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Fremantle’s DADAA is in a new partnership with Channel 7’s Telethon for 2018 and 2019.

Experience Collider is a dynamic and original arts project designed especially for teenagers with high support needs. It aims to offer young people exciting ways to build physical strength, communication skills, confidence and resilience, while developing new friendships and networks to help them connect.

“DADAA is delighted to be supported by Telethon in this innovative and collaborative arts project,” said DADAA’s Executive Director, David Doyle. “Teenagers with disability and high support needs can become socially isolated, lonely and depressed. This project will break down these barriers through quality arts participation and engagement.”

Experience Collider will also involve researchers from the Telethon Kids Institute to further their Quality of Life research program.

Experience Collider will blend digital media with dance, circus and theatre through a series of workshops over 18 months, culminating in a professional festival-style performance showcase in 2019.

This new project sees DADAA joining creative forces with Circus WA, enhancing the new creative hub activated since both organisations co-located to the historic Old Boys’ School at Princess May Park.

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The beautiful new basketball, volleyball and futsal court as South Beach is now open.

The City of Fremantle will do an official opening some day soon, no doubt it will be something like Mayor Brad Pettitt playing guard with the Harlem Globetrotters.

Go take the kids for a hoop and yourself and friends as well!

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Finland’s Youth Swimming Team has been lapping up the sunshine while training at the Fremantle Leisure Centre for their annual summer camp this month.

The group of 13 to 20-year-olds are some of Finland’s top young talent in training for the 2020 and 2024 Olympic Games.

Coach Petteri Paatos said Finland experienced only a few hours of sunlight per day at this time of year.

“It’s snowing at the moment and in complete darkness so we are all enjoying the weather here in Fremantle; there is a time when the sun doesn’t rise at all in the winter,” he said.

“We did some training in the Gold Coast and Brisbane last year but we prefer Fremantle.”

The team is in town for four weeks until 21 January and are putting in 28 hours of training per week in preparation for the European youth championships.

The swimmers have been enjoying the sights of Fremantle during their down time while staying at Fremantle Prison Youth Hostel and even took a trip to Penguin Island.



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It’s LADIES NIGHT at the skatepark tonight in Fremantle.

From 7-9pm only women/girls will be allowed to use the Esplanade Youth Plaza, so take advantage of it ladies!

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south beach


The construction of a basketball court at Fremantle’s South Beach is well underway.

Already there have been complaints from people who are not aware of the community consultation and process. They just assume this happened out of the blue, but let me assure everyone that nothing at any level of government happens overnight.

Several options were discussed with the community as possible locations for the court; Wilson Park, the northern end of the car park, on the grass north of the kiosk, and the present location just to the west of the toilets.

One of the main reasons to put it there was to protect nearby residents from the noise of bouncing balls and players calling out.

The young people of Fremantle and surroundings asked for a full-size basketball court, and it has to go somewhere, and no location will be ideal for everyone.

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The City of Fremantle has a higher than average of older people living here than the other metropolitan councils, but policy making does not reflect that sufficiently, I believe.

We have a Youth Council, and that is great because we really need to get young people interested in local government, but we should also have a Senior Council, in the old tradition of a circle of elders.

Fremantle Council’s wish to reduce cars in the inner city can’t be dismissed, but it needs to be far more sensitive to the needs of seniors, disabled people, and parents with children.

Parking far away from shopping destinations will deter seniors from coming into town to shop and visit cafes. It”s a safety and a comfort issue for them.

We provide affordable and artist spaces, such as WGV and Nightingale, but we need to create communities for seniors as well. Men Sheds are good, but mainly for men, and many men, myself included, are not interested in handiwork, but would love to hang out with like-minded creative people in senior hubs, that could be inspired by the Fibonacci Centre.

There are opportunities at the Bathers Beach Arts Precinct, and the number one unit at J Shed could have been perfect for a creative community centre, but was unfortunately and inappropriately leased to Sunset Events to start a tavern and micro-brewery.

We also need to create community spaces where seniors can hang out with younger people, so that both sides can share their knowledge.

I personally love engaging with younger people in Fremantle because they often have a different perspective on life and different priorities, and it can be inspiring to listen to them.

In the Netherlands, where I was born, university students are offered free rooms in retirement centres, on the condition they spend a certain number of hours each week communicating with the older residents. A win win for all!

