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Please note and pass on that my new email address now is

There is only one word wrong with internet service providers and that is the word service. Spent one and a half hour with my mate Glen to try to set up my new Telstra Bigpond account but alas I can’t use my bigpond email address. Pathetic!

And all that because IINET no longer provides a dongle service.

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B&W rain


Hello Freo. I am back!

Finally back on line as my browser suddenly did not work this morning, probably due to my 10-year-old Mac. If anyone got a more recent one they want to sell for not too much please let me know.

Not much to report today, but the weather forecast is not too good for tomorrow so I am posting one of my favourite rain photos of 2018 again.

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Member for Fremantle and Minister for Child Protection and Women’s Interest Simone McGurk will be giving the welcome address at the Raising Children in a Digital World on September 6 at the South Fremantle Football Club at Fremantle Oval.

This is a fundraiser for Fremantle Primary School’s P&C, and tickets are for sale. Everyone can attend!

The talk is by Dr Kristy Goodwin, a leading digital parenting educator. She has worked with schools across Australia and Asia.

Dr Goodwin will share her simple formula to determine healthy screen-time limits and will arm parents with a host of strategies and ideas to help kids develop healthy technology habits.

She will explain how technology is impacting children’s learning, sleep, social, language, play, physical skills and their vision, hearing and posture.

Dr Goodwin will give parents advise with practical strategies about how to best raise kids in a digital world. Parents will learn how to get the most out of their child’s screen-time so they can finally ditch the guilt and guesswork.

This should be a really good talk and is a topic that a lot of parents are worried about.

Tickets can be booked at:

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The beautiful hall of DADAA, the former Fremantle Boys School at Princess May Park, was packed full this morning for the launch of the CENTRE FOR ACCESSIBILITY  by Stephen Dawson MLC.

The CFA’s aim is to promote digital access for people with a disability. This is not about compliance, but about people!

A short video showed the major issues for disabled people when accessing the internet. “Every website has got too many words. Very difficult to find stuff” “You want my cash, make your website accessible”

Stephen Dawson MLC said the Centre for Accessibility was about effectively engaging with on-line content and that it needs to be stressed that it is about independence for people with a disability.

The on-line informations needs to be available to everyone, as every person has a unique contribution to make to the community. Abled people sometimes take for granted what others don’t have. It is about breaking down the barriers!

The first three targets to improve on-line information are local government, providers of disability services and arts organisations. Many others will no doubt follow and make their on-line content more accessible to disabled people, e.g. add captions to video content, provide a transcript for audio-only content such as podcasts, audio volume needs to be adjustable, when using audio alerts also provide the visual equivalent.

The former Chair person of DADAA Helen Errington gave a very insightful speech with a lot of humour. She was not impressed with the early 8.30am launch and suggested to take the A out and make it a lunch next time.

Access to the internet means independence for us, she said, as it enabled her to do on-line food shopping, socialise via Twitter and Facebook, do research, find tradespeople and services, etc.

We were isolated before the internet and going out is often an ordeal. “Through the internet the mountain has come to Mohammed. We just want to be included”

I believe the Centre for Accessibility is a significant step forward toward real equality. It is practical and achievable rather than tokenism. See:

Well done to all involved. This is a great initiative, so very disappointing that I did not see anyone from the City of Fremantle in the crowd.

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Fremantle will host the second only WIKIMEDIA ASIA OCEANIA CONVENTION next year from October 31 to November 2. The first one is held on Bali this month.

Between 400-500 delegates are expected to visit and stay in Fremantle for the convention at the Esplanade Hotel, so that is a boost for our local traders.

Wikimedia partnered with the Fremantle Society years ago for the Freopedia project, which put QR codes on historic buildings for tourist information, but unfortunately the project was later discontinued.

No doubt Fremantle will prominently feature on the internet and social media when all the international guests are in town.

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It is Open Access Week, so join the WIKIPEDIA editing workshop at Notre Dame University this Wednesday, October 25 from 1.30-3.30pm.

Wikipedia is one of the first open access resources on the internet that many people consult for information on a topic. Because of this, the research community has an important interest in ensuring that Wikipedia has accurate, comprehensive coverage of content that links to freely available open access research literature.

Join Gideon Digby, Vice-President of Wikimedia Australia and Lydia Dawe, Liaison Librarian, for an interactive session which will cover:

  • Detailed guidance for creating and editing Wikipedia entries in your area of research
  • Suggestions for improving relevant articles
  • Learning how to edit Wikipedia for beginners
  • Using Open Access repositories and directories to discover articles to add to Wikipedia
  • Wikipedia in the academic context
  • Best practices for communication with other Wikipedia editors

This is a free event.

Venue: Tannock Hall of Education ND4/203
Corner Cliff and Croke Streets



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My neighbours in Beaconsfield are extremely upset about Telstra and the National Broadband connection. They have been without a landline and internet for three weeks, and nothing Telstra has tried has made their situation any better.

That sounds pretty incompetent to me, but I am not surprises as I once was with Telstra’s Bigpond and that was a true shambles.

Leanne told me “We have been without phone and internet for 3 weeks now! We were encouraged to change to NBN and it has been a total disaster. Telstra clearly have no control and the NBN is a total circus, they have not responded promptly and we have been tearing our hair out, spending hours on the phone to Telstra, testing the line, bring new modems, it seems that no one has any clue.”

She said they had a perfectly fine internet and phone service beforehand, and once the switch has been flipped for NBN, they were told it is impossible to go back.

Leanne said: “I would advise anyone I speak to NOT to flip that switch, NBN clearly has not got it’s act together, I have no confidence the fault will be fixed tomorrow, based on the run around I have received and everyone could avoid this stress if they stay with their current service.”


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It has been a very frustrating and unacceptable few days with my Apple computer more or less becoming useless on Saturday after I downloaded the free Mac upgrade to El Capitan. Suddenly I could no longer use wireless broadband, Photoshop etc. so I had to get computer experts Bentech in Wray Avenue to solve the huge problem for me.

Two working days and $ 400.00 later I now have a new system but in the process I lost Photoshop and Microsoft Word, so I will have to spend more money on programs that Mac’s free upgrade killed.

I also lost all my bookmarks and probably email addresses and it took Iinet two hours to reconnect my wireless broadband.

I am mad as hell so am going to have a few glasses of wine now and reconnect tomorrow when I have lost my rage.

Thank you to those who emailed, called, texted to find out if I am still alive. The City of Fremantle partied too early in the belief this pest had gone away. ;>)


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