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Victorious Fremantle federal by-election winner Josh Wilson held a media doorstop at Bathers Beach at 1.30pm today, so I took some photos of the happy new Labor MP for Canberra.

Wilson increased his winning margin, so that is a good sign for him and the Labor party for the next federal election early next year.

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It is hardly a surprise that Labor party candidate Josh Wilson re-won the federal seat of Fremantle today, with the Liberal party not putting up a candidate.

It has overall been a very good day for the Labor party during this by-election day with also wins in Tasmania and Queensland.

The disappointing reality of it all is that this will be very short lived with a Federal election due early next year, so we will have to endure another long election campaign, with lots of hubris, hot air and promises from the uninspiring federal leaders of the major parties.

I am glad Josh Wilson will be going back to Canberra as he deserves it. He is a genuine person committed to and passionate about Fremantle and he has represented us well.

Congratulations Josh and all the door knocking and other volunteers who were up in the cold and rain early to meet with people on their way to work. Well done all!


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Come on Josh 4 Freo team! Surely there are better spots to promote my favourite Fremantle candidate than at a rubbish bin. We all know what some cynical people believe politics are.

I voted for Josh right here at the Beacy Primary school where there is a mean sausage sizzle and cake stall going on, and very few people voting, so no long queues.

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It is voting day for the by-election for the federal seat of Fremantle, so make sure to appreciate the privilege and go to a polling booth!

Voting is compulsory but that does not really matter, as it is our responsibility and also a privilege many people in the world who don’t live in a democracy envy us for.

My vote goes to Labor’s Josh Wilson, here photographed with his delightful wife Georgia and groovy children Oscar, Priya and Abbey.

Josh has given some excellent speeches in Federal Parliament and was a great Councillor and Deputy Mayor of Fremantle. He is a dedicated and genuine person with a lot of passion for Fremantle, so vote for Josh Wilson today.

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Voting Dat


The West Australian reports today that many people in Fremantle are not aware that there is a federal by-election this coming Saturday and that leaves me gobsmacked.

Don’t people read newspapers, social media, watch TV or listen to the radio anymore at all? What then are they constantly doing on their smartphones and computers?

There is little use in whingeing about our governments, be that federal, state or local when one does not participate in the democratic process and informs oneself about what is going on in this country.

So go vote THIS SATURDAY JULY 28, and do it at the Fremantle Primary School to support them. See poster above.

My preferred candidate is Labor’s Josh Wilson, who was an excellent Councillor and Deputy Mayor of the City of Fremantle.


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The early voting Fremantle office in the Adelaide Plaza in Adelaide Street opened this morning, the same day I received the official guide for the Fremantle by-election from the Australian Electoral Commission in my letterbox.

Only Labor candidate Josh Wilson and a small group of volunteers were at the polling booth this morning, but there are seven candidates for the federal seat of Fremantle.

Election day is Saturday July 28, so less than three weeks from now.

My vote will go to Josh Wilson, a man I have a lot of respect for.


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The official election campaign launch of Fremantle Labor candidate Josh Wilson is on this evening, although Josh and his team have already been pounding the streets and been knocking on doors for weeks.

Deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek, one of my favourite politicians, will be at the launch at Victoria Hall tonight.

It starts at 6.30, so if you want to know what Josh can do for Fremantle, and what Labor wants to achieve if elected at the big federal election next year, come along.

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If you are not on the electoral roll you can not vote at the Fremantle federal by-election next month.

You have only till Friday to get yourself registered on the roll to be able to vote on Super Saturday on July 28.

My vote will go to former Fremantle Councillor and Deputy Mayor Josh Wilson who has served our community very well and who gave some excellent speeches during his time in Canberra.

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Wilson family


The Federal by-election for the seat of Fremantle is still two months away with the Electoral Commission announcing it will be held on July 28.

It looks like the Liberal/National government quite likes a depleted opposition, so we should be glad the five by-elections around the nation will be held this year. The by-elections are necessary because of dual citizenship issues.

I will back Josh Wilson, whom I like and respect as a person and as a politician. He was an excellent councillor and Deputy Mayor of Fremantle, so Josh4Freo will get my vote.

The photo above is of Josh Wilson with his wife and three children in their Fremantle home.

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Josh Wilson MP


Fremantle Federal MP Josh Wilson is one of three Labor members who have resigned from parliament this morning after the High Court ruling about dual citizenship.

I am devastated for Josh as he is a highly intelligent and dedicated politician who has worked very hard in Canberra and in his electorate since he got elected.

Josh Wilson was one of my favourite Fremantle Councillors because he is a very genuine and likeable person and I have been impressed with the many speeches he has given in Federal Parliament.

Josh said in a media release this morning that he will fight the by-election that now needs to be held, short before the Prime Minister will call a general federal election.

I have no doubt the Fremantle people are a bit tired of yet another election campaign, but Josh Wilson deserves a second chance as he has been a tireless worker for Fremantle for many years. He will have my support!

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From Josh Wilson’s media release:

The new interpretation of the law means the question of whether a person took all ‘reasonable steps’ to renounce foreign citizenship simply doesn’t exist for dual Australian-British citizens, irrespective of the administrative delay in the process (which is generally 2-4 months). Under the new interpretation any prospective candidate must have their British citizenship deregistered before the close of nominations. In my case that was effectively impossible.

I was endorsed as a late replacement Labor candidate in Fremantle on 12 May 2016 and completed the requisite UK Home Office paperwork to renounce my British citizenship on that day. I mailed the renunciation form and attached documents on Friday, 13 May, using express registered post. I received confirmation that the documents has been received by the UK Home Office on Monday, 16 May. The processing fee for renunciation was withdrawn from my bank on 6 June. I nominated the following day, two days before the close of nominations. I received a letter from the UK Home Office dated 24 June saying that my British citizenship had been deregistered, with a copy of the renunciation form stamped 29 June 2016.

I was elected on 2 July 2016. I have not served a single day as anything other than an Australian citizen.

I was born in London when my parents were on a working holiday. My mum was expecting me when they travelled to the UK, and I returned home with them at the age of one after we’d travelled in Europe for 6 months in a Kombi van. Both my parents were born in Australia. My great-great-grandfather came to Fremantle as a convict in the 1860s. I have never lived in the UK, and have only visited there twice, in 1998 and 2012, for a few weeks each time.

In any case, the High Court’s interpretation of the law has changed and I respect that ruling. That means I must resign as the Member for Fremantle and contest the forthcoming by-election.

As I said in my first speech, I can’t imagine a more meaningful kind of work than to represent the community where I’ve lived virtually all my life. Every opportunity I am given to ask the people of Fremantle to trust me with the responsibility of being their representative in the national parliament is an opportunity I will relish.

I am looking forward to once again seeking that trust and responsibility in the weeks to come, and I am happy to be considered by voters in the Fremantle electorate on the basis of my character, principles, work-ethic, and record.

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