My next door neighbour told me that there are many single women in their 40s and 50s who feel a sense of isolation and are looking for safe housing options that suit them better, but there is not enough diversity of small dwellings available in Fremantle.

There are many people in our society who feel isolated and lonely and we need to reach out to them. Fremantle is the perfect city to do that. We care, we are creative, we are passionate and generous, so let’s work on some ideas and how we can make improvements.

What do YOU think?

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New Local Government Minister David Templeman is considering making changes to the local government act, and change the payment to councillors and mayors, depending on the accredited training courses they attend.

Templeman wants to bring greater diversity to our councils, and more women, younger people, and a diversity of people from different cultural backgrounds and professions.

Under the proposed plans councillors should take a minimum of accredited training courses to prepare them for the job.

David Templeman also wants the reporting of gifts to be changed and made more transparent.

Fremantle has three female councillors in Deputy Mayor Ingrid Waltham, Hannah Fitzhardinge and Rachel Pemberton, but little ethnic variety, but for some Poms.

There is one real ethnic and diverse councillor in Jeff McDonald, who is not white, Anglo Indian and gay.

The creative community is also not well represented at Fremantle Council, and neither are younger people.

I am all for candidates being better informed and understand local government process, as most of them don’t even bother to attend council meetings, which I believe is essential when one does the ‘job interview’ at election time.

While I am an older white male, I’d tick the boxes of  coming from a different ethnic background and bringing diversity to council, having been a small business owner in a creative industry. ; >)

The youngest candidate  at this election is 21-year-old Liam Carter who nominated for South Fremantle.

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The popular FALLS FESTIVAL, that was held at Kings Square in January this year, will be back again on January 6 and 7, 2018, but this time in the Fremantle Oval Precinct.

It will take over the oval, historic sites, Parry Street and some car parks, and it will have a pass-out policy, so that people attending the festival can roam around Freo and support local traders.

The FALLS FESTIVAL line-up is great:

Flume/ Fleet Foxes / Run The Jewels / The Kooks / Glass Animals/ Peking Duk / Angus & Julia Stone / Foster The People / Liam Gallagher / Vince Staples / Jungle / Dune Rats / The Smith Street Band / D.R.A.M / Daryl Braithwaite / Everything Everything / Allday / The Jungle Giants / Thundamentals / Methyl Ethel / Slumberjack / D.D Dumbo / Anna Lunoe / DZ Deathrays / Confidence Man / Julia Jacklin / Bad//Dreems / Cosmo’s Midnight / Winston Surfshirt / Luca Brasi / Alex Lahey / Camp Cope / Flint Eastwood / Ecca Vandal / Dave / Total Giovanni

Friends of Falls pre-sales commence at 9am local time Thursday 24 August.
Optus Perks pre-sales commence at 9am local time Friday 25 August.
General Sales commence 9am local time Tuesday 29 August.

To receive updates, become a subscriber –

I love the idea of using Parry Street, and acknowledge that it might affect traffic and parking in the area, but it will be great for the creative activation of the area, and a good sign of things to come when the planned Fremantle Oval Project is finished.

Freo is on the move in a very positive way!


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Isn’t it interesting how difficult it appears to be to walk the talk, no matter if one is on the right or left side of politics.

According to the West Australian today the WA Greens are in a bit of turmoil after the dual-citizenship resignation of Senator Scott Ludlam.

The person who came second on the ballot has got the right to step into Ludlam’s position and go to Canberra, but that person is 22-year-old Jordon Steele-John.

Not only is Jordon just 22 but he is also disabled, so now the Greens are lamenting that it should be decided by the grassroots members of the party who will follow Scott Ludlam.

I have witnessed Jordon Steele-John a few times during community forums and he is a very intelligent young man who speaks very well and is really likeable, so why not give him the go he deserves?

It is not as if there are a lot of good breaks in life for disabled people, and if we talk about quotas in politics disabled people are rarely mentioned.

Jordon would be a breath of fresh air in the Canberra Senate and has the intelligence to grow into the job and become an excellent representative for Fremantle.


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Go support young Fremantle artists and view the 25 Under 25 exhibition  at the Moores Contemporary Art Gallery in Henry Street.

The show opens at 6 pm today, Friday July 14.

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