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When will politicians finally stop making empty promises during election campaigns?

The West Australian article today on the start of Mayor Brad Pettitt’s campaign and the Fremantle local council election, reports that Mayoral candidate Ra Stewart has promised to restore the January 26 Australia Day events in the port city, should she get elected.

Neither Ra Stewart nor present Mayor Brad Pettitt have the power to make any changes on their own, as they will need at least half of the twelve elected members to vote with them to make any changes, or implement new policies.

The wannabe Mayor is just exhaling meaningless hot air, unless she wants to change Fremantle Council into a dictatorship where she on her own can decided what goes on in our city. I prefer democracy.

I wonder when she will start promising free steak knives to those who vote for her.


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Carboot sale Aug. 20


Don’t forget it’s Carboot Sale Sunday at the Fremantle’s Growers Green Farmers Market this weekend.

There is no rain forecast, so go and buy great fresh produce, have a yummy breakfast, live music, face painting and an animal touch farm for the kids and lots of stuff out of the back of cars.

Good community fun!

The market is at Annie Street in Beaconsfield and it’s on from 8am till noon.


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rain 1


rain 2


Good Saturday morning Freo!

A lot of very heavy showers kept me awake overnight, but I do have an early start on Saturdays anyway for 7am coffee with my good friend Henty.

I took these photos just after 8 am in Fremantle port and the High Street mall.


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Enrol to vote and VOTE PLEASE!!!! at the Fremantle Local Government Election.

Local Council elections notoriously get a very small percentage of the community voting, and that is such a waste of your democratic right.

Just around 30 per cent of eligible voters posted their ballot paper two years ago, so 70 per cent elected not to have a voice, that in my books is just plain silly.

If you are passionate about Freo and want to make it an even better place than it is, the least you can do is vote. Better even better if you nominate for one of the seven seats up for grabs and make it a contest.


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The FREMANTLE NETWORK monthly event this Monday will focus on what art means for Fremantle, so come along if you are an artist, curator, gallery owner, or someone interested in culture and arts.

Art is at the heart of Freo’s identity. The next event will feature the operators of two of Fremantle’s iconic and highly successful independent arts businesses.

Tom Muller, Artistic Director and Artist at PS Art Space

PS Art Space is a project space for the experience of contemporary art which presents a curated program of exhibitions and events by Australian and international artists. It is also houses a number of local artists’ studios within a sensitively restored, heritage listed building in the heart of Fremantle’s historic West End precinct. PSAS has become one of Perth’s most exciting and experimental platform to experience contemporary culture.

Robby Lang, Owner and Operator of the Fibonacci Centre

The Fibonacci Centre aims to make a city into a beautiful resonating magnet by nurturing the Dreamers and Makers and providing an incubation chamber for creative ideas. The Fib has become a thriving community of artists and makers creating and working together. The atmosphere in this purpose built creative studio space is inclusive and welcoming, and has become a vibrant community hub, hosting events, exhibitions classes and a cafe.

It’s on  at 6pm Monday 21 August upstairs at the National Hotel.

Malicious rumours that my mate Robby Lang’s talk will be subtitled in English are just soooo wrong. ; >)

See you at the NAT on Monday. It should be interesting!

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Brad slogan


It comes as no surprise that Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt will be trying for another four- year term at the October 19 local government election, as announced in the Fremantle Herald today.

Well, I actually had he scoop last Tuesday, when the Pettitt for Mayor campaign accidentally went live on Facebook, but I deleted my post on Freo’s View after Brad called me and said he wanted to enjoy his maternity leave with gorgeous baby daughter Aoife, before announcing it.

I hope the fact that Brad Pettitt started his campaign on the birthday of my beautiful late father Nico will be a good omen for him.

There is no doubt that the last four years have often been controversial, and Fremantle Council have been accused of being Greens and socialists, but one cannot deny the economic achievements of encouraging unprecedented development in the CBD, which will set Fremantle on the right course for the future, in my opinion.

I have had and still have my doubts about the One Planet priorities, when council should have been more focussed on other matters, but I strongly believe the glass is half full for Freo and that we are growing, so that our traders will benefit soon from more people living and working in the inner city, and more visitors being able to stay here in new tourist accommodation.

I had serious issues in the past with Brad Pettitt, and what I considered to be his stubborn ego, but he has grown into a strong leader, who is willing to compromise, listen, take advise, and change his mind when better outcomes can be achieved.

The City of Fremantle does need to improve though and do all the basic small things better, and the Mayor and Councillors need to demand that from the CEO. Fremantle City  also needs to strongly improve the way it communicates with the community, as far too many people remain uninformed about what goes on at council.

Why for example does the weekly full page in the Fremantle Herald not report all the Council decisions made every week? Just a three liner per agenda item, that people can follow up on line in the minutes of Council and committee meetings. That is very simple and straight forward communication.

Fremante is on the right track and needs Elected Members who understand local government process.


Roel Loopers



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Melissa Parke 1


Delightful and beautiful former federal Labor MP Melissa Parke has done a fashion shoot for Fremantle Velvet Sushi, and she looks great.

Melissa has been wearing the lovely fashion of Freo designer Deborah McKendrick for years, and agreed to do the photo shoot with photographer David Woolley and hair stylist Pink Nakia, while Deborah art directed the shoot.

Velvet Sushi recently relocated from William Street to 5 Bannister Street, opposite the Stablehands cafe. It is a very cosy small boutique, so all you gorgeous women out there, go and check it out!


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Carboot sale Aug. 20


If you have things you want to sell, why not join this Sunday’s CARBOOT SALE at the Fremantle Growers Green Farmers Market in Annie Street in Beaconsfield.

The market is on from 8am till noon and sells great fresh produce and yummy breakfast, and lots of other things.

It is a fantastic community event for all and the perfect way for catching up with friends, or make new ones.

Kids and dogs also love the Growers Green!


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UNDA Open Day Aug 20


Early warning for all high school students and their parents that my friends at Fremantle Notre Dame University are having their Open Day this Sunday August 20 from 10 am.

It is a fun and relaxed day in the beautiful West End and very informative for those who are planning to study after high school.


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Maybe the euphoria about power supply to the historic Roundhouse was a bit premature. Electricians were there on Monday and Tuesday, and the volunteer guides were expecting power point blocks, or at least distribution points, to all four cells and two rooms, but all that was done is that two ceiling lights were put in. One in the entry and one in the room to the right.

None of us could detect power supply to the cells, where the new interpretative signs are planned to be installed, so what is going on?

The idea that power supply to the cells can be done when the new signs are installed is dubious, as Fremantle Council would have to budget for it, and that might not happen for a year.

I do not understand why two lights were put in that are not a priority, because the Roundhouse is only open during daytime hours, and very rarely for the odd event at night.

The City of Fremantle administration sometimes thinks in mysterious ways.


Roel Loopers

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