opening and closing of businesses, new development proposals and development issues, and many more things. Basically, if I know about something new or interesting happening in Fremantle I’ll publish a blog post or photo.

Over the last ten years I published around 10,350 posts and 22,500 comments and many hundreds of photos, so I have created my own kind of time capsule of Freo’s recent history.

I have tried very hard to be balanced in my reporting and not being biased, but I clearly express my own views on everything, and that makes me a very opinionated person who gets criticised often for just expressing those views. That is fine, because I was born in the Netherlands and that makes me perfect. ; >)

But my blog is all about Fremantle, a place I love dearly and want to support and help improve. I don’t care much if good ideas on how to make Fremantle a better place come from people to the right or the left of politics. Good ideas are not exclusive or unique to any political party or person!

Fremantle is a beautiful and unique city with a very special community of really good people. Fremantle is my home and my family and the place where I will die. It is a place I have a deep emotional attachment to, and the place that has given me the confidence to express myself without fear or favour.

Thank you to all the regular readers and people who sent me information and comments. Freo’s View is your blog, so the more info you send me the more I can share with the community.

Roel Loopers



In October 2009, so nine years ago, I decided to start this Freo’s View blog, and what a labour of love it has become.

I daily wander and drive the streets of our lovely city to look for things to photograph and write about, and I attend most Fremantle Council and council committee meetings, precinct and community consultation meetings, etc.

In the nine years of Freo’s View I have published 9,200 blog posts and close to 30,000 comments by the public, so the blog has become an important community forum.

I started the blog as a community service and don’t make any money from it, because the integrity of the blog is more important than trying to make money through advertising.

There is no political agenda, no agenda whatsoever! I am only interested in getting the best for Freo, the city I love and am very passionate about.

If I know something happens in Fremantle I will blog about it, so keep me informed about new ventures, events, concerts, art exhibitions, etc.etc. Just email

Thank you all for your support, and keep those comments coming!

Roel Loopers


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In case you wonder seeing this advertisement on the bottom of my blog posts, it is unpaid promotion for my good mate Henty, who has supported me a lot over the last few years.

I have resisted paid ads on this blog to make sure no one can question the integrity. I can’t be bought. ; >)

Roel Loopers


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My apologies to regular Freo’s View readers who missed out on new posts yesterday. My WordPress account was compromised and it took 24 hours for WP to repair the problem.

Back on line again and a few more posts to come today, but first coffee!

See you later!

Roel Loopers



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yellow reflection


I have received a few emails in the last few days from people who want to follow this Freo’s View blog and receive email notification whenever I publish a new post.

It is pretty simple. On the right bottom side is a little CUSTOMIZE window. Open it and click on FOLLOW and c’est ca, as the French say.

All blog posts also automatically go to Twitter and Facebook, so if you prefer that just follow me on Twitter or befriend me on Facebook.

Freo’s View is very popular and has many followers but I can only write about things I know about, so if something interesting is happening, if you are organising an event, exhibition, open a new shop, etc. please do inform me by sending an email to My blog is a free not for profit community service!

I photographed the yellow art reflection around lunchtime today.

Roel Loopers



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Has anyone over the last 12 months sent comments to this blog that have not been published? I need to know as Graham Morgan of the FreoRamble blog claims I have not published the comments he has been sending to this blog. But I have not received them and when they don’t appear in my comments box I can’t approve them.

I know Diana Ryan had an issue some time ago getting comments to this blog, but it had something to do with her own computer system and not with mine, or any unwillingness on my behalf to publish comments, even when I don’t agree with them.

The only comments I do not post are those that I deem to be defamatory or racist but everything else will appear no matter how controversial.

If your comments don’t come through, email them and I will put them up.

Roel Loopers


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Let’s not mince words here. I am very pissed off by the claim by Tom Griffiths, the City of Fremantle Manager Economic Development and Marketing, who posted a comment on my blog: “I thought it may be worthwhile adding some facts to this discussion although facts seem to be only an occasional and unwelcome visitor to this website and its regularly contributors.” That is an insulting and defamatory statement and contradicts the facts of this blog that was created to have a community forum, support and promote local events and businesses, and scrutinise Fremantle Council.

Take this fact Tom Griffiths. You claim I am incorrect about one post of the last 26 I published on Freo’s View-and even that is debatable, so that suggests I might get it occasionally wrong instead of what you suggest that I am not interesting in reporting facts.

What were my last 26 posts about? Freo CEO on Kings Square, Sunrise at Pt Walter, Barnett’s contempt for Fremantle, Bigger Freo dumped by Barnett, Break a leg at the Roundhouse, Kicked in the guts by giants, how can we handle waste better, why the Giants secrecy, Fascinating music art show at FAC, Fremantle farewells giants,  a very good Freo parking story, Sunday Freo good for you, Growers Green perfect Sunday morning, decentralised retail doing well, when will we learn black is not white, Sculpture at Bathers, National swimmers at Bathers, PTA buses park in streets, Barnett wants councils to pay for his blunder, relax at Princess May Markets, Open water swimming, labor legend died, Freo markets small business incubators, Things are looking up in High Street Mall, Dreamworld of transformational moves, Gian Puppets coming to Freo.

Instead of defaming me and questioning my integrity, fairness and honesty, Mister Tom Griffiths, you should be on your knees and thank me for all the free promotion I give Fremantle. Who else is doing that for our community?

Roel Loopers


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Mark Woodcock, well known from his many comments on this blog, has started his own blog FREMANTLE REFORM, which has the sub-line Fremantle Hacked, Don’t Drink the Coolaid. 

You can read his articles here:

Great to have another Fremantle community blog out there and to spread the discussion, so support Mark’s blog as you have  my Freo’s View one for over four years.

Roel Loopers

